Buying GPUs or ASICs for Mining right now? or Both? Let’s look at some prices.

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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good afternoon or good evening for some of you what is going on everybody so today's live stream is all about looking at Hardware prices just want to see what they generally are and we can kind of recollect what they were maybe 2 years ago for fun okay I guess the whole strategy here is bare Market is the time to buy Hardware so we're going to look at some Hardware prices and see if they're low enough we will come to a conclusion whatever we look at and give our opinion uh not only mine but you guys in the live chat as well okay so if anyone watches this stream after the fact they should get a good idea so the very first place I want to look at is dreams escrow server dreams Discord this is probably one of the cheapest GPU places or Hardware even as6 as well that I've seen on here okay uh this is obviously all used stuff sometimes there's some new stuff but majority it is used so um I have uh the dreams Discord here um in the live chat if you guys want to join and you can see there's physically you can also um people looking for Hardware but then there's also people selling Hardware as well so let's let's go through some fun stuff what's up Ros let's do a roll call we got son of a rabbit Panda hello TSR what's up Tom G Todd Johnson Seb what's up bro Justin Alexander uh do you really think Min uh Dakota Miner uh the period name guy it's not not profitable but not it's capital gains at that point overboard Tech what's up mangled remains what's up okay Steven hello keep that place a secret this place is not a secret it's been around for a long time okay I don't okay I'm sorry if you guys can't see uh how do I make this bigger can I make this bigger you guys can't see the uh what I'm showing here I can make it bigger by one like this okay can you guys read that now can you guys read that all right so today somebody is selling a bunch of 10 series cards he did not put any price um here but they're all 10 series cards I wonder how much he's selling his 1080s and 1080 TI for all right going up studa Baker he's selling a p100 16 GB sxm2 with heat sink what what is a p00 16 G I actually don't know what this is sxm what can somebody Google or does anyone know what this is Patrick Murphy maybe they're free you mean the 10 series I don't think I don't think so P 100 does he mean like a p 102 but that only goes up to 10 gab what is this anyways let's keep going I don't think that's a GPU that's nothing uh Tesla p00 oh okay overboard Tech uh h100 a100 but way older okay p100 is an older Nvidia card mining specific card okay let's keep going up studa Baker also selling a keyera 2 2015 Labyrinth 0.1 BTC number 203 I'm assuming this is an Asic minor from 2015 he's selling it for 2500 Shi uh okay p100 is released 2016 okay so this is an older data center card okay nice going up uh cause is selling 2500 KVA oil type Transformer all right I'm 60k all right I'm just going to I'm I'm going to skip that um dat's Turf is selling Titan V's eight of them DM offers shipping you escro me USB usdt payment Titan v o is that the gold one is Titan V's are those the gold ones like 12 G of of ram H very nice okay going up bch BCU 1525 all right this is an fpga quantity 100 EU though I might I was going to say I want to buy one but this is from the EU so I don't know if he's shipping shipping to Canada would work okay I'm skipping that I don't think anyone's buying bcus going up Elemental is selling four ice River KS zeros condition use well taken care of uh offer buyer pays buyer pays okay um okay going up W selling an awesome minor license valid valid until 2031 for 200 miners price $2,000 interesting I've never seen someone sell a license for mining software on here this is the one of the first times I've seen this that's actually amazing uh okay stud Baker going back to his BTC okay next person's here uh quantity 27 zyink u50c cards with passive cooling used to be in good work used in good working condition $720 each mq of6 he fpj um going up someone's s their octom miners X8 Ultras with 630 80s uh 1 CMP 90 HX and 1470 Fe for $4,000 how much are 3080s right now 3080s are what $400 $450 so six so six of these 98x 3,00 guessing yeah I'd probably buy this for like 3500 I would I would I would buy