Bitstamp Buy Bitcoins with a credit card

Hello guys welcome to another nananana Bitcoins video and today I want to show You how to buy bitcoins with a credit Card using bitstamp so this is bitstamp And I'm currently logged into my account All you need to do is go here to deposit On the left side here you need to choose A credit card method and then you just Choose your amount either in dollars or Neuro that you want to buy there are Only fixed amounts you can buy from one Hundred dollars to five thousand dollars Or euros there's no custom amount that You can choose now a few things to keep In mind first of all you have here the Purchasing limit so I have a limit of Five thousand dollars a day or twenty Thousand dollars a month and this Depends on the fact that I am currently A verified bit-bit stamp customer also Make sure to note if this is claiming Here it says that in a sudden Bitcoin Price change at any time of your Purchase the credit card deposit will be Added to your business our account Balance in the selected currency this Means that if there is some spike in the Bitcoin price you won't necessarily get Your bitcoins but you would get for Example the thousand dollars do you Deposited into your balance you can buy It at a different rate another thing to Remember is the fees for these purchases So depending on how much you're going to

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Buy you're gonna have different fees so For example here this is the fee page of Bitstamp For the smaller amounts $100 $250 you're Gonna pay 8% and for the larger amounts Like $5,000 you're going to pay 5% now Once you choose your amount and you Click on buy you're going to move to a Third-party site called simplex that This is decided actually process credit Card transactions for most Bitcoin Exchanges out there and you'll have to Enter all of your information and then You'll basically finish finish the Process or here you can say this is Simply this page I need to enter my Information I click continue and after a Few steps I'll receive the bitcoins in My Bitcoin balance on bit stem once you Receive the Bitcoin balance on bitstamp All you have to do in order to to Withdraw it is go to withdrawal click on Bitcoin and then you just enter The fields here click on withdraw and it Takes about like maybe 15 minutes to one Hour to get your bitcoins in your actual Wallet so I hope you enjoy this video And I'll see you next one

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