Bitcoin Hashrate testing all the power modes on a S19K Pro with LuxOS Firmware

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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good afternoon ladies and gentlemen welcome to the live stream sorry I was not able to live stream this morning I had to take my kid to the ER because he had a fever of almost 40° C took them there you got care right away got some pretty much just gave him medicine and he's kind of okay now and also some uh electrolyte kid fluid something anyways he's okay so I'm back now we are going to try out a bunch of different presets with the luxos firmware on an an minor s9k Pro this is specifically a 115 model hold on hold on hold on hold on 115 model hold on let me let me just uh oh there goes my YouTube play button and it's damaged I'm taking that and I scratched it all up that's okay all right hold on I'm showing you guys the minor hold on I got to bring it [Music] over okay this guy right here s bit main s9k Pro this guy okay so we are going to test all the different Power modes with the luxos firmware and we are going to see how much power consumption it's going to take and yes you guys can see I wall mounted a monitor take a look at that wallmounted monitor yeah I got two screens now hell yeah hell yeah oh my God oh my God Richie rocket thank you for the donation good sir thanks for live streaming I will pray for your family's good health brother Richie rocket thank you good sir thank you thank you bro that means a lot thank you thank you good sir family is doing good I'm a little bit sick my kid my kid though is the worst he's got like a 40° fever which is calmed down now but he's still coughing thank you bro thank you okay so um fancy monitor set up City sometimes what's up techman Steven sis Stefan CIS cisero Steven top chat I am on live chat all right I'm on live chat right now come on now John Germaine son of a rabbit Panda Asic mining not again what happened to GP mining GP mining is dead we are now Asic mining baby this is where this is where the money's at right here just kidding just just kidding just kid kiding um we are also going to document all the different hash rate numbers and exact power consumption that we can get on this s9k Pro uh with the luxos uh Lux Lux OS firmware on an s9k Pro um all the different presets we are going to attempt here and I guess you guys can't see that let me just I Mo it over here okay um but before I begin thank you so so much from the bottom of my heart thank you to today's live stream sponsor who sent me this s9k Pro to Showcase to you guys with the pre-loaded firmware Mr guntis Bolin himself from mop.

mop. sent me this beautiful let's see if I can find it on here uh S9 okay is it on here s9k Pro right here I think this is it right here s9k Pro 115 terahash this is the one I have um but obviously we are getting a lot more hash rate right now more than 120 because we're using the luxos fare so mop. Gus spolin the OG of crypto mining the same time as BBT bits me tripping our our our crypto mining ogs of the crypto mining Community mop. guys go check them out if you're looking for a minor link down in the description so um I am going to now write down what we are using here CU there are so many different hash rate profiles here okay there's there's there's a there's a lot of different ones here wow we can go up to 845 MHz 14.7 volt do do you guys want to see the highest one first do do we want to blow this thing up do we want to see like 5,000 Watts from this thing that's probably a bad idea anyways let me record here okay let me record insert row bit main s9k Pro 115 trash um luxos uh this is going to be the 13.9 6 this is going to be the 13.9 volt 645 13 uh 13.9 13.9 volt 645 MHz uh Mega 645 mehz all right what do you guys want to see first do you guys want to see the lowest should we go all the way down to 12 volt 12.3 volt 245 MHz or you guys want to start at the top what do you guys want to start with with I want to see blood I want to see smoke oh my God you guys you guys are you guys are terrible please please no smoke how can you determine the actual watts used with the stock ant Miner OS uh and flex mining okay so here um so I believe luxos is the software wattage here it says 2.62 kilowatt I believe this is wrong uh if you guys can see at the camera can you guys can you guys see the power consumption on the camera right now should be at the bottom right it says 3440 Watts so I should record that um 340 143 1 134 terahash at 3430 Watts efficiency is going to be at 25 watt per hash so that's not that's not very efficient that's not very efficient um that that's going to go against here that's the sword bot here that's going to be up with a s19 95 Tire hash model um with the hion firmware of course that's on very low power mode um so top uh what did you guys oh let me let me do a poll let me do a poll to do start low overclock or high overclock under vult low high Burn It To The Ground all right start pole DJ mines hobus Miner what's up Bros DHL slacking this month I heard dhl's on strike ah oh man top top everyone's asking