this for about 35 4,000 might be a little might be a little steep okay going up someone is selling a lot of hard drives 14 terabyte easy store 17 of them $120 each 12 terab easy store element WD uh quantity 30 $100 all right great for mining crypto via space Farmers plot get paid any coin you want ah overall better returns than gpus ah he's he's he's talking about profitability I mean assuming any of these coins would go up in the future I I love it I love it I think Chia mining is not profitable at all um BCU 152s okay no price bit main fan okay okay nobody's selling G where's the GPU I don't see many GPU sales here anyway we're still going down the list um all right here we go CMP 8x's $110 per 47 available someone selling 16 FK 33s four available what 16 16 or4 he must haveed he must have edited it yeah he edited this okay so people were actually buying it um okay anyways I just wanted to Showcase dreams Discord there's always sometimes some something good and on here there's always something that people want to buy like some people this BTC Maxi guy wants to buy 3080s and 390s this guy wants to buy ryzen 9 79 50x this guy wants to buy some ice biver A6 this guyy wants to buy night minor X3 $50 or better offer stud Baker oh my God got $50 for an X3 interesting okay now I want to go through some websites okay let's let's go through some websites Bia Get Wrecked Patrick Murphy let's go through nerd gears okay hold on I got to I got to put everything back to normal don't I [Music] oh not yeah almost okay there we go third gears yeah I'm just curious what miners are bullish for on long term well we're just going to look for some stuff here okay so nerd I'll put in the chat I'm pretty sure everybody knows what that is uh okay so what do we got here new arrivals 13 GPU mining rig case [Music] $200 oh interesting so this oh this is cool okay so these are like okay there's fan that goes across the whole thing power supplies at looks like they're ATX power supplies that you can put in the back here that's pretty cool um and then what's here uh just risers okay so the motherboard goes looks like the motherboard goes here this is an interesting case if you had your own 12 G is a oh 13 GPU mining R case okay 1 you had the ack like h110 BTC plus motherboard uh interesting not bad not bad uh products in new condition with retail packaging oh no it's not no okay random 13 plus GP motherboard oh it says it comes with a motherboard used risers 4 gigs of RAM 120 mil fans 13 oh this comes with a motherboard I don't see any I don't see any motherboard in here okay so it comes with a motherboard for 200 bucks that seems to be pretty cheap I wish there was a picture of a motherboard in here but that seems to be pretty cheap if it's good huh DJ mines what's up man okay DJ mines you're streaming in like 45 minutes right well I'll redirect everyone to you hell yeah hell yeah smash that like Bros um grade D Patrick mury yeah probably really dusty okay uh DJ yes sir okay sounds good man I'll redirect everyone to you in about 45 minutes okay there's okay there's an 8 GPU server case for 149 oh this good though okay I don't think I like the pcie in the in the motherboard but that might be just for the risers 64 gig Mada SSD okay uh uh 1,800 watt power supply okay like a China this is a China China branded power supply um 1 2 3 48 okay looks like you can only you can't fit 309s in here or 3080s maybe 307s and the smaller they have to be thin though like dual D slotted I mean 150 bucks I mean that's not that's that's pretty good that's if you wanted a cheap server case I feel like this might be something I I I maybe I might buy one just for the heck of it so you get the case you get the motherboard you get the 4 gigs of RAM 64 gig 120 mil fans as well only four okay granted only four 1 2 3 four CU all the air goes through this way H put 66 100x season there easy yeah yeah Deen or Iowa crypto mining yeah yeah domg dumpster fire with this motherboard yeah I I wouldn't put heavy cards in here I would not put High uh wattage gpus definitely not okay um oh they got as6 miners s9j Pros sold out all right already sold out uh crypto mining Hardware oh they have the metered pdus in stock there you go $150 uh these are pretty much the same ones I have nice okay what else they have risers whatnot P1 okay let's look at the gpus there's a number of gpus here okay so looking at this list this