5950x CPU Mining Broken Lets Fix.

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[Music] [Applause] [Music] m [Music] good morning everybody Welcome to the live stream what's up what's up BRS how's everybody how's everybody welcome welcome so I have an issue I don't know what it is but my 5950 xcp I don't know I it it's just it's it mines and then it stops IT mines and then it stops mining um so I've never troubleshooted this before um it was fine for maybe a good I don't know the past couple months it was fine um just just Mining and uh here we are after maybe last week I noticed it just constantly restarting constantly so 5950 x ryzen 95 950x I uh I have a powercolor 6500 XT on here just just so I can get display but it's actually not working um I don't know why it's not it's not displ anything I don't know why welcome it's not nothing's coming up on the screen what's wrong all right I'm going to reboot it and let's see here all right welcome Bros I need to uh live chat killer 65 Malibu gaming what's up oh no signal what does that mean Max voltage H troubleshooted or troubl shot which is correct discuss H Max uh J mining cosos reset and put higher voltage reset BIOS and updated it reset BIOS now how do I see nothing comes up on the [Music] screen why is it not why is it not displaying should I put it in the other [Music] HDMI nothing nothing comes up maybe my monitor is dead oh oh there oh I just swapped I swapped HDMI ports what okay uh okay okay okay okay what the hell why does this why does this happen to me okay so I I want to see this like restart I I know this is not going to last long there you guys go H you saw it it it just it just it just boot it just stopped there after like a couple seconds see now it's rebooting okay it's it's going to keep doing this every time why why does it do that no it's not fixed it's it's not fixed it's it's watch CPU temp CPU temp uh let's see what the temperature is I don't think it's temperature it's 73 Fahrenheit in here right now uh temperature in hios says uh says I don't know it's refreshing here 39° nope 62 degrees CS it's very low um higher Vault over clock setting check overclocks all right all right you guys are all right let's go to the BIOS all right let's let's go with the BIOS let's do it I I I'm I'm pretty sure that's that's probably it see I just want to see it restart it's going to restart [Music] again bring you guys closer is that close enough it's going to it's going to reboot here in a second um let's see temperature in hi says 65° CS [Music] 16.79% let's make it worse what what 62 on that cooler damn that's kind of high don't these normally do like 80 degrees or 90° c um David's mining try a different GPU slot what what no we're talking about CPU here God damn it um CPU starts getting hot then crashes okay uh hios reports 66° C it's mining now it hasn't restarted hasn't restarted okay you guys are saying try overclocks all right know oh there we go all right there we go let's go let's go with the BIOS let's let's screw it let's go with the BIOS now F2 delete delete okay all right how do I do this where do I go it's been three four months I I do not remember I do not remember where to go security overclock presets um don't mess with the BIOS what try flashing bios ask rabid Min I would love uh my CPU rate 59 best is 0.9 volt versus 1.1 uh laau 4.3 GHz at 0 8 volt WTF what what's wrong with that where do you see that 4.3 I have 4.3 megahertz okay all right Max voltage Max voltage says go go to advance all right I'm in advance uh AMD CBS overclocking or PBS which one was it I don't remember PBS well here's the thing the this this rig was mining just fine for the past 3 months why why all of a sudden why all of a sudden I have to change the voltage if that's if that's the issue overclock to hike over it was mining F okay again it's been mining fine for the past three months why the heck all of a sudden it it it restarts like that wh what's the difference minor updates you mined Varys what were you mining uh Varys not so hard than XMR fail to start resolve it's a it's an AMD it's not zeep you said it yourself Max voltage you want an answer the answer is co cause Max uh okay nobody answered the question where where do I go next amdp overclocking manual CPU overclocking there we go okay here we go all right so I had it at 4,300 MHz and 935 uh CPU voltage what do you want to where do you want to go what do what do you want to do AMD strikes again it's is Panda's answer it's um okay set to a thousand wow Max the voltage to a th000 oh all right 1,200 CPU voltage black black sales 1,200 that's that sounds terrible 935 is too low uh for 4.3 GHz okay so okay all right this all right so 9 I had 935 before but that was for Varys So Random X you guys are saying random X because it's it's harder so we're going to need a bit more power do 3900 frequency 1200 MV did it stop yesterday with XM rig 6.21 update uh slim pickings it stopped last week with 2.0 update um all right let's try a thousand first okay that's all I need to