for top God damn it you guys are horrible how many people we got here smash the like bro 105 watching 46 likes welcome to the live stream Bros welcome I'm sorry I was late I had to take my kid to the hospital he had a fever of a 40 40° C too hot way too hot um but he's okay now all right I'm going to just copy all this because we're going to go through all the presets here and we're going to see what is going to be the most efficient preset on the luxos firmware on an s19 s9k okay poo hello good sir Biko xp1 good morning guys xp1 good morning bro good morning bro okay what did you guys vote for let's see of course you bastards all of you bastards vote for high all right all right here we go we're going to go the very highest profile 1470 oh my God 1470 1470 volt 845 mahz 845 all right let's see what happens I mean I they said overclocking may damage your device proceed at your own risk you you guys you guys are you guys are are going to make this thing blow up all right it's on I oh it's already oh it's already going okay all right it's it's clocking up it's clocking up oh my God this is not good let's see what the temperature is current temperature is uh 5340 5640 3852 that doesn't seem that doesn't seem too bad uh uh hold on bring it down here you guys can see the temperature there you go um okay well you're going to let this go it's ramping up we're at 4,000 watts um can you guys confirm can you guys see the wattage on your guys' screen bottom right can can you guys uh can you guys see the power consumption bottom right or no don't blame us Panda you're the one pressing the button SLO Squatch you are banned B my ks2 was supposed to arrive Wednesday hasn't moved in almost a week oh that sucks then overboard Tech you are also B no the logo's in the way oh [ __ ] okay how about [Music] that can you see that better 43 4400 Watts oh my God can you can you guys see that or no I can't I can't put the camera okay you know [Music] what all right oh this thing's screaming 40 5 4600 Watts dude this thing is screaming uh how much terahash are we at uh we don't know that until we see a number e that's a lot of power that's that's a lot of power 4700 Watts now oh this thing is going to blow up okay if this thing blows up I'm blaming all of [Music] you put a heat on that receptacle in a few minute oh I do have a heat gun I do have one um holy crap uh you mean this receptacle 97 fenhe now at the at the s19 K the receptacle looks like 87 fahit this thing's getting hot it's getting hot very hot um what is the terror has that we're going to get on this thing 142 we're at 51 52 5130 Watts oh oh that doesn't look good Bros I'm uhh I'm GNA turn it off I don't trust it that's I it sounds like it's going to blow up honestly that's that sounds really [Music] bad 5300 Watts dude it's taking almost wait 23 amps 23 amp on the pdu for this s9k alone oh holy crap that is that is not not good that is I mean the temperature doesn't seem too bad hold on let's refresh 54 40 56 42 60 41 is that is that not bad that doesn't that doesn't seem [Music] bad um for now uh yeah this thing is it's screaming now ah here we go one minute hash rate 172 uh Terra has and we are at 5286 Watts at the 1 minute 172 ter we're going to let us keep going going to keep it going for another like 10 minutes and then we'll switch to the next profile oh Bros okay hold on we got to we got to put this in soon I'm curious of the efficiency of that uh can you please link your spreadsheet with overclocks um yeah uh yeah um hold on hold on hold on I gotta move it over here hold on um share how do you share share anyone with the link copy link okay all right here there it is uh I will pin it in the top chat so people want it you guys can look it that B all right all right back okay all right still 172 terahash at 5,300 wats wow that is bro that is that is hot okay I think I think that's it I'm going to I'm going to get off this uh overclock you guys think that's it's good 171 ter 1 minute 170 oh I think it's I think it's uh I think it's going down now 5,300 Watts that's a lot that is a lot H but hey if you had free electric 1 170 170 terahash on this thing that's pretty cool rud put Steven John Germain Daniel Porter AIS Creek Mining no worries bro the dreamer 702 what's up what's up Richie rocket my gpus run 52 with hot spot of 66 nice nice nice here temperatures are here let me refresh it looks like it's still going okay 55 56 terahash 56 56 14.7 volt 845 MHz the temperature doesn't seem to be too bad huh Project Mayhem I can give you some over under clocks directly from lexo staff in their early test uh Project Mayhem are they uh I mean I see I see a bunch of under clock uh clocks here can't can't we just use these or no you mean custom profile see it's testing all that it's it's testing all the chips right now on on each of the boards look at that it's like going up slowly wow that's only $12.50 a day at 72 172 terahash yeah but I'm using like 5300 Watts H oh that's that's a lot that's that's too much power consumption seems to be good all right looks like it's staying around 172 terahash I'm going to I'm