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what's up ladies and gentlemen we are back got a couple kinds of air duster this time and going to try to get these dust bunnies so uh another day of cleaning yeah um by the way I also ordered some brackets to go up there so we'll be putting some shelves up there putting our stock and stuff up there m mainly probably like graphics cards and stuff but um yeah looking forward to it uh have a uh have some more parts coming in have a build coming together so that'll probably be an upcoming video uh but yeah so today just time to go clean let's get to [Music] it [Music] [Music] all right so I still have tons and tons of gpus to go through this is a box this is a whole another box gpus um still got that box up there full of gpus and then I still got more gpus back at the mining shed I'm not going to bring them all up here I figured I would clean up a good bit of them to you know make a display obviously everything in here is for sale but um I haven't gone through and listed each individual pricing yet um you know I'm going to put some motherboards down here on the bottom I got some more motherboards uh that are coming in and that that sort of thing so yeah it's just I'm tired of cleaning so I think I'm going to box these up and just store these for right now might might take these back and make me a little storage spot back at the house uh but I figure if I have at least one of everything here then I should be able to service customers and as as if things get busier and I notice I'm selling out multiple of of the same card in a day then I'll bring more and and keep a couple more in inventory but I figured I was thinking about it there's no need for me to keep everything in this tiny office um so yeah kind of one of everything you know obviously we can keep extra parts for like builds and stuff power suppli all that fun stuff but yeah so my next project is tackling this bad boy so this is going to be a um I don't know what you want to call it a good deal um a little little clearance special uh she's a little beat up she's got some scratches on it this case has been through the ringer but I'm going to bring it over here we're going to clean it up I'll show you about it here in a second it's it's kind of a cool build a little bit older now but somebody can still get some good use out of it all right so what's on the list for today other than cleaning because I'm getting tired of cleaning um is this PC right here so like I said I've had this one for a while it is very dirty so we definitely got to do some cleaning on it it's got a really nice glass side cover but yeah somebody's going to be getting the deal of the day on this bad boy or whoever comes in um wow super super dirty but uh let's go ahead and take out it has a radon Instinct card in here that's like an accelerator card it did really good for mining ethereum I think it did like almost 100 megahash but we're we're not mining ethereum anymore so neither here nor there let's get this bad boy out of there this thing was super super power hungry it burned a lot a lot of power yeah it's got all kinds of jankiness up in here okay we got electrical tape yeah I had I had put on a uh an air duct on the back of this thing really need like a pair of Cutters but I had put an air duct on the back of this thing because there we go it does not have its own fan it's a blowr style like a server style so I had somebody they design and print me out an air duct um out of like 3D on a 3D printer and then I strapped a like Delta fan onto here to shove air through this thing so try to keep it cool pain in the butt but I guess it it did end up working at the end of the day so let's get this all off I have no idea if these things have any value anymore so I'll look them up I assume it still works it it worked until I turned it off but is it actually worth anything who knows all the stickers are coming off of it that's great there we go okay made in China come on it has one screw holding it in not a bad little design unplug these [Music] cables oh yeah that's a super dirty girl right there Radeon Instinct and this is the Mi 60 so 32 gigs of hbm gen two so lot of ram there we'll set that bad boy over here or actually we'll set it over here to be cleaned this mess of cables just put that in the trash cuz some nastiness all righty so have like all these extra risers and stuff in here cuz at one time this was like an integrated like all-in-one mining rig I had like four or five cards in here uh and I was using it for like heating so I set it like behind the TV my old house one time would run like four cards out of here all these front fans were set to intake and then I had some exhaust fans on the other side so yeah good stuff but now hopefully she will serve somebody else much better all righty so got that out that out going to junk those don't need all these extra cable adapters this fan is only held in by one screw so we're going to take that one out because this fan didn't really quite fit in [Music] here all right it's a cable extension keep that it's fairly nice uh this is going to be power for our GPU this is Molex are we not going to be needing Molex I don't believe yeah no not going to be needing any Molex let's see what kind of RAM do we got up in here looks like we have one stick of 8 gab that's not going to be enough this system at least needs 16 gigs let's see what we got in the old Ram department so here's two matching sticks of I believe these are 8 gigs a piece yep ddr4 yeah that should work so two matching sticks of a PNY accelerate not the best Ram in the