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e [Music] [Applause] [Music] he [Music] [Applause] hey [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Music] he he [Applause] [Music] oh [Music] [Applause] [Music] a [Music] [Music] n [Music] [Music] good morning Bros welcome welcome to the live stream what's up what's up good morning ah happy Saturday to everybody who who's all here let's see roll call we have Steven cisero BC what's up man what's up cough CF mining what's up uh cough mining I got to send you that I send you that broken uh minor random Miner golden wolf City sometimes 100 air Steven Cicero son of a rabbage Bloon mining what's up man Chris Hanley s sometimes mining of the north chump change automatic Beach ch uh Chum change XD what are you doing here what are you doing here I haven't seen you forever automatic beats BC wx2 domg happy Monday blue mining is it alt coin season yet red panda mining uh very it's coming it it's we are on the brink of altcoin season for for for proof of work yes it's it's coming it's coming bro it's it's it's getting the that point not Financial advice of course uh Chum change that's cuz I've been busy buying Subs oh have you now sounds like uh sounds like I need to get into that I didn't get paid unsubbed cough mining no rush on shipping traveling Europe with a family end of July nice man trying to enjoy kids before the oldest starts school nice man nice nice Italian is my favorite Italian sub is great this chat is kicking yeah we got 161 people 44 likes smash the like button Bros so I don't I didn't really have anything any topic planned for today other than just I guess the sentiment right now for GPU mining is uh is considered dead now it it it would seem to be considered dead for those that have higher electrical cost yes yes like let's just go like okay like typical 3070 right now okay okay so typical 3070 all right 26 20 cents 20 cents at 8 cents at 10 cents I think it's breaking even uh on a on a 3070 yeah 3070 right now is like breaking even 10 Kow hour uh but this is I I had the similar similar I just had like a Deja Vu because I remember when back in 2018 and 2019 an rx580 you know which was like the Pinnacle GPU for mining was also breaking even at 10 cents but that was with when ethereum was there this time we have a crap ton of coins that are relatively in the same boat in terms of like you know in the the profitability area okay what people don't understand is that the amount of Hardware that is out there taking advantage of this profitability is what matters so because of the electrical cost that is rising okay everyone knows the electrical cost is rising around the world mine just went up uh I was at 7 point like 7 I was supposed to be at 7.2 cents now I'm at 7.6 uh they just raised it so this year and they're apparently going to be raising it again next year by another like.

3 or point4 so I'm I'm not I'm it's it's happening everywhere it's not just it's not just with me obviously but everywhere around the world electrical costs are Are Climbing so what we're seeing is yeah a lot of people turning off or a lot of people getting out of crypto mining GP mining just because of their electrical c electrical cost is the biggest Factor uh one of the biggest factors if the when it comes to uh being you know profitable all right if you care about that but then the other side of it is if you can float your electric and uh huddle and yield until the coin price appreciates but you know that's that's another crypto mining strategy and uh it it's yeah the the amount of Hardware that's out there there's a cra crap ton of gpus out there yes we cannot we're not going to we're not going to disregard that there's no like because profitability right now roughly is like breaking even 10 cent kilowatt hour on a 3070 right I'm going to say 3070 is like the the the the general GPU uh versus like the RX 580 of 2018 my whole thought process about this is that you know just because and if you were comparing it with GP uh CPU mining or even Asic mining or even fpga the same idea applies that there's there's a lot of Hardware out there there's there's I would say there are more CPUs okay available for for those that are look at this XMR taking the top spot here uh for on profitability here I don't know if uh anyways with CPUs there's many server Farms data centers out there uh what you what there was a there was a big known uh a big uh was it malware vulnerability something that was able to take over a lot of these data centers a lot of the servers and utilize their CPUs for you know XMR mining all that kind of stuff so I mean no one is say like crypto mining it's it's depending on how much Hardware there there's out that's out there right now you know manufactured for mining said coin uh it could be it could be easily easily destroyed by one entity like we've seen with lithium radiant kylo coin there's a single entity that's