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[Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning ladies gentlemen hello serpent thanks for the raid bro raid incoming techman what's up crypto pounder 4 automatic Beats Watkins happy Saturday bro low Buck Mone what's up man rud puts what's up man Clay Center Police good morning Budweiser good morning hold on rabbit does the whole hello hello h do you okay that's enough good morning Bros how is everybody so we have seen I mean you guys have Bitcoin is hitting up 30k now oh my I'm blind I'm blind where's the dark mode holy crap there we go oh oh crazy times look at this oh Bitcoin is yeah in the past 6 days went from 26k 27k all the way up till now 30k we have pretty big jump up here it's pretty good that's pretty good but are we going to pass the 31,000 level support level are we going to pass that what do you guys think serent to serent xct to RPM love my Saturday morning cartoons magic lucky what's up Bros what's up today above 30,000 come on BTC do it yeah I'm I'm hopeful but we'll see we'll see are we going to go past 31,000 that's the biggest question than 30,000 is like the mental hurdle a huge mental hurdle I hope so I've been stacking BTC Ron nice man play center please need 33k yeah yeah I agree I agree you need above 32k go past the previous highs here and then we're good to go am I hopeful I of course I am is it going to happen speaking from past history it shouldn't but who knows anything anything happens bit Bitcoin surprises us all it seriously does surprises us all all right so with Bitcoin pumping do you guys think that we are going to get higher Asic prices it's probably going to happen I actually saw already like the Caspa Asic M or the the Caspa yeah Caspa as miners have already been going up in profitability um and uh oh I have four live stream sponsors thank you to crypto Miner Bros if you guys are looking for as6 or anything their prices show shipping and duties and taxes in their prices unlike others where they show lower pricing and of course when you add it to cart it shows the shipping and whatnot so Crypt Miner Bros is good at doing that and also lowering the value wherever you are depending Where You Are thank you to endless they are a new partner on the channel you guys will see some fun stuff coming soon I'm going to try and mod a older s19 from endless mining so stay tuned for that thank you to mop.

Also another recent new revived sponsor partnership thank you to them Mr guntis spolin of mining Hardware YouTube channel since 2013 this is his own hardware store for crypto mining Hardware everything gpus as6 you name it he's got it he's literally got it all even the ice River stuff and thank you to castal crypto mining another partner of mine thank you guys so links down below to all these guys if you guys are interested in purchasing as6 these are all trusted uh sources for as6 Miners and yes good luck okay let's go now I want to see so a s19 okay I I I wanted to do some for Prof for people that care about profitability stuff so an older s19 you know what wait what happened does anyone know what happened to Asic minor value like when I go to their website it just it tells me it's time oh no it shows up now okay maybe they were down okay I kind of like their I kind of like their setup here I don't know okay so if I just type in s 19 okay so 12 cents per Kil hour at currently an s19 96 ter has is not problem minus $2 a day so even if Bitcoin went up like 4K 3K over the past six days let's see 10 cents come hour uh you know what I think mine you know what I want to compare I want to compare here mine the AC S1 19k Pro 89 cents a day after 10 cent kilowatt hour okay so then as6 minor value shows S9 at one at 10 cent is doesn't even show S1 19k 136 terahash 75 cents okay so there's different models where is the 120 teror hash model okay so maybe this is 89 a day all right so we got some numbers the numbers are a little bit different from Asic minor value and uh mine the Asic sebs Bull Run starting already in my opinion and this is just my opinion not Financial advice if we can surpass 31 to 32,000 it's going to look it's it's looking pretty bullish but if we don't we don't we don't pass it in my opinion it's it's probably not going to be bu bull run as much as I would love to have a bll run I mean Bitcoin is is going past all the negative factors right now recession interest rates like all those narratives what's happening in the Middle East what's happening uh um what else is happening oh man there a lot of a lot of things it's going up against it's going higher it's breaking out of the from the stock market uh just it's it's Bitcoin is surprising us all Bitcoin is going is is going up while everything else is going down but if yeah it it really yeah we until we until in my opinion until we see we go past these numbers 31 32,000 I am not hopeful yet as much as I as much as I would love to be I am not hopeful yet um the best Asic to mine is a free one play center please remember I don't I don't think we'll see a price jump on A6 until we clear 40K to be honest how 40K really I I bet I bet like watch like tomorrow okay let's just see quick like screenshot mental note here so S s9k pro is 2049 all in big crypto Miner Bros okay endless mining is W one ,600 oh that's a good that's a good price that's a really good price $1,695 really good price okay mop.