is pretty much this is we're not nearing like 2018 a 2019 2020 bare Market uh GP prices I remember rx580s were like like $35 $30 at one point uh there's an R rx590 here for $85 an rx590 is this card good no is it good I wonder whe this would do on DX because I think this one has more core right this one this the 590s have more core Patrick Murphy red P Min overboard Tech knows every every knows about buying sever cases from them or equivalent yes he does where's over travel is travels I'm working scanning stock so I'll be AFK but I'm listening in travel is travels no worries man uh Financial failure you can put fans on the back too yeah um techman no 2,000 Kash at 80 Watts okay all right that's not two Kash okay so that's not that's not good then not efficient um there's a okay P what is this p1061 100 okay so this is a 6 gab for $40 this is okay I saw I think on I think on Alibaba they had the 30 hxs for like $35 of course you have to pay import fees shipping I think it comes up to like 50 bucks anyway um Power color 5700 XTS 134 oh yeah I actually have a whole bunch of these coming soon um nice cards nice gpus 5700 blower style 129 okay not bad not we're we're not at the previous lows like of selling okay that's that's all we have uh 1060 70 bucks okay so this is what this is what nerd gears has uh left um tough even yeah um mental mining UK what's up bro okay let's go to the next website so that's nerd gears um yeah some okay deals on here for sure we got I mean the prices are definitely lower than what they were in 2021 right okay let's go to GP risers Doom you guys know these guys I don't have to say their name you guys know them all right oh they got all right I want to see what they have here bundle packs okay GP mining bundle frame risers Splitters fans 169 so you get the mining frame you get the 12 of their popular eight capacitor risers 12 of the custom made white pin Splitters which are amazing by the way and then eight of the fans for 170 this used to cost 264 in the Bull Run okay next next package here this this one used to cost 349 but it's $1.99 now so you get the Omega frame this is the bigger mining frame um 12 risers 12 eight pin black Splitters and 10 of their white fans what at $200 okay so if you want to go open air style this is how much it costs if you want to go to nerd gears and see if they have their open their server cases I don't granted I don't know how good these are but I mean could be something for 200 bucks if you want it server case style interesting interesting IR mins Krypto I have a 38 check coming nice nerd gears had the radon sevens after the merge for cheap check back often with them I did see that Patrick Murphy I was going to buy a few cuz they had them for 250 they had their radon 7s for 250 I was just like damn it should have bought him I should have bought him okay oh GB risers has uh looks like they dropped the price on their uh R8 5.99 I really like the white and black color scheme I just like how these look that's look at these things 3,000 Watts four hot swappable power supplies so there's 750 watt hot swappable power supplies nice very nice okay what else does GP risers have I think that's it have thorough pads mining frames cool ssds much are ssds $30 64 gig boot Drive I think Amazon might be cheaper 120 gig ssds on Amazon are like all right hold on let's check sure I'm not logged in Amazon someone have does someone have Amazon someone have Amazon up how much is a 120 gig SSD all right let's go to mop.

Now I love mop. because it is a business started by Mr guntis Vin he is an OG in the crypto mining space he also has a YouTube channel he made GPU mining videos in 2013 all the way up until pretty much you know the past two years this guy's an OG and he's a reseller of hardware and as6 and all that kind of stuff but um let's see so he's got gpus game Rock 4090 ooh $18.99 wait this is in is this in euro is there a USD conversion here how do I uh how do you can we can we go extra 30 extra sale 30% off oh ks0 59 what's $ 5.99 euro in USD I there's no conversion here uh uh Euro USD convert that is 631 631 USD okay so tack on another like 31 bucks for this number all right I think the K Zer are like 500 or 400 now I think I think the prices are coming down uh Patrick Murphy I heard he thought Panda how to make the wooden open air frame yes Patrick Murphy that's where I learned I learned to make the open