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all right what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel hope everybody's doing well and uh today already had a few customers come in it's actually been a very busy day having more than one or two people in in a day is like it's a lot uh but yeah I've already had three and I think I have one more coming but uh we got some tradein I figured I would just roll through a couple of these with you guys cuz why not right let me find a good spot for ah okay so um we got a sapphire this is old this is old girl right here it's got two eight pin plugs who's that Pokemon guess that GPU I'll tell you in three two one this is a Sapphire R9 390 8 GB it's not a 390x unfortunately that was the the the big mama from that year but um this is still an absolute space heater like these things are massive and they burn a bunch of power but it's kind of impressive because if you look up what what these can do these still hold their own in the like low-end category but you would imagine these things couldn't do anything but anyway regardless Sapphire R9 398 gig not sure what I'm going to put that up for um I just feel partial to these cards CU I had a few of them I had a 290x back in the day I had some three R9 380 then I had a 390 but it wasn't this one but yeah this is a sapphire Nitro this is this is a nice one it's a nice one so anyway let's roll on I always like it when I get like cards that you don't see all the time it's like when somebody brings in a 3060 right now it's just like ah it's a 3060 okay no big deal it's like not not really not really much special about it um then I also got in a a wham bam thank you ma'am EVGA GTX 960 so this is a Super Clock 960 little six pin on top two DV or uh two DVI HDMI and display port lots of connectability I I I miss having graphics cards with multiple different display outs now it's like you get one HDMI and then 50 display ports and I mean I guess it is what it is all mon modern monitor can use display for so it's not really a problem um also got this one traded in this was from the second individual this is a XFX card you can see the the Cooler's giv it away what generation is this ladies and gentlemen who's that GPU it's like a need a whole new it's like all right we're going to commercial break who's that GPU but um anyway three two one this is a XFX RX 488 gigabyte and these are there's a little story behind the original 488 gigs and there's not a lot of these kicking around not nearly as many of these as the 470s and then obviously the 580s and 570s so the original run of 480s were killing PCI Express slots because if you would mine on these or do anything heavy power intensive draw wise look at that that looks weird right it only has a single six pin in for power this is a 480 this thing will burn a lot of power and it would overdraw from the slot and not draw enough from the six pin um later on revisions of the driver so as long as you're not running on a super old driver but um later on revisions uh changed it to where it wouldn't try to pull As Much from the slot uh and and then it would try to pull more through the six pin but it was just it was a design flaw and I actually remember having two 480s kill the the slot on the motherboard uh on two of my motherboards back in the days and that's why um nobody runs into that issue anymore because nobody runs 480s and nobody runs the old driver but yeah that was like 2015 well I want to say like 2016 era I do believe whenever these 480s were having that problem and I remember it was like a it was like a big deal at the time especially if you were had a lot of 480s I think I was up to like four or five 480s and um yeah they were killing the slots now if you're running risers not really a big deal if it pops a riser ah no big deal and that was a reason why there I don't know if you guys older like Miners and stuff there was a time when pcie risers would died randomly and it wasn't random it's because it was overdrawing the slots nowadays you never never hear about pcie risers dying they just don't die they last and last and last uh but I think a lot of them had to do with the fact that these these cards were just they're pulling too much power anyway continuing onwards um this wasn't traded in today this was actually traded in uh last week but I don't believe I showed you guys but it is a PNY accelerate XLR8 get it accelerate um this was a if I do recall a Best Buy special GTX 950 2 gig with the old cutaway box so you can see the graphics card I always liked how um some companies did that uh EVGA did that on a lot of their boxes so going to list the all these these graphics cards are going up onto the website and these are all like good to go confirmed working all that kind of stuff um what else we had some other other ones oh yeah this one just got traed in today GTX 950 EVGA this is a SSC which mean which means it is a super super clocked that that marketing right there super super um what else did we have in here um I think that was it from today oh yeah now that was it for all the working things now we got some stuff traded in that has some issues and this is a EVGA 1080 TI that had a bad this was a hybrid card so that means it had