destroying those networks right not destroying but like uh actually uh we did go through some of their price action uh let's see radiant let's see radiant because that Miner joined April 24th this is still all fresh in my mind that big entity which has 95% of the network hash rate joined on the 24th I believe 24th yeah the 24th of April okay and since then okay it did jump up a bit but then it went it started going down and down and down and down and down down down and we have I have been watching that wallet address and it looks like it has been selling on uh coinex uh coinex exchange so I mean if this if this m this single entity continues to sell sell sell I mean it's looking it's it's looking bottom Barrel it's already it's already it's already getting below its previous low from 2020 October 2023 yeah I don't know it it's looking pretty dire for for radiant right now I mean who who who who has the confidence in radiant still that over the past month ever since the single entity started mining it's down 44% this single entity has has is giving zero confidence to the network and it centralized the hash rate uh well in a way they did did okay they did split the hash rate to hum poool okay it was like 99% on VI war and then two weeks later I guess they felt bad for the developers or the coin radiant and then they split it off to 47% on hum poool so you know this kind of thing this is because of either okay I don't know if it's an Asic or an fpga I'm I'm leaning towards fpga because at the same time kylo coin and ra and alium also got hit with a massive amount of hash rate on on the 26th look at this I'm not even lying to you look at my mouse I know it's small April 24th April 24th 2024 the exact same time the radiant hash rate went up kylo coin hash rate also went up and there's a 12 terahash single entity mining on vi.nl you I'm not lying I'm showing you the facts here all right kylo coin 13 terahash minor the next big one is 70 G hat this guy is the whole network thankfully kylo coin did announce on their Twitter that they are going to move to a CPU Min CPU mining algorithm right now they're Shaw 3D which is a Asic fpga prone uh algorithm so good on kylo coin responding right away changing they're they're going to be changing very soon they said a couple weeks to to a CPU mining algo now alium all right alium is another big one this this goes hand in hand which I was talking about that I believe these are fpga because we have three different algorithms here radiant is Shaw 256d kylo coin with Shaw 3D a lithium is Blake 3 at the same time that single entity joined um April 24th as well on hero miners okay this hero miners one uh let's see I have it right here 300 60 terahash all right same big ass minor more than 50% of the network hash rate on a lithium uh whether or not this is an Asic or an fpga I am not sure but this is 1.25 terahash uh 1.31 uh 1.29 you know like like look at like this this is th this is this is an F ton of hash rate okay F ton Leila mining Lea mining welcome welcome to the live stream Lea mining uh Lea mining do you have any insight on what this is do you know which entity this is who is who is mining with such insane amount of hash I mean it's all it's kind of all over the place so this this this this kind of leads me to believe that this is some type of [Music] fpga uh I someone told me this is super scaler okay super scaler or uh what's the our coal engine coal P2 coal engine P2 uh coal engine brand uh super scaler entity in China that's maybe created uh because they had the ability they have the bitstream developers uh they already they put out the Carlson hash algo they put out the alium they put out the radiant hasher they put out the iron fish iron fish change algorithm so this leads people were one person told me that it was super scaler now I I don't know if this is super scaler but uh um BC says it would have to be thousands of fpga though uh and BC let me tell you man I know of two very large fpga farms in Germany okay and you can see on this if you can see look this is massive man this is this is massive not as massive as this okay this is actually quite this is actually quite massive this this farm this Farm is mining uh daily 30 40,000 USD in lithium a day that's crazy but anyways the region okay um Oceana Australia Saigon uh uh Singapore sorry this is a Singapore server so it's somewhere South southeast Asia China maybe in Taiwan it's it's somewhere it's somewhere over there okay you can see the server that they're mining to this is this this is this is massive actually viore I believe v.net did confirm this they said it was a fpga farm so I I I don't know if he's able to read like the non nones the the the the share rate somehow somehow able to determine if it's an fpga or an Asic or something with an Asic it would be like it would be it would be going it would be going a lot faster something like that but I I'm I'm still of the belief