air how to make open air mining frame gunes he's got a baller video look it's got like a million views look at this this one right here this is the most epic video I've probably watched a hundred times this is GES Vin Bros he only has 23k subscribers he deserves like a million okay this guy made this video freaking 7 years ago August 16th 2016 this guy was mining like hundreds of ethereum way before all of us way before all of us hundreds of ethereum I built like 10 of these open air frames went to Home Depot I got uh like 1 in uh uh no 2×4 no no not two 1×4 1×4 1×8 wood cut it up myself I got aluminum angle from Home Depot cut it up myself got the bolts from Home Depot uh self uh tapping screws self is that I say that right self tapping yeah self tapping screws I used a drill same as him put them together just like this dude this was the best man this was man the previous times were the best screw all these you know all these new things now you you cannot beat the OG building your own goddamn mining frame I still have all of my open air custommade mining frames I made myself I still have all of them you know what I'm going to make a video on it I don't give a crap I'm going to go back to my old mining frames dude yeah real vintage CL dude this is a vintage classic man hell yeah dude look at this look at this this beautiful dude this brings back so many memories a dude oh man look at that look at that thing just literally I had the exact same exact same setup like six gpus right all over the I had them all over the house you know ATX psus ATX motherboards and uh and just all over the house 120 volt power you know 1060s 1070s dude these were the best man holy crap these were awesome oh man so man if gtis folin is here dude he's he's awesome he's the OG I give respect uh to him um best rig I made was with a dog crate I had one of those milk crates I actually my very first rig was in a milk crate I had like six EVGA 1060 minis in a milk crate uh Mir rise up are you turning on the CMP 5H X's yes yes I am um a 2.0 version would have a rubber mat on the bottom to help with arcing or Sparks plus ground the rig Smokey Dan that's that's a good idea that that's a really good idea um okay moving along I want to see if they had motherboards guntis has dude guntis has a lot of motherboards [Music] ooh 99 so this is 130 bucks wait what's 90 oh TB 560 this is a what is this this is a 12 GPU motherboard so $99 is what in uh Euro to USD 104 us this is 104 us ooh dude in the bull run these were like $500 $600 dude these were like $600 in the bll Run that's a good price I might I might buy like 10 of these just for the hell of it I shouldn't say that I shouldn't say that too loud okay what is this biostar b760 MZ I have never heard of this b760 MZ e proo what is this 12 GPU no this is not 12 1 2 3 4 5 oh it is 12 okay LGA 1700 okay that's the new 13 gen Intel processor includes a PCI EX4 16 PCI wait wait what no this is not 12 GPU 128 gigs of RAM ddr5 okay I don't I never mind I don't I don't I think he has the wrong P I think he has the wrong picture this is tb360 BTC Pro but this is a b760 MZ no I I I I think that's different okay all right let's let's keep going here all right another biostar TB 360 oh this is a riserless oh I think I like this this is wait this is 104 us dude gunst if you're watching I need to I need I need a bunch of these oh this is nice this is a nice board okay I I know in The Bu Rend these are like 400 bucks 500 bucks as well so they they've definitely come down in price um TV 360 all right this is notorious BTC Pro motherboard here we there we go all right tv360 these are oh that's that's the wrong picture uh right here okay yeah this $104 as well 38 people are viewing this right now are you guys viewing on are you guys viewing this the same time I am you guys definitely are all right don't don't please don't buy them please please don't buy all of them um Anda 189 three left 1 2 3 4 5 6 this is a 12 GPU motherboard Honda B250 I've never played with this one before that seems to be pretty cool okay I have to say the pricing for these motherboards are pretty decent but I remember in 2019 2020 the uh Asus mining expert boards were like $35 on Amazon so looks like they haven't really come down to that pricing but maybe this is the lowest pricing they come to I don't know I'm not sure anyways that's motherboards that's really cool okay so mop.

