Added Another Phone for Crypto Mining

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day and today we got some phones more phones mining we have added another one to the fleet and this one is the TCL A3 talked about this in a previous video um yeah I'm getting to the point where I definitely will need a little bit of airflow um I'm gonna put a kilowatt meter on the fan that I use in here this is the fan that I leave on most of the time so it seems to be helping already but with no fan and no back plate on this phone because it ships with no backplate on it you have to put the battery in which I thought that's kind of cool so you don't have to try to pry it off sorry about that uh the recording messed up but um with the back plate off and all cores enabled it is running slightly warm it was getting up to 38 degrees Celsius and I noticed the hash rate was coming down so with them sitting right here in my fan on low blowing across them it's not an optimal setup I was thinking I might actually get like a like a pegboard right here and uh like I could zip tie them to the pegboard that way I could have like a fan behind them or something like that so yeah something to hang them up and that way I can blow air like down or just even blowing air across them if they're not on the actual like bench would probably be better I'm still only running five cores on the flip now temperature seems to be doing a lot better now that I have that fan up and going I'll wait and see how it does through the the heater tomorrow temperature is doing better on the note it's 29 31 degrees Celsius on the TCL 3.3 Mega hash is what it's currently at I turned it off and turned it back on earlier with it sitting directly in front of the fan it does right at 4.2 Mega hash give or take so I have seen where people said that they can get them up to five Mega hash um but yeah that's that's kind of the issue I'm having is I guess that is throttling itself thermally which stinks a little bit but um yeah so one thing at a time now uh we are going to be adding this uh S9 to the fleet because I did order myself a new personal phone and by the way Guys somebody was saying don't go out and buy these phones for mining varus because it's not profitable and it is not profitable I'll pull up my pool stats and show you what these three phones are actually making so bear with me all right shout out to one of the subscribers they mind on my pool for a little while but that's been off long enough that it won't affect my two hour average which is at 4.8 Mega hash currently with the flip the Note 5 I need to rename that one to the TCL A3 if we go over to the various mining calculator 4.8 Mega hash we're not going to take power into account because I need to put a kilowatt meter on that power strip to see what everything's pulling uh but we are making right at 3.1 cents a day so a horribly low amount of uh of US dollars per day or .07 various coin per day or uh 0.5 or half of various coin per week hopefully that'll get better once I add this phone and once I can turn some more cores on those with some better cooling look the mega hash is already coming up on that just by having better cooling that thing was rested at around like two and a half 2.4 all the time so it's nice to see that with a little bit of active air goes a long way I know that does burn power so that hurts efficiency and then we end up not making money but spoiler alert Guys these aren't making money as they are right now anyway um we are doing a little bit of hobby speculative huddle mining basically um I'm mining these coins I am not selling them because I think various potentially could be worth more and um it is fun so we'll check back in if you have any questions please comment down below would love to hear them adios

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