that this is some type of fpga uh some type of fpga and not an Asic but I know that the hash rate looks the hash rate does look insane on these things but I yeah this is this is a lot there's like a 100 I no two I think 10 and uh I think the max number here goes up to 100 no 210 okay 219 could be 219 of these units over like a terahash so the lithium is getting is is is pretty much half controlled now or more than half 60 70% of the network hash rate is is to a single entity so ah Leila could be fpga true yeah that the only reason why I think again the only reason why I think it's fpga is because they turned on the exact same time radiant kylo coin and Al lithium which are three different algorithms nobody the people are keep saying it's Asic never refers to the other networks in which the exact same time like go back to the stream April a end of April I did a stream we're showing massive hash rate joining up at the same time on KY coin radiant and a lithium three different algorithms massive single entity same worker names across the board it's some type of it's some type of fpga so I I don't know that's my that's my that's my whole thing all right what are you guys saying Lila come uh ilila says come to WD Ms in Vegas and uh I would I'd love to can can someone someone pay for my ticket someone pay for my flight ticket in a hotel I'll come and and a and a ticket to the event I I'll come um don't mind me mining what's up man how are you great to see hear you don't mind me mining good to see you too man good to see you too I'm going to read the gundies what's up man I'm sorry I haven't been reading chat uh what's up Bros what's how's everyone doing how's everybody how's everyone uh crypto KJ rep of mining it's that BP guy who gave you all the ASX to give away to sweeten you out Krypto KJ you know what that last KS zero Pro winner didn't message me so looks like we're going to have to do another KS zero Pro giveaway ah oh man hello RPM there's s on mining Market the uh these time anyway maybe try BTC btg Bitcoin gold solo mining for a week seems interesting look at two miners dashboard uh Luke at 777 dude Bitcoin gold Og man OG coin Leila I can offer you SVP ticket okay okay I might go then this g z Pro is waiting for me Ray roll yeah we need to reroll I need a KS Pro so my OG KS has the athletic athletic brother ah too funny gundies wow don't want free stuff huh gundies I more free stuff well F 70% into btg block oh wow btg going crazy just get it off your excess wallet they are sunsetting it btg do I even have Bitcoin gold on here like has Bitcoin gold been let's see I'm going to add this to my proof of work watch list I didn't even have it there let's see Bitcoin gold 37 bucks up 10% the past seven days okay interesting all right retro Mike do I need to pay for your airfare and hotel to LTC Summit we can extend it and you can be my secretary for a week deal deal deal deal deal retro mic deal I'd love to be your secretary hell yeah uh Ze rugged Ze not not surprised not surprised Zephyr holy [ __ ] it is down 54% the past 24 hours oh boy oh yeah oh yeah look at that that's that's nasty that's a nasty drop oh I'm glad I've been I've been CPU mining it on unminable to like cardano like nonstop I've just been us I've just been I've CPU mining it out the whole time uh whatever the the few CPU rigs that I have holy crap why is it dump so much 54% dude wow that's crazy stable dep pegged I mean it's been dep pegging since uh November 22nd 202 three yeah yeah uh remember there's a certain somebody saying to hold all the Zephyr I mean we're not in the all I mean I don't Zephyr has not maybe maybe you know when when Bitcoin starts going up we have altcoin season again maybe Zephyr might go back up again I don't know who knows who [Music] knows sa sometimes glad I didn't hold turned my into silicon uh yes same I like that yep same dang radiant man radiant is not looking good I I hope that single entity is still mining radiant it's yep still still like 95 96 probably 200 99% of the hash right now crazy man Crazy leam M I'll contact you in twiter later uh Lea mining sounds good I I need to have an NDA with you though actually I need to have an NDA on the whole conference no no no pictures of me nothing no media nothing like that if I go uh actually I'm doing a mining farm tour in July that's in two months that's coming up that's going to be fun that's going to be fun uh Blue Moon mining Zeda basically Moon Zeda you mean Eda EA 22% yeah a little bit yeah little bit um Chum change I'll sell a picture of red Pander mining for one BT Chum change get the hell out of here that's the last time I that that is the last time I meet I meet you actually that's the last time I meet anybody God I knew I'm going to see I'm going to get blackmailed one of these days and it's going to be chump change what a bastard my daughter loves his kid that's true that's true you're you're your your kid your kid my