Also has processors let's check it out 5950 X for 47 so this is uh in USD is going to be what 512 us okay Intel seller on G 90545 $44 $46 us that's pretty good g3900 69 so about 7574 us ryzen 9 3900x CPU 379 7950 X 3D 796 about 850 I think that's a little bit expensive I mean there there's some cheap CPUs here the 5905 this might be good for the biostar is this a 13 gen or 12 gen gen what gen what generation D4 2666 LGA 1200 okay uh what's the biostar motherboard again let's see TB 360 this is uh 8th gen ninth gen LGA 1151 no that processor will not work G okay you'll need a g 4900 or a g3900 I believe g3900 is what anyways something like that okay what else does he have let's see Pro Power Supplies oh this is what I'm looking for ant Miner PSC replacement 279 oh these are a little expensive okay we're getting some ATX oh ATX 1300 watt cic 1300 229 so about 350 250 us not bad think that's not bad that's not bad 1300 watt 239 so like 260 uh sebs those old Intel CPUs went for so much money in 2021 just because they were needed for the mining motherboards dude I remember the g3930 CPUs were like $200 or something stupid there they cost so much in the B um Ram okay there's some decent RAM on here dude my gunst is selling a lot on here only even Caspa a62 ks1 2699 Caspa ks2 ks3 very nice very nice I actually have a ks3 I have a bit main 9.4 ter has coming in like three or 4 days I get to use it for a little bit that's it's not mine again another C customer want to send to me for review um very cool very cool okay all that that that's it for M shop um let's go to mining um you guys have any questions or concerns are we back to where we can buy a pallet of motherboards off Alibaba yet Patrick Ry I remember Alibaba had those ASRock BTC plus motherboards 12 GPU boards or 13 GPU boards for like $15 they were $15 in 2019 2018 or yeah 2019 I think 2020 they're so cheap I should have just bought $11,000 worth and if I sold each one at $500 oh man hold on hold let me do some let me do some theoretical math if in 2019 I bought let's say $1,000 divided by 15 so that' be 66 of those ASRock motherboards so 66 if I sold 66 of those at $500 each that $1,000 investment if I sold those in the bull run those 66 ASRock motherboards I if I sold them theoretically would have been turned into $33,000 so $1,000 investment in that Hardware could have netted me $33,000 I wow I regret I oh I should have I knew it you know I I saw that we saw that a live stream I think we went to Alibaba where like these ASRock motherboards mining motherboards in 2019 2020 were like 30 15 to $30 we should just bought a [ __ ] ton of them man we should have bought like 10 grand dude if I bought 10,000 $10,000 worth divided uh divided by more realistic shipping cost duties let's just say $30 would have been 330 of those motherboards so I the 330 of them times $500 just I even saw them for like $800 $600 at one point you could have turned that 10 grand into $166,000 could you imagine that hey the only best play I made buying uh Hardware was not only like gpus but the best one I think for me I bought 60 I no 50 um Veta frames at $15 Canadian each I spent about $750 on 50 of those vet frames those Veta frames went up to like like I think $150 so those 50 that I had I didn't sell them I was actually I sold some but not at not at uh a lot of money I could have turned that into a 7,500 bucks damn man oh God hey let's not to say what we just talked what we just saw right the motherboards on mop.

Okay granted I would probably go to Alibaba they might have them cheaper there um but I mean we're seeing motherboards for not $500 anymore these are mining motherboards we're seeing from them for like $100 now um anyways I'm not a reseller um of Hardware but if you guys are okay see look uh mining cave has 12 GPU mining motherboard for 105 now $15 US I mean I feel like that's still a little bit expensive definitely still expensive [Music] um mother 12 GPU TB 250 they don't have a TB 360 here so I think M mop. has better pricing yeah they definitely have better pricing there um okay what else does mining cave have computer hardware power supply okay yeah these have come down in price I have a whole bunch of these I haven't had any die yet, 1600 Watts 6 GPU 123 us yeah it's okay maybe it can come down more um CPUs let's see what else what else is there uh sodam RAM no rig kits okay let's see okay so a 12 GPU mining cave Tower rig fully assembled with everything except gpus is 654 used to cost 872 interesting okay I feel like it's still a little bit little bit pricey yeah prices come down maybe another 200 bucks or something 150 bucks um I mean I'm just I'm just relating to previous bare Market that's why I'm just like when are we I want 15 $20 motherboards again okay all right Savage white zero you are banned um okay what else Bros what else are we going to look at what else you want to look at I want to look at Coastal crypto mining all right they still asex we're going to look at some asex now um let's see 95 T terahash 597 