Former PayPal President Praises Bitcoin as Universal Internet Currency, Price Falls Below $25k


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In an interview with CNBC on Monday, David Marcus, former President of Paypal and Head of Facebook Payments, expressed his belief that Bitcoin (BTC) is the universal protocol for money on the internet. 

He emphasized Bitcoin’s significance as the flagship cryptocurrency and its core value as a payment solution while discussing its potential as a global payment network.

Bitcoin As The Universal Protocol For Internet Money

Despite enduring a challenging period and navigating various headwinds in recent months, Bitcoin remains at the forefront of the cryptocurrency market. According to Marcus, Bitcoin’s prominence is not solely due to its market position but is also driven by its ability to serve as a universal protocol for internet money.

Marcus highlighted the absence of a universal protocol for value transfer on the internet, stating, “There’s no universal protocol for money on the internet that enables value to be transported.” 

He explained that the vision is to transform Bitcoin into a global payment network, providing a seamless and efficient means of transferring value across borders.

One of the advantages Marcus cited for Bitcoin is its availability and accessibility. Unlike traditional financial systems, where individuals may face fees and the need to visit a branch during limited hours, Bitcoin operates 24/7. 

This inherent characteristic of Bitcoin allows for greater convenience and flexibility, enabling users to transact at any time, including weekends.

While acknowledging Bitcoin’s potential as a payment network, Marcus noted that its primary function may not be as a currency for everyday purchases. He stated, “Our view is that BTC is not the currency people will use to buy things.” 

However, he emphasized Bitcoin’s role as the universal protocol for money on the Internet, enabling secure and efficient value transfer across various digital platforms.

As Bitcoin continues to gain attention and recognition, Marcus’s endorsement further solidifies its position as the flagship cryptocurrency and reinforces its potential as the universal protocol for internet money. 

BTC Trading Volume Hits Lowest Level Since 2019 

According to Satoshi Club data, Bitcoin is experiencing a significant slump in its daily trading volume, reaching its lowest point since February 2019 at just $5.4 billion. 

This decline has been attributed to a lack of market enthusiasm following the collapse of FTX. Furthermore, Bitcoin’s price dipped to $24,900 on Monday, the lowest level since June, exacerbating concerns about a potential extended decline shortly.

The dwindling daily trading volume of Bitcoin indicates a prevailing apathy among traders, with reduced participation and a lack of significant buy or sell activity. This trend is reminiscent of the market sentiment observed after the collapse of FTX, which has had a lingering impact on investor confidence.

Of particular concern is that Bitcoin’s price dropped to $24,900 on Monday, reflecting a downward trend that has persisted since BTC reached its annual high of $31,800 on July 14. 

This decline has intensified worries among market participants about the possibility of a prolonged downward trajectory for Bitcoin in the coming weeks.

The cryptocurrency has successfully reclaimed the $25,000 level; however, it continues to decline by over 1.5% within just a few hours of Monday’s trading session.

BTC briefly dropped below the $25,000 mark on the daily chart, Source: BTCUSDT on

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