Uh let's see mop. we have s9k here I don't I don't s9k Pro one 1,780 Euro I don't know what that is in in US 18,900 and then does Coastal crypto mining have uh s9k Pro 1830 1830 on Cal crypto links down below if you guys are thinking of purchasing uh for s for ant minor s212 we have to wait until March oh I okay my humble opinion is I I don't recommend anyone to or pre-order these s21s it's going to be a s show a show when it comes to delivering these and the your pre-order money there there's going to be I think there's going to be a lot of drama happening around the s21s because there there's such huge demand for this that they're not going to be able to fill all the resellers all the people who who are buying these and you're going to get customers and people just being pissed off because bitmain is going to be delivering them one like I'd say a couple hundred by a couple hundred every week or two so depending on how many of the bigger entities that pre-ordered these which there are a lot they ordered them in the thousands it's it's going to be it's going to be pretty insane so there so just as singular Asic buyers you are going to be left in in the dust so I I would highly recommend just just be careful about pre-order we've had this happen in the past in a silicon A10 Pros um I think hell even the previous s9s uh s19 JS in the past um there were some uh a lot of bitm bitm was asking for more money all right the resellers they had to go back to the customer and say oh bitm is now asking for you know this amount of money uh for this pre-order they're tacking that on so imagine that happening with the S21 I think I think everyone should be careful uh I'll beit any of these resellers okay cuz they're all at the hands they're all at the they're all at the mercy of mercy of bitm so just just bitman could one day just all of a sudden ask them oh we need another couple thousand more per S21 and that would that would be really that would be really bad and they're probably going to do that because you already put millions of dollars or hundreds of thousands of dollars or you know a couple thousand dollars in into your pre-order they they're they're just going to they're going to try to milk you in any way they can because they can um I just okay um okay uh red p i just in my honest opinion I think 40K feel like 40K will happen faster than we think though I'm just speculating to be honest uh Bitcoin is Bitcoin could do anything man if we jump up the 40K that would be that would be pretty insane yeah that that would be that would be that would be insane yeah top chat really come on now red pen I'm On Top chat God damn it all right there we go all right live chat there is Monero as6 I've been out of the loop for too long it's a it's okay it's in an Asic shell like an Asic body um I mean I'm going to say it's an Asic because the the way that they manufactured it like hash boards and everything it's it's it's a it's a it's like it's like an AIC but they're using processors and and memory so in a way you can say it's not an Asic but where is that X5 is that X5 on here there right here yeah we we've done video I've done videos of on un boxing it and stuff already if you you can see it for yourself um Dan the Dane oh Dan The Dan bro how are you man are you still over there or are you back home Dan The Dan okay I saw an amazing tweet uh from a from an an amazing fellow crypto YouTuber please guys smash that like we got 158 viewers 162 viewers 44 likes happy Saturday to all of you smash that like let's get to a 100 likes all right is greater good mining here he's usually here anyway I just saw a tweet that I had to say that was was just was just amazing okay and he took the risk all right so here we go I'm going to read this great a good mining says New Year's Day I had finally accumul ated one full Bitcoin DCA okay so New Year's Day 2023 let's just go back in history here New Year's New Year's uh New Year's is going to be okay he literally bought the bottom he literally greater good mining bought the bottom right here all right great a good money he bought a Bitcoin he got a full Bitcoin at6 ,000 16,000 $16,000 I had finally accumulated one full Bitcoin DCA and bought big when there was blood in the streets after FTX I sold some of the BTC for my first ks0 and ks1 okay first batch these are first batches he he was able to get in first batch my single ks1 has mined over 600,000 Caspa worth almost $31,000 today I never give Financial advice but I will say if you don't take some risks every once in a while you'll be dead in the water asymmetric bets can lose you some money but have the potential to reward you handsomely look at this his single first batch ks1 which I think was 12 or $15,000 I I I don't don't quote me on this I think it was 12 to $15,000 uh first batch I wish I wish I wish he put in I wish he put in the price of his ks1 and ks0 because that would give a good better like comparison but he bought first batch ks1 and now he has mined 66,000 kaspa worth three almost $30,000 today all right aspa is what aspa is uh what's what's pass's price right now five oh we just hit 5 cents look at that hell yeah 5 Cent Casa amazing amazing look at that look at that so he took the risk um he says here