k3m 11699 I think that's the lowest I've seen uh ant minor K7 2780 58 terahash l7s have gone up in price 5,599 ks2 is 449 okay so very similar to I think crypto Miner Bros is pricing right now yeah 11 11799 2049 s9k 62 489 2650 49 H interesting YY why must I dox myself to win A6 now because thank you because I need your name I need to find you I need to come over to your place okay basic prices I mean okay yes generally like an S9 okay you know 15 um back in the Bull Run 2021 a regular s19 J Pro J Pro 104 teros for like $115,000 and now they're these newer models more efficient and they're 2 , 49 okay so there's the bitmain s9k pro which I think is probably one of the better buys to be honest um the efficiency of these is much better and reliability seems to be much better as well uh the XPS are not good don't don't buy the XPS um the ant minor S21 I 200 ter has that's not going to come out till after the having or maybe more so after we we don't know um so it's still going to be good 6 months away or something so this one's almost four grand I would probably rather buy two of these because you can get two of them for the price of one S21 which you get you know more hash rate 240 ter has versus 200 so and the fact that you can run these s9k Pros now for the next 6 months 5 months or so right that's that's that's uh that's where I'm thinking right now uh with the s9k okay um other as6 I [Music] mean if you believe in Dogecoin Litecoin l7s if you you can find l7s for cheap those are pretty good um I mean the ultimate belief here is that if we come back to the next B next two years um if that cycle plays out or not if that cycle plays out we don't know if it does then it's it holds true um if interest rates come down the next couple year year or two then um retail investment should start coming back liquidity starts coming back money printer go bur everyone's getting paid everyone's getting rich you're going to see you're going to see the you're going to see assets like Bitcoin go up and then profitability start coming back and then this s9k is probably going to be worth like 10 grand at one point it's it'll probably happen and for those that bought these they'll just be like they'll just be laughing cuz they turned that $2,000 investment into 10 grand if they if they sold it that is okay uh let's see see Seb says holding BTC as6 and selling in the next Pro one could be an easy 10x yeah yeah exactly man exactly I'm keeping all mine I'm keeping all of mine for sure uh what do they call it in the B why do they call it a bow uh bll bear I think that terminology came from like stock market BS bear bare Market that that's all stock market terminology that's that's before Bitcoin before bitcoin's time uh heck even like I remember 2019 2018 you remember s9s I remember looking on eBay during those times hell I think we have live streams we even have live streams during those times you know what let me find it we literally have live streams about that let me find let's let's let's go let's go back let's go let's go find some older red panda mining videos which I really hate I I really hate older red panda mining videos oldest oh my God don't even don't even don't even look at these oh man um quadriga CX oh my God what a fail dude dude look at dude dude look at my wooden frame oh my God this brings back memories oh my God look at my Zotac 1060s holy crap look at the laser disc the laser disc Receiver right there look at that laser disc right there oh yeah oh oh yeah okay there's my Gus folin's uh M Uh custom mining frame I made myself aluminum angle wooden frame dude best times man holy crap oh dude I used a TP Link power over ethernet adapter dude these were sick back then dude dude I got internet over Powerline back then that was like this technology just started coming out dude good times look at my dude did I I think I had the biggest no I probably didn't have the biggest I had one of the biggest GPU box walls back then four years AG 5 years ago Dude Good Times dude my first pdu dude this is my first pdu this is my first one holy crap this is the tripl light dude this bring backs memories I was so excited so excited I bought it off uh I bought it new off uh Amazon yeah off Amazon I think I bought it for like 10 I think it was only 150 bucks oh no no no no no no no no it was like 300 Canadian okay I spent a lot it was a brand new one I spent like 300 bucks Canadian it was a lot it was actually a lot man good times good good times there's my fish oh stupid fish dude good times man okay all right let's let we're trying to find um hold on right or having I think I have a video about it where L3 pluses back then my coin have okay four years ago here we go old ass video Let's see if I show any L3 pluses here pretty sure there we go okay so August 26 2019 a L3 plus was 70 recently sold $72 71 he these were the bottom Barrel look at this bit main L3 plus with power supply maticulously maintained always filtered pre-owned someone bought it for 25 freak dollar you guys knew what