Customer Brings in Old IBUYPOWER PC

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all right what's up ladies and gentlemen so I just had a customer come in and he was like hey my system doesn't work um I'm going to show you the footage and um of everything him coming in all that kind of deal but um he was like yeah it Powers up it goes to Windows and then it just freezes and I'm like all right is there anything on it that you care about he's like nope I go to bios everything shows up like it's everything's all good uh and I'm like let's just flash a new copy of Windows on it I pop up in the side panel he's got a hard drive o was like you want to go ahead and and pop in SSD he's like yeah let's do it so um we talked about some prices making sure he was okay with being on YouTube and um the rest is history so uh actually have it right here in front of me I'm going to turn the camera around and show you guys what we got all right here's the system in question it's an older AMD system it was a FX I believe he said it was the six core uh FX like 60300 or something like that we'll check on that once we get it alive um don't even remember what the graphics card is it has a sticker on the back but it says something 2 gig so once we get it up in Windows we'll check that out I'm going to do a little little dust job on it go grab the SSD pop it in there and start throwing a new copy of Windows on it keep together we go this pretty old computer man got I fig I don't know if anything can be salvaged on all right so what was the deal with this one working on you yeah I mean it it it turns on and everything you know I guess the boot so the operation system but it just don't never U never go into Windows yeah all right here we'll plug it in right here if you want to it sounds like you probably have a bad install or something going on with Windows M um being that it it like boots up I'm going to go into BIOS real quick just to make sure everything reads okay and um if it does then we can just I can put a fresh copy of Windows on it for you and you should be good to go is there anything on here that you need no that makes it really easy cuz what kind of drive you running oh that might be your whole issue you're running a old style spinner hard drive um okay so are you familiar with like solid state drives if you I can install Windows on this um but if you step up to a solid state drive it's going to make it significantly faster I definitely want to do that okay um sizewise do you need a ton of storage or um not a ton what's what like what I mean typically it starts at like I don't do anything less than like a 500 gig nowadays should be good 500 gig 500 gig should be good um all right I think I got some 500s here um because some people be like oh I need to you know I want to do the lowest and like you can go down to like a 120 gig but by the time you put Windows on it you can't even install Call of Duty nowadays on a 120 you I mean I how much is a ter right um I can price it out and uh I don't know if I have any one I think I do have a one ter white here actually uh right here's your graphics card that's your RAM and then your CPU is sitting right up underneath that cooler right okay awesome well I do appreciate it I'm going go ahead and get this one started then all right man I'll see you later yeah and you got my cell number right oh yeah you just tried to call me a second ago all right thank you buddy uh to get out you just take a right right here right here yeah right there thank you all right so I just noticed this is an old iby Power case I don't know if the whole build was I by power but this case he said it used to be white and now it's like a old tan color it has definitely the plastic has not aged well you can see the side panel it's metal and it's still white but we're putting a new copy of Windows on it and um have the got him a Samsung 870 Evo SSD so SSD is going to be breathing new life into this bad boy so he's stoked about it so that way he doesn't have to buy a new computer and he can just use what he got what he already has and um yeah so going to let that do its deal and we'll be right back all right so I just talked to him he can't make it back by today so I'm going to meet up with him tomorrow and I said since we have extra time I'm going to go ahead and run and get everything up to date for you so this wi-fi is a little slow but you know what it's got plenty of time to get it done we got everything wiped and updated um we on a solid state now so like uh we'll go ahead and give you a fresh restart just to show you how everything uh pops up quite a bit easier breathe whole new life into this computer yeah I appreciate it oh that's no problem I going to say if you run into anything or have any issues just um shoot me a message or you can give me a call at that number and um yeah hopefully she'll treat you right especially with um you ain't doing no crazy gaming or nothing with it not really yeah it should last you quite a while they yeah everybody gets caught up and trying to have the newest stuff but um older Hardware ain't really got no problem if you're just browsing the web and doing some work with it so I really enjoyed like doing some of that simple kind of stuff um I have some other things Brewing we were working on the alien wear system and my magnifying glass the light went out in it so I'm going to just step up and get me a nice brand new like high-intensity magnifying glass uh so that way I can see those little CPU socket pins better um also doing a internal laptop battery change out for a friend of mine um so just you know just keeping that ball rolling have a couple systems I have a system that a buddy of mine wanted to he wanted to downgrade so I actually posted it on my Tik Tok and he was like I'll sell it to you and if you can sell me something cheaper and then like pay the difference and I'm like yeah that's fine it's not very typical that people want to downgrade very often but I you know what each their own um but I ended up finding him a buyer for that system before I even bought it so I'm just going to cut me out and he can sell it directly to him and then he can buy a computer from me um and then put some money in his pocket so yeah um things are going good uh this is just some little small stuff while I'm getting everything set up um I have the brackets in for the shelves I am going to go ahead and cut the shelves and hopefully get those hung up Tuesday or Wednesday um got got a couple more things on the list uh just trying to get ironed out but yeah thanks for watching guys I really do appreciate y'all's y'all's feedback and comments and that kind of stuff and I'm glad you're enjoying the content if you have any suggestions please fire them down below and I'm going to go get some sleep now cuz I am tired peace

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