Building my first POUW COMPUTE VAST.AI 3x 3090 Mining Rig? live…

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[Music] [Applause] thank you [Applause] [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] [Music] foreign [Music] good morning everybody welcome to the live stream what is up what's up Bros good morning Max good morning Firehawk 92 good morning okay okay hello miners jock mcminer UK what's up man can I please join the scheme it's should I put my 5700 xt's on The oxara Game Pass I don't know man either either uh oh paper clip what's up man good morning good morning good sir acek what's up um 619 Oda what's up Satoshi GP residuals UK what's up man Blue Moon mining guten Morgan good uh is that the German German I can't do a German accent what's up man it's a pirate foreign I'm not it's gonna burn Ron Watkins don't you need something like an epic 8X a100 to get any real return Ron Watkins very funny very funny Max voltage right Panama make sure you use the Molex connector on the zsx board closest to the power supply law please don't Max this one or this one the middle Molex right middle um nice of you to show up to your stream right now Tech Scott Sheffield what's up man all right Bros so today I am wanting to build just well I'm okay here's what I'm trying to do I have a thread Ripper system okay I haven't I haven't really put much money into this yet okay the only the only thing I had to buy uh was well basically the veteran minor cables and the pcie uh ribbon cables which I have reservations about because these are one foot 30 centimeter ribbon cables now I was stupid I didn't think about it until I was just talking with a lot of people that there could be since these are longer ribbon cables pcie x16 okay full on pcie x16 ribbon cables all right and my threadripper motherboard here can do three-way x-16 you know PCI Lane x16 on each slot utilizing each slot so there's enough pcie Lanes from my threadripper to do 16 on each pcie slot it's not like we're doing a typical mining rig okay a mining rig where we always use you know risers and they have the X1 X1 adapter so but my my my issue my my reservation my concern is that if I'm gonna have any performance bandwidth latency degration from these longer 30 centimeter ribbon cables now I recall watching a uh and this is probably this might be triggering for some people right now but I remember watching a Linus Tech tips video and they Daisy chained like I don't know 20 or 30 pcie ribbon cables and it was still able to game I don't know I don't remember how many ribbon cables they they um uh they uh they adapted together um but it still worked uh using like a bunch of them I don't know how many of them but it worked at some point so but my concern is my concern is um if there will be some sort of latency issue bandwidth issue if I were to uh I'm using three 30 90s okay three RTX 3090s and if for any deep learning I don't know AI rendering uh um cloud computing I don't know what type of whatever it's whatever the person's gonna rent these out for uh on is it going to have an issue okay so anyone that has used these longer 30 centimeter one foot pcie uh Riser ribbon cables please let me know let me know in the chat um otherwise I have a I I have you guys know I have like a million of these mining frames okay I have a lot of these uh like you know mining cave I know GP risers 12 GPU mining frames I mean a lot of people use these as six GPU like I did because of the the spacing and the heat obviously so um I think I need to retrofit this frame a little bit because I realized I have it backwards so actually let me bring you guys up I'll show you what I mean here Okay so amusing oh yeah so power supply I forgot to talk about supplier so I'm using a 1500 watt with a zsxm uh a breakout board okay so 1500 watt hp server Platinum PSU with the threadripper board and three 30 90s so you guys think that's enough 1500 watt power supply because everything's going to be running full bore right full bore um no overclocking no undervolting is this enough Patrick guy and what's up bro what's up right friend of mine 200 millimeter seems to be just fine for Gen 3 Gen 4 is where the theoretically takes a hit my GPU server has some 300 mil Riser ribbons and seem to be good um Patrick guyan I'm not good at math but is what's 30 centimeter in millimeter is that 300 millimeter that's 300 millimeter right I'm I'm sorry I'm metric I'm I'm terrible 300 okay good so these are one foot I have one foot long uh ribbon cables here okay great perfect um uh yes my threadripper uh overboard Tech I think is a 1920x or 1900.