happened two years later 20 in 2021 these then turned them up to $33,000 [Music] dude dude just just dude Seb that dude that's 100x dude yeah that's 100x yeah exactly man better than holding almost any Co exactly seev dude you're exactly right man dude holding dude holding a physical piece of Hardware versus buying the coin dude I wonder I wonder what the uh comparison is there dude Hardware okay that this is a great example Hardware is a better buy than buying the coin [Laughter] great times great great times oh my god dude who remembers this the gold Litecoin solid gold wallet limited edition 68 g of gold $112,000 Ledger Nano oh that was great the these were great times back then seriously all great times all right all right May 19th 2021 I made an L I made an L3 plus video right in the peak of when Bitcoin was 65,000 all right let's see if I talk about how much L3 pluses are here oh [Laughter] yeah someone bought one for 250 someone bought one for 2650 May 18th 2021 oh my God man dude okay you guys see the difference there from $25 someone bought one for $25 and boom dude it goes up to 2, 20 22 uh 2,25 1,800 1700 oh someone bought the freaking hash board only for $700 L3 plus hash board only for $700 dude if if this doesn't tell you anything like if this this is if this like what we're seeing now what we literally just looked at all the hardware pricing we're at we're at that time Bros this is this is the time again it's it's happening it's going to happen it's it's already happening we are at this point now where Hardware is coming down to the bottom not maybe not the bottom but it's it's getting there it's it's it's getting there okay it's show me a $25 Asic now though yeah so I think it's because the markets are still U relative you do the comparison against 2019 obviously Bitcoin was around what 4,000 Bitcoin was 3500 $4,000 hovering around there Litecoin was way lower so it kind of made sense right but here we are today okay what's what's an L3 plus go on eBay right now what's what's an L3 Plus on eBay L3 Plus okay let me go to recently solve okay all right we'll do comparison here as of now okay there ant minor L3 plus hash board working someone bought one for $30 it's now October 12th of 2023 so here's the timeline we have a $25 L3 plus back in uh 2019 for 25 2021 came around May 18th 2021 someone bought one for 2025 uh another one here someone bought one for uh 26 2650 the peak this is a literal Peak L3 plus dude there are 20 bids on this stupid thing oh my God so yeah L3 pluses are 83 now 55 okay 55 okay I think we're I think we're pretty much we are pretty much at the bottom oh is DJ mine streaming soon DJ DJ are you here DJ mine good sir um uh okay L3 plus 160 I'm not saying I I personally would not buy L3 pluses now I mean there's a chance that these could be profitable but depends on Litecoin and Dogecoin profitability uh yeah you know what I'm going to put my foot down Dogecoin is probably going to go up again there there's no doubt in my mind it always goes up every Bull Run not Financial advice um okay this is just one example um s9s were another example gpus like I said we talked about were another example um motherboards right we just talked about mining motherboards was another example went from $15 $25 motherboards to like $500 literally you could you could buy if you bought any hardware during the previous bar market and you sold it in 2021 you you made a crap ton of money am I saying now is a good time that that that could happen again I don't know I I don't know it it it it literally could be another play another strategy um I mean hell you can buy cheap pdus off Alibaba too right now um just hoard like you can hoard hardware and sell it in the bull run for a lot more dude this is like this is another play some people do um I personally don't do that I'm not a I don't have time I don't have the logistics to sell I'm a full-time YouTuber only content creator which takes a lot of time um but uh s you say red P I could see something like the gold shell mini box 2 miners being among those miners uh that go up in price in the next moment they're only $200 now very attractive to home miners um Seb yeah I oh dude you're right yeah gold shell gold Shell let's let's go let's go see uh gold shell right here good good good good choice yeah um okay so we got CK box 2 256 gold shell mini Doge 495 all right these should definitely come down Katy Box 2 is 250 these should not be these should be like 50 bucks um but yeah definitely see some looks like they're all available they're not out of stock unlike uh the SC box to um all right Bros I think that's it thank you that was fun that was man really nostalgic going back uh to previous um uh previous videos uh DJ mines are you streaming good sir I don't see your stream set up DJ mines let me know man let me know so anyways I want to read your guys comments what do you guys what do you guys thinking in uh right now are you guys buying anything not buying anything what's the consensus here what's what are