change is that all I need to do I need to change anything else DDR frequency and timings no nothing else here s so voltage no save all right save save changes and reset all right that's that's all we're doing we're just changing the voltage from 935 to to a th000 let's see what happens let's see what happens Max voltage says those are the magic settings clock and voltage all right I trust Max voltage more than anyone else in this live chat right now clock 4,000 mmith Neo gem 4,000 3900 at 102 has me very stable with great temps BC do you have dual Channel Ram yes yes I do have dual channel uh yeah right here uh 32 gig yep yep yep yep yep yep yep right there Corsair you can't see it but it's yeah it's Corsair 226 Ram yep okay let's see this mine okay okay try 30 threads rather than 31 y 30 well power at the wall is 187 I guess that includes the GPU okay let me refresh here hios okay let me go let me bring you guys into hi us uh close this okay all right refresh okay just came up 41 seconds ago 55 seconds ago a minute ago so we're getting 16.8 one kilohash 65° C we're fining accepted shares is this good or bad oh it restarted hold on NOP no no no no all right so that didn't work we have to go back to the drawing board Max voltage you are now in second place just just kidding DJ mines what's Up DJ okay let me let me let me go back to bios let's go back to the BIOS F2 F2 lower the frequency Okay C clock too high 3,800 or 3900 will do it Dom G all right no Max you got the voltage right we're going to we're going to change we're going to change the we're going to change the uh the Whatchamacallit frequency all right so you guys don't agree with 4,300 all right Dom G says 3800 3800 3,800 okay all right that's it um now okay now okay someone was saying do I need to do XMP profile do I need to do the memory profile where's where's the memory thing CVS CBS no where's the memory yes you if you don't have XMP setup then make the change nope just save and restart go go uh where is where's the uh where's the Ram uh preset memory frequency where's the where do you go for the ram thing again uh let's I don't I don't remember I really don't remember uh extreme tweaker AI OC tuner then select docp okay extreme twer uh AI OC tuner AI overclock tuner uh select do select docp standard docp standard oh there we we go there we go there we go this is this is I've never been here before so it tells me here docp 3597 is that is that what we want I leave it like this that's it leave it yes good okay saving save changes so we changed to docp and we changed the frequency to 3800 from 4,300 okay reset all right so we were getting 16.8 kill aash before let's see I hope that I hope it works too if it's not working you need a Little More Voltage okay Krypto KJ what have you broken this time I didn't break anything it was mining fine for the past three months mining verus okay I okay so I I I I I'm lying so I was mining Varys and then I switched to Zephyr and then it started rebooting all the time okay so all right let's see let's see what we have now let's see let me let's go with the computer all right um let's go screen refresh 16.84 okay so we're still at the same kill aash we are using more power at the wall we're at 194 Watts now uh but this is so far looks like the temperatures oh uh it's dropping dropping in hash now okay well let's just see if it reboots let's just see if it reboots let's see see if it crashes Hawk what's up man welcome Hawk Krypto mining good morning good sir did you just wake up it's a pirate 90% of the chat have no idea what they're talking about [Music] a pirate well I'm included in that 90% so J mining always adjust for this algo then you can switch coins uh without doing OC I see I see fully electric hello good sir fully electric how are you fully electric how is that X5 is that X X5 working for you well looks like it's better looks like it's not rebooting now like constantly crashing this this this this feels better 16.64 28 accepted shares 66° C but uh what what what's your guys's hash rate on a 5950 X on Zephyr what what is your guys's normal uh hash rate on a 595x fully electric yes sir X5 is sweet thank you brother nice man fully electric that's awesome um I own a 550x are you trying to get stable clocks without overheat uh Mike O no I was just trying to get it stable uh overheating not an issue it it's got one of the best nocta coolers on the market um it's at 66° C right now um does anyone else here have a 595x what do you guys get what's the hash rate you guys get uh 5900 13400 hash okay I can't afford 59 okay I can get 6.9 on 5800 X and on doing 12 core Chris Fox I feel like I feel like you can do more than that wait hold on let's go back to my okay here look at this so can you guys see this you guys can see this right okay all right my 5950 X is right here okay 16.64 my ryzen uh what CPU what's this one uh what what what CPU is this ryzen okay hold on ryzen 7700 freaking like 6-year-old AMD processor does 5 Kash at like 80 Watts then this CPU that does 8.5 is a 3700x