Dead Power Supplies

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and of course got more packages got more CPUs rolling out have another shipment coming in but like I talked about the other day I just got a bunch of these systems in and these range from everything from there's an i5 4570 I believe these are let's see here I think these are the i7 6600s right here they're all pretty much Elite desks but um yeah solid solid little CPUs let's see here got a whole box of keyboards got these monitors that aren't the best but they're they're great if I don't have any monitors so yeah six 1 2 3 4 5 six six systems and then he even threw in two-part system so shout out thank you bud I really appreciate it um um so those were Elite desks and then these are little compacts High FES i5s solid solid lots of stuff to go through but before I do any of that that gentleman dropped off his desktop to see why it wasn't starting so let's get that thing over here and diagnose all right so um this is what I'm talking about these proprietary power supplies a lot of them are a four pin and a six pin but this is a four pin and a four pin so it's got CPU power and then motherboard power supplied by another four pin I was thinking about rigging up like an ATX style power supp but then look the size of this bad boy um is not standard either so uh I was just like let's go ahead and get another OEM power supply I think it was like 50 55 bucks um he just wants to get back up and running this is not that old of a system um it's got 8 gigs of DD R4 and a 240 gig m.2 drive so it's semi modern but I'm going to get these Drive cages out of the way that way I can get my hands down in there and work on it so uh I'm going to throw my time lapse up on that looking down at me so we'll see how that turns out just trying some new things but I may end up putting a uh webcam right there pointing straight down just to give a better view so let's do it [Music] [Music] all right ladies and gentlemen the new power supply is in the fans are kicking it went straight to a login uh I'm always careful about I don't want to show people's like desktops and stuff because not everybody uses a password and sometimes it'll just boot straight up to there um I'm going to put that side cover back on call the customer back and let them know that it was the power supply that was dead I don't know what's wrong with this power supply in my opinion it's not even worth like diving into because it's a 180 wat power supply with these proprietary four pins so yeah we'll get rid of that bad boy put that in the scrap pile all right so here is one of the HP Elite desk uh systems that I got in so I got in six of them right now in total um and a lot of people are like oh you know these are blah blah blah these are super proprietary and uh a pain to use but the actual bolt pattern and the mounting pattern for these they are ATX so that makes it easy to swap and put into another case um the only like pain in the butt is they do use a propri power plug but I've already found a place online that sells adapters to adapt uh this is a normal six pin apparently but this one is the motherboard power and that one is a proprietary six pin but they make a converter that converts that over to the 24 pin of a normal ATX power supply and then it also has a converter for this plug which I guess that's some kind of motherboard power as well um as for the power button I was looking it up where is it I believe I believe that's it down there I think that's it um what I was going to do is just take the harness and cut the harness and then splice it into uh the power button harness for whatever desktop I'm using um this one is an i7 uh 6600 I have somebody that's interested in buying this as is with a low profile card so I was actually looking and I have this one I just got to find the BR racket to it this is a GT 1030 could slam that bad boy in there and get some some decent I'd say depending on price uh decent usage out of this um I have thought about buying some more lowprofile cards and trying to just package these up with a SSD low profile card and selling them as is uh but I don't know I got to I'm going to weigh it out I definitely think they'll they'll sell better if I recase everything into maybe spending like 50 bucks on a nice RGB case I have about less than I think they're like eight bucks so about we'll Round Up say $10 into a power supply converter and then stepping up and getting away from this this is a 200 wat power supply so if I get into a better power supply another 20 bucks there um then I can actually run a full-size card maybe like a 570 or even a 588 gig would really show shine a lot better than um some of these low profile cards um and I think that would sell better be a better value for people and and so on but yeah so looking forward to getting these bad boys up and going but I am running out of time I have to go and meet with somebody about some more Hardware so we have some more Hardware coming in we're just going to keep accumulating and um keep throwing stuff at the wall and see what sticks and I also got to go drop those off at the post office so bear with me and hopefully the Hardware bu goes smoothly and um if he lets me record it that's awesome if not then I'll show you after the fact all right small correction I did find where the power button is I just looked up the header online and it is actually two of these pins across from where it's missing a pen right there and it just unplugged right there powered it up and we have power so that's cool it's using standard pins and