kid loves your kid too you know what Chum change we need to do a we need my boy we need to do a what do you call it arranged marriage is that what it's called is that is that illegal I think that's illegal oops done wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait wait do I do I do I want to be related to you I don't know if I want to be related to you that that sounds like a bad idea that sounds that sounds like a that sounds like a really really bad idea I don't want you to have I don't want you to like come asking me for something 100% bad idea yeah okay good yeah arrang arrang marriage where I think the the the the the daughter side has to pay like 10 cows and like a 100 sheep or something a doy of 200 GP exactly BC yeah a dowy Chum change you need to give me 200 gpus before that can happen [Music] oh man so funny so funny it looks like consensus Network could be in trouble hash rate and price tank Dev took everything private no more Community are you kidding are you serious are you s no are you serious consensus coin consensus Network already rugged are you you kidding me it's not even on coin gecko anymore wow what a fail what a fail project what a zag x uh hold on markets what a what a fail where is CSS oh god oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah oh yeah okay all right yep that that's that's gone that's that's that's that's gone H well no not a not not a surprise not surprised I mean I mean this is this is happening every day it's it's happening every day I I I just not surprised where's the Pikachu surprised face we need the Pikachu Pikachu surprised face meme uh CSS all pre-mine coins were burned son of a rabbit uh burned or sold son of a rabbit burned or sold I wanted to read uh subreddit rgp mining on Reddit I you know there's there's still a good amount of people still posting on here which I I I thought was pretty amazing I mean not a lot but every couple days or so people are people are still posting on this subreddit you know this is where I used to go all the time just to read stuff now I haven't been here for a long time um I think it's a lot of like after pool celebrating 11th Ann this is a this is like a shell after pool uh Chum change wow with the $5 D Chum change thank you for the Dono good sir through Super Chat thank you good sir uh son of a rabbit red P of M Discord official announcement says Dev burn burned it do they have like the proof of they burned it like do they have the the the the address in which they have burned the uh oh yeah here we go oh yeah here we go whale tail mining cryptocurrency YouTube content creators and the nonstop Shilling oh man I don't know if I want to read this I don't I don't know if I want to read this I don't know if I want to read this should I read this oh there's 19 comments should I read that might be juicy might be pretty juicy oh yeah bet you my name's in here somewhere I bet you anything uh blo mining over here reminiscing about the good old days yeah yeah oh yeah oh yeah good the good old the good old days the good old days whoat versus Kieran hosting all right this is 25 days ago okay so not many okay not many people have been posting on here just people getting mad I see some mad posts here uh there some people burning their pcie cables all right we got we got all right you all right you all right someone wants me to read it all right let's read it let's do it I don't care I got nothing to hide where is that where's that post where is that post where is it uh here here it is all right all right here we go oh this is a long one holy crap this is a long one okay this is from whale tail mining his name sounds very familiar I feel like I've seen him in live chat cryptocurrency YouTube content creators and non-stop Shilling anyone else downright discusted with the current state of crypto YouTubers and constant Shilling of referral codes for box Miners and other mining equipment and have been proven to be a complete scam just so that you can then take I mean we haven't we I mean the Bull Run hasn't happened yet we haven't had altcoin season so I think I think this is kind of a moot point I mean it hasn't it hasn't been proven that's that's my that this is my rebuttal against that I don't know I don't know this is kind of jumping the gun here in my opinion anyone else age anyone else agree or no like I I feel like this is a jumping the gun just just a just a little bit uh actually not a little bit a lot I feel just so that you can then take your box Miner to un to mine to unminable using yet another one of their referral codes by the way every per okay I I've never done that but by the way every person gets their own referral code on minable so you can mine your own code and pay yourself in fact how many ASX being released will actually mine more coin in a crypto cycle than what you could have just traded your cash for yeah yeah that's that's not that's I mean I mean you're not wrong