the point of this post isn't to tell you to go buy casmo or Caso Mars my point is stay in the game keep your eyes peeled for opportunities they are everywhere all the time even in a bar even in uh he says they're everywhere all the time even in a bare Market they aren't easy to find but they are there keep grinding and stay positive Crypt buds there's light at the end of the tunnel oh man this is the best this is this is the best this is the best this is awesome so he took the risk um greater good mining took the the first he was literally one of the first people to get the ks ones like um I I think it was I think it was 13 12 over $15,000 for the first ks1 um so I'm also doing a very I'm doing like literally the exact same thing so I got a second batch ks1 all right I have a second batch ks1 I bought it for I bought it myself $6,500 okay I didn't buy the first batch all right so second batch August 10th August 12th that's when I uh no August 15th this is when I started recording okay August 15th of of this year so like literally 2 and 1 half months ago or something um I have mined about almost 4 $8,000 Caspa all right that's only worth $2,400 now am I at the level of where greater good mining is with his ks1 definitely not obviously not he was getting you know D uh five digits of Caspa almost I think almost five digits Caspa uh when he first started mining so look at that look look look at that look at that be mind first batch ks1 he's gotten 600,000 kaspa off that singular minor hell okay I can even say okay uh you know I have done many many Break Even breaking even um Asic miners okay hold on let me go to my playlist here um let's see let's see let me go to where is my as6 miners playing uh I okay hold on solo my fpg as6 here we go okay let's just start by new yeah start by newest okay so if I scroll down let's go back 2021 obviously that was 2021 [Music] um so I break an even on IB link bmk1 I think it was after like three and a half months um let's see a cheap break even on this ethereum minor that was ethereum 3.5 months on the innocent looking A10 Pro uh let's see broke even yeah the iink bmk1 the Cadena Asic broke even first batch I broke even on that in 69 days 69 days um ethereum basic paid itself off but how yeah this one was like 4 months man let me see oh my God what the hell happened there we go uh time uh this one broke even in four to 5 months okay four to five months oh man that was great that that was a good time that was a good time so I know okay so I guess the the takeaway here is we are in the in the bar Mark in the bare low times here and ASC miners are not 15 grand ASC miners are not $10,000 net right now so if you want to take the risk understanding that these types of miners could be much worth much more when we start when we start going up in price it's it could happen right that's the strategy there that's the that's the crypto mining strategy of buying Hardware when uh things are lower granted are we going to go up higher I don't know are we going to go much lower I I in my gut that's what I'm feeling that's that's what I feel um Talk feeling about previous history okay we did have another run up 2019 also there was a run up in May 2016 so it it and it went down after that so I I don't know if if we can't go past 32k or even higher than that I I don't know that's just my opinion we shall see um watching old panda videos no that is a terrible segment you guys are terrible uh uh is he holding right uh DJ mines yeah greater good mining yes yes yes he is judging by this judging by this um screenshot here and granted I know he has a k3m and as other KS Zer he's got a whole bunch of other miners as well look at that he's got it's just it's just crazy that 30k is going to be 60k next year no man no no man I I think if if if anything if Caspa just goes up to at least 10 billion market cap that's like0 50 Cent so that 600,000 Casa could be worth like5 here that be worth three that would be this $600,000 Caspa could be worth $3 million for him in the bull run and and that's being safe okay I'm comparing that to other top 10 billion market cap coins around the top 40 here okay right now top 40 is 1 billion market cap that's what cas is right now coin coin market cap doesn't show it um coin market cap Casa 42 they see one uh 1 billion market cap for Caspa so let's go let's go to let's go to arbitrum arbitrum used to be in the B run let's see Max uh 2023 no okay let's go back let's do another what's what's a previous bullrun coin top 40 let's just let's go Bitcoin SV all right let's go to his does uh let's see it's go historical data historical data on uh coin market cap okay hisorical okay we've seen this before so we' go to previous alltime high so um let's see here okay previous Bull Run market caps Bitcoin SV so 2021 we got 4 billion 6 billion the peak April 2021 6 billion uh okay that was the previous Peaks okay so obviously you know previous bull runs market caps were were a lot higher uh I'm just taking random examples here vchain okay I'm just I don't know if these the prices of these coins have been changing obviously every okay vchain okay so vchain April Bitcoin High 12 13 billion 13 billion market cap top 40 top 40 top 35 market cap coin look at that 8 billion