1920x or 1900 and this x 399 motherboard chipset can uh these three slots again can do x16 on each one uh when I have them all being used okay so three by x16 full bandwidth gen 3 not Gen 4 even though these RTX 3090s can do Gen 4 okay they can do Gen 4 pcie um but this motherboard I have here does not have Gen 4 PCI E uh uh slots okay so anyway going back to the okay so I talked about power supply talking about motherboard Ram I have 30 I only have 32 gigs of RAM so that might be an issue but I'm just gonna see how it performs on first uh before I upgrade the RAM because I'm very curious to know if the ram is actually going to be a a big issue or not um okay so I'm using using the veteran Miner beautiful veteran Miner pcie cables eight of them or nine of them sorry three for each GPU okay all right I'm gonna put this over here now the issue I just realized ah the issue I just realized is um so you see my ribbon cable the way it goes into the motherboard I if I put it in if I put in the GPU the GPU goes on this side the i o Shield goes on this way and there's no there's no um there's no screw holes here for the pcie slot so but there are the screw holes on this side so I have to swap I think I have to swap these rails on this side over to I gotta swap the fans over on this side in order for it to in order for it to screw in so that's what I'm going to attempt today okay and I totally forgot to buy a nvme okay I have uh this board has a bunch of m.2 um for for storage okay for my I guess Host Drive for whatever uh whatever I decided I decide to use um I don't know if one do I need like a two terabyte drive one terabyte I saw on um I saw on their requirements I think is a 128 gigabytes of SSD per GPU I think so how much uh terabyte SSD or nvme do I need I'm just gonna say I'm just gonna say like a one terabyte so I don't have that today I'm not going to be installing today that's obviously going to be some like I I that's going to be some thing I'm gonna do in the future this is just I'm just building this now so that I can get ready to install it and then see if I can rent this out and see if it's uh profitable in quotes profitable venture or not uh Patrick guy and bro send some reference pictures of mine on Discord 7gp my I believe I've seen them before Patrick let me see here oh man that is nice dude that's nice okay let's show it let's show it hold on actually I gotta hold on let me um let me let me blow up all these I don't know docs our uh Discord nests are very very Central Discord messages um okay hold on let's let's go into the computer let's go on the computer okay all right take a look at this this is Patrick guion's look at this this is beautiful oh my god dude what this look at your shop are these like shelving for screws and stuff in the background dude that's look at that that's what I call organization man God damn uh okay look look at this what what CPU is this holy crap there's you got one two three four five six seven pcie ribbon cables dude that's that's insane that what gpus are these 36d 12 gigabyte that's nice man look at that that sick that's sick 16 oh 1300 watt PSU oh beautiful dude that's nice that's that's really nice so let me pop out the chat let's pop out the chat that's nice look at this I can only have one monitor uh uh wow Perfection yeah I gotta go OCD epic oh it's a it's an epic server dude damn what motherboard in CPU yeah uh no 7x for the one three just finished dinner uh Smokey Den have a good one bro uh oh no time to roll still chill stream okay thanks for sticking around man Patrick guy and dude that's beautiful yeah dude that's beautiful dude I'm just you know I'm I'm just I'm actually also very I just I'm impressed by the the screwdriver organization and like your look at this you got like a breaker box over here you got even more tool tools cases boxes over here like just your man organization man just awesome it just shows your rig here that's awesome man look at this thing oh there's another oh yeah this picture look at this wait what's this what's this thing here wait wait what's going on here oh yeah hold on hold on hold on hold on I'm wait hold on what is this what's going on here dude dude this is cool okay so you took okay this is like one of the like twenty dollar thirty dollar amazon Basics uh mining frame right and you uh uh support bracket our PCB our pcie slots powered enough to be safe for eight gpus I'm actually I'm very curious about that as well um I see someone renting creating a GPO mining system with OS running on one of the GPS I don't Matthew mail I'm not sure it's a 30 Amazon frame uh GPU support uh looks like it's confirmed I super stopped the future production August my case here was uh way too fast for me I heard that as well um Patrick guyan what Patrick guyan what was the idea regarding oh was the idea because the CPU Cooler was too high that's why you had to elevate the you had to elevate the gpus Patrick kind is that uh two metal brackets supporting half inch threaded Rod covered with a fuel line hose that's awesome dude that is sick that's that's awesome okay here's the all right so here's the shot okay I I thought I was looking at it differently I'm like wait a second yeah so see normally the gpus would be on this back bar here right resting on the back bar but it looks like the the Epic the uh the knock to us if you cool is a little bit higher than that bar that's why you did it like