going to keep it at that 172 terahash 53 13 Watts so that is a watt per hash of o e the W per hash Is Not Great obviously that's uh 30 uh Jewels for Terra has wat per hash yeah all right all right we're getting off this we're getting off this this is too too sketchy all right let's go all the way down I want to try the very bottom I'm going to go the lowest one now all right we're going to the very low low low low overclock uh all right all right we should see the power drop down now so 12.3 we're doing the 12.3 12.3 volt at what 245 MHz 245 all right we're going to see what this is um it's so loud it's coming over the noise cancellation usually don't hear the fans in your streams uh yeah I'll track because I'm using a I'm using a uh gaming headset so it's not as it's not as good um okay all right power is the power going to go down it's still using 5,000 Watts okay it's slowly coming down now slow slowly coming down um that's 40% plus hash rate for 100% power no go uh boiko exactly yeah efficiency uh if you had to pay for power of course it's not it's not great it's not great it's not great so far let's see what the efficiency is of the lowest preset Chris Bane red P of mining thinking about getting me an S9 to solo mine you think that's a good investment um if you had free Power sure for fun why not japedo cheat Panda jetto you are banned overboard Tech you no no hyper X gate project mayem try 12 voltage 300 MHz okay 12 uh you said 12 300 MHz where's that uh custom profile how do I do create custom profile huh how do I create my own custom one I clicked on it we're still using 4200 Watts I think something's going on here [Music] um uh should I reboot it I feel like I should reboot it maybe it's it's trying to it's trying to slowly undervolt itself maybe because it was too hot I don't know all lexos takes a while to ramp down ah okay okay it broke it probably better to restart it okay let's restart it yeah let's restart it uh reboot yeah it's reboting all right and the fans went all the way down all right it's rebooting ah blind Panda xp1 God damn it so how's everybody how's how are all of you sorry I didn't live stream this morning I'm sorry I'm sorry I'm sorry okay this thing's just rebooting give it a bit um Andrew Martino good nice nice nice morning live streams are the worst yeah I'm sorry yeah I've been thinking of doing some uh evening live streams um but we'll see all right is this thing back on yes we are back in is it on the preset that I that we set earlier or no uh I can't click into it yet there we go yeah it's at 245 okay let's see how long that takes for someone who never goes anywhere you do get sick a lot Krypto KJ I go everywhere what are you talking about and it's my kid that the reason why I got sick okay his daycare like 50 60% of the kids are sick everybody everyone got sick should I get a low wattage like a 450 gash machine for solo that would be more sense or 77 kilowatt kilow wats machine uh Chris Bane I don't H man though yeah you know I don't know I H like those little tiny Bitcoin solo mining thing it's I wouldn't say it's like a like a gimmick but it it it's it it it obviously takes little power um are you going to get a block I mean hey if you want to play the lottery it's essentially actually it is better than you have your odds are better than playing the lottery actually versus playing the lottery uh if you if you were solo mining Bitcoin on one of those little things um there's a website there's a website that calculates that ah um did you change the control board um Kim Sanu no this is the stock am logic control board okay am logic and mop.

Sent me this s9k Pro with the luxos firmware already um you can even add the luxos firmware on your s19 for 50 bucks uh Euro I don't know what that is in USD um so check that out okay now let's see is this thing ramping up let's see yeah it's ramping up okay we're using 495 Watts right now oh somebody banned that bwq r r u h he regularly goes for chicken nuggets jetto God damn it Coastal crypto mining what's up boys and girls crypto Coastal crypto mining what's up bro welcome to the live stream we are testing the luxos firmware so far uh it's a bit it's it's not very efficient uh stock okay mind you we just it's default profile gives us 134 terahash at 3,400 Watts but 25 W per hash uh the 14.7 volt the very highest preset 172 Terra has gave us 5300 Watts that's a w per hash of 30 so I mean if you had free Power then hell yeah 172 TR crash hell yeah um but otherwise uh uh we're going to try some undervolted ones we're going to see what the efficiency is down here um so it's still ramping up it takes a bit Yeah takes a bit to ramp up uh what else Bros what else is going on I always buy lottery tickets every week I spend $120 in tickets and mega million chances yeah see Chris Bane you can buy like a little actually you know what I have I literally have have uh I just got in hold on you know what I was going to do I I'm going to do a stream of this um okay I have I have a uh I have one of these uh is it called a bitx I have a I have one of these bit AES from uh alter uh alter Al tech.

