Xeon CPU Miner Keeps Crashing

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel this is a little bit of minor behind the scenes I have to do some housekeeping in the office so I was out of town for the last couple days just remoting in you guys saw that and I was wondering why my Zeon computer was not performing as well well it looks like it kept restarting and it's trying to install updates and it doesn't have enough disc space and anyway I haven't I have not given my desktop a lot of love in a long time so I'm going to be moving that over here we're going to be plugging that in I'm going to start using that again I'm going to clean off my laptop I need to clean off my whole desk space cuz all of it is just an absolute mess need to clean up over there because currently right now we have one rig two rigs I need to go ahead and put three and then maybe one on the bottom so that way the this shelf is holding four rigs um because the space in front of this I need to make this open and available for for testing cuz we got some new stuff coming in too um but yeah so if you like this kind of behind the scenes stuff stick around because we're about to Time Lapse cleaning my office and reorganizing it and getting ready for the next clip ah all right l ladies and gentlemen so I moved the my desktop over here I have it up and running and we're doing a little over 5 Kash we're at five five and a quarter almost 5.2 and that's pretty much with nothing running other than I think I have Discord running actually let me yeah let me close Discord is there anything else running I don't believe so so I just close that and we'll see I think it's just over five is what it settles out at that is with the large pages and the the XMR not XMR but I don't know you know what it's called so now we're at 5.29 so not bad and right now that's coming out to 58 cents a day profitability has dropped um I'll do a daily update video tomorrow today was more or less figuring out why this system kept having issues uh but that's because it was trying to Windows update and trying to restart and my C drive oh goodness my C drive was slam full let me show you this guys so my C drive I'm running on a little 240 gig and that was slam full I deleted a couple things just to free up like 10 gigs um and then I need to move some stuff over cuz I have like a one tbyte in there and I have another one terabyte uh those are both ssds I just need to uh utilize them a little bit better but yeah so that's my 2670 V3 5.19 kashes and um mining on all 12 cores somebody was asking me why doesn't it mine on the hyper thread threads and I'm not sure actually but I I just know on the Intel CPUs and mine's on just the actual cores I don't know if you could turn the hyper the hyperthreaded threads on in theory but um what makes it cool is you can still pretty much just kind of use your computer um may not be the fastest thing in the world but it actually just still works while you're you know mining so look at that YouTube all that kind of stuff and we're still 5279 still holding some hash rate it it will drop down but I mean what more can you ask for right 4.9 yeah so anyway I think I'm going to end this one keeping her short and sweet for tonight I hope you guys have been enjoying the videos um been doing a lot of lot more mining content lately uh we do have more hold on let me flip this around so we do have more mining content coming um I have that dual socket board that was probably a mistake coming in uh a buddy of mine has a bunch of servers with dual sockets in them and the only issue on his is it has a bunch of those like high power fans so running them takes like 6 or 700 Watts so it's ridiculous to cool um um but anyway he was going to get me some numbers on like running those and just kind of for comparison standpoint but um so I have that coming in then I also have a x99 one of like the Chinese or AliExpress x99 it's not a true x99 but um Cheapo motherboard that runs a zeeon um yeah yeah so got those coming in also do have some ryzen that are uh I sold most of the ryzen off from this last batch but we we will be getting another batch of CPUs in used CPUs so look out for that might might be time to throw some of them up I don't know I got a 5650 GE it's like a radi or um ryzen Pro but uh I don't know if I should even mess with turning that one on maybe just wait for like bigger CPUs um I still don't have the ram once I'm going in the shop tomorrow cuz I've been out of town and I'm going to grab the RAM for the 5800 X and we're going to compare the before and after on that hopefully that picks up some performance as well cuz that bad boy has been lacking she's been lacking lately um but yeah it's cold in here so peace see you on the next one bye

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