this that's so cool man that's that's cool that's ingenious that's that's awesome that's awesome man sick Admiral backbone yeah oh here here is a good picture of the back bar here look at this yeah it's it's the it's yeah look at that stuff uh piping what do you call this at least it's not like is it like conductive or it's not conductive right so that's why you put you did plastic it just rests on there nice and nice and soft that's cool um D minors what's up bro exactly would not expect less from you look at that cable management I know cable management is on point veteran minor cables as well dude this rig is is just it's ready look at that that is so sick okay Patrick guyan thank you for the picks bro thank you for the picks um Patrick and it took me 20 to convert a 30 frame that was the point of this one nice man that's a guy that's sick man that is beautiful I love it I love it yeah so same idea I guess not same idea for me um I had a bunch of the six GPU mining frames um but then I realized my I have that same I think I have the same CPU Cooler as you this is the noctua one on my threadripper um but it it it was a little bit it's a little bit too high I think so that's why I had I'm using the uh the 30 mil centimeter ribbon cables up to the second second top of this 12 GPU frame uh all right price s19 90 Terah I don't know man Patrick guy thanks sir no thank you sir thank you for uh safe to watch later look forward to watching tomorrow at work where I have better service appreciate you uh Justin gals no worries man uh I do actually have a dedicated video explaining everything more uh in depth of my build here um obviously made that before this live stream so um yeah this one I'm just I'm just putting it all together actually it's it's basically put together I just I talked about I just have an issue with my with my bars because of the the screw holes um for my 3090s are only on these two bars and that fan the fan one doesn't have any of that so I have to swap it around unless wait can I swap the motherboard around I don't need to swap the boards or I don't need to swap the uh the sidebars okay can I swap the motherboard on this side is that possible let me check hold on let's see is that possible without having to take out the uh get on building a better reminder what's up bro um mad electron what's up bro voltage sag at your house your 120 volt meter is only reading 17.

uh yeah uh mad electron 117 volts yeah I I got I got massive drop for sure I also have a drop on my 240 volt 236 volt it used to be 240. I don't know why I don't know why it's 236. you know what I noticed actually I noticed when it's colder uh the voltage is a lot higher but when it's a lot hotter outside the voltage drops is that a is that a thing or is that the other way around um Patrick I had to rotate and locate the board several inches it isn't standard mounting oh oh okay um standoffs won't align I see standoffs actually here there's there's there's five little metal um I wonder if I can relocate the metal standoffs to this side no I'm gonna try it let me try let me try I think that might be easier okay let me take out all the ribbon cables um by the way again if you're just tuning in I don't know if these ribbon cables are good or not I bought these off Amazon for like 30 30 Canadian and uh they're like easy DIY branded I don't know if these are good so don't buy don't do what I do yet until I actually try it actually it says flycon on the pcie slot I don't know if I trust that or not um okay um let me see you know what let's try it let me take out the motherboard before I take out the bars [Music] I I think it'll line up wait uh maybe not actually I'm just looking at it now there's no screw hole for this one here oh no if I swap it around wait I'm confused you know what let's just take it out I don't know um won't work you have to drill new holes it's a pirate ah really are you sure am I wasting my time okay should I just I'll just move the bars then I'll just move the bars forget I'm not gonna take the motherboard out though gosh all right fine yeah judging by this screw here is not gonna line up wait how long is this yeah yeah that's not yeah that's not gonna yeah that's not gonna work yeah that's not gonna work yeah that's not that's not gonna work um okay we're gonna do the bars instead I think that's that's a little bit that's a little bit better uh what motherboard and seat being looking for Patrick guyan can answer that for sure see I don't even know if my 1900x or 1920x CPU is gonna be good enough all right this is this is like my old like couple year old threadripper build all right this is the stuff I had on hand all of this stuff I have is basically on hand except for the ribbon cables so I haven't really spent much money because I already had the 3090s from last year two years ago and so yeah see how that goes okay um let's let's just take out the bars I gotta swap them around how's everyone today how are you guys what's what's everyone up to today other than watching me this morning hey I bought some gpus yesterday I bought 73 AMD gpus for around five thousand dollars yesterday or today basically I'm broke now um to be fair all I hear is I'm stalling so not have to build that 20 GP rig Smokey Den stop it you're not wrong don't mention the 20 GPU rig all right you guys will not see that for like the next two months because I'm going away soon I'm going away