Uh you know what let me take it out hold on let me take it out I I I don't know if this thing is I don't know if it's uh you know what I'll just open it right now I was going to do I was going to do a video a stream on this uh I will on a separate stream but I don't know how to turn uh what you need like a you need a host device I think with this thing um okay wow there's a bunch of stuff power supply oh [ __ ] oh oh oh did he s me two oh [ __ ] oh oh damn no it just sent me one all right uh I I have not opened this yet but it's uh one of these uh Bida Ultra open source BM 1366 minor uh from alter alter attack all right so I I uh I'm I'm going to do that in another video came with the power supply that's pretty cool okay oh actually um I got sent another two but from a different company Bitcoin merch and I'm going to give one away all right we're we're gonna in another stream I'm gonna I'm going to be giving one of these away all right I'm I'm going to give one of these away all right DJ mines those are cool I've been wanting an S1 19k to play with um yeah I mean it's it's good the s19 K are good I personally have not um I personally have not seen the efficiency yet um with the firmwares I I have yet to see it I I'm I'm testing it right now uh mop.

Uh confirm me guntis spans confirm me the model that he just sent me here he tested it himself that he can get really good efficiency so if it's because my I don't know my 240 volt thing is like screwed up somehow I don't know yet but we're testing more presets we're testing more presets so techman scratch off have been good to me last three weeks I've saved 1,200 from wine for Las Vegas trip nice nice holy is it really 92 in there uh it's it's 92 because the 19k is blowing the hot air in this direction yeah it's it's it's not that bad where I am it's maybe like 80 uh turn off the s9k pro s19 KP doesn't have LPM LPM helps reduce the whining noise on Asic uh yeah I mean yeah generally most of them uh do that the pre reset profiles is not efficient you need to create your own profile oh Kim kiman Mau okay so you're saying none of these you're saying none of these are going to work are are are not going to give us the numbers that we want someone said people would able to get 19 watt per hash with these s9k Pros so what what is the megahertz what is okay just all right let's just do the secret oh I want to get I want to see this I want to see this hash first I want to see uh this this lowest profile I want to I want to record this profile first and then uh then then we'll do the custom I I don't even know how to do the custom so you you guys whoever's uh kimon M you're going to have to you're going to have to tell me uh what the custom profile is going to be um will trade not garbage overclocks on your whole farm for bit a okay thanks overboard Tech you can and suck it from the back hope all is well uh Kaiser what's up man this better be a good stream I'm waiting for driving through snow uh access Creek minone on my s98 Pro 120 ter I got epic UMC board running 2680 watt 122 terahash that's a 21.

9 Jewels per terahash 21.9 21.9 that's pretty good um that's pretty good Hawk I believe with the EP epic control board got his at 100 at 289 Watts at 2.89 uh watt per hash I would like to know what voltage and uh megahertz we need to do on Lux 52 terahash we're at 52 terahash 113 Watts 1,114 Watts 52 terahash are we peaked are we peaked at 51 terahash temperature is obviously very low 51 ter um Senpai notice me uh access Creek Mining 591 MHz 133.5 okay let me try that let me try that DJ mines I'm here for the meme sir not the abuse DJ mines I love you bro you bastard Kaiser uh project mayam 300 MHz at 12 voltage should get you 18.7 Jew Jewels per terahash wow 18.7 Jews per terahash 300 MHz 12 point okay hold on we got to write this down before I we forget okay you said 12 volt at 300 12 Vol 300 what was the other one someone else uh project uh access Creek Mining says um it says what 12 13.5 13.5 at three 591 wow uh okay 591 okay well we'll try that okay we'll try those two next according to luxor's tests Project Mayhem okay okay uh Clinton Q thank you for the donation is the miner Depot a good website for miners I've never been to Miner Depot uh I only trust mop.

