Coinbase and Ripple CLOs Meet: XRP Listing Possible?

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A new tweet by Coinbase Chief Legal Officer (CLO) Paul Grewal has sparked interest and speculations in the crypto community. The CLO expressed his appreciation to Ripple’s General Counsel, Stuart Alderoty, for their meeting, stating they needed to meet more often.

In response, Stuart Alderoty thanked him for chatting with their legal team. After the tweet, two top lawyers in the community supported the strategic meeting, and some others called on Coinbase to relist XRP on its marketplace. 

Ripple And Coinbase OfficlainsLeading The Battle, Deaton

One of the notable reactions to the meeting between Ripple and Coinbase CLOs came from CryptoLaw founder John Deaton. 

Deaton is the attorney representing thousands of XRP holders. His response to the tweet was that the picture shows two valiant General Counsels leading the front line in battle. Further, Deaton wrote that he “tipped his cap” to Alderoty and Grewal to express his respect. 

By saying “frontline in battle,” Attorney Deaton reiterates his position that the crypto industry is battling with the US Securities and Exchange Commission. Notably, the attorney shared a tweet to that effect in March, calling every stakeholder in the industry to meet and share strategic ideas to win the war. 

Following the recent tweet, the two firms battling SEC’s lawsuit may have listened to Deaton’s suggestion. 

Another prominent figure that responded to the recent development was the Australian-based lawyer Bill Morgan. The lawyer stated that teamwork against a common foe is the best strategy to win. 

However, Morgan further said he doesn’t regard Coinbase as a friend of XRP holders as it “ceased secondary market trading in its exchange.” 

Crypto Users Call For XRP Relisting

Other responses following the recent tweet were calls for Coinbase to relist XRP. A Twitter user going by Jon Mann, who responded, asked Coinbase to relist XRP, stating that the meeting is the tag team the Ripple community has been waiting to see.

XRP in bearish zone l Source:

Another user XRPcryptowolf also supported the call maintaining that Coinbase should relist XRP if they need Ripple’s help beating the SEC. 

There has not been any mention of why the parties met yet. However, the crypto space still hopes for a favorable summary judgment that will bring regulatory clarity for XRP.

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