October 1st so what's not to say and this is not Financial advice what's not to say the Caspa to go up to 10 billion market cap that would be a 10x in price currently that would be about 50 cents per Caspa what what are the chances of that happening when we have the next Bull Run right and I'm just just giving you guys that perspective there so this greater good mining Holdings here if he held on to this to the next bll run and if CA went up to 50 cents you're going to see you're going to see that that that post you you will see that I will share that the the the living out of that video it would be the biggest freaking play crypto Mining Play of the century okay when you thought my when you thought my cast my my Caden Asic mining uh was like a was like one of the most insane plays like if you bought the first first batch uh IB link bmk1 or K3 or whatever um you would have been a million if you huddled all that Caden you would have been a millionaire if you sold at the top of course um kadana almost made me a millionaire look at this video got 59k views a year ago Dude this video was was insane this video is crazy man I just oh my God oh my God oh man yeah I think in total I mind almost 40,000 uh 40,000 um Adena or something so in greater good mining case really great example here uh bare Market Mining hling and waiting for Price appreciation that's it that that's that's the goal that's the that's the crypto mining strategy he will be one of the biggest it will be one of the biggest plays of all time I I think greater good mining's play here first batch ks1 will be one of the ultimate plays one of the biggest crypto mining plays I have ever seen now a funny thing if I kept my KS zero and I kept all the C by mind I think I calculated it was almost 4 million C by if I held on to All That cast by I mind over the course of of these past 6 months I think it was like almost 4 million Cas if I times that by.

five wait did I oh wait I times that by five that's three minutes oh I did math I did wrong math uh thank you okay I'm just reading this now I did wrong math on uh on uh on greater Goods M it's 0. five okay that would be 300,000 okay I'm stupid I'm stupid okay never mind never mind I take it all back I take it all back I take it all back my cad my cad my Caden story is still the biggest my first batch kadana Asic versus uh ice River my my almost made me a millionaire is is is still is still good um it's still the top play never mind I take it all back I take it all back H remember very good pelish Miner very good remember I said $150 per coin okay yeah so you're saying you're saying Cas could go up to 100 uh 30 billion market cap 30 billion okay so what is comparable okay polka dot all right top 15 market cap what is a compar what's comparable to that but what did polka dot go up to 2021 um let's see there you go 31 1 billion 31 Okay Casper would have to be top top 10 uh top top 15 market cap coin to be to hit 31 billion market cap 31 billion then that would be roughly about $150 yeah wow wow wow wow wow will that happen who knows nobody knows who knows who knows I bought a KDA minor for $1,200 back before it ran time it ended up paying for another like three minor minor as6 I bought uh Jason Ro nice man very nice um so with this rise up here are we going to see some prices jump for Asic miners I think so as much as I don't want it to obviously it's probably it's probably going to raise some prices here so I'm going to be watching these like a hawk and uh we will take note of these prices from uh all the different resellers um Ron Watkins I'm still running my ka3 Ron Watkins that's great man hey Kad will probably will probably have some some run up let's go to watch Lista KY okay wow pitching coin what did pitching coin just go up 43% the last 24 hours The Hive mapper next uh K okay where is to Dana Dana is under 44 44 cents man look at this crazy just crazy yeah I mean yeah once Bitcoin comes back yeah once Bitcoin goes up I mean kadana should realistically go up as well we'll see we'll see A6 are so damn good DJ mines they are they really are in terms of making money yes I get it a lot of GP miners are you know they're not they're not they're not like they don't like Asic mining right it's it's a lot of people at home don't want to run you know sometimes don't want to run the extra 30 amp or something or don't have the power infrastructure to run A6 they're loud you know produce a lot of heat you know there's a lot of negatives that way um fundamentally if you if you care about about decentralization you know everyone talks about that everyone argues about that honestly it's getting kind of old honestly it's it's getting kind of old people talking about centralization decentralization I think it's lost its meaning I really I in terms of mining it's lost it's it's it's far gone um in previous history the arguments against decentralized or centralized mining was because that the miners were un attainable back then 2017 and less I'd say before 2020 even now you have all of these Asic resellers there are plenty of ways to attain ASX there there there are many safe attainable ways to to to get as6 now I just I just talked about these four people endless mining crypto Miner Bros mine shop.