Coastal Crypt uh Crypt Miner Bros endless mining links are all down in the description of this uh stream um safe links don't don't don't I don't I I wouldn't trust anyone else um access Creek money 591 13.05 okay 13 13.05 okay all right so I think we've peaked at around 50 to 51 terahash on this preset 12.3 volt 245 M all right let's let's write it down so 52 D hash we are at 1,112 watts and uh that's going to be a watt per hash of what ooh 21.3 Jewels per ter wat per hash so that's that's pretty good that that I mean I mean that's it's efficient but I mean 52 Watts I mean 52 terahash I I don't I wouldn't I wouldn't really run this at 52 ter I mean that that's hit up M60 M60 and s19 J XP range but these ones obviously obviously do three times more hash rate um okay well let's keep it going we're not done yet I think the custom profiles presets here is where we're going to see the golden uh the golden uh uh overclock okay um the lower MV equals to lower the wattage while lower mvy lowers the amps right I would try 12 MV 700 MHz Andrew Martino I'm going to try the other ones first before I uh before I uh do that okay so how do we do custom profile I've actually never done this um so custom profile create a custom profile huh oh [ __ ] what did I do oh crap oh there we go all right there we go um all right so who's who's is what who who's told me to do um Project Mayhem you know let's call this Project Mayhem Mayhem all right voltage you said to do 12 volt 300 MHz 12 12 volt and then 300 Meg all right yeah yeah save apply do it fail to create new profile invalid profile name what maybe all lowercase and no Spaces Project Mayhem May Mayhem there we go all right nice nice nice all right board set to Project Mayhem ah all right let's see if this thing blows up now okay after that after that we will try the 13.05 volt at 591 MHz we'll see if that is legit yeah we'll see if that's good welcome everybody welcome we got 156 people here 79 likes hit that like button Bros Smash the like button let's get to 100 likes happy Sunday to all of you sorry I wasn't able to live stream this morning uh my kid we had to bring him to the hospital to the ER cuz he had over 40° celius temperature oh that was scary and uh he wasn't eating and like throwing up and everything we're just like oh God so brought him to the hospital hospital just gave him doctor just gave him uh kids Tylenol and uh Adil both at the same time and then my kid was like better right after that after like 10 minutes he was like much better um geez he's got the panda flu that's no good hope his fever is down yeah over attch God damn you listen I got the I got the sickness from his daycare all right half of his daycare is out half of his class was gone uh it's okay family first yeah cold bath and I per I IU IU ibuprofen yeah I gave him Advil kids Advil has iy ibuprofen I don't know how to pronounce not your son needs new thermop pads dude amazing how kids react to that magical concoction of Advil and Tylenol yeah I'm like dude I'm like I asked the doctor I'm like do you guys mix both Advil and Tylenol all the time they're like yeah we do it all the time I'm like what it it it both uh Tylenol has as Asen aamine or Asen I don't know how to pronounce that chemical I don't and then uh Advil has the uh IB proen IBU profen whatever anyways as as acetamin acid icid venine I just watched Breaking Bad I better not say that word on on uh stream here um that's that's what I was that's what I was I was getting to oh man okay so what terahash are we going to get here Project Mayhem 62 62 terahash bro thermal throttled uh 45 degrees celi 36 46 37 49 37 I don't think we're thermal throttling I I don't think so I I really don't think this thing is hot it's it's cool it's cool right now now take yourself to the doctor for that cough I did I asked the doctor he's like yeah you're fine he says he says I'm fine I'm like yeah I'm I don't need to take anything thermal throttling is around ADC yeah yeah I agree I don't think this thing is thermal throttling at these low at these low numbers all right so this thing does what 62 terahash at 1250 Watts that's pretty good Daniel Porter what's up man Panda how are your CP rigs coming along I should be receiving both chump change and retro mic's uh CPU rigs like 16 of them in like 3 days both should be coming at the same time then I have a lot of work to do I don't even know where the heck I'm going to put them I don't know I don't know where I'm going to put them we shall see okay um 62.3 five time Max voltage Max hello good sir while you're waiting for those packages why don't you finally finish your BAS all right Max all right all right Max e e [Music] [Music] no mic oh how about now test test test oh was I muted was I muted this whole time was I muted this whole time can you hear me now good now okay sorry wow I was I was totally talking smack I was totally talking smack to you guys like nonstop Max I said I'm I'm going to have a YouTube title that's going to be called no longer doing vast.