you guys feeling what are you guys feeling I almost feel better about paying $400 a while ago oh there you go hit that like Bros 121 watching 57 likes hit that like Bros come on let's go I buy stuff waiting for the leg down yeah yeah there could be a leg down thus that could bring down even more right could bring down stuff even more so Toshi GP riser UK what's up man not buying electricity way too expensive in the UK like 50c Kil oh my God that hurts that hurts I just bought 13 360s oo nice how much I just bought two as6 three days ago nice yeah I'm buying but only Hardware I can actually intend to mine on though maybe after this I'll also start hoarding hardware for later uh SS sounds good man yeah xrp The Goat in the middle of a do trying not to suell my money stuff oh xrp the goat I'm sorry buying 6,900 XT soon all in on CPU mining now finish my GPU rigs Smokey D nice 3 mil the last 4 to6 months here in Sweden the power has been almost free what that's can I can I move to Sweden can I send you all my stuff for free Power in Sweden how's that possible I got a new azrock 510 Pro for 50 bucks making a first bre nice Chewbacca secret lover nice man hell I mean I would just if I could I yeah I mean the play like if you bought like $1,000 like 10 of these TB 360s and you sold them in the bow run that could be something too you know that could be something that could be interesting geek of all trades power is always free if your neighbors aren't very observant oh my God geek of all trades I love it I love it h I love it okay uh did you is DJ going to stream or uh I still haven't seen him you guys see him in the chat DJ mines DJ mines where are you bro I'll be wait in a sec updating Discord okay nice I just got h110 for $60 Canadian G nice man I still got a few of those as well I'm keeping those um PE of all trades put my first 390 on vas got rented immediately gigal trades that's awesome man I got to get my 3 390s up just been sitting I've been so lazy um Andre mad my 386 is rotting in the warehouse can you recommend a coin that I can mine uh 3080s uh DX power Min crypto you got any old Hardware you want to get out of your way power Min crypto not at the moment I'm just like keeping everything [Music] um actually this is a secret you guys don't tell anybody but I may have a whole bunch of these coming to [Music] me I may have gotten some more server cases don't don't mention it to anybody [Music] [Music] um slacker damn it PE of all trades agree free power is the best for my 7 GP R thank thank my Association for electricity in the garage ah I love it harine crypto when are you going to work on the 20 GP rig I'm going to try this weekend I wait for more efficient as621 then we'll see the prices and Market Anthony grow I think the play is the s9k pros especially if you can get them now if you got a good electricity price that is um okay I think DJ mines just went live I think he just went live nope is my phone deceiving me my phone is deceiving me my phone is definitely deceiving me okay it's something [Music] else all right go back here um what are some good websites you commonly check for mining Hardware uh nerd uh mining cave uh mop.

Dreams Discord Alibaba that's pretty much it I don't I don't like eBay I don't like eBay eBay is just terrible um Craigslist Facebook Marketplace those are the two uh I like as well just everywhere man whatever you see good deals just go for it Yellowstone mining sorry I'm late did I miss the giveaway uh no we didn't we're not doing oh that's right I got a KS zero giveaway I don't know if anyone saw that or cares um nobody uh let's see who see what's the what's the gleam link that where is The Gleam Ling for my KS zero giveaway why can't I why can't I bring it up what is this oh there it is here enter there Bros enter there I'm choosing the winner on Sunday Sunday Sunday uh right here okay already 16 1,700 entries already two days left I just started today or yesterday get your get your get your stuff in are you getting an ice over ks3 our overclock is stable for 96 hours stream T Swift I'm getting the okay I got a bit main ks3 coming in a couple days and then I have the ice River ks3 coming end of the month end of this month um I don't know if that ice over ks3 is going to be mine or not if it's going to be mine then then I can do the overclock if it's not mine I'm probably not going to overclock um is that on the stock uh stock power supply the Swift DJ mines let me know when you're going live bro DJ mines let me know DJ mines oh here he is is yep he's live He's live there he is okay guys we're switch we're swapping over to to DJ we're swapping over to DJ yes stock PSU okay T we'll talk we'll talk later t Okay Bros I'll see you all thank you for watching thank you for the fun I'm going to redirect all of you uh hit that like on the way uh the way out support DJ here I'll see you guys uh over there okay peace out peace out guys peace out peace out peace out thank you for watching

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