you're not wrong but again buy buying the coin is a little bit higher risk because you don't have a tangible physical product to uh to to to maybe sell after and also depreciate on your taxes to lower your income to lower your taxes I don't need to get in all that anyways how many Caspa miners would have way more Caspa right now if they would have just dro the cash on the coin rather than buying the Asic and trying to play catchup for what you want to sell the miner and the bow one well I guess that's a lame strategy that requires more work than than just buying more crypto initially uh thank you retro mik tech for the five Subs buying find Jesus Christ thank you retro Mike Al India Mighty thank you Au in mining India thank you bro thank you thank you um all right let's let's let's go over this let's go over I'm I I I love reading this I love it this is great this is actually really good um well I guess that's a lame strategy that requires more work than buying more crypto initially at the rate that the Caspa miners are being released the ks Z is now a brick since the algorithm difficulty Rises too fast okay hold on hold hold on this was 24 days ago ks0 is now a brick since the algorithm difficulty Rises too fast okay okay all right I mean the k zero still makes a couple of I mean I I I get it I get it I get it it doesn't make it maybe makes like four Caspa now which is but if you're Mining and holding okay which is the whole crypto mining strategy in which this guy thinks that strategy is lame okay he thinks that's lame then why are you even why are you even posting on a cryptocurrency mining subreddit then anyways let's keep going let's keep going many of the YouTube shills are literally the worst miners yeah Ks zos are better than most gpus I mean you're not wrong I mean A6 in general uh have been have been better uh in a sense um many of the YouTube showers are literally the worst miners on the planet either they do not understand mathematics or the concept of time this guy definitely does not understand the concept of time because he has not given the light of day of you know these miners being proven or to be complete scams because of the fact that timing is everything this guy has has zero concept of time because he's not understanding that we haven't had the altcoin season yet we haven't had you know kaspa's Heyday or whatever minor that you know Asic you're buying we haven't we're not in that we haven't been in that bowl run yet okay there's always these cycles and this guy is posting it in the wrong this guy does not understand the concept of time he literally just says concept of time or money or coin yield or the electricity you're going to burn through trying to moon or they do not or they do understand that they are willfully leading many young and financial illiterate followers right off Cliff's Edge they are setting people up who lack an understanding of cryptocurrency mining in order for them to make sales the Mighty the might dollar has corupted many of them and I want to blast these paragraphs on here to see how others feel about the state of mining right now I love sha 256 script and to lesser extent Etc mining but I can't trust buying any hardware for any other algorithm it's just not smart okay there there's there's so there's so many oh my God there's so many hypocritic oh my God this guy's there's so this guy okay all right I'm just going to keep I'm going to finish this in closing stay away from the YouTube shers all right that's fine time will tell all time will tell all okay there you go okay you know what I'm going to bookmark this I'm going to this is whale tail mining 2020 5 comeback I'm going to save this as a bookmark I'm going to come back to this and we're going to we're going to we're going to come back to this I can't wait I'm I'm going to come back to this they they kick themselves squaring the nuts Again by releasing their gold shell okay this okay this I can agree okay they releasing their gold shell Al box minor sh fast videos all right this one I can I I I I'm not going to I've already I've even explained this already in all of my gold shell videos I've already talked about the risks this this yes the L box I mean yeah if the bit main one comes out which is probably coming out pretty soon it's going to and the single entity that's mining a lithium right now I mean the AL box is going to be it won't be it won't be profitable yeah I mean we we've already stated this in the beginning I mean this guy whatever he's stating here it's not new I've stated this in the beginning I'm not sure how sustainable that path of Life they choose is how much longer can they continue to suck the blood from Deens thoughts question mark oh man I can't wait to read the comments All I want to read your guys' comments mining isn't for dumb people I hard to believe after 10 years we're still early crypto adopter Gundy you're you're 100% right s sometimes it's all