Want FREE Ethereum!? Buy A Tesla! “LOOPHOLE” Revealed!

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What If I told you there was still a way 
in this world to get free Ethereum…yes   FR double EE Free. It’s a loophole, but that 
hole is still out there to this day. So let’s   tie or loop and wrangle it in cowboys and 
cowgirls, because it’s time for Chico Crypto! The cowboy yeehaw and this weekend's live 
stream which detailed elon musk moving to   Texas gave a real big hint into today’s 
video. This loophole to get free Ethereum   ties right into Elon Musk, Tesla 
& the Tesla supercharging network. So just spit it out Tyler…what 
are you talking about!?   Well it’s possible to convert your Tesla, and 
it’s battery into an Ethereum mining machine.   And this car hack actually already made it’s 
way through the media cycle…back in 2017.   Vice covered it in their article “Can You Mine 
Cryptocurrency With a Tesla? A Feasibility Study” And that feasibility study, found yes it’s 
possible and some people were claiming to be doing   it out of the trunks of their Teslas.

And here 
is the kicker…the article states “Now at least   one Tesla owner is getting a piece of the 
action by installing mining rigs in their   trunk to take advantage of the free electricity 
provided to some Tesla owners—or so it seems” Yes, Tesla really needed an incentive for 
people to buy their cars, back in the day   so for the first few years of 
the Model S and Model X programs,   unlimited free Supercharging was one of the 
top perks that Tesla offered to its customers. Supercharging what is that? Well 
I’m sure you’ve seen a station   around a city or two…it’s there countrywide 
networks that allow owners to charge their cars   extremely fast, from 0 to 
full charge about an hour. So early Tesla customers, they have lifetime free 
unlimited charging of their vehicles through these   charging networks.

They can fill up their battery 
“For Free” whenever and however much they like… Elon Musk obviously knew the 
perk wasn’t sustainable and he   even admitted that they should have 
ended the incentive earlier…saying   this in 2017 ““Sorry, it’s not really 
sustainable at volume production and   doesn’t incentivize optimal behavior. We 
probably should have ended this earlier” So what cars still qualify? Well it has to be a 
tesla, ordered before 1/15/2017…and received by   March 2017…that is the cutoff for the unlimited 
lifetime charging…So if you are looking for one   of these, and it’s before that date range….there 
is another kicker… it has to be transferable,   the lifetime charging…what does that mean? 
Well if Tesla buys it back, to sell used…they   take away this perk. You have to buy it from 
a private party, a person…no third party   dealers…the perk is disqualified from what 
I have read if it goes through a dealer down   the line…so you have to make sure it has 
this perk for one, and it’s transferrable In 2018, Elon did bring back this unlimited perk 
to the vehicles for a short amount of time too,   a small window…but it was brought back, then 
once again in August of 2019 for the model s   and x, but then removed it again in May of 2020.

So there are windows of free 
unlimited supercharging,   you just have to make sure it 
has it, and it’s transferable,   not bought through a dealer, or ever 
went through the third party pipeline. Now, I am not recommending this whatsoever….it 
will probably void your warranties,   you could possibly blow up your 
vehicle & battery. So don’t do it!   This is just a feasibility look, into 
possibilities that are out there… So how much could you freaking make, 
using your Tesla to mine Ethereum   if that was all it was being used for? And I’d   like to thank Vice’s article for some 
of this data, it made it easy on me… Now. we’re looking for the most profitable, 
efficient, and readily available mining   machines on the market machines..that is 
the innosilicon a10 pro.

The specs of it,   750 watts and a beast of power compared 
with GPUs…500 megahashes per second. So let’s fit 4 of these bad boys, for a   total of 3000 watts and 2000 megahashes per 
second. Now turning that 3000 watts into   kilowatt hours, if it was ran 24 hours..we get 
72 Kilowatt hours to power the 4 a10s all day. As we can see from Wikipedia, Tesla’s battery 
packs range from 60kilowatt hours to 100,   so it’s feasible to power this all day from just 
one fill up from free supercharging station.   But the strain on your battery would be big! 
Tesla’s get an average of 3 miles per kilowatt   hour out of their battery.

You take the 72 
kilowatt hours from mining, and multiplied   it by 3, that is equivalent to your Tesla 216 
miles per day, or over 1500 miles per week. Would that be worth it? The big question is….how 
much could you make with 4 a10s running all day?   Well minerstat.com has nice calculator tool..let’s 
put in the 2000 megahashes, 3000 watts of power,   not paying a pool fee, and the electricity cost 
is a big ole goose egg zero…and as we can see,   that’s profits of over 76 dollars a day, 
over 532 per week, and $2281 for the month. Not freaking bad whatsoever…as that’s 
over 27 thousand dollars for the year,   if all things stay the same, including hashrate 
and ethereum’s price.

pexels photo 8369652

If ethereum goes up…you   will be in the profit in USD terms even more… But costs….as we can from it’s possible to 
get an a10 pre, but the cheapest your paying   is around $4500 bucks. So 4 of those is going to 
cost you $18 grand. A large upfront cost….but,   also you gotta remember, you have to find 
a tesla….which has unlimited supercharging,   and it is transferable….a tough 
find, meaning no third party dealer,   no used from Tesla..meaning no payment 
plan and another large upfront cost….

Not terrible though…as if you go to Kelley 
Blue book, and the trade in range for a good   condition 2012 Tesla Model S, with 150 thousand 
miles is on average, just 12 thousand bucks. Total investment….mining machines plus the tesla   is about $30k, and profit if all 
things stay the same after one year   is over 27 grand…that means this could pay 
itself off and break even in just over a year. Now, with this example, it better pay itself 
off, because the mining machines we were   using in the example, were specialized for 
the Ethereum proof of work Ethhash algorithm.   We all know Ethereum is switching to 
proof of stake, and those machines   might not be as profitable once the full 
switch happens..estimates between 1 to 2 years.

But you don’t just have to mine 
ethereum. You could eventually   sell those machines pre switch, and then use 
the Tesla to mine bitcoin, dogecoin, monero,   any proof of work algorithm, the battery could 
be converted and used to mine cryptocurrencies.   I just showed Ethereum as it’s the most profitable 
right now…but you could also keep the machines,   and mine Ethereum classic, as it’s sticking with 
the ETHhash algo. Now sticking in the stats of   the Tesla Ethereum mining machine…. look at the 
profitability with ethereum classic today…not   bad, less than ethereum, just over 1200 
per month…but that’s still over 15   thousand per year. Your Tesla could still be 
profitable, post Ethereum proof of work switch.

But like I mentioned this is just theory, is it 
feasible, and what would the results look like   based on the figures. But Elon, if you watched 
this video, don’t be mad I showed a loophole   to mine crypto for free…but embrace this 
loophole, and use it in your own business. I’m not saying open up free unlimited charging 
to everyone and put miners in directly in every   freaking Tesla…that is definitely unsustainable, 
but for the customers who create their own power,   and store it with your full cycle systems, 
panels, batteries and all…wouldn’t   it make sense to give them the freedom to 
do with this saved power as they please? Wouldn’t it be awesome, if proof of work 
crypto networks…were secured sustainably,   by people using renewable energy. Instead of 
securing them with environmentally consequential   energy…Tesla, with their 
distributed full cycles systems   is the only global business in a position to do 
this on a large enough scale even for Bitcoin… And BTC is sticking with proof of work….while 
Tesla and their sustainable goals aren’t going   anywhere. So your vehicle…a 
crypto miner today…yes! Your   home a crypto miner in the future? It’s 

Cheers I’ll see you next time.

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