What did I Make on Salad Compute 6-21-24

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all right what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day it's a little late a little later than I had originally plann so I don't think I'll get very many people on the live stream but let's not have a long one let's jump right into it and show you how much we made on salad today what's up automatic beats welcome trying to stay on on track with this Monday through Friday I think I'll skip the weekends and then just do a recap on Monday but I'll still log it and keep up with it there we go oh that looks like I need to move that over a little bit Tada okay so um I need to do a quick little calculation here while we get started how's everybody doing tonight or I guess if you're watching this tomorrow how's everybody doing I've noticed that my containers seem to be leveling out um there is that new update that I posted about earlier but I have not I've only updated one machine currently um and that was because it was sitting and had no job so if you do have a job or a workload loaded on your machine and you're happy with what it's making you don't have to update it is not a mandatory update just take that you know take that to the bank 21 92 um but anyway let's let's dive right into it so uh for 621 2024 um it looks like this 3090 dropped down a little bit it was above $6 for the last 2 days dropped down to 575 I'm still happy if my 390s make $5 a day every day forever I will be happy um this 3090 is actually up from 4888 yesterday it's on a $524 job today um and then my underperformer that was at $1.78 and then 230 is actually only up to 235 I'm thinking about killing that job updating it and restarting the system but I don't know I'm about to leave and go out of town um for mining disrupt so I kind of just want to leave it alone that way it's got a high uptime score High reliability score and so on um let's see here uh it looks like this 3090 is on the same exact job it was on yesterday cuz it's very odd for them to be at like the same exact dollar and cents amount so the fact that it was at a 480 yesterday and it's at a 480 today leads me to believe that it's probably on a a longer job or maybe if I get lucky one of the indefinite containers so there are indefinite workload containers out there there that means if it gets on your rig it will literally run indefinitely until you lose it so that's um yeah Food For Thought locky hey man thank you for your work my 3090 is doing nothing after the update yeah um so if you notice this 3060 right here that's not online that's the one that I updated during the video um it was calculating and I ended up taking it down because I had a super old order and I needed to steal the ram out of it uh I did have more RAM come in uh but not all the ram came in so I don't have a lot of experience with how the new update's running cuz that was the only system I had updated hopefully yours gets better but I do know that a lot of people are having issues getting and holding container workload jobs but they've been restarting their computer a lot they've been you know uh a lot of downtime if I can advise you to do anything um is just let the boy calculate um and I know it's tough because it's got that idle burn but if you put in that that calculation time and before I started recording it there was definitely multiple days where certain cards would just calculate and calculate and calculate and I would let them run through that so they're just gaining that up time higher and higher so um so yeah as for the 30 60s I only have two online currently one's doing $192 a day and the other one's doing a186 I'm pretty happy about that because that second one was on a118 so it's picked up you know 70 what 60 60 something cents 7 almost 70 extra cents a day um and then going back yesterday our estimated daily was at $217 we beat the estimation uh we did $215 um so I'm hoping we beat the estimation again today it'd be nice if this 3090 would cooperate and you know get up in that $4 or5 range CU then that would push me you know close to that $25 a day and i' I'd be pretty happy with that um now jumping over here to earnings uh we have't as for the I'm on the East Coast so it's already the 22 here but um I guess wherever salad's based out of it's not the 22nd there yet so this this bar graph has not actually been fully drawn in but we're at $20.83 so we're not far off of beating the estimation all right man I'll leave it on yeah if you can afford to just like let it run um that's my best advice is just let it run it seems like I know the more I messed with my rigs uh the more unstable they were and the more all over the place My Graph was now that I have I literally have not touched my rigs in multiple multiple days I'd say we're probably coming up on maybe a week and my graph is looking good like this thing is looking like steady so it looks like I've been doing right around 23 cents every quarter um rock steady which is what's that come out to per hour where' my calculator go 4 23 Time 4 probably could do that mouth in my head almost a dollar an hour so we're we're climbing up there what's up Vaz or Vel good morning chefs yep just doing our uh little daily stream checking it out um by the way if any of y all have uh Excel or spreadsheet experience uh I need some help setting up some graphs um reach out to me please my email is go to any of my newest videos and it'll be down below in the description or you can look at it right here Brandon uh Coin Company computers gmail.com now if you need some help or expertise or you just have some questions you can always join the Discord and like I said you can join that by going to one of my newest videos and it's down below in the the description and we have a new Channel It's actually an old Channel it used to be the salads earnings Channel where you could post your earnings you can still do that but now we just call it the salad bowl cuz it's a lot of like you know talk and Shop talk that kind of thing you talking about different devices how they're running how they're not running what you're making what you're not making all that kind of stuff so um it's a lot better forum for you to ask questions than in a comment section but I don't want to waste any more of you guys' time thank you for coming out I know it is super late I will see you on the next one adios yeah yeah

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