Postal crypto mining uh even two of these guys are are based in the USA unless mining and uh postal crypto mining so it's not hard anymore to purchase an Asic and to to say in a way that you're comparing it to like you know going to Best Buy buying a GPU and then buying an as6 minor online on a website that's that's all false now that argument is is gone that that's that is completely gone right the whole decentralization centralized argument of buying Asic miners versus DP mining that argument is just gone that that that doesn't that doesn't mean anything anymore are you mining vaporium no I don't know what that is you must have nimic in your favorites I I do yeah I think I have nimic here is nimic in here no I don't have nimic on here wow how do I not have uh let's see all right I added nimic to my watch list where is nimic nii there it is 707 market cap yep um to bar to switch from gpus basic what will you suggest um well what's your cost per kilowatt hour what's what's your cost per kilowatt hour cuz that matters the most game is Smoky D if you were starting over right now and had the knowledge you have now but no Hardware what would you do and where would you start um gave me a smokey Dan okay it all comes down it comes down to the previous question as well electrical cost if I had if I had cheap okay what I know now if I had cheap electrical cost like generally cheaper um I would probably get into and I'm a riskier person okay I'm a riskier person I'd probably buy a couple ks1 k2s I'd also buy a couple Bitcoin Asic miners probably s9j Pro so if I had like right now my other base's about 8 cents USD 8.5 cents USD so I can mine there in terms of profit no problem uh for my Asic miners uh but for GPU mining now would I get in the gpus now yes yes yes definitely um I I would though find deals though don't just don't just go out and buy eBay priced gpus don't buy like high priced Marketplace uh you got to you got you got to find you got to find liquidations if at all possible somehow somehow smoke you down uh Ron Watkins rabid mining streaming 10 10 a.m.

Yep perfect perfect I we will all redirect to Mr rabid mining fellow Biko what's up man what's up bro what's up man tap tapa Duda Barrera 6 cents cost per kilow hour dude you can you can mine and buy anything you buy you you can you can buy everything anything anything and everything if I had 6 cents USD I would just go hard on Bitcoin mining yeah probably just coin mining if [ __ ] buy a couple ice Rivers i' buy l7s I'd buy that D9 buy the k7s i' buy I'd buy freaking everything you just just you just you're just printing money you're you're printing money at that point right then for people that have like higher electrical costs then the mining strategy is like you have to you have to play long you have to play longer long long term right your your cost per kilowatt hour is going to hinder you uh in that strategy in a way so RPM streams are so short when two DJ Minds I got to keep with the schedule I got to keep with the schedule with the community damn it 210 people watching 78 likes Bros hit that like button Bros come on let's get over 100 welcome to the live stream everyone that's here um bcoin Bitcoin Casa Bitcoin as was there a new man I really wish desoi would freak is dese dese needs to answer my my my questions um pish Miner I'm just under 8 cent kilow hour not hosted that's awesome hellish Meer nice Smokey Dan great answer for for me I would do best I would do best I can to be future proof so I can change with the market and be able to sell off Hardware I need to replace the newer better Hardware at a little loss uh Smokey Den 100% yep I agree yep I mean depending on your electric cost if you have like 6 cents you're make you're just printing money I mean you're you're when the Bull Run comes around you're just going to be printing a lot more money and then when the next bare Market comes around you should have enough Capital to then you know buy when things are lower yeah yes James Jamie Clark hey I'm I'm new to mining I brought my first I bought my first rig and set up to mining DX on one GP could you please give me an overclock setting for for Asus 6750 XT okay I have never experienced with that GPU um but you can get the general or 6750 XT man I've never I've never played around with this um here General overclock man right here here use this one 1,00 core memlock memory at 1150 core voltage 750 memory uh voltage uh 775 memory uh v v DDD 1275 try that try that this is just general General honestly the general overclocks are are great because it it makes it makes it pretty stable um I know people I know you can fine-tune them a lot more but you get to the range of starting to get your rig starting to you know restart you're going to have headaches and you're be like why is my rig restarting yeah so John Wayne if someone know know to answers I have a rig spend, 15001 I want to buy solar panels spend it on half a day which equipment do I need exactly uh John Wayne I'm the wrong person to ask about solar mining I do not I do not do solar solar mining 19 see at 7 cents per kilowatt hour even the 90 Tash models are profitable 104 terahash models $138 a day