Another Crypto Millionaire Found Dead: Tragic End for Investor


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Another shocking discovery has rattled the crypto sector as Christian Peev, a 41-year-old US cryptocurrency investor has been found dead.

Christian Peev’s Alleged Murderer Was A Friend

According to Peev’s cousin, the crypto investor disappeared in early August, and growing increasingly worried, Peev’s cousin reported him missing to authorities on August 10, which prompted an investigation. 

The dismembered body of the American-Bulgaria investor was found days later by plumbers called to fix a blocked drain in Sofia, Bulgaria, who eventually discovered that it was pieces of a human body that caused the blockage. 

The remains were later identified to be Peev’s body, although parts of the body, like the head and bones were missing. These were found to be buried as the murderer could not flush them down the toilet.

Following the discovery of the remains, a bartender, Vesco Valchinov has been named as the prime suspect in connection to the murder of Peev. Christian Peev was known to be highly recognized in top events and parties, where he met the bartender.

According to sources, Vesco Valchinov and Christian Peev met at a bar about 5-6 years ago, and Peev being a formidable and knowledgeable crypto enthusiast introduced Valchinov to the world of cryptocurrency.

Valchinov became the prime suspect in Peev’s demise as surveillance footage showed that both Valchinov and Peev were seen entering Valchinov’s residence on August 8, but Valchinov was the only one seen leaving his residence the following day.

Forensics show that Valchinov allegedly killed Peev with a dumbbell in his residence. However, Valchinov was not the only one involved in the demise of Christian Peev.  

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Konstantin Subotinov who was believed to be an accomplice to Valchinov was also arrested by authorities and later confessed that he helped Valchinov in disposing of the remains of Peev’s body by driving some of the parts to Vitosha to bury them.

Valchinov apparently knew the authorities were onto him and he tried to lose his tail by fleeing to a hotel in Vitosha. But unfortunately for him, authorities tracked his phone and he was apprehended the following day.

Could The Murder Be Money Related?

Although the authorities and investigators believe that the murder of Christian Peev is money related, as Peev had amassed a considerable fortune from his crypto investments, jealousy has also been seen as a potential motivation for the murder of Peev.

Investigators speculate that Valchinov might have been jealous of his friend Peev and the fortune he has built for himself. However, the investigation is still ongoing, and more details will be unveiled, as authorities tend to crack the case and figure out what led to this tragedy.

Peev’s death marks the second crypto investor found murdered and dismembered in less than a month. In July, crypto influencer Fernando Pérez Algaba was found dead in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

According to authorities, Algaba’s remains were found in a suitcase and his death is believed to be connected to a significant debt he owed. 

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