just a uh proprietary layout so I'll just be able to slot on a power button um uh pin I don't have to do any splicing so wham bam that's a a win right there makes things a little simpler you know what for Diagnostic and stuff I really need a screen right here so I don't know if I have a mount or not I think I did I think I had a wall mount I believe these are Vasa vesa Vasa compatible let me see yeah they have Vasa mounts on them Visa I don't even know how to pronounce it I don't know he gave me one or not I thought I had one Maybe not maybe not I need to get me one so I'm thinking might take one of these maybe even two of them put them on the wall right there that way I can drop cords down and I can plug into systems as I'm actually working on them I think that's going to be an awesome layout right there yeah yeah I think that's I think that's going to work so monitors right there even one Monitor and then a webcam up there pointing straight down showing what I'm working on all right so temporarily ended up just putting a monitor right there cuz I was testing out the systems and that kind of thing ended up selling another processor so dwindling those down but apparently have a another guy that's coming in he's be he's bringing in motherboards and CPUs so hopefully I'll be able to get those listed up on the Shopify here soon because eBay is just killing me on fees I figure I could maybe list stuff on Shopify for a good week and after that maybe then start rotating it on eBay cuz it seems to sell really fast on eBay hold on let me flip this around so yeah my my thought process was um I could start transitioning into listing all my stuff on Shopify and I can actually list it for a little bit cheaper because the fees on eBay are so ridiculous I can still I can make more money save you guys a little bit more money uh and then still not have to deal with the ridiculous amount of my fees that eBay has um and then maybe I leave it on my Shopify store for a week or two weeks depending on how much store Capital there is um cuz you know stuff that's sitting ain't making money um but leave it on for a week or two and then rotate it into eBay to sell it off quickly uh if if I notice some items aren't selling fast obviously I know there's some stuff that'll get probably get snapped up pretty quick but not everything like that but um I just met with the landlord down here uh she owns the whole strip mall and there's another building beside it and I was like hey you know I'm going to be doing like a grand opening I want to do like a little thing in the parking lot maybe like you know with the grill and food and that kind of thing things and I might have like a significant amount of people coming and you know my little space is small so that we might just do some you know some stuff like outside is that cool and she's like yeah yeah that's fine and um she's like don't you do like construction and and stuff on the side too and I'm like yeah she's like well come around back I want you to look at this and she's got an entire area in the back that used to be like an overflow parking lot but uh there was like another building back there and I I don't know what happened to it but anyway there's just a footing like Concrete in the ground she's like could you remove all that concrete dig it all up flatten it out and then put gravel everywhere back there um to make like a huge extended parking lot cuz that's the only issue right now is the parking lot's not huge and especially when all the employees and the business owners Park in there there's not a lot of room for customers but she's like this would kind of solve that issue so everybody that wants to like employees or and business owners could park around back they don't have to worry about people like constantly being in and out cuz most of the time when they Park they're there for the day um and then all all the parking up front could be used for customers and then there would be a lot more room a lot more room for activities and events stuff like that and I'm like that'd be awesome um and I was like let's work a deal I'm like you don't even have to pay me just knock some uh some rent off you know maybe month couple months of rent that kind of thing I'm happy you're happy everybody's happy and she's like I got some other work for you to do too uh so we're negotiating that out which that's awesome um she has like a an old deck that used to come off of the back of one of the buildings I'm going to tear that down I gave her a price on that gave her a price on this and a price on bringing in some gravel and smoothing it out um so yeah that's it's good to it's it's good to have sections um so I'm I'm pretty stoked about that not only for the fact of like being able to save on some rent and it really not cost me much more than you know just buying the fuel and bringing the equipment down here cuz I already own the equipment um but also the fact that uh I'll be able to help make more space for whenever we have an event um so yeah Bam Bam uh but anyway I did sell one more item so taking that down to oh no dang did I forget no I didn't okay I was about to say I forgot my wallet that' be bad uh but taking that down to the post office going to drop that in and we're calling it a day um I had Buddy's power supply fixed and I just couldn't get lined up with him what time he was going to actually be up here he wasn't responding back so I'll just wait and get up with him another day it's it's getting late it's time to go home all right later guys peace

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