world but you know what it'll get the job done so we put this back in the little case bam wham bam thank you ma'am clean that off a little bit all righty so I believe it'll be the second slot and then the last slot normally sorry I'm talking to myself guys I'm definitely not used to this format of videos um I typically do a lot of like time lapse stuff but I figured this would kind of be cool to like do stuff and show you it and talk about it all at the same time we have a huge air cooler on here with a originally it only had a puller fan and I added a pusher fan on the other side so we'll leave it like that that's fine um as for storage I don't believe we have an m.2 in here so I will need to grab an m.2 let's see is there one in there no yeah there's there's there's nothing in there um I don't have any M do2s at the moment I ordered some SATA ssds but um for this configuration I think it's an injustice to do a SATA SSD definitely need to do an m.2 um this is the i99900k so this processor is still I mean it's old I'm not going to not going to act like it's not but uh it'll still get the job done for a lot of stuff now a good GPU to pair this bad boy with I'm probably going to say let's get all these wires back in there and then we need to start cleaning everything off gosh more cleaning um let's go find a GPU for this bad boy I'm leaning [Music] towards cuz I want this to be a good deal cuz I'd love to you know just get the first person in the door like a really good deal on a build um oh somebody just trying to call my other phone so let me reach down in here and see what we got for for gpus okay let's see all right so this is a gigabyte orus it still needs to be cleaned um a 3060 3060 ti so these are really cool cards super flashy they light up they're they're really nice um solid I'd say it's better than entry level I don't know if it's quite like constitute like con it's not a high-end card by any means it's still it's a 60 TI which is basically a 70 uh but I mean it's already a generation old and it's a good mid- tier card 100% um so yeah I think we're definitely going to go with that it's a good nice flashy card to go with this case before we put that in there we got to do a lot of cleaning um so we got 16 gigs of ddr4 I9 9900k this motherboard is a z390 orus master wait a second z390 hold on I'm I'm like second guessing myself here so um z390 CPU compatibility list or CPU support list okay so that yeah that is the ninth gen so 9600 9700 9900k um I just wanted to double check because I was like wait a second is that still ninth gen or is that older um now they're on like the 600 series z690 and blah blah blah blah it's hard to keep up with Intel and their numbers they they like their numbers um but yeah now I need to probably pair that with an SSD um I'll probably just get a um a 500 gig m.2 that way it's got two slots right here that way if somebody wants to add another m.2 Drive they can or if they want to add some SATA drives they can to that as well but super open super big basic build they could add all kinds of stuff there's plenty of expens ability this is a fantex case and it's actually um I don't remember exactly which one it is I don't know anyway it's a fantex but it is uh really big it's not eatx though I don't believe yeah cuz it doesn't extend down right here it's just full up to full size ATX which this is a fullsize ATX motherboard um I'm leaning towards since the case is kind of banged up uh i99900k let's see what they're going for on on eBay eBay trying to figure out like a good a good price for this thing because I I want it to sell good and I kind of want to you know give somebody a good deal that comes through the door so I'm hoping I can get somebody drawn in kind of quick uh cuz I haven't posted any like official open opening cuz I'm technically not I still have so much stuff to do but if I can give somebody a good deal then you know just a little little side deal little pick me up um there's not a lot of 9900ks um let's see here 99 oh I didn't put a space between I9 and 9900k so used it look like looks like the processor is going 275 280 270 270 um a delited one for 1999 with no uh lid or cooler so uh I'll say you know we got 200 bucks in the CPU um what's a 360 TI going for 3060 TI Buy It Now lowest is 240 239 with shipping so we'll say 200 bucks on the GPU 400 bucks and then for like motherboard RAM and everything else let's say 500 bucks so somebody's going to get an I9 9900k a 3060 TI and um 16 gigs of ddr4 with a 500 gig SSD for 500 bucks uh I'm going to go ahead and list this I'm only going to sell it locally I know a bunch of people like oh my God I want to buy this I don't have my online store set up um and I definitely don't want to ship this thing cuz it's super heavy but um yeah so hopefully whoever ends up getting this thing will enjoy it and uh it'll be a good time you know but I need to get to cleaning so bear with me I'll be back here in a second and show you guys how it's going all right so good looking little setup right here got the old 3060 TI in there plenty of room for activities obviously could be wire managed a bit better but you know what this is a old this is that deal so you want that good deal you got to deal with a little bit um I have these cover plates somewhere I have tons of them can't find them you know what that's part of the deal sorry guys my phone ran out of storage but you'll see if you go back to the previous video that I sold this computer and got two and on trade in so have a good one I'll see you on the next one adios

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