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what's up ladies and gentlemen back in the shop today um I met with uh a gentleman yesterday evening and I'm basically buying him out of all of his Hardware he's got tons of stuff he used to have a little small shop he said he pretty much did everything online and I'm like that's awesome um but he brought some of his uh collection in and he has tons of stuff I was like um I don't really need any gpus but like CPUs motherboards that kind of thing so he's like let me bring you uh some CPUs and let me flip it around and show you what we got so say hi to little baby he's back there chilling um he brought in this is a z690 orus elite so super nice motherboard 16 gigs of ddr5 they're 8 gig dims this has got an Intel i5 13400 so that's one of the 10 cores I think it's like six performance for nonperformance or economy cores I don't even know anyway so super nice setup on that this is a bunch of DDR four these are all 16 gig dims except for this one is a 32 gig dim uh and then tons of CPUs he was just like all these were tested and working no issues if you have any issues let me know and um he's like I'll give you your money back on them so we ended up sitting down and working out a price for everything um that you see here and he's going to be bringing me more stuff back either next week or the following week cuz he said he has tons of nvme drives uh but he used to flip hardware and he said now he's just done he just he's tired of it wants to get out of it and I'm like hey you know what that works out good for me because especially Intel these are a lot like like 11700 11700 F you know 101 100s 8700s 8500 84 so he said he really didn't keep much under eighth genin a lot of lot of eth 9th 10th little bit 11 there's an 11700 KF that's a good CPU um there was a 12100 uh these Intel confidential ones he made me really good deals on these cuz he said these don't resell very well but those were like i5s uh and I think their their 12th gen as well um 12700 F 12700 F 3700 and I like how he stacked them together he's like you know I just put them together so that way they wouldn't tear up the pins and I'm like that's actually not a horrible way to ship them uh well not ship them but just transport them um those cuz these are really these can be really really finicky um with all these little pins so he was like yeah everything is good though and um he's like if it's not that's no problem he's like I'll just straight up give you money back on it but it took us a while cuz we had to sit down and I broke everything down itemization wise you know itemized it all but he basically gave me a killer deal so he got the advantage of selling it all in bulk and I got the advantage of getting super good deals on every each individual particular part um I'm probably going to end up building out this system my little boys over here talking um I'm probably going to build out this system get a really nice case and that might be one of like you know maybe a little Flagship system that we keep in here it'll PE you for sale but it probably won't sell quick uh but I just I really like that that z690 board I think it's pretty slick so um stoked about that he said he had the nvme drives he said most of them are all Gen 4 looks like this one is a it's a Samsung my eyes deceive me I can't really see it here um I can't see it it's a one tbte model number I don't see the exact model number on there anyway that's a one tbte these are another one tbte I don't know what model this one [Music] is nvme one tbte yeah I'm not sure on that one either but um made me super good deals on those uh way way cheaper than I can buy them new or used so uh I told him I definitely need more drives whether it be 2 and 1/2 in who there we go sorry my phone was out of whether it be 2 and 1/2 in or nvmes or just straight up m.2 ssds I'll pretty much uh clean him out on that he said he had somewhere in the range of like 20 or 30 of those kicking around and I'm like bring them on um he definitely didn't expect he thought I was just like an individual wanting to buy some stuff CU he said he's he's posted this stuff online and um he's gone to a lot of places and people want to buy like one or two CPUs so he's like you know I'll kick him a deal but uh definitely bulk is is the way to go so um I'm going to list a couple of these probably on eBay I'll throw a couple of them uh or I'll throw the rest of them on the Shopify website we have not fully launched that to the public yet so um yeah that just because CPUs are super easy to ship and then I'm going to obviously keep a couple of them for builds uh but I don't need necessarily every single one of these right this second so if they sell on Shopify that's great I'm basically my pricing is I'm going to try to beat eBay pricing like Buy It Now lowest price um be competitive with that and that's that's how I'm going to price my stuff so definitely not going to try to uh rake people over the coals cuz I got a good deal so I want to pass a good deal on to you guys but um yeah oh and he also threw in this the one of these uh the graphics card like remote cables he said it is a uh it's only he said it was not I don't believe it's a Gen 4 cuz he bought it and he thought