Customer Wanted RGB Case Swap

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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I apologize in advance all the audio on this YouTube video was absolutely rled it's just gone but anyway a customer brought me in a computer that he wanted to recase um the new case is over there on the side I went ahead and pulled the guts out and he went with one of these it's like almost a lean Le like more Cube style computer um pretty cool looking setup but uh he had a 10700 uh 3070 I believe or 3060 TI almost the same thing uh RGB fans in the bottom RGB fans in the side and the top had to get a little creative cuz the aiio he was using was a Cooler Master and it was just a little bit too big for this case but rearranged some things in there got it all to work um wasn't too crazy about the pre-installed like uh on the cheaper side RGB fans but they look good while they're on um the the mounting on them just didn't feel good unscrewing and screwing them back in um the bigger screws that like thread into the actual and bite into the plastic it just didn't didn't jive with me well um here's an actual from my Tik Tok shout out to Tik Tok here's here's what it looks like we didn't go overboard with the uh the wires and stuff for cable management because he wants to get extensions uh so have RGB for the power cord for the GPU and for the 24 pin um after that I packaged up a bunch of stuff to get shipped out there's the wife in the background she came by and was getting ready to to do some work on her end um I also had a bunch of I've been testing out little USB Wi-Fi dongles I bought the cheapest ones I could find earlier and had basically like 50% of them were dead right out of the box and the power the like speed on them was a TR ious so I got these they were a little bit more expensive still pretty cheap they're only 2.4 but just something to basically include with a a cheap budget system is what I was looking for um in this video I just pop them open and I was comparing them to the onboard Wi-Fi chip in this laptop and you'll see here I I do a test like before and after before and after but the um the Wi-Fi that's in my office is is I think it's like 50 meg is what it originally is but you never get 50 down cuz there's other people that are sharing the Wi-Fi see I'm getting 30 down here that's on the computer I think once I plug the USB dongle in it goes down to like 20 and I'm like oh man maybe this dongle isn't that good but then I unplug it and do another test on the Wi-Fi that's integrated into the laptop and I think it's like somewhere at like 25 so um too inconsistent to make any conclusions about I'm going to try some more of them I'm going to include them in some of my builds if they do good I think I can get these in bulk for like around three bucks that way I could I can offer them for like five bucks as a ad on on the website or if somebody comes in and and needs one a Wi-Fi dongle is one of those things when you need it you need it and they're super cheap until you go to Walmart or Best Buy and they try to smack you over the head with you know A40 $50 USB Wi-Fi dongle when it don't it ain't that serious now if somebody's really wanting you know a good Wi-Fi setup you don't you ethernet it that that's the good setup you know what I'm saying power line adapter in my opinion still better than than Wi-Fi and you got you you know there's always your Wi-Fi guys out there that have to Wi-Fi six crazy routers and and all the crazy adapters and stuff but I I still just prefer ethernet but not everybody has that option I understand so um a cheap cost effective solution is I think what I found here I don't know we'll see only time will tell um as for whatever else was on the rest of this video I guess we're you're just going to find out as I find out cuz I didn't plan on doing a voice over cuz I had audio recorded for all this but the audio's gone long gone oh I think I think I have a video clip at the end of uh of my youngest son my wife had brought him by and he's playing around on the floor with a with a roll of bubble wraps that's pretty much yeah this video is over so anyway anyway thanks for watching guys the CPU sale on the website is still going on 25% off all CPUs the code is just lowercase CPU 25 no space so uh jump on that while you can trying to move some inventory out we got a bunch of stuff coming in uh 1070s 1080s potentially um also some 2060s and 2070s going to be adding gpus to the website um trying to trying to pass off some good deals so if you're a system integrator or a a flipper you know hit me up we might be able to make some bulk deals as well later guys

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