Bitcoin Magazine Appoints Mark Goodwin as Editor-in-Chief, Deepening Crypto Expertise

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Veteran Bitcoin Magazine reporter and Bitcoin Magazine Print Lead Mark Goodwin has been named Bitcoin Magazine’s newest Editor in Chief.

Joining the Bitcoin Magazine team in 2021 as an opinion columnist and contributor, Goodwin has been instrumental in charting editorial decisions for Bitcoin Magazine’s quarterly Print magazine, relaunched in 2021, and which today reaches thousands of readers globally.

As part of the announcement, Goodwin will be expanding his editorial remit to include Bitcoin Magazine’s digital publications and social channels.

“Mark has emerged as a leader in the Bitcoin newsroom who has shown he is willing and ready to navigate the complexity of Bitcoin and to deal with its rough-and-tumble enthusiasts,” said Mike Germano, publisher of Bitcoin Magazine. “We feel Mark is uniquely positioned to help Bitcoin Magazine balance the challenge of appealing to our new and veteran readers.”

Mark is distinguished through his writing on stablecoins and the U.S. dollar system, culminating in his upcoming book The Bitcoin-Dollar, his coverage of the Ordinals protocol, mention of which was made in the Q2 2022 print Bitcoin Magazine, as well as his work to involve and engage the Julian Assange estate in the most recent Q1 2023 The Gatekeepers Issue, now on newsstands.

“This is a responsibility I take on with great humility and excitement,” said Goodwin. “Bitcoin, the Bitcoin community, and Bitcoin Magazine have all drastically changed the course of my life, and I look forward to serving and honoring that which has given so much to me.”

For editorial submissions or comments Mark can be reached on Twitter here or via email at

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