next week for like a month so you guys will not see that for a long time it's gonna sit on the floor there and yeah okay oh Stephen you will be missed no I won't I'm gonna be I'm gonna try to live stream next I'm gonna try to live stream every day when I'm when I'm over there so I'm not gonna be gone I'll still be I'll still be around um so yeah um what models did you buy I um six Radeon sevens 34 5700 xt's and 33 RX 580s yeah I bought a lot I bought a lot like 73 gpus combined um that was probably I don't know if it was a good buy or not but we'll see okay taking out okay this thing is I gotta swap I gotta Swap this side with the other side now so holy crap look at all these fans Rolex tied together so how do I take this off uh okay this top one comes off accident comes out too ah how many you buy from Hawk I bought all 73 from Hawk yeah pretty much addiction yep very much very much addiction wow even 580s yes I probably am not going to turn on those 580s I'm just buying them for the fact that I bought them for around 33 each so um I'm just gonna either use them as wall art or give them away or hold them until the next Bull Run and sell them for a bit a little bit more than what I paid for I don't know we'll see I I rarely sell gpus so I just say that because I like buying gpus that's all I just it's kind of like it's just an addiction I just want to buy I just want to have more GPS I think I'll have total 300 gpus now and like I think a good 270 80 of them are offline right now I hate that I just said that I hate that I just said that uh I won't I won't be able to run my power I need to run 430 amps I don't have enough time before I go uh to run them crap how am I gonna take this out why is it stuck stuck oh my God everything fell Mike oh my God oh my God oh my God everything fell holy crap laughs everything fell red shoes but no docs damn it my face didn't show oh my God damn it God this camera I I I really need to get a new camera system oh my God okay ah I don't know how he got lucky so close oh my God this is the issue with doing live streams like this this is this is the issue level red shoes hey what's wrong with red shoes I got a pause why am I playing my stream on the there you go all right that naughty stand guys God damn it okay I I'm I need to figure out a better solution here camera I swear it's gonna be the end of me okay and I broke my oh my Molex thing oh no oh no okay I think the Molex thing broke okay we'll I'll show that later okay okay hold on where's my where's my piece oh no I lost my piece damn it did you guys at least get like a crotch shot or anything no okay I lost the piece that goes on to the top of my you know what effort I'm just gonna I'm gonna screw it right in I don't care anymore it's just gonna go right in Croc shot are you pantless um no I'm wearing pants but I was just trying to make a joke okay hold on I'm trying to put this thing on clipped your sneakers are are nice veteran minor God damn it I saw a hairy potato oh my God mine some 10.

What's up man hairy potato oh my God uh I love it man I love it okay all right ah why is this stuck okay all right are we ready to go back are we ready to go back I think we are okay the Vietnam Vietnamese dollar is called Don Patrick oh my God too funny man too funny Adobe cheese what's up what's up Cheers Cheers bro yeah smash that like 157 watching 67 lights let's go 100 like let's go let's do this all right I gotta see Chad I like reading chat while I'm building this with you guys so let me put this here put this here all right now okay so the whole point I was continuing on I'm gonna put the bars on now crap was it this way or was it this way uh does it matter what's the part oh crap I was like this way the bar was this way pretty it's pretty sure it's this way this way all right [Music] inside okay Kirk McIntyre why didn't you just turn the motherboard 180 degree because I I don't think I could I I don't think it was possible [Music] the the screw holes didn't line up that's why that's why we didn't that's why we didn't turn it around okay um 100 likes we'll show his sneakers again veteran got a hash voice did you read the manual we don't need another R4 moment today hash Force don't bring that up all right don't bring that up damn it Ash force uh DJ Minds what's up man how do you connect the HP server uh to this um I will show that in a second I'll show that when we get there well we're gonna get there soon I don't even know if because this motherboard requires two eight pins for CPU um so this HP server PSU only has one is that SX board only has one eight EPS eight pin so that is a concern that is that is a legit concern I'm not overclocking the CPU so that may not matter that may not that may not matter anyway okay this side is in ah you know what I probably don't even need to put in the other side right I don't need to put in the fans what do you guys think I could just leave it like this I'm open air 49 uh open air 30 90s I don't need these fans right what do you guys think I don't need to put this on right on the on the other side I can just leave it like this fans are useless all right DJ mine says it's useless I'm not putting them on perfect saves me time and don't have to docks my face okay all right let's put the ribbon cables in okay all right what coin are you mining uh this is not mining it's gonna be GPU rendering deep learning cloud computing I don't know whatever