Panda's fault God damn it s Chris pay like no Panda you're wrong you can buy more of the coin initially rather than buying Asic and Mining uh onethird of the coin uh Chris pal palan palan you're not wrong I I'm not saying I'm not saying that's that's wrong I've never it's it's a different investment strategy all right yeah you're not you're not wrong but why are you here then if you believe buying the coin is better than just buying an Asic I personally I think there's a lot more Merit a lot more incentive and also business practice regarding buying as6 depreciating the hardware on your taxes to lower your income by 100% in the next 1 or two years is probably it's a it's a free minor okay people are forgetting that with that type of bus if you're running it as a business crypto mining as a business you can actually make money and also when you are able to depreciate it to lower your income from all the mining you've been doing or what other other income sources uh if you're doing as a small business uh not Financial not taxes device is that if potentially which we've seen in past history a lot of different as6 have gone up have price appreciated so it's it's a different strategy and nobody and buying the coin and selling at the top I mean a lot of people can't time that okay a lot of people that timing is everything and timing is everything as well with crypto mining so I mean you trying to compare buying the co coin versus mining the coin there is you're see I've been doing these long-term tests I've actually already been doing I've actually already been doing a lot of these uh mining I actually have a video coming out on Monday about the k3m how much money that's mined since January 8th of uh 2024 of four months ago I literally have a real test going on I've done many of these tests like for four years now like I did my first real test was a Radeon 7 how how much crypto can I mine up until I can get that money back I think it was like $1,000 for the Radeon 7 back in 2019 I bought that card I kept Mining and holding the coins up until I hit that break even and I hit break even on that Radeon 7 here dude let me let's bring up that video let me let me find it can I find it let me let me find it radon 7 uh Break Even is that even a let's see four year half way break even all right that was 4 years ago oh man how how many I got so many not just with gpus oh my God I got so many views on this uh okay we're not going to watch that one uh where is okay I don't even I don't even know I think I called I I think it's called something else but anyways I think within like a year and a half I was able to get my money back on the radon 7 uh A6 um you know same idea okay okay I've done thousands of these not thousands maybe 10 to 20 of these tests of buying Asic Miners and trying and seeing when we can break even okay Break Even minor when all right no I think it's uh a a Adventures yeah okay here we go all right here we go all right oh man this is man too many too many videos how do we how do we sort this by like I want to sort this by uh anyways I mean I got many examples of which many Asic have gotten their money back okay and then some so to say and then the other idea is with as6 or whatever any type of crypto mining Hardware is when potentially when the market goes back up again you're also mining at a profit so you're also create you're also earning more money as well there's been many examples of that happening um so anyways I don't need to we we don't need to I don't need to prove okay I don't need to prove anything to anyone um you guys whoever's been watching my channel for the past four years obviously know I always explain the risks when talking about any ASC minor and any video that I do I always talk about the risks hash rate Future mod modles PR appreciation turning into a brick you know I've always always explained that in all of my Asic videos you guys can go watch it I am never trying to sh or sell any Asic I've always always explained the other side of it okay I don't have the ability for you to go buy and go buy something I just provide the facts and the risks all right that's that's that's what I do as the crypto content creator I'm not trying to get anyone to buy anything all I'm doing is just pointing out the facts of the minor and the risks all right that's everyone who puts their money into buying something is their own prerogative that is not that is not my responsibility any money you put towards buying something that is your responsibility and if you like this guy wh tail mining mining sounds like he's not willing to take any responsibility himself uh when he comes to investing it sounds like he's not willing to take any responsibility for his own Financial uh investment whatever his investment strategy is it sounds like he's just he's mad he this this is this is what it sounds like he's mad he bought something maybe like half a year ago and he's not he has