ryzen 7 16 core or eight core uh eight threads 7 3700x yeah eight core processor so this one does 8.5 how does your your your 50 800 or whatever should be doing like way more than that no 5800 should be around 8K yeah my 3700x seems to be doing like 8.5 it's crazy RPM check my reply I wrote how to enable one gigabyte pages one gigabyte Pages um why is that 3700x hot 72 that's not that's not hot that's that's honestly not bad this this this this can go up to like 85 from from from my from my knowledge um okay huge Pages all right uh this the only thing we did here was in the uh let's see the CPU configuration huge Pages here 1248 I'm in high OS I'm not I'm not on windows so I know in Windows you have to uh run the batch file as administrator and then restart the computer and then huge pile huge pile huge pages will be enabled hold on you know we got to bring the chat out we got to we got to bring the chat [Music] out one gigabyte pag is different than huge Pages oh okay jump change now I only have 5900 okay chump change when you got to when are you going to ship out my my CPUs it's been it's been like a week now what what's stop slacking uh J JB man 2025 add random x one gy true to the flight sheet okay where do I add this uh CPU config or CPU open CL config jump change when I get tracking that you ain't a a bum and actually paid rip me off properly I should say hey hey heyy you hey you accept it I didn't do I didn't do Jack all right I didn't do I didn't do jack uh extra config argument okay this okay what's this going to do before before I hit accept what what is this going to do jump change kidding I'm not kidding RI RI don't laugh at me 1 to 3% Improvement correct add a couple of hashes okay this page is thing confusing me adds additional 1 to 2% okay all right okay so what am I getting right now before I hit accept hold on let me see what I'm getting right now um cancel so 8.5 Kash 8.4 okay let's let's try let's see what let's see if it makes a difference does it add power consumption oh boy my 5950 X is not doing too well it's still on rejected we got a lot of rejected shares okay so we're getting 5.1 kilah on the 1700 3700 X is 8.5 let's see if we get higher hash oh 8.6 yeah okay that's a little better yeah a little bit a little bit better ccxt can send it to my address I will ship to RPM Ry I know you will not ship ship to me D I got you right now internet on the plane sucks oh neoa on a 1030 GTX 1030 since the D is under 2 gigabyte that's awesome M that's awesome that's that's awesome um yeah I mean yeah looks like we got looks like we got we got a little bit more hash yeah like a little bit a little bit more we were at like 8.5 now we're at 8.6 I mean that's that's an improvement yeah that's the one 1 to 2% Improvement for sure very nice very nice uh hold on I need to check my gpus one sec where's my gpus oh boy okay hold on hold on something bad is happening here oh god oh [ __ ] okay okay um okay I just built this rig yesterday detected Dead one minute detect GPU 5 gpu1 oh my God the oh while I was sleeping this thing was dying uh number six number five number one okay all right I'm I'm going to come back to this later uh okay that's back to CPU okay back to the 5950 X all right so wait 5950 X can I add that parameter as well huge Pages or one page see what you guys are saying you guys are probably yelling at me right now those are the those Hawk gpus he sent you junk uh Stephen yes these are those are the 5700 XT Hawk sent me yes poor rig the complete rig uh my ryzen 7 3700x is getting 8.6 to 8.7 uh that's that's pretty much what I'm getting uh yes yes yes add to all of them okay all right apply um so this we're getting 16.65% much more we get oh oh oh oh oh one thing okay um oval board Tech help me with this um this is at 30 is this 30 threads someone said to do 31 will that make a difference or no Hawk scam Krypto KJ read my last comment um Krypto KJ where maybe getting rejected dual pool diff you can see pool options has a higher diff Port oh I see okay Haw kryptomite whoa whoa stepen Cicero junk Hawk is here no it's not junk I just need to I set the overclocks too I need to bios mod the 5700s all right I need to bios mod uh okay what are you guys saying about this um thread thing here uh this is already at 31 since there is is a core zero oh Gul gulam Mom okay all right all right all right all right all right we're getting 16.67 Kash is that good still going 16.6 16.64 K so we were at what oh we're getting 16 16.7 we're getting we're getting up there we're getting up there for sure um I like to get Panda worked up Stephen damn look at that share ping what what's the what's the Ping what's the Ping what's the Ping 120 milliseconds oh that sucks yeah that that's that's terrible I don't have fiber internet so that's that's that's another big that's another big issue um 16.8 kilah even better yeah that that one page huge page uh not huge pages that parameter seems to work doesn't even show here random x 1 gb- Pages yeah Power is 195 Watts at the wall but that