amazing amazing um Jo jock MC Miner when vid on bios update for RX my please uh okay we'll do that tomorrow well we'll do the live stream tomorrow jock Miner I got to get my little RX 580 rig up or test bench I need to get my test bench up and then we can we can try bios moding I can do that tomorrow we can do that tomorrow yeah we can do that tomorrow yeah we'll try it tomorrow I don't think we'll be I don't think we'll be successful but we can try man didn't have breakfast yet okay Bros any questions any any questions greater good mining we just talked about you good sir greater good mining we just talked about you look at this look at this look at this amazing amazing tweet first batch first batch ks1 KS zero best play ever look at that greater oh great or good mining question how much did you buy the ks1 and ks0 for great a good mining we were we were wondering what your first um we were wondering what the um uh the initial cost was and if you like essentially you you you've definitely gotten the money back already you've definitely gotten the money back um great a good mining 18K okay there you go there you go first batch ks1 you spent 18K you have $31,000 worth right now look at that boom instant instant Break Even already amazing uh amazing amazing the best I put we are not worthy also forgot to mention I learn everything I know from RPM thanks but all bro that was all you bro great good M that was all you man that that that was all you that this is all you look at that look at that you turned that 18K into $31,000 today amazing amazing so great or good mining I'm doing uh you you already know I'm already doing I'm doing another test too so I have a second batch ks1 6500 okay I I didn't spend $1 18K but I I spent $6,500 um but I have not breaken even yet I'm at almost i' say almost 50 48,000 Casa mine and about $2,400 worth at this point in time uh granted mine is overclocked so I'm getting a little bit more now but um yeah it's uh it's going hard it's going hard second batch 6,500 bucks we're going to see if this will Roi or roii get my return on initial investment back um crypto fish the guy who who started that saying sh out to him um I'm sure I'm sure like this 40 okay 47,000 Casper let's just let's be realistic let's be realistic here this Mount of CA I Min with my kso second batch times let's say ca went up another two billion Mark cap so1 that were 479 what to break even yet no let's go let's do it again let's let's do times let's say more Castle went up to 3 billion 4 billion Mark that be about 20 cents oh there you go then then then I'd get my initial investment back I guess minus electric electric is only like 600 uh 800 watts so uh 800 watts is what8 of a kilowatt times 24 uh time 9 I'm I'm not I'm at like 10 cents over here no I'm at like 11 cents where at my house here that be at $211 cents a day times $363 a month times next Bull Run let's say the next two years that's just next two years I I'll spend I'll spend $1,500 in electric all right so I would break even for sure if CA went up to 3 billion 4 billion market cap Patrick Murphy um what percentage of gpus do you you have mining currently don't ask me that question Patrick Murphy don't don't don't even ask me I'd say a good I'd say a good 25 20% 20% war tech don't you're are banned all of you listen listen next week I'm shutting down all my as6 because I'm getting them hosted okay when that happens and when I come back I'm going to be turning on all of my gpus all right it's it's it's going to be insane I'm turning them all on all right it's going to happen you bastards and then stop asking me I'll do the 20 GP mining rig I'll do all that all that crap all right RPM do you even H even have 20 GPU is going on on one rig overtech you freaking bastard um Ron Watkins which hosting company I cannot announce it yet until after I come back but my hosting uh the hosting company I'm going with is around 0.072 cents USD and it's in it's in Canada I was going to go into USA but then I would have to start a business and declare income in the states and I don't want to be tied I don't want to have any any like I don't want the IRS I don't want to be tied to the IRS in any way so for that I'm out keeping all my stuff in Canada okay fos L sustainable crypto what's fos DJ mines RPM he goes rug pole DJ mines you were banned um um Oh Canada yes Oh Canada indeed um okay Bros uh rabid mining streaming in 10 minutes all right any final remarks any final opinions Bros DJ mines RPM has been rugging the audience as whole we thought he had as6 on this whole time DJ mines listen listen I started I started my channel in humble beginnings okay I started red panda mining by G use okay you you go to my oldest videos actually don't don't don't don't go to my oldest videos you know oh my god dude digital gold shutting down mining business dude I remember dude if he kept going he would be he would have been a freaking billionaire if if he was but he yeah if this dude if this dude kept going he would have made made Millions would have made Millions but I think he overleveraged himself in his uh in his Warehouse I think that's what happened um yeah did I have any as6 when I started