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all right what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back um today is Saturday I haven't been normally going into the shop on Saturdays and Sundays and stuff just cuz I didn't have enough going on to make it worthwhile I was just kind of doing some family stuff but uh a buddy of mine is bringing some systems over I'm uh getting from him and then I have another gentleman that's coming by for the power supply swap the that's that HP OEM power supply that I got for him um he end up making it by yesterday that's no problem I figure I'll give him a couple more tries before we return it but um sorry I'm at a four-way stop and people don't know who goes next um but yeah I'm I'm really stoked about the systems that are coming in because I'm going to be gutting them recasing them adding graphics cards they're pretty much just older office systems but they make for really really great budget entrylevel gaming systems and that's the idea that I'm going to be using them for um so yeah let's get it all right so my buddy stopped by and he BR a bunch of systems in they all range from like I5 4570s up to i7 6600s uh he hooked me up with some monitors some keyboards some mice whole bunch of stuff so um now I'm going to be rehoming these cuz they're in the little tiny like low profile cases uh luckily they are ATX motherboards so that that's good but I need to get on the hunt for some some goodlook reasonably priced uh desktop Towers so let's jump on over to that and um I'll show you I've been looking on like eBay and new EG and a couple other places just finding some good deals but um these are probably not going to be anything too crazy cuz these are going to be systems priced around the I'd say 250 to 350 the price range so I'd love to do crazier things but you know have to make them or price them and make them accordingly uh doesn't make sense to spend $200 on a case on a $300 or $350 PC it just doesn't it don't math it don't math but um anyway yeah he was checking out some gpus here and we ended up making a a sweet deal and definitely going to be getting more stuff from him in the future so yeah shout out really appreciate it thanks bud all right so I've been scouring on eBay and these are some of the ones that I really like so this one looks pretty good it comes with uh I think it's three RGB fans from what I was reading uh let's see here this is optional wonder if it comes with the fans or not it doesn't really say item demonstration H anyway um so this one does have uh four pre-installed like RGB fans so that's kind of cool I don't know if it's static or I don't think it's addressable RGB for this price but 41 bucks um and I think it comes with an acrylic side cover does it come with a side cover does it not have a does it not have a side cover case and power supply does it come with a power supply side panel window no what it doesn't come with a side panel window it's just open never run into that okay probably not going to be grabbing that bad boy um this one 36 bucks it's pretty cheap I don't necessarily love the look of it but it's not bad for the price I'm trying to stay around like that 40 really don't want to be up in the 50 plus dollar price range o DIY PC gosh they've been making cases forever the white and black goes hard compared to the old the old black and orange I don't know mean let's let's jump on over there to uh new eggs got some some pretty good cases here we go so got got to go RGB fan cases this the price range I'm I'm looking at doing is just it's all about the rgbs so 40 44 47 53 bucks for these I'm not a huge fan of the pink or the the like teal or like seafoam but man if they had that in like just straight up white or just straight up black that's a that's a really cool looking case um 53 see we're starting to get a little above where I wanted our price to be oh that case right there goes hard with the old mirror so yeah I'm not exactly sure not exactly sure I love your guys's opinion um whatever I get I'm probably going to get probably a few of them CU I have quite a few system or maybe I'll just I'll mix it up and get like one of of each different one and just see how they sell or how they don't sell if people like them don't like them oh is this got like a are these RGB on the front panel or ises that just light up oh it says DIY PC on the front that is not ideal $10 off with a promo code eligible for Black Friday I mean $10 off this may make me actually buy one or 10% off so that's another what almost five bucks $4.7 off H maybe maybe di PC yeah see the pink I just feel like that's not going to sell through good and I definitely don't think the uh the seafoam but maybe we get one of them just to try it just to see see if it sells good yeah I'm not sure this is going to be tough I'm I'm definitely going to do some more digging but anyway guys uh keeping it short and sweet for today hope youall have a good one going to be tearing those systems apart here in the next day or two so look out for that and um we have another big uh order parts coming in so prettyy stoked about that a lot of m.2 drives a lot of um some more CPUs but some more motherboards as well so just trying to get a lot of stuff in keep stuff moving the hopefully the Shopify store will be up and running here soon um just trying to build up a little bit of a you know inventory before launching it publicly no need to having a Shopify store there ain't nothing on there you know what I'm saying but anyway youall have a good night later and if you have any opinion on these cases please drop drop your opinion Down Below in the in the comment section what's a good you know cheap budget kind of goodlook case and don't say like a basic case because the basic cases with like no lights and stuff don't sell good um especially in like the the cheaper price range I know people are like oh don't waste your money on lights and stuff but spending another 10 or 20 bucks on a case that looks good definitely just helps it sell through better so it's been my experience so far uh obviously don't put URLs or links Down Below in the description it'll automatically delete them so just put like the name and the website so like you know the cougar mx410 on new egg or whatever um but yeah so love love for some some guidance on that anyway guys I'll see you on the next one peace for real it's over

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