that built-in AIO water pump um and this one had a bad one so hopefully it still works I need to Source a cooler for it which put it I'm probably not going to put another hybrid cooler on it I don't believe I have to I think I think it shares the same design as the air coolers so um he said everything works so that's that's good just got to get that bad boy back alive 1080 TI it's crazy 1080 TI is literally used to be like the gold standard for everything but um yeah so it's been a productive day I don't think there was anything else oh yeah there was one more thing if you look over here on the wall there is a Zotac 2060 that also got traded in and it's funny because the guy brought it in he's like man I got a problem with my graphics card it keeps going out on me I don't know what's going on I'll play for a little while and then like get artifacting and then the screen goes goes black um and I'm like well let me plug it in and see and um I plugged it in I installed the drivers I can't get this card to mess up to save my life I'm going to leave it plugged in for a little while I'm actually just going to like use the card for a little while see if I can't get it to mess up um but he said it would mess up like not even running a game just running in Windows so I told him I was like you might need to take a look at your windows window install he said he put a fresh copy of Windows on it and I was like well do you want to take it back and try it and he said nope so he traded that one in and he ended up leaving with a 1080 TI which I mean 2060 to a 1080 TI is actually a pretty healthy Step Up um but I was just like man there's nothing wrong with this card I don't think there's anything wrong with it so I don't know it's one of those weird situations where who knows the combination of his setup might not be happy cuz he already got back he plugged the 1080ti in he's gaming he's happy cuz I told him I was like hey when you get back if you plug that card in and it's doing the same exact problem I'm like guaranteed it's not the graphics card and you can bring it back and come get your card and then we can you know bring your whole computer up here and we can figure it out but he said no everything's good and it's all like working and I'm like just dang okay well it is what it is sometimes it's hard to explain what's happening with all the different combinations of hardware and stuff out there in the world um um now before we get this video wrapped up I did want to show you guys oh goodness I got in a Mac as a trade in check it out boom so yeah I got my first Mac in as a trade I have people contact me about Mac stuff all the time or apple stuff and I normally avoid it um and I was going to avoid this one but he traded it in with other windows components so I was like you know what it's let's roll the dice on it um and then go from there so don't know how well that's going to do especially due to the fact that it is one of the what is it iMac I don't even know it's one of the ones that's like integrated all into a monitor um yeah I don't know we'll see he might just keep it here and use it as a huh could I use that as like a point of sale system I wonder I could have it up there and run my Shopify through it oo that's an idea I don't know I'm not sure um anyways also tonight I am if you guys are watching this video um if you could go back to my video before this I said I was picking a the next coin to mine with this rig right here this is a six rx5700 XTS I'm going to be setting that up to mine whatever you guys pick for the next 30 days on my previous video so go back to that video and like one of the comments that has a coin on it and that's the one I'm going to be picking I'll probably be picking it I said Monday so I guess I'll pick it tonight um and then we'll get that set up and start mining here in the next couple days and and see how it does uh oddly enough I saw some people they were like oh you need to mine Chia and I'm just like on my 5700 XTS I need to mine Chia okay so um I definitely need to to vet and look at some of these because obviously some of these people are trying to troll me um love to see some people GPU mining some Chia does it's just not going to happen but regardless it is what it is uh hopefully we'll get lucky and get get a good recommendation so other than that I think it is time to call it a day let's go home let's wrap it up all right ladies and gentlemen y'all have a good one I'll see you on the flip side peace oh by the way I saw some people commenting they're like where's your video where's your video my new schedule which I set this a few I don't know a couple months ago when I started back uploading I do Monday through Friday no videos Saturday or Sunday if I do a video Saturday or Sunday it's just is what it is that's a it's not part of my regularly scheduled content Monday through Friday that's when the videos are coming so just yeah if I don't upload a video during the week there's probably something happening with my kids my kids always seem to cause me things you know if you're a parent you know what I'm talking about anyways all right I'm going to jump off here youall have a good night bye

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