aai that's and oh man I was muted the whole time oh my God I I talk so much smack against Max Max God damn it I I had like the perfect smack talk I ah damn it Max the the mining gods or the vast. AI gods are on your side today all right let's go back let's uh we Max I I will think about it I I'll think about it one word Karma God damnn it God damn it you're right you're right ah freaking freaking Karma telling you bane of my existence okay okay all right let's go back don't you want to support people renting resources a hack uh not not entirely okay all right what is this overclock uh the the the Project Mayhem one um so we are at let's take a final number here 60 62 terahash all right 62 terahash at 1250 that is a Whopper hash of 20.1 20.1 Whopper hash that's pretty good that's pretty that's pretty good would I run it myself at 62 ter has no no I would like to run it a lot higher all right let's do the next custom one let's do the next custom one 13.05 volt at 591 mahz all right um let's go here all right so who told me about this one who told me about this one uh May uh ma who who told me about this one now Chris Henley I forgot who anyway let me change it to 1305 at 5 91 megahertz 591 591 5 91 mehz okay um access Creek Mining okay H that was you good sir thank you access all right sick all right save and apply oh failed to create ah goddamn spaces there we go all right access Creek Mining let's go okay let's see how this goes this might be the last overclock to do no we'll do we'll do a couple more and then and then I got to go I got to I got to tend to my kid I got to get I got to get him food actually um keep going up on megahertz but keep 12 volts Andrew Martino oh I see realistic hi Legend red P of mining I was looking to pick up your thoughts on ETI conflux conflux CH Brewing ETI higher high 24hour proof uh low power consumption switch over or convert might be good uh realistic I yeah whatever whatever you think is great man I mean right now I think GPU mining any type of coin even over the past year you've probably done really well a lot of different proof of work coins have have gone up so I honestly I don't think you can go wrong um spec mining still right now uh it's it's it's it's it's it's amazing you're seeing the fruits of your labor over the past year if you're mining um if you're hodling Mining and hodling you've now seen exponential gains now so um yeah okay um uh did you try underclocking at all this stream Shad shot l t uh well here uh right here Shier tiup right here here look at this this is those the ones we've tested so far look at that look look at that right here um I I think the luxos power usage is kind of is it's not reporting correctly okay no now it's reporting correctly 1.8 yeah I was at like it wasn't showing correct before it was at 1.5 but it was actually 12 uh 1250 Watts at the wall so this one's a little bit better this one's a little bit better reporting um but we're at 73.3 7 terahash at 1,00 Watts now still climbing still going it's still climbing going to let this go temperature seems to be pretty low still all right reading the chat uh Chris Handley buying nodes from proceeds of previous nodes every day all right all right all right all right all right you guys are all talking about nodes I don't know if you can see it from here right there I have an old Dell r620 two xeons 128 gigs of RAM I got nine ECMC nodes virtualized on that server right now uh I only got six working right now because I only bought six licenses I'm waiting to do a video until I can actually claim from those noes which should be another couple days successful or not I will make a video all right I'm I I I I virtualized ETMC ECMC nodes on on a on a on a server using uh VMware uh esxi if that works I will make a video if it doesn't work I will still make a video so all right I've been doing I've been doing it in secret CU I don't know I haven't claimed anything yet so for anyone that's into nodes or ETMC or whatever that's that's yeah that's what I've been up to over the past day you bastards everyone who's been asking I bought I bought six licenses that was a lot of money uh Ron Watkins it works great I'm running atmc notes on BMS now successfully nice BC nice uh BC see did you buy a license for each one because yeah you're going to yeah you'll need to yeah all right let's go back to the screen yes you have to yes yes I know I realized that I did talk with a few people all right all right um what are we at now retro mic with the member for 10 month mons retro mic thank you thank you for the Roses good sir are are you are you are you trying to say something what does the roses mean um all right uh let's see here Stephen did you ever try out the hot totty what's that meow what's going on here Yankee what's up man fake roses hey hey um have you heard of anything overclock for ksr Pro for t- uh jock MC Miner yes I have I haven't done that to mine yet I I will I will overclock my KS zero I will Pro I will do a video I'm just waiting for a cable from veteran minor all right oh this is looking good gross 121 terahash at 2,725 Watts ooh that is that is really good oh or it's not it's not done yet we're not done yet we're not done yet this might be the goto overclock here 122 terahash at 2 point at 2,723 Watts Craigslist roses um roses are a carryover from the MTC streams don't lie uh axess Creek Mining should get about 122 terahash at 2680 watt okay well I'm at 2724 watt um 122 terahash so looks like my my fans are definitely uh fans are 57% it says I can configure I can change the fence oh