Cell Phone Mining Power usage cost

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and today we're taking a look at phone mining again but we're going to take a look at the profitability or is there any profitability uh so the big thing I've been missing was an actual like kilowatt meter to read what I'm pulling from the wall so I'll show you my setup and I am figuring in the cost of cooling because if I don't cool it then you know that cuts my mega hash down significantly because some of these phones don't like to just be sitting here so let me flip it around and show you what we're working with all right so I have the kilowatt meter plugged in right here and then I have a power strip down here and that's where all these USBS are plugged in and I currently have four phones and then a USB little fan the cool thing about this fan and I'll elaborate more on that in a little bit it is it it is battery powered and you can change the speed I have it on high right now it seems to be keeping everything cool everything's hashing good and I got good up time on it um now I do notice the the actual usage hold on one second let's see here the usage jumps up and down from about 20 to the max let's see if we can see what the max uh the low was 19 the max was 25 watts so I imagine as these need more power or they're fluctuating as they're mining some of them are you know going to the next uh block or that kind of thing I don't know exactly but it fluctuates so we'll take the high of 25 watts including our Cooling and uh we are averaged out at 24 hours we're at 13.28 Mega hash so we'll go to a varus mining calculator and we'll put in our 13.28 Mega hash our power consumption is 25 watts our cost of electricity is 12 cents a kilowatt we'll calculate that out and let's see here so every 24 hours we are profiting two cents if we sold varus today at its current valuation which it is the 16th and let's look at the price of varus uh varus on a coin market cap it's for reference somebody could be watching this way off in the future and that's versus now that typed it in wrong um so various is currently 45 cents for reference here now I do think our efficiency will get a little bit better because with more I can I think I can handle more phones in here with the same amount of cooling so that means our wattage isn't going to step up the same amount as we're currently at R does that does that make sense ladies and gentlemen kind of like if I had one phone with that fan it would be worse efficiency than 10 phones with one fan um I do feel a good amount of air coming through the whole system or the whole setup I do have another phone coming so we're gonna be slowly adding to to this as we go I do know that I only have two more plugs here so I think I'm gonna have to give me some of the the breakout bricks or like the nicer ones that I've seen they even have led displays but I will need something extra because I only got two spots left but um yeah now uh what was it let's see here oh so every seven days we're making 13 cents profit or 1.5 various coin we're doing about point two various coin a day at the moment let's see let's see yeah current power usage is at 22 Watts so we're even we're even swinging a little bit high at saying 25 watts on this meter you can actually yeah put in the cost or we're pulling 0.25 amps yeah I put my cost in it's 13 cents I just wanted to read a little high but 22 watts is literally like zero cents per hour I think if we did the the breakdown yeah yeah it's seven cents a day is what it's costing us so uh to run these it's not hurting the wallet but is it profitable to Roi anything at Daily rates no no um best case scenario various coin needs to go up in price significantly um so uh yeah yeah that virus went up to its all-time high which was like two bucks this would end up being somewhere in the range of would that be like nine uh two about like five six cents a day so still not great not great it needs to go past the all-time high yeah lovely um now I was talking to somebody and they were suggesting that keeping them plugged in all the time is gonna hurt the batteries uh but what I could do and what they're doing is they have uh their power meter plugged in with a smart switch on a timer and it turns off uh the power so that way these run off battery which the fan has battery um bringing a background full circle to the front of it so we wouldn't lose Cooling and none of these would turn off because they're all running off the battery and uh maybe run it off the battery for you know an hour and then have it kick back on and you know get power um obviously I think it'll take some fine tuning especially since some of these phones burn more power than others and I'm gonna do some testing here in the upcoming days and like break it out individually and see what phones are doing what but I figured I would elaborate on my entire setup right now because everybody keeps asking me oh should I run out and buy phones and in my opinion if you want to do it for like the hobby of it and maybe having a chance at getting some of these coins I mean you could just buy the coins they're really cheap um but uh don't go do this expecting to like get rich because I don't think that's gonna happen but yeah so anyway ladies and gentlemen I hope you all have a good evening I will see you on the next one adios

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