Customer traded in Alienware with bent pins

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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and we are back in the shop today uh I didn't actually get to come in here yesterday so um yeah yeah it's it's kind of like playing catchup um I haven't done any formal advertising I just posted a couple computers on Facebook Marketplace we're still not officially open still have a bunch of things that I want to do um I got some shelves that I want to hang up here and actually shout out to my brother let me flip the camera around but he hooked me up with a TV so it's definitely not the newest or most beautiful thing but he gave me one of his old TVs this used to be in his mining shed so thank you again Payton and um much much appreciated so that way I can drop a HDMI cord down there and then you know people can test the system out and see if they like it really really simple setup not trying to reinvent the wheel um also I'm not I don't have it today cuz I didn't have enough room I'm driving my wife's car but I have a small desk at our table or at our house I'm going to be putting right there just another area to be able to work on stuff and and place things um so I'm going to move that chair probably somewhere over here and then the old the old Bank chair I guess it's got to go somewhere cuz it's it's right here in the way I don't know I've already had people sit in it so not exactly sure there um but the big thing for today and I wanted to go ahead and get it set up or try to get it set up I got me a long USB 3.0 extension cable because I have a uh C920 Logitech webcam also got some little wire clip like holders um and I'm going to plug in from that laptop and run up and over and then mount my webcam somewhere over there in the corner that's the plan at least uh because I want to be able to see gosh my phone's going nuts uh I want to be able to see like this angle or something like this uh so people I can see when they come in you know the camera can see when they come in interacting with me and it's a whole dog and pony show um that is the idea so let's uh let's get some stuff done all right so I have a lot of computer parts coming in um I believe this is a motherboard setup so let me go ahead and pop this bad boy open let's see what we got oh no packings make a mess I hate packing peanuts I mean it's good for packing but makes a mess peanuts are going everywhere yep I think this is a motherboard so see what we got here put all those peanuts over there this open plenty of bubble wrap okay so this is [Music] an Asus h110i plus motherboard and an i57400 CPU with 8 gigs of ddr4 um got that for a pretty good deal I always try to snag up and I I love looking on eBay and snagging up deals on like like CPU motherboard that kind of thing um and this one caught my eye because look at the motherboard look how tiny it is wouldn't this be awesome to do like a small form factor build out of but um I was curious what kind of ram it actually came with let's see here it is some Kingston it doesn't say Kingston warranty if uh warranty void if removed um and then it doesn't a it doesn't have a speed on it so it's probably it's probably like some 2133 like some bog standard bottom ofth the line ddr4 but it is still ddr4 um Intel stock cooler motherboard's in in pretty good condition IO and I was about to say did they not include an IO bracket they did and got an IO bracket so um yeah I think this this was an awesome deal going to probably incorporate this into a build here soon um i57400 still great little CPU for like a budget build system um still can do a lot of stuff that's a quad core uh four core four thread I don't believe it's a it's not an eight thread but um yeah so I guess we'll we'll put this back in the bag and um I guess I could put it in the display case h yeah I guess I'll I'll put it in the display case for now since we have room you know so I haven't had good luck with running USB extensions but I looked up like one of the better quality ones and this one came up with really good reviews on Amazon it is a I think it's a 15 or a 20 foot I'm not sure uh it's pretty long it says it's USB 3.0 compatible blah blah blah blah we'll see it's got fairly decent connectors or at least brass colored don't know if that helps anything um but I'm I'm thinking I'm going to run the cable my laptop's right here run it up and then put these little these little cable clips on the bottom of this around the cable over here and then got to find exactly where I want to mount it in this corner for my webcam um and then I'm just going to use a webcam to record to the computer whenever people come in um I still have my security camera but the audio and video quality is poop yeah so um luckily though on the laptop I could plug in an external drive and I could you know set my webcam to record when I get here in the morning and when I leave and it it doesn't take up that much storage so and then just clip out or crop out what I want and then delete the rest so that's the idea we'll see how it goes all right so this looks significantly better especially like for you know when I'm standing up here and interacting with people let me see if I can zoom in on that so standing up here interacting with people I can see when people come in I can see them over there um I'd like to change the angle up a little bit but for right now I just have that webcam right there and I can't go really side to side I'd like to Pivot it just a touch more towards the uh the customer side but I have a actual Mount coming in soon I still need to put some clips I think I'm going to run it straight down and then just straight over to there with the clip