we're at 123 terahash now 2725 Watts this is looking good temperatures are still looking pretty low temperatures are looking pretty good man s9k is really good these These are really awesome ah basic miners for Bitcoin that is with the firmware Mike tuck is lonely today no MTC stream oh I see uh Phillip verier red panda do you have any data for s19 J Pro Plus Luxor uh no I don't I have the s19 XP and lexor um we oh man where oh man I should really put that data in here um s19 XP luxos I'm pretty sure pretty sure we did that yes get more Bitcoin hash rate and efficiency with this new firmware for your s19 XP luxos 7 months ago precl oh I don't want to hear my voice all right here um I have the s19 XP but this is all presets I didn't do any custom firmware so um take that take this info here as you will take a screenshot um I should probably add this to my I should probably add this to my massive my my my massive list here I will I will do that later I'll do that later uh but no I don't have I I have not tried s9j uh with uh lexos I could I could I could try I actually have a well wait I don't have a jpr with me but I have a s19 pro uh s19 95 Terra has I have a 95 Terra has I could try yeah I could I could try that all right um all right I think we've oh 125 terahash at 2728 watts is that is that topped out are we topped out at 125 terahash uh what's the best hash rate gigahash terahash uh gigahash what's the best hash rate um that's going to be the that's going to be the whats Miner m63 s which is the Hydro version um and it takes 6,660 Watts I I don't think and you need three-phase power to run this model so that's that's not going to work there almost 400 terahash on this thing which is insane okay I have the ability to get one I just I don't have the ability to run one so someone mentioned that I could rent a three-phase generator and be able to run this I could run this six I could get a diesel generator like a portable three-phase big ass diesel generator and run six 7,000 watts and m63 S should I do that that would be such a that would be such a funny video I don't even know how to use a a gas diesel generator whatever golden wolf catch you later Panda fortnite theox gains time oh dude I want to play Golden wolf invite me invite me invite me I will I will play uh later tonight um careful with generators some are square wave pattern oh what if you put two 240 well PSU into that 6,000 watt what Miner h no that doesn't that doesn't work work it needs to be three phase two 240 volts that's single phase that's not that's not going to that's not going to work Boris I got a diesel three-phase gen that'll run it Boris if I send that to you can you run it for me we'll split the we'll split the profit or split the split the terahash whatever ah is it possible to do a solar power to run that wat sper yeah you'll probably need a F1 solar panels like a a metric F ton of solar panel what profit diesel is $5 a gallon oh that sounds that sounds terrible that sounds terrible um generators are just like starting lawnmowers well I can I've seen diesel I've seen the generators near me they just they cost a lot to rent like couple hundred bucks couple hundred bucks a day or something all right um SO3 terahash am I going to am I going to clock in this hash rate 123 terahash at 272 2730 Watts that is a that gives us a Whopper hash of 22.1 that's pretty pretty good that's that's the best right there that thank you Mr access Creek Mining access Creek Mining thank you this is great 22.1 that's that's really uh that's really efficient now the the big question is can we go down in voltage and keep the same megahertz can can we can we do that here can we do 13 can we do 13 at 5 591 access Creek Mining can are we have you tried going down in voltage with keeping the same megahertz or no 13 Going Down 0.5 does that does that make sense or no do it heck yeah okay let's try it all right 13 volt all right custom profile access Creek Mining all right number two all right let's see if that actually brings it down maybe one maybe we got 121 you know what it says 121.5 you know what I'm going to change that not it's not 123 it's 121.5 all right so all right Still Still 22 Whopper hash that's still good all right all right so we're going to go down in 0 Z of a volt 0 five volt and see what we got we barely changed it okay so we're at 2750 15 watts now 271 2715 look we dropped 15 watts already we Dro 15 watts are we going to keep the same terahash Max voltage go big or go home move to at least 12.75 volt oh my God Max I love it I love it I love it uh I say SC com heck yeah yours is doing great I have 100% fan is why my watts are a bit up oh I I see I see ACC SC M heck yeah no problem bro thanks buddy uh all right X Chang I will I'll do I'm doing it we just did it all right so um all right yeah we dropped we dropped uh no 18 17 Watts now 17 Watts it's going lower but are we going to drop in hash rate that's the question oh looks like it went back up to 123 oh 124 now dang this is awesome this man I man this is Lux OS this is pretty sick I I actually like that that you can do custom and you can play around with the voltages this is this is the power of Bitcoin mining uh firmware custom firmware stuff right here this is the power right here to eek out to get better like your your playing with little bits of voltage here and even megahertz frequency and you're trying to get the lowest watt per hash possibly that's awesome I'm guessing there's silicon Lottery too so this the settings I'm using may not work for other people so maybe some