🔴 Major Cryptos Threatened | This Week in Crypto – Dec 25, 2023

China is back in the crypto game a new Dog plays the same old meme coin trick And which coin has stolen the show this Altcoin season these stories and more This week in Crypto happy holidays everyone I'm Nate Martin from 99 bitcoins.com and here's What's happened this week in crypto Sana's s so token surpassed Ripple's xrp And binance's BNB to become the fourth Largest cryptocurrency globally driven By a thriving defi ecosystem and the Rise of meme coins on the salana network Most notably Bon so's price climbed to a 20mon high Solana's total locked value Exceeded a billion dollars and its daily Stable coin transfer volume also Skyrocketed by 600% surpassing both Ethereum and Tron China is quietly flipping its Policies on crypto as the ministry of Industry published a document saying it Will place great importance on the Development of the crypto industry in The future despite the Chinese crypto Trading ban introduced in 2021 the Country now pushes ahead with nfts and Blockchainbased decentralized Applications marking a complete U-turn In policy bitwise Asset Management Unveiled its first commercial for a spot Bitcoin ETF that is featured across Major TV Outlets including CNBC and Fox Business Network the commercial features

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Jonathan Goldsmith the actor renowned For his familiar role as the most Interesting man in the world in it he Draws a parallel between the iconic Character and the Intriguing nature of Bitcoin the latest Trend to inscribe Everything from profile pictures to mean Coins on blockchains has led to major Blockchain networks struggling recently Over the past week arbitrum Avalanche Kronos and the open network have all Experienced partial or full outages due To the increased number of inscriptions Users are spamming tiny mints repeat Repeatedly because of the lower cost of Minting on these chains cryptocurrency Exchange coinbase has secured Registration with the French markets Regulator as it seeks to expand globally France's AMF Watchdog has given coinbase A virtual asset service provider Approval a green light for the company To operate digital currency services in The country registration will allow Coinbase to offer retail institutional And ecosystem products to users in France Hong Kong Regulators are open to Considering spot crypto ETF applications Following expectations that the SEC Might soon approve spot Bitcoin ETFs in The US the sfc's rule update in October Widened investor access to spot crypto And ETF Investments and is now ready to Accept applications acknowledging the

Rapid evolution of virtual assets into Mainstream Finance open ai's ex CEO Sam Alman has Restated his concept for the crypto Project worldcoin following reports the Company is seeking $50 million in Funding worldcoin aims to create a Global Network onto which more than two Million people have already had their Irises scanned in exchange for a digital ID and free tokens similar to Prior Crypt bull runs a new dog themed memec Coin has emerged just like shibba enu And Dogecoin before at the value of the Newest mem coin Bonk a new Sheba enu Themed salana token has rapidly increase Due to the excitement of Solana's Saga Phone owners being able to claim Bon Tokens for free as Bon's hype has waned Another Salon based meme coin dog with Hat has also surged by a th% in a month That's what's happened this week in Crypto see you next week if you've Enjoyed this video leave us a thumbs up Subscribe to the channel and click the Notification Bell so you don't miss a Review news update or the clearest Information about Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies Anywhere [Music]

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