but yeah um video quality wise this is Leaps and Bounds ahead of um that security camera I was using so I'll use this for recording my YouTube videos and leave my security camera up just for you know security stuff but uh yeah I think I think it's going to work out good but yeah I do want to bias it a little bit more towards that way just so it's just not as much on me I guess we only need me from like right here I don't know this might work this might actually work fine yeah all right so now that I got that cleaned up a little bit for now uh it's time to actually plug this system in and go ahead and Flash it back to a fresh copy of Windows we'll do that right there and then make sure it's good to go so ended up posting this up online and had a lot of hits on it but I wasn't here yesterday so people couldn't come check it out but I told people I was like yeah I'm here Thursday and Friday so come on by and of course everybody couldn't make it today on Thursday and I got like four people that want to come on Friday so maybe we'll maybe we'll see one of them ahead and plug in our keyboard and our Mouse [Music] HDMI maybe we could use a touch longer HDMI cable there we go oh and we need a power cord lens is getting all fuzzy I think I got some in here don't I maybe yeah oh it's a trip light one you know about the name brand power [Music] cords [Music] T I got to mute my other phone it's going nuts right now really thing is ridiculously short I don't even know if that'll fit oh it will that's a really really short power cord I think I bought that specifically for or something and I don't remember what it was um okay well it powered on that's a good sign I'm going go ahead and grab my Windows Flash utility little USB and get her going all right so that bad boy is ready to go got her down there so whenever these gentlemen want to come by and check it out it's up there um I also took in on trade this alien wear he didn't know what was wrong with it but it didn't run not a good sign when you see a cooler just laying over the CPU socket especially Intel and I was like my bet it's got some bent pins and of course it does look at that so that potentially is fixable um I had a magnifying glass uh or like a it was like a little magnifying setup that I had used in the past to straighten out some vent pins with some you know some success mostly success uh but I don't know where it's at so before I go in and order a motherboard for this cuz these motherboards are kind of expensive for what they are they're online used for about 120 to 150 bucks I don't really want to do that so let's put that cooler back over top of this so it's not actually going to hit anything there we go that's all it takes screw them in a little bit and then then it won't move um but this is a really cool alien wear I I like this generation this has a i77700 and a 1070 so decent little computer probably all put together and cleaned up somewhere in the range of about I don't know maybe 300 bucks so I definitely don't want to put a $100 uh motherboard in here um so I'm going to get that me a new magnifying set up I'm going to push this over to the side for right now it does have a 1 TB nvme so that's kind of cool but all said and done um yeah we're going to revisit that and hopefully we can get that bad boy fixed that would be that would would be ideal so but for now we're just going to wait on that all right I've been doing some reorganization I originally wanted to put that shelf up underneath these cabinets I want to go start unscrewing these cabinets and all the screws are stripped out of it I think that's why they actually left those cabinets so instead of fighting with that um I may end up just going with the flow and that little desk that I was going to put over there I may end up just putting it right here take the bank chair out of there I'm going to move maybe this rolly chair and have it slide up underneath that desk or I may put the desk in the corner I'm not I'm not exactly sure don't know how that's all going to go down this is all just some junk so we still have this set up right here so where people can test out a system before they buy it then got a little bit of room to walk around here and like stuff got plenty of shelves right here to work on stuff I still do have my shelves that are coming in to go right up there I'm excited about that I guess I could probably put some shelves up here too so that way I keep most of the inventory and and stuff that I'm keeping on site on those shelves but I guess would it even make sense to put another like a desk right here and then a chair right there hm I wonder so somebody could like sit down but I guess they can really they can test it there I'm not sure I'm not sure um I'll see it doesn't it's not like the desk cost me anything and my wife got it and she didn't end up using it so I'll bring it up here and then I may just move that little storage thing somewhere else I'm not exactly sure either but yeah so that's the current uh layout of the shop and that's pretty much going to wrap up for today calling it a short one today I'm going to be back in the shop tomorrow I have a few people that are coming by to look at that system uh I ordered a a good desk magnifying set for that one so that way I can try to uh Bend out those CPU socket pins see if we can't bring that one back to life if we can't then that does stink but I have high hopes for it uh I also have some cases coming in because I wanted to go ahead and build out that motherboard right there and um yeah so just keeping that ball rolling ladies and gentlemen I hope everybody has a good one and I'll see you on the next one peace

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