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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel hope everybody's having a great day we have a budget gaming PC build on list for today and um actually using a pretty cool case for it this is a uh CM Storm Scout so these cases are actually semi valuable but I'm hooking up a buddy of mine with this uh well it's kind of a friend of a friend but he's now become a really good friend um but this was Cooler Master before it was Cooler Master so CM Scout it's a Cooler Master Scout case uh I don't know what these things are going for online let's look it up look it up real quick real quick let me flip this around all right so this one's $25 with $50 shipping $199.97 it's crazy cuz these are like old cases um those aren't it but yeah there's not a lot of them left kicking around and I figured you know what might as well hook him up cuz uh he's definitely he's you know looking to get into gaming and I always thought like the carrying case or the carrying handle was so cool it's also got EA don't really use that not really any use I think this is like some kind of like fan control or something I'm not sure um USBS power reset switch very very usable case of the intakes anyway um let's go grab him a motherboard and he was basically just like I need to get up and running he's on a dual core Mac uh and he was been struggling to try to play anything so we'll go see what we can find him and slap something together all right so we're we're down here in the dungeon I found this it's a uh it's a mining motherboard h81 Pro BTC wondering what CPU it's got on it let's see here let me let me pull this cooler off real quick and then show you guys what we're working with all right so that is a Celeron g1840 that's not going to work ain't going to be doing no gaming on that bad boy but I do believe this is a ddr4 stick of ram I think I also have some some more over here there's the kitty cat yeah I got some Ram right there so let me grab a stick or two of that oh looks like that's not actually ddr4 that's a DDR3 cuz this is ddr4 darn this is an 8 gig stick it was some ddr4 so that'll should pair up nicely with something what is it kitty cat yeah what is it buddy give me Allen all right what are we working with over here ryzen 3800x need to clean that one off I think that one's a 3900x that one may be slightly out of his budget that's got a DD 8 gig stick of ddr4 it's got one extra slot so that's enough to get him started but a 3800x is a h I guess I guess that's that's about all I have these are all pretty much like lowend CPUs all through there so all right I guess we're grabbing that one all right now as for a GPU I really think the 3800 X would pair up good with like a mid3 series 3060 3070 something like that uh but I just rang him up and that's not not in his budget so I think we're going to have to pull back a little bit I don't want to go all the way back to like a 580 I feel like that's definitely not doing it justice what are you doing buddy um so let's see here I think I think I'll grab him a 1660 TI I think I think that would at least uh compliment it fairly well see do I have any over here what's this this is a 6600 RX 6600 maybe maybe we'll go with that guy gosh Skitty cat I need to get all this stuff cleaned um there's a decent cooler so we'll grab that bad boy I was looking at that one right there that's a I think that's a a 5800 so yeah we'll grab this CPU or this this GPU we'll grab that motherboard and stuff need to grab him a power supply I think I have just a little little 80 plus rated one around here somewhere and we'll head back up all right already ran into a slight issue um I thought I had an extra power supply but the only power supplies I I had left over are the really really Cheapo um they're not even 80 plus rated I was basically just using them to power motherboards on uh mining um setups and then I was using a server power spot to power the cards but for just a traditional desktop um a server power supply doesn't work at least not in the way I want it to um and then a those those little um cheap Depot power supplies I just they haven't treated me well so I'm not going to put it in somebody's machine that I'm going to be selling uh even though it's a friend I can be like hey man I'll just come you know if it breaks just let me come back those things break all the time when you try to push any kind of power through them other than like just a CPU just running and operating system so uh I'm going to have to order uh some power supplies but um hopefully the store is going to be up here soon so um as as soon as I get confirmation on the new location uh I've been looking and we're going to be bulk buying some stuff because buying onesies and twoes it it's still not like super expensive but it's not as efficient um I definitely could be saving money by buying them in bulk but you know it is what it is so anyway um yeah let's uh let's hit the road and get back to the house all right so I was just researching some prices cuz everything does fluctuate pretty heavily it looks like by now lowest uh is about 150 bucks bucks on RX 6600s um so I'm going to get all this stuff cleaned up I'm not going to install it yet cuz I want to make sure I try to call him back I but I just want to make sure it's in his price point cuz originally he was shooting for about 400 bucks this is a much better setup than orig like what he we originally talked about originally he was going to look at I I used to have like a bunch of older i5s but I think I already turned through and sold but most of those um but uh it was like I5 like 6400s like quad cores this um 3800 ryzen 7 3800 X absolutely wipes the floor with those I5 so he's getting a lot better value um you know 8 gigs of RAM really the ram is not not a huge deal breaker dealmaker the RX 6600 um some people like them some people don't I think they're pretty decent good entry-level gpus uh you know decent case got a the stock cooler that comes on the 3800 X this is pretty decent lights up looks kind of cool um and then I am going to be grabbing him a 80 plus rated power supply probably a 5 600 watt something that'll supply enough power and and be stable uh but right I think I'm right around that 550 range for everything um and that's with a 1 tbte uh SSD so um I told him if he wants to go more you know that could add a little bit but uh he said he's going to try to scr some money together and see if can't make it work if not uh he told me he wants me to go ahead and order him and do like a more budget based like a quad core setup so uh no need to me putting this together yet cuz it might be being assembled in a different configuration but I figured I might as well have this stuff up here and go ahead and get it all cleaned off uh because this will be going into another build um I am going to be spinning up the old website backup I don't know exactly what the new name's going to be for the store uh but we will be selling builds and have them available online of course shipping cost does stink but um you'll be able to save a little bit of money over buying like a newer system uh by buying something that's uh pre-loved and uh I do stand behind all my stuff I I've done videos in the past where people have come back and they've had issues with it and I just fix it um as long as it's not due to negligence uh like we'll take care of you you know what I mean so um look forward to turning this into something more for sure but anyway guys I'm going to keep this uh short and sweet and yeah I guess we'll go hunting for some gpus so basically the video is over but I'll I'll I'll show you what what stuff we're looking for here all right so something along the lines of this is is what he's kind of uh was originally looking at so like a i56400 this comes with a 8 gig stick of ddr4 and it's got one open slot on it uh with a just a generic stock cooler $449.99 it's free shipping so that cuts his cost down that would bring this system with the RX 6600 down to like 350 bucks uh now performance-wise this is a huge step down but not everybody can afford to be there and i56400 does still get it done for a lot of games uh you'd be surprised what some of these older Intel chips are still capable of there's tons of these available and you don't have to go with the 65 or the 6400 I5 but um I noticed the price on these has just dropped dramatically there is also the 70 or 6500 and 7500 um these are fairly reasonable as well $45 for a CPU trying to find a CPU and motherboard is is most of the way that's that's how I always get most of my deals let's see here 130 lots of lots of laptop ones on this one but um yeah let's see here what about 7400 let's go 6500 still new enough to have ddr4 uh eBay's having some trouble right here CPU and motherboard like $64 what's that it's got a 65006 gigs of RAM it's out of a HP though you got to be careful about some of these proprietary boards this one doesn't come with a [Music] cooler or an IO Shield that's also something that kind of stinks I like to buy them with IO Shields o look at this it's a nice nice mother motherboard uh Asus Prime z270 with a 6500 no IO Shield ah really people can people scalp those IO Shields as well oh here's a z170 with a 60 uh 6500 for 100 bucks that's a really nice motherboard as well sorry about that uh I ran out of storage space so I had to delete some some videos and then uh now we're good to record but anyway guys I hope youall have a good one uh this is Brandon going ahead and signing out I'll see yall on the next one adios

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