the heck the person is going to rent this for on uh okay all right I'm gonna put this here Henry J unoork thank you for subscribing to the channel thanks bro welcome welcome thank you man open air is best well that's why I want to you oh I think I scraped my oh no I scraped my I scraped my pcie ribbon is that okay you see you guys you guys see the scrape right there is that okay uh whatever it's okay all right okay it's in now um now what um let's put in the gpus at the top the 3090s okay let me bring you guys up without dropping the camera okay oh RPM are you starting your own little mini hosting facility no definitely not definitely not I don't wanna I don't want to have to answer to anybody at like 3 A.M in the morning red panda can you can you touch my rigs can you turn this off can you reboot this like no deal with it we deal with it yourself all right first Riser is in now will it be long enough for me to put it on this Frame can I oh all right it's getting tight it's getting tight okay the first slot I can only go up oh crap oh wait you guys oh we have an issue we have an issue we have a major issue can you guys see the issue there's an issue can you guys see the problem offset the back several inches offset the back offset the back it needs to sit oh man this is not long enough this 30 centimeter cable is not long enough crap I can't go any higher look if I go any higher it bends and I can't situate the the I can't situate the metal piece here to the to the bracket to the holder oh man oh man this sucks all right uh this is not long enough it's it's bending the piece it's bending the it's bending the ribbon cable shoot I need longer ribbon cables man I didn't think this through the GPU support Bar Needs drop the bar I can't look the the pre-configured okay hold on I'd have to drill like two new holes right here and I don't have my drill kit here damn it I don't have it here uh it's not my other mining location put it on the lower shelf no it's it's gonna yield the same results use the lower Buck oh actually you're right you're right you're right you're right you're right here well uh here okay um um okay can I put it on uh okay this is getting this is getting a little sketch uh no it's it's resting on the it's resting on the um CPU Cooler and no it's all diagonal uh yeah flip the bar what do you mean flip the bar flip the bar why are you putting those on top level Scott Sheffield because I want it at the top for I don't know for cooling um yeah use the lower bar until you can drill holes the lower bar is even worse it's it's turn the bar upside down oh yes good call yes okay yes yes yes you guys are smart you guys are smart you guys are smart um uh s Square especially okay all right okay here all right we're moving it the other way here let's try it Let's do let's do the top one first I just want to see so we're gonna we're gonna flip it so I can screw in the hole on the other side uh lower lower yeah yeah all right great idea great idea great idea let's see if that actually works though okay all right flipping it around like this yes all right that should that should work I guess we'll see in a second okay okay let's try it now okay let's try it beautiful like a glove ah Chad is oh man you guys are so smart all of you you guys deserve a medal all of you oh look at that and the Riser is perfect height it's perfect it's not stretching it's it's just uh uh perfect perfect man beautiful man you guys are so smart thank you now um now to screw it in I guess I gotta do it from the bottom I can't do it the other way right oh no that's not gonna work can I screw it from the other way all right let's see oh yeah yeah I could screw from this way yeah perfect yep perfect just one screw that's all we need all right great perfect done done okay um okay now the issue though the really crappy issue is uh so I can't stretch it out anymore otherwise and then I can't go more to the left so the other two 30 90s are gonna be pretty tight on the other side there how do we circumvent that we can't really we can't really we can't really fix that my cables are not long enough I can't go all the way I can't go all the way over here you guys know what I mean is there like a 400 mil 400 millimeter pcie ribbon cable or is that a bad idea hash force all the cool kids will be turning their top bar upside down now well because the issue well not the issue normally the risers are resting on top of this bar right that the PCA X1 risers like the X yeah they know the white risers um ah flip the Bottom bar the same way you did to maybe put the lower rack for a rock for now it's not long enough I think she said that Allen the king your band put one GPU below crypto clutch hey what are your expected profits on this rig I can show you we can we can here here let's do let all right this is I'm glad someone uh G oh man uh goats going live in a couple minutes okay all right you know what I want to talk about this actually in this stream this is a good this is a good thing this is a good thing expected profits okay all right so I'm wanting to do this all right there's actually there's another one called run pod but I don't think I can get on there but this is the most popular one okay so 3090s apparently ran for like 20 cents an hour okay this is 20 cents an hour 40 90s are 48 48 cents an hour um so we look at here there are 684 listings right now for 30 90s uh 40 90 695 a 40s 216 85 137.

