$200 Budget Gaming Build for Customer

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what is up ladies and gentlemen we are back in the office today what is going on with my camera is it dirty that's a little bit better we are back in the office today and we have a little budget build so um a guy had reached out to me and he's like hey man I'm looking for like something like really really budget oriented um and I'm like well I got some parts let's see if we can't throw something together uh he said he didn't really care about the Aesthetics on the case so I literally got one of the cheapest cases I could find I don't love it I've never bought from this brand before um I'll say that I've had worse but I've also had better so let me flip it around and show you what we're working with all right guys so we are working with an Intel 7 i57400 little tiny uh matx board 16 gigs of ddr4 um depending on his budget we may end up going down to eight gigs of ddr4 because he's really really trying to cut it cut it close on that uh just the Intel stock cooler RX 570 I believe this is an 8 gig um Yep this is a 578 gig and here's the case it was on Amazon and it was like 20 something and it was Prime there's no lights in it there's no fans in it so I'll definitely have to put at least one fan I think I'm going to put it on this side um just to give a little bit of airflow uh but this is very very lackluster very light uh as for a power supply I'm just going to grab one of the cheap little I got some four or 500 watt that'll be plenty for this setup so let me go grab [Music] it all right so I got a freshh copy of Windows on a fresh SSD the setup on this computer is a uh what what was it let's see here it's an i5 I know that so it's an i57400 that is a 4 core 4 thread 3 GHz base speed so not a bad look I5 uh 8 gigs of RAM and it's got a 578 gig and I think I'm probably going to throw this one online for around probably like 200 bucks or something uh great little starter system you know maybe let somebody talk me down a little bit on price and and get them in the game so to speak uh this does have a little bit of upgrade path they can step up to like a 7700 or 7700 K CPU Wise It's got another slot so they can put some more Ram in it uh they could step up to a little bit better graphics card so it's not like they're buying a dead end system um this case I'm not a big fan of it's super small like really really small I just threw a little light up fan on the side just to kind of give it a little air flow cuz it had no fans and also give it a little look cuz it's just so basic but for the price I can't complain it was like 20 bucks and it was Amazon Prime so don't know how long those are going to last don't know if I'm going to buy one again uh we we'll cross that when we get to it another day but um yeah that's kind of how the cookies crumbling for today let me see I think I have one guy coming in again to look at this so that means he's probably not going to show up because everybody flakes on this system for some reason don't know why that is other systems I've sold no issues everybody nobody wants this one maybe because it's got the quick quick disconnect treay old slot so little side note here um I'm curious if anybody else has been like shipping desktops um I've done it through USPS I've done it through FedEx and UPS is there any way to get it done cheaper um I saw uh I signed up on Shopify and I saw on Shopify you can get like a discount and stuff cuz I've had a lot of people express interest in some of the builds but I really hate shipping some of this stuff because it's expensive um so if you have any options or any advice on shipping like the bigger heavier stuff like desktop Towers um just let me know down below and maybe I'll maybe I will get into shipping some of them I know I've done it in the past and I just didn't really enjoy it so yeah might be worth it though maybe maybe not I don't know anyway I hope you guys have a good one um as for like what I currently have and I guess I I'm maybe I'll just go ahead and throw it up on my Shopify store um the website's going to be going live here soon and the Shopify store is going to be on there um but as of right now I had a guy that was supposed to come pick that up today he flaked um but that's alien wear with a 7700 in it and a 1070 uh with 16 gigs of RAM 500 gig SSD have the computer we built today which was the i57400 with the RX 580 probably listen that one for like I don't know low 200 bucks um that one is the i56400 I believe I'm not ex I don't remember I need to plug it in and see but it's got a 1066 gig in it and I had that one listed for 220 um and I've had tons of bites on it nobody's actually come out and looked at it uh but that's actually the one I got messaged about like hey would you ship it and it's crazy because to ship that thing would probably cost what 30 40 bucks maybe on a a $200 PC that's you know 15 20% of the cost goes up due to shipping but I mean if somebody wants to pay for shipping then so be it um we might get into shipping them I don't know I'm just yeah anyway um I got a bunch of stuff coming in CPUs more used Hardware so look out for that got a couple more builds coming just going to keep them rolling have all kinds of different options right now we're pretty on the lowend we're we're really heavy well we only have three computers available right now but all three of them are under you know 400 bucks uh so I feel like I need maybe one just a little bit below or above that um but then I have some Ultra cheap systems coming too so yeah no excuses um but anyway I want to thank yall yall have a good one I'll see you on the next one adios

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