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all right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel or welcome here if you're new but uh just for reference it is February 21st 2024 and as you guys uh know in the United Kingdom nice hash no longer is available so there are other services that are available and I figured you know what we'll go through them um this one's pretty fairly easy to get set up we'll start it like we're going to start a brand new situation and follow along one we're going to be using today is called unminable and I'll explain that as we go on so it's going to be how to mine on unminable because there's so many people that aren't able to do nice as um first thing first you need to go to is a different story but you can pick any of these to get paid out so for example say I want to mine some I mean will be very typical here and mine some Dogecoin you click on Doge and then it is daunting right here like you see all these things pop up the easiest thing to do is just click get started and download the UN Miner so that has the software for the unminable application obvious viously you do need to check with your area if this is breaking any rules or laws that kind of thing cuz I didn't know that um it is banned in certain areas certain countries I guess but um so that is done downloading we're going to click on it malicious file this application may cause damage a lot of VI antivirus are triggered by mining software because a lot of viruses will install oh my sorry my crazy will install mining software on your computer and have them mine to their address and it slows your computer down so that's what a lot of these malicious or if your antivirus goes insane that's what they're talking about so we'll click more info and we'll click run anyway we ain't scared obviously proceed with caution we're going to install this for me install let it do its thing I've had um oh threats found we'll click on that oh XM rig we're going to allow on device and start action all right now we're going to click finish and run un Miner we're going to click continue next now select a coin or token this is what you want to get paid out in um so I want to get paid out in Litecoin you put your Litecoin address down below um if you need an address you'll need a wallet uh so look up whatever coin you want wallet so Litecoin wallet Dogecoin wallet and so on then you'll click Start and um it'll go ahead and start mining right now mine's set up to mine on the CPU but say if you wanted to change something you can go back and then back and back to start oh sorry um you have previously you can click Auto detect um there we go so you click on the settings page and you can click either CPU or GPU and I believe you can run two of these applications at the same time if you wanted to mine on the CPU and the GPU when you you go over to GPU it's going to have some different settings so depending on how much memory is on your graphics card 3 gigabytes or more 4 gigabytes or more or 6 gigb or more will have different algorithms typically if you have a 8 gig graphics card for example you would click six or more and then you can select from these different algorithms to mine on now knowing which one is the best is sometimes a shot in the dark without going onto other websites um Capal is pretty decent what what else has been pretty good I mean i' I'd probably just leave it on kapow for right now you can go on to other we websites like whatto or hash rate.

Enter your Hardware in and it'll tell you what's the most profitable and that's where you would change that algorithm right there so you're mining the most profitable thing then getting paid out in the coin that you chose from unminable so we're going to click um what are we mining on I believe this is a have a 2060 right now yes we have a60 it is that is a six gig card so we should be able to mine Raven on this and Mining software uh T-Rex is good a lot of personal preference there mining intensity we're going to do high Port 3333 you can leave that alone click save click next start and then it will probably start freaking out my computer because I I'm am trying to record and now it's trying to mine at the same time if you see it say zero you can click on the logs right here and it'll actually show you that it's doing things if it's not doing anything here you have a problem so that's just food for thought there we'll give that a second and it'll either spool up or crash my hopefully not there we go we're getting a little bit of hash rate uh obviously this is not tuned and I have not overclocked or undervolted this is bone stock and I am streaming well sorry recording on my other monitor so that's hurting hash rate uh I don't suggest mining on your GPU if you're going to try to do gaming or anything like that uh but you can get away with mining on your GPU and doing basic browsing and stuff just depending on some gpus don't mind most of them don't mind but some do so you might your mileage will vary um but then basically you just mine until you get a payout and it'll pay out to your wallet address you can click on the address right here and it'll open up your stats page on unminable so you can see that your workers right here I have no workers online because it reports every 10 minutes so once it hits a 10-minute interval or or wherever the interval is it'll show up online then you can see your there's my payments payment complete on February 20th look at that so um I guess I had something mining on here I even that's my worker hasn't showed up yet but we are mining effective hash rate is pool side so it's going to take a minute for it to show up there and then that's when it'll show up here on the worker side but that's it ladies and gentlemen now you're mining say simple as that but it also goes so much deeper than that having the right Hardware sorry sorry about that overclocking undervolting making sure everything's in in tune correctly um so I will do a more in-depth video on how I set my stuff up exactly when I do set it back up because currently right now I am not really doing much mining at the house but that's a whole another topic so anyways ladies and gentlemen I hope you all have a good night UK people hopefully this helps you guys out so go mine some some cryptos later

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