Cell Phone Farm Generating 10 cents a day

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all right what is up ladies and gentlemen there it's been a few days I've had to tweak this a little bit uh I've kind of changed up so if you don't know this is a automatic timer to turn power on and off that little lights on so that means there's power going to it um and I basically have it like turn off for an hour and then turn on for like two to three hours and then turn off for an hour and then two to three hours all day long some people have said I'm doing more damage than good some people have said it's great to let those batteries discharge and then charge back up um this is basically going to be a good a good test of that because I'm not gonna just be leaving them plugged in fully on a hundred percent we are going to be letting them discharge and go back up and down and hopefully that does good um so originally I had it off for longer periods of time and I noticed my temperatures were getting a little higher if they're doing a lot of charging if they if I let them discharge way down for like three or four hours and let them get super low then to charge back up from that that low percentage all the way to the top I noticed they were running a little bit warmer and that was reducing my hash rate so that's why I tweaked that about a day ago and then over on on the pool side we've been like rock steady like look at this um you know earlier in the day we were at 16 Mega hash in 24 hours and then now here at the end of the day 16.13 um everything's just been been chugging along beautifully um if we go yeah total paid 1.29 so we're getting there we are getting there making some making some various um luck is two months on 16 Mega hash now I do I am gonna make a video because I have been you know scouring eBay and trying to find like some used phones and stuff and I noticed um you got to be careful what you buy there's certain phones that are like locked that you can't just uh go straight to the launcher at least not without doing some kind of bypass and I think it's some of the Verizon phones don't quote me but uh some people were mentioning that in the comment section you have to be careful about certain phones because without an activation they won't let you go to the home screen so then you can't go to Chrome and then you can't download any uh minor applications I'm not logging into any gmails on any of these so I'm not using the Play Store I'm just using [Music] um Chrome to go and download the APK so yeah food for thought there ladies and gentlemen um if we go and take and look at the varus mining calculator we are currently at 16 megahash and right now we're at about 24 Watts that is including the van calculate that out that means per day we're profiting 3.2 cents if we extrapolate the data 3.2 or a 0.032 times 30 that comes out to a dollar a month almost or 11.68 a year something to write home about now if we don't take power into account we're actually doing 10 cents a day so a little bit better that's about 70 cents in a week but it still ain't getting great so I'm I think I'm gonna expand this out to maybe a few more phones uh if I can find stuff at good deals some people are saying some of the orbic joys I believe paper clip actually did a video on the orbic joys they get like five Mega hash and they're really cheap so uh shout out to him might be grabbing one of those and then also pang's Labs um the I guess the developer on the the software for the CPU Miner on or the the phone Miner commented on one of the videos and said he was going to be having a new update so actually let's go and look at the various mining download see if we can't go to the GitHub and see if there's a things pings lab various minor nine months ago yeah so there has not been an update on here yep that was him he had commented on one of the previous videos so I guess we will just have to wait and see when the new one comes out apparently it's supposed to be helping out with the hash rate but all right guys I'm gonna call it for tonight I hope you all have a good one adios

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