Look at this there's some people that have like uh let's see a100s 10 listings dude these are dude dude look at this 2.58 cents an hour two a100s anyway um expected profit let's see so I'm doing a three by a three by Thirty ninety does anyone do that played by 30 90s here you go ryzen threadripper oh look at this pretty much the same as me um this guy rinsed it out for 0.58 to an hour so total it says expected monthly profits about 419 dollars a month off 3 30 90s is that like is that good yeah that's okay is is it like a for sure 400 for sure 419 a month for uh money making thing no it's not because I don't think um it depends someone could rent it out someone could rent it out for a full uh full month or a day right you just don't know so that's the risk you're that's the risk you're kind of doing on um you never know if someone's gonna rent out your rig or not so that's that's that's the kind of the problem um with this it's not really a for sure hundred percent you know you're gonna make money or not um and also another thing to consider I'm looking at this there are 684 listings right now uh for 30 90.

So if we go our 695 for even 40 90s right you look at the available rent um for 40 90s there's a lot of 40 90s you can rent right now okay so there's a lot of competition and chances are of you getting rented is yeah it could be high but then you know you're also competing against a bunch of other people that have better upload speed than you better internet maybe more RAM more processor whatever you know that people are looking out for those those types of specs right so I you know I don't know it's it's it just depends so um crypto clutch does that answer your question does the CPU and mobile have pcie Lanes to support three GPU okay uh no uh hash Force I answered this in the beginning my motherboard can do three x16 I can verify this I can verify this hold on hold on I can verify hold on let me let me let me go to the motherboard website hold on ASRock uh x399 uh Phantom gaming six mine can actually do three x-16 by x16 slot um okay hold on we're going to it hold on hold on hold on this is very important this is what you guys should look for as well all right um okay uh let's go here on the ASRock site so my motherboard has 3x pcie 3.0 x 16 slots um pc123 at single x16 slot if I wanted to dual GPU it would be x16 p71 and x16 p72 if I did triple GPU it would be x16 at pcie1 x16 pci2 and x16 PCI 3.

So my motherboard here because it's a threadripper it has the enough pcie Lanes to do x16 on all three slots uh utilizing all three okay this this can do three-way SLI not that I'm gonna do that I'm just um so my bandwidth uh is possible yep it's possible there okay all right um hash horse that's fortnite with you 3039 Burger King 1200 watt continuous there's not enough electric cost there to know if it's possible that's right um hashworths um actually talking with a lot of people the rig all right and I wanna I wanna keep note of this I'm gonna watch the power consumption um like I don't know how have some sort of um kilowatt reader I'm gonna actually yeah I'm gonna have this rig I'm gonna do I'm gonna do a test um I'm gonna see how much watts how much kilowatt hour I'm gonna reset a meter I'm gonna see how much kilowatt hour uh kilowatt hours this rig is gonna take in a month okay when I build this rig and you use it on bass dot AI hash horse I will I will take account to how many kilowatt our kilowatts this thing uses because it's not can it's not continuous um uh mining King he said it's not continuous um some people don't it's not always using um depending what type of workload it is uh it may not be full on 24 hour 1200 watts you know um sometimes it could be less it could be off it could be not doing anything so it it they're they're just renting the rig itself they could be doing anything on it not necessarily utilizing 100 of the GPU so that that's that's one thing I I kind of want to see um if that works or not and ultimately you know compare how much kilowatt it's used and then I'll see how much that cost per my kilowatt hour and then um yeah okay so yeah that that's that's yeah that's that's interesting okay man man the stream is already an hour over and uh crap is Mr geek of all trade streaming I didn't even get the other gpus up man I'm so I'm so sad okay um but actually I think we've run into an issue so you guys said to move this bar down actually I couldn't move this bar down you know what let me just let me just see geek of all trades there's geek of all trades in here on you can all trades are streaming to ah he's streaming now all right he's streaming now guys I don't want to miss this stream uh he's a really good really good dude um okay we're gonna continue on later all right we're gonna continue I'm not gonna touch this rig I I want more input from you guys I may drop this down the other two holes here and then uh maybe I can move the 3090 over this way and then I can have another 230 90s more spread out right there'll be more they'll be more evenly spread out on this rig what do you guys think uh join two Rises together to give you the length needed uh Nick Kane I only have three risers I only have three risers um are they also x 16 how much were the where the GPR yes the Riser the ribbon cables are x16.

but we did have some reservations regarding the bandwidth and maybe some you know degeneration bandwidth issues latency issues uh with having longer you know longer pcie cables all right um smash that like Bros thanks for watching I will continue on the stream another day um this is something I've been wanting to do for a while and uh finally had time and the mental capacity to get it started so all right I'll see you all later how much I get paid for 10.50 yeah probably nothing all right peace out Bros peace out peace out I'll switch you over to Mr geek of all trades peace out guys thanks for watching.

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