some of them might be able to get even better you know this is probably its own full-time job that's why people have uh like big Asic Warehouse people industrial miners have like these guys on staff doing the tuning doing custom tuning like this right dude dude that's nuts um I have not blown something in a while I'm starting to have withdrawals Yankee dude Yankee don't you have any more as6 over there that you can you can shoot ah Yankee good times man good times we've had some great times back then thank you are are you not doing the hosting anymore oh looks like we've gone down a little bit looks like we've gone down a little bit in hash rate 119 so we dropped 17 Watts we dropped from 2730 down to 2712 18 18 Watts but we're oh we're back up to 121.5 ter okay I don't think I honestly I think I don't think the teror has changed I I think this is good 121.5 yeah I I I think it's good what do you guys think is this is this a winner this is a [Music] winner 120 it says 122 to terahash now Yankee negative Ghost Rider I can't do customer support law my people skills are lacking ah Yankee I see I I get you my friend I totally I totally understand I totally understand what you mean all right 12 uh 122 terahash I feel like we've gone up here that's a Whopper hash of 22.23 it's pretty uh let's let's let's go balls to the wall let's let's do uh Let's do let's let's keep going further down let's go third let's go Max Max said 12.7 let's do 12.9 is that too much 12.95 or 12.9 12.9 at 591 just keeping the same terahash or try to anyway yeah let's just try it see if this thing blows up all right all right looks like it changed right away we're at 2681 2681 Watts now oo it changed on the Fly 12 or 12.9 volt 12.9 volt 591 mehz so 268 2680 Watts oh man we dropped we dropped a good 30 Watts we dropped a good 33 Watts yes we dropped 33 Watts but the big question is are we going to keep the same terahash let's see if we keep the same terahash this is going to be we're going to we're going to be hitting up the 21 the 21 Whopper hash I bet if we skip at 122 that'll be a Whopper hash of 21.9 I mean not a still pretty much 22 but it'll be better that's for sure let's see oh no we're dropping we're dropping uh 120 122 oh we're dropping temperature never mind lowering the volts and keeping the same mehz is the ultimate goal uh Andrew Martino yes good sir yes that is true uh 2675 oh we we're going down in power 2675 wats now no 268 no it went back up the ter hash is 12 20 last one minute we're going to let this go for another couple minutes oh okay Bros [Music] um I got to go get food for my kid um I'll go in a couple minutes here we we'll we'll finalize this we'll finalize this number um but before we leave I just want to thank again mop.

Vus forlin for shipping me this s9k Pro with the luxos firmware it's pretty sick I love it I love it theux OS firmware is really nice I really love that you can have the ability to do custom this is where the power lies honestly this is where the power lies of having custom firmware of uh really fine-tuning your Asic to get the best efficiency it's really nice this is actually really nice okay um 121.5 121.2 51.3 I feel like we've stuck around the same terahash I mean maybe we're losing a little bit 121.5 121.6 it's going down every minute a little bit good job on those hash rites John jine no man uh good job to Mr access Creek Mining and uh Project Mayhem for giving me the numbers uh poor child is starving I'm sure red panda how is your X5 I got one broken now don't know what to do I ordered one for minor Bros um Kim Sun Mau um is fully electric here fully electric I sent it to a a gentleman named fully electric and he was able to fix it um ah you know what I'll do a video on that I don't have it with me but um if you email me I can figure out where fully electric got his X5 fixed yes yes you can get your X5 fixed um oh we're at 120 terahash okay so it dropped down to 120.7 all right well we'll record that 120.7 120.7 we're at 2680 2680 so that's still 22 22 20 22 Whopper hash still on a 155 115 Terra has model I mean that's still that's still pretty good 22 okay let's let's let's do a final thing here all right uh sort by A to Z so the S my s19 K s19 K Pro here 1115 ter on luxos um 120 ter as 2680 Watts looks like that's the best is pretty much nearing the Desi K10 efficiency or the micro BT what's Miner or the s9j XP um the luxos uh if you had 52 terahash though at 1100 Watts that's 21.3 um so that's nearing you know but the s19 K Pro epic control board can do 100 terahash at 289 Watts I wonder what number I wonder if luxos can do do 100 ter 100 terahash at around 2100 Watts as well that we're going to have to try on another stream but all right that's it Bros that's it let me know your guys' thoughts thank you guys that's it we've tested the s19 K Pro thank you to mop.

Guys go check it out link down below if you are interested uh but yeah I mean luxos firmware is pretty legit it is pretty nice we shall keep on testing I will see if I can get into the 20s or 19 even um if that's the case all right Bros peace out I gotta go I gotta go feed my kid I'll see you guys later peace out peace out thanks so much thanks so much for being here I'll see you guys in a video tomorrow about I think gpus not GP mining you guys can you guys can look at this thing take a look peace Bros peace Bros feel better thank you Carl see you see you bro Max voltage see you buddy see you guys later peace out peace out peace out peace [Music] [Music] out [Music]

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