out no I was all gpus yeah H I did some hard drive I did some hard drive I did some fpgas I did my first V frame God dude this is when dude this is when I tried this is this is when I made this is when I made my videos you know this is when I uh um I I I I I put a lot of effort I put a lot of effort into my videos I'm not saying I don't put effort now but man I man you know I I put some I put some effort back then good times good times um is there a website comparing hosting costs at different places Ron Watkins no I don't know anyone I don't know any website that does that lowu M don't blame you IRS sucks uh I better not say that too loud game is smoking down if VC I'll be up to 25 K this winter nice right nice very nice uh minor from nine you need to go back to GPU smashing drives trust me I I have a million GPU mining videos after I come back okay when I come back I'm going to be turning on all my gpus it's going to be glorious it's going to be glorious you will see you guys will see you will see this Radeon 7 bro I missed this thing look at this my R my first radon 7 this thing paid itself off after about I think a year and a half in the bare Market yeah you know what this thing paid itself off in the bare Market man that was that was amazing this thing this card was glorious man I love this thing man made this video 4 years ago dude look at this Zan look dude I I still have this this is the Zan uh cooler ITX board 3550 I5 3570k dude I miss those things I bet those aren't veteran cables hor shame no they're Corsair oh no no they're cable mod these are these are cable mod cable moded cables EVGA yeah dud did the RX 583 gab giveaway happen already Yes Lucas it did I already chose the winner I got to ship that out by the way I also have to ship out the ks Z oh my God I totally forgot I totally forgot okay all right Bros we are now we're going to transition over to Mr um Mr uh rabid mining dude I even did Excel better back then now I just don't give it I just don't give a sh stock hash rate power save hash rate balls to the wall hash rate look I had two cameras I had two webcams going to my my my minor and to the kilowatt dude I was dude I was a tryhard back then look I used tech power up GPU Z dude I was a tryhard now I just I don't try hard I was using AMD radon software to freaking overclock man these were the good old days dude this this was the good old days seriously balls to the wall 400 watt radon 7 oh 100 megahash dude good times good times man I you know what wa dude I I missed this I missed this SRB minor dude we used SRB Miner 1.81 what version are we on now 2.

2.8 8 2.89 I used SRB minor 1.81 4 years ago wait 4 years ago March 25th 2019 holy crap man that brings me back that brings me back what's G Miner L Miner 0.7 wild rig 01 15.4 Phoenix Miner everyone anyone remember Phoenix Miner oh my God good old days man good old days holy crap I missed this I missed this I need to get a Windows rig back up we need we need we need to do this we need we need to uh Maybe not maybe no maybe not we're not doing Windows no never mind never mind I didn't say that don't bring that up okay all right Bros um let's see any final questions Bros redirect we're going to redirect Mr rabbit my name save well um I guess I'll end off with um well Bros uh he to the momentous time that could be happening soon or it could be a fake out just just just just prepare either way we got lots of Hardware nobody's you know we're we're all fine either way Bitcoin goes up Bitcoin goes down oh we are still accumulating so that is my that is my my uh how do you say it my statement to all you guys D miners what's up bro small pump hell yeah hell yeah back when RPM videos were good you guys suck you know what I'm just I'm just gonna stop I'm I'm just I'm not going to make videos anymore I'm just I'm just gonna I'm just gonna Vlog spinning GPU fans that's it I'm not going to do stuff anymore that's it I'm done I'm done just I'm just going to spin fans I'm just going to spin fans all right going to spin fans how about that hash Force good sir my Gandalf good sir hash Force how are how are you bro hash Force what's your take on the market the bare Market is the real bull market yeah hell yeah ashw hell yeah hell yeah I like that I like that that that's the best way to put it that's a really that's a really good way to put it replace your r s fans I I need to replace a lot of fans and I need to do a lot of thermal paste as well okay all right Bros I will see you all tomorrow we will try the rx580 BIOS modding for DX we will attempt it I don't think it's I don't I don't think girlfriend tells me I have too much computer stuff oh God I had computer cases upon computer cases in the condo oh my I love this where's I love this case where's this case oh I had the fantex case dude oh no it this Leon Lee or fantex GTX 1070 TI oh man good times good times good times all right okay see you bros have a good day smash the like on the way out appreciate you all happy ashing see you guys later peace out peace out peace out peace out peace out see you on rabbit see you all on rabbit stream [Music] stre [Music] you

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