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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brand new coin YouTube channel sorry about yesterday I had a video planned it didn't go according to plan and then when I got home had a headache and I just ended up going to sleep but we are back on to the uh Monday through Friday Daily Grind and I just got a package in so I figured I'd do some unboxing with you guys so let me set this up um I outsourced some or a majority of uh the bulk 3D printing let me change that okay there we go there was nothing on there couldn't see it anyway um but yeah so I outsourced the majority of the bulk 3D printing for the web store and um got some other things that are kind of cool too so I figured I'd show you guys and uh just you know a little bit more behind the scenes kind of stuff so let's see here so yeah these really like the test prints he did by the way shout out I don't know if he wants me to say his name or not so I'm not going to but um he hooked it up I just get my little 3D printer printing I just couldn't keep up with the demand so he printed a bunch of these so if you had have an order and you're waiting on some of these that's that's why um I'll make it up to you reach out to me and I'll get you hooked up regardless though these orders the anything that was 3D printed like these are Ram holders those are going out we're going to pack those up today so got more more RAM [Music] holders oh he he's got some different colors and then what the color names are and that kind of thing if we want to test prints so we'll set the tests over here to the side we'll keep the test prints for in-house oh he did a couple of like I guess one color and then the top is a different color those are all test prints oh look at that one I don't know if the camera can get it but it's like a holographic yellow that's pretty cool lots of lots of colors so those are all tests everything from now on I'm going to just stick with um straight up black so if you if you order something from the website and it's a 3D printed part it's coming in black cuz cuz black is where it's at um but I had him print up some of these my Ender 3 doesn't have a big enough bed to do these These are CPU plates or trays and they're stackable and I can put CPUs in there and it keeps them nice and organized and tidy and they all stack up and they have like the names on them and stuff I could probably put some like a little bit of white paint on those to make it more visible but I really really wanted these and I couldn't and print them out and of course you can buy them online like the little uh like plastic ones and stuff but these things are kind of expensive so um he cut me a way better deal just 3D printing them and I mean like look at the finish the Finish came out really really nice like straight up glossy so yeah props on that that worked out awesome what else do we have in here oh these bad Bo okay these bad boys so these are AMD boxes and Trays so that way I can put a AMD CPU in this tray and if you see there's a little lip on there so the CPU sits on the lip for example here's one right here make sure this is I had one of them with bent pins make sure this is that was the one with the bent pins let's get one without bent pins this one's got bent pins yeah this batch of CPUs that I got in there's quite a few of them that had the old bent pins there we go so this one is a good one and it just fits down in there oh my look at the fit and finish so the lip of the outside edge of the CPU sits on that Ridge that's printed inside there then this slots inside of here then I can just wrap with a little thing of bubble wrap around it and then ship it because I have had a couple issues in shipping where like you know I try to wrap like cardboard around it and put a piece of foam underneath it and then bubble wrap it I have had am4 CPUs end up at the customer's house with bent pins so that's this is an awesome solution for that I think I had him print up like 20 or so of these yeah BN bunch of these so um and then it's really cost- effective for me to have him print out a bunch of them and then it just gives that next level of uh providing a a way to ship these horrible AMD CPUs with pins I so glad that AMD finally went to the LGA the pad layout on their newest CPUs uh because it's really really hard to hurt those but these little pin on these am4 am3 even the am2 and am1 CPUs um they're just so fragile so so fragile so yeah I got a bunch of those and I think that was pretty much it so just more RAM holders tons and tons of ram holders all the other stuff like the CPU um socket holders and stuff like that those don't sell as good so I I'm just handling printing out all the the low volume items but it seems like these Ram holders we sell out like quite a bit of them um but yeah so I figured since we just got a fresh fresh batch of I believe there was 50 I think it was 50 uh 50 of these in I was going to do a little Sail on them oh gosh I'm dropping I'm dropping these little boxes everywhere um going to do a little sale on them so if you're gosh man look at the look look at that hey hello there the finish on the bottom of those my printer definitely doesn't do that but um yeah so if you're thinking about buying one all 3D printed items uh for let's see here today is January 5th 2024 I'm going to make a discount code and all 3D printed items from today until we'll take it to the 10th so the next 5 days uh are going to be 50% off of all of them um so you know snatch it while you can also uh the January giveaway PC I'm waiting on two more items to come in before I actually build it but that uh I'm going to go ahead and make the giveaway live that way people do get their entries in they can get their daily entries in they can get bonus entries for buying stuff on the store and they can get their uh their free entries in you know just for uh going back there and clicking on The Daily entry every day um but the actual computer and the details won't be announced until the video comes out not that it's anything crazy but just kind of you know a little bit of buildup a little bit of suspense uh but so we're waiting on the water cooler to come in G do a little AIO on this one it's going to it's going to look good it's going to be another good budget entrylevel midlevel system um so that should be fun uh also I reached out to and already heard back from and he actually wants to upgrade a couple things on the December giveaway PC so I'm doing a video on that I'm just waiting on those parts to come in and um then we're swapping a couple things out and then sending that out so um yeah props props appreciate you know Carl looking out for me he's like man can I upgrade this upgrade that what would you charge me and I'm like I I will hook you up you're already getting hooked up and I'll hook you up some more so it's a good time anyway um yeah guess it's pretty much how the cookie crumbles I got got more 3D printed stuff right here oh that reminds me oh yeah hold on wait a second so we do have a physical location it's the 7633 night Boulevard behind me um thank you to whoever got me this little screwdriver it's like a screwdriver with an extendable handle it's awesome hold on one second I got a call anyway thank you to whoever sent me that little screwdriver cuz that thing's awesome and it's actually really magnetic for for the size of it uh so if if you did did comment down below but I know people that didn't do it are probably going to take credit for it but regardless I appreciate it I tried to look and see if there's like a little thank you thing on there or whatever card I I don't know who it was from but regardless it was appreciated um so yeah uh doing the sale on the 3D printed stuff I'll have the code Down Below in the description if you guys want some of that it's 50% off um everything that's 3D printed also uh dang what was the last thing there was something else oh yeah we're going to uh the the give new giveaway will be up computer will just say to be determined uh until that video comes out which is next week when I have the rest of the parts coming in uh so at least you all get your entries but um thank you all for coming out I'm going to be doing some testing on some zons that I got in so look out for that video probably tomorrow but yeah little sneak peek right there right there there she is anyway all right guys yall have a good one see you on the next one

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