includes the GPU I have in this thing um which I got to take out I should really take this out okay all right well that was easy thank you all for your help we're done live stream's done done okay actually hold on hold on I'm going to turn it off we're going to shut it down cuz right now look 195 we're taking 196 Watts right now I'm going to take off the GPU I want to see I want to see if it's a big difference yeah I'm going to I'm going to shut this down shut down confirm okay hit that like thank you DJ hit that like yeah seriously how many likes do we have 52 likes 185 people watching what I think I'm gonna I think I'm going to throw up Carl M what's up bro what's up bro okay let me take out the GPU ah 196 Watts let's see if it makes a difference or not okay okay now I'm just going to press the start button because this motherboard has a power button right okay now since I have I don't have a monitor I can't we can't see what's going on um until we get into hios I hope I hope it gets into iOS okay let's see let's see how much power less power this takes without the GPU if if it boots I hope it boots in um okay what are you what are you bastards saying Ry is buying all the CPU mining deals law St sister do you have any CPU for sale H Ry get destroyed get destroyed Ry get destroyed Nemesis no likes for the red Pand of my Nemesis sad face Hawk have a safe play Ry where are you going I have one CPU unmineable getting 10 cast a day hey h you guys you guys should I I I'm going to do a video next week but I I have I have all of my ice rivers on uh on Nexa at the moment on on minable I'm getting like triple digit Millions a day it's just it's just it's just insane Ry flying back home oh okay Ron Watkins BC are you going to do a Black Friday deals video uh uh I can I mean we can we can go look for deals right now if you want I mean I don't have to do a video I can just do I can we just do a live stream bro you should be rich on nay and CLA mining uh DJ mines I mean a couple hundred bucks nothing too crazy I I'm just going to I'm just going to keep holding it um I run 3900x 7900x and a 14 all right so how much power we using 190 Watts wait taking the GPU out only lost us 6 Watts dude refresh 16.8 kill aash well I mean we're getting a little bit yeah we're getting a little bit more kill aash so that's that's good um ZF put the GPU back and check your voltages no it was that we were at 196 before yeah 6,500 XT 60 idle power is is stupid low yeah yeah I I thought so yeah idle idle was was very low um J bman 2025 you need to lower your voltage to 950 or 975 okay oh wait I have to put everything back I got a a th000 voltage is not is not okay it is this not okay 595x 3400 mehz 1.0 uh we did 3,800 MHz 1.0 it's already at 1 volt yes it's at 1 V it's at 1 V right [Music] now 190 Watts I feel like that's high I feel like that's that's really high DJ mines huddle to the Bull Run zero selling in the bare [Music] Market 16.81% which is actually where I am right now in this basement is 10 cents so that means that means this 5950 X is making $3 a day that means it makes oh probably more than a a bunch of my M my my GPU mining rigs at this point in time that's that is crazy that is absolutely insane just insane all right everything seems to be stable now yes how much Casa does this Rick make right [Music] I honestly I would probably be mining I would probably want to try to mine to I I would probably use unminable to Nexa to be to be honest I think they're I think they could be some upside a lot more upside with Nexa um for what you're for the of money that you're you're spending cuz right now cuz Caspa is kind of high like I mean relative to the rest of the market like Caspa has been up a lot this year so kind of mining into it I don't know Zephyr I yeah granted Zephyr is also high in profit too so maybe that's all maybe that's uh maybe that's okay but I'm thinking you swap Zephyr into or use unminable random X into um wait does unminable have Zephyr random X I don't know I have no idea um 973 cast from unmineable so far yeah dude my ice Rivers I have my ice River as6 on on unminable for Nexa I'm getting like 30 million 30 million Nexa a day it's like 300 bucks in Nexa a day it's it's it's amazing I'm I'm going to wait till I get one trillion Nexa and then I'm GNA I'm going to [Music] stop I'm going to be a NE I'm going to be a Nexa whale I think by the time if I do that for the next 30 days I should have $10,000 worth of Nexa I'm just going to hold that Nexa one trillion wait one trillion Nexa let me see 1 2 3 1 1 2 3 1 2 3 wait so I'm getting 1 2 3 1 2 3 wait it's 438 worth now wait did Nexa go up oh Nexa has gone up today 23% oh no wonder oh okay so I'm probably mining less than 30 million now oh that sucks but still still amazing 21 trillion total Supply no sorry mik R I don't think it's 1 trillion I don't think I I would I would mind 1 trillion it's 1 billion I think it's 1 billion I'm trying for 1 billion yeah where's the market how What's the total Supply here total Supply is four okay this