it was but it's not a Gen 4 so he said that's the only drawback to that but anyway I just noticed it's like a big thermal guard that must be where the M do2s go on this one so that's pretty cool uh but you know what let's jump right back into it and um I guess time lapse on oh my goodness I done three so far um I went ahead and ordered a printer actually ordered one the other day it still hasn't come in but um I really wish my printer was here because I want to be printing out labels right now not writing labels down this is this is redonkulous um but yeah so I have like three more to do and then going to go drop those in the old post office or UPS or something USPS there we go is this what a this this what a drop shipper feels like no drop shippers don't actually mail anything they they drop shipping um yeah let's get get to it I've never actually written out this many addresses by hand and normally just print them all out but so I do have a customer coming in uh he came in the other day I don't know if he's actually going to come back or not but he had a HP Pavilion or something like a pre-built and um it was not powering on not doing anything and I was like oh let me just I'll po another power supply in it but it had the proprietary four pin and four pin I looked online and you can't just use like like you can't just take CPU power and do four pin and four pin cuz one of the four pin is different I was like oh maybe I could you know splice and cut and ain't going to do none of that because I just ordered another power supply on Amazon and it was like 40 bucks uh so I was like we can test it out if not no sweat off your back I'm not going to charge you for something that I can't fix that'll be on that'll just be up to me to to take care of but um he's supposed to come back today uh that power supply got dropped off last tonight so um got that in I'm going to pop that open and make sure we're all good there and um yeah I think that's the only other thing I got going on I of course I have more people that want to come in and look at the current systems for sale um and I think I am also going to start listing all my systems on the Shopify store too especially since I'm getting so many parts in and so many you know going to be doing so many builds I'm just going to throw up everything on Shopify and I think I'm going to do my entire uh point of sale system system or POS system a piece of piece of sale system I I like the way they they acronym that um I'm going to do it through Shopify they have like a whole like little tablet and stand and all that kind of stuff by the way I haven't bought it yet I haven't committed to a posos system yet um so if you do recommend one that's better and it links to like a web store and everything please let me know Down Below in the comment section I just thought it's nice that shopify's got a web store um they take you know they can I can fill out all my my information and then it links to you know my items and I can do cards and and everything through it through all that and um they do offer like a I think it's like simple pay or something it's like some like for pay like financing thing so um once that's all set up then I can advertise that you know offer financing and people can come in and finance a computer uh and apparently they can do it all right through that little touch screen so I can just flip the the touchcreen around they can enter all their information in and see if they get approved or not and of course it's obviously an extra fee on my end they killing me with the fees you know fee this fee that um but yeah so I'm kind of Pumped about that because I I get that question a lot of time hey man can I make payments can I make payments I don't take payments um I've thought about it but it's just I don't want to get into that habit especially right now I'm just so early into it um yeah so it's kind of like before we get officially open uh right now we're just just doing stuff on cash let's just keep it keep it simple and then when I officially open and I have my POS system um oh yeah by the way we are shooting now for a January 1st opening date um that is preliminarily Set uh I've applied for the this and I've applied for the that and the things that I need don't need to get all into that because you know some security by obscurity is nice um but I'd like to keep you guys informed at some level so uh I'm I'm looking forward to it once the uh the logo gets printed out I I am doing a banner across the wall I'm doing two shelves up top and then a banner behind that and um I'm pretty pumped pretty pumped so just one day at a time um I cannot actually stay here at the shop all day I'm going to be leaving a little bit early because I do have some excavation work to go do we're going to be putting a a drainage pipe in uh and that's actually pretty much all I have for this week I had a little job on Monday then I got this one and then nothing scheduled for next week so next week's going to be a whole another full week of computer shop stuff so hopefully you guys enjoy it I guess this video is over insert video of excavation stuff if anything cool happens I'm going to put it after this video later guys

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