is 4 trillion and then this is 135 billion yeah I'm hoping to get 1 billion next Nexa that not not million but I'm hoping for 1 billion that's that that's that's that's what I'm mining up to H yeah I'm going to have a video about that next week uh once I'm just going to do like a couple days of Nexa on my ice rivers and then just show you guys uh how much how much I've gotten stay out of Nexa we all know panda dumps for equipment hey hey hey hey you're you're not wrong okay well that looks great that looks awesome thank you guys thank you for the the info um so the voltage is good now and this this this random x uh 1 gab Pages thing is extra config argument is good that's awesome that's awesome okay all right I want to um should I leave the stream now or should I uh should I figure out oh what the hell is going on with this with these 5700 XTS oh no one is missing no oh no one wait let me restart hold on oh no one I I hope one didn't die I I I I hope one didn't actually die man what this is just I think it's just too low I don't know I don't know what's happening this oh man I should have eight I should have eight on this rig yeah fix this rig on live please uh well okay well we'll see I should get eight crypto KJ 1 billion equals 100 1,000 million yeah H all right all right still only seven oh this rig is dead one card died a minute ago [ __ ] no there's only seven uh I just built this yesterday why it it showed eight oh no okay you know what I have a video that I was in the process of making looks like I'm looks like I need to go back to that I need to document this again oh man ah shoot DJ Minds honestly a 797 z790 and 32 gigs of ram cost almost $400 by itself yeah uh panu hello Rena how are you doing well at this point in time not very good after looking at this rig this my 5700 XT rig is not cooperating and I think a GPU has completely died completely completely wiped out from hi I should have eight I only have seven well I won't be able to get to that till tomorrow um all right uh vdd up by 25 at a time my MD cards are tricky like this too H dude I vdd Oh you mean core volt uh vdd vdd is what this one memory voltage 25 yeah I just did that now uh but it's not mining why is it not mining oh see look GPU 5 detected dead GPU 5 this one here just not cooperating maybe core voltage is too low I wanted to bios mod I wanted to bios mod these um but I feel like maybe I [Music] shouldn't New Egg doing a 7900 X Plus Mo mobo plus 32 gigs ddr5 for 500 that's that's amazing that's actually amaz wait new egg really hold on hold on hold on let me check hold on let me check hold on I might buy like four of those new egg.com Wait f uh oh oh oh that's sick here uh here sarch screen um screen right here combo up savings $136 ryzen 9 7900x plus a ASRock b650 139 plus a g skill 32 gigs X5 RAM for $498 is that that a good [Music] deal oh I'm I I like this one I like this Intel i7 4700k only $60 off though that that's not really a that's not really a big deal why deals in Canada are not like the US not fair yeah domg Canadian prices suck ah New England crypto lately every time I sit down to my computer to to be productive at my facility rep of mining is live stream Bull Run Vibes it's coming fam yeah it's coming bro it's coming [Music] man um yeah sweet deal main Banner okay it's it's okay it's it's good yeah wait what what does a 7900 X do on on Zephyr what's the hash rate what's the hash rate on a 7900 [Music] X 16 to 17K oh really that's really good [Music] actually that's that's really good that's actually really good 15 Kil aash 16 17 yeah that's pretty good H not bad not bad 7,800 x 3 x 3D x3d 369 RTX 360 260 what an RTX 4070 is 514 is that a lot 750 watt i7 uh Z 690 Asus tough for 149 that's not [Music] bad 850 watt Vengeance 79 79 80 bucks Vivo book oh I think I want this $429 I need a I need a new like crypto laptop wallet [Music] laptop 16 gigs of round 512 gig SSD admd radon GPU uh oh this is nice is this th oh what oh that's pretty sick that's pretty thin I like it all right 7900 x 14 Kash with 22 threads okay nice nice nice okay all right Pros that's it that's it for the Stream oh my God this this 5700 XT break I need to I need to troubleshoot when I get tomorrow thank you for the help all right guys that's it that's all I'm doing today stream for an hour thank you bros you guys have a great day I will see you all later uh maybe maybe I might do another stream in an hour for Black Friday deal just for the hell of it I don't know if there's I mean I don't know if there's that much but in Canada there really isn't that much all right have a great one have a great afternoon you too New England Brandon coin what's up bro Brandon coin what's up bro you guys have you have a good one Allen the king you won't yeah I probably won't Ry toes in warm water for the last s days oh so lucky so lucky all right goodbye goodbye goodbye [Music] goodbye peace have a great [Music] [Music] day [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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