no concept of time and he's not waiting he doesn't have the patience to wait like a normal business to make that you know maybe a year two 3 years to get its money back you know he he's he's looking for that instant gratification of money trying to get all right anyways I'm all right let's let's go let let's let's keep going here let's keep going read the last comment please just KJ where where where where's your comment just KJ where yeah I want to keep going I want to keep reading this this is fun this is fun man it sounds like he's disgusted with YouTube clear clearly even the great red panda mining doesn't get it w i mean clearly clearly clearly I think what's happened this year even even I've been reading on other Financial subreddits people are pissed this this past year you know because of the market downturn or stocks or whatever economy layoffs High interest rates High mortgage payments High car loan payments people people are are are emotionally on edge okay people are any small any small thing you know any small thing that I get it right when when something is is stressing you in life you're going to lash out at people that's that's normal everyone does it everyone every everybody everybody does doesn't all right anyways let's keep going here bgrn God he says 24 days ago it's always been like this for crypto it's an absolute wild wild west of endless scams and keywords used to separate fools from their Fiat passive income best coin for profits I've never seen a single video on YouTube about crypto where it's not a direct tutorial or setting something up it wasn't a sales pitch or a scam YouTube is an natural [ __ ] show of bloated influencer content for damn I've never seen a single video on YouTube about crypto where it's not a direct tutorial for setting something up is this guy for real it is this guy for real is this guy for real is this guy for is this guy for real this is th how has he not seen a how-to video setting up something how is that even how is that how is that even not how is that possible I mean I have hundreds of videos setting up stuff hundreds of videos setting up you know GPU mining rigs anyways YouTube's an AB absolute okay going wrong this guy says 100% all right uh all right principles and fundamentals uh very few YouTubers implement this as far as I know it's basically so B hold on the fort sounds like cyber cyber Punk philosophy interesting honestly so's videos are best for non shelling feeling he sells the best videos but usually for good reasons you have your obvious reasons like Voss that I don't bother unless I'm really bored out of context for the Brad home but I've noticed it a lot more with what I Define as big mid tier miners like hobbyist and red panda I guess oh there we go I mentioned here hell yeah there you go guess you have to have it make through the bare Market somehow when it's your career I've been in this since 2021 2020 2020 21 now it's been gotten more and more obvious by the day uh makes me listen to a lot more coin Bureau Paul Baron Network stuff even though I don't really hold a minor spirit I like interesting hold on I'm going to read some comments here hobbyist minor hobbyist Miner is here hobbyist Miner uh insane to think that we force these people to watch our cont such a shame YouTube forces them to click our content I love pathetic people uh okay uh hobbyist I'm they're okay the the people are they're not pathetic okay they're just they're they're they're they're they're just trying to release their frustration out on the content YouTube okay it's an easy out it's an easy out for people to blame YouTubers when okay anyways going along I'm trying to stick up for everyone here uh let's see burning things don't count as trying to read everything you guys are watching I don't had had RGB fly I've seen several how I have seen several videos how to set up stuff yeah exactly um uh can't see a future buying equipment has many us but okay all your videos contain refer all single one show free this saying you're change you're trying to change what is being written Chris palanuk uh okay all right yes you're not wrong you're not wrong yes in all of the Asic videos that I have they have referral codes but it's I'm I in in all of those videos I never said to buy it go go watch any of my Asic videos I never shilled buying it I never said to buy it I never said to not buy it all I did is provide facts and risks regarding the Asic okay that that that's Shilling is you are Shilling the term shill is you're actually telling people to buy it [Laughter] okay the Shilling is a word that's probably being too uh shill the word shill means forcing people to buy it all right I think people are are mixing up that that term all right let's see here steo it's all part of the globalist plan to keep us on edge steo crypto I I mean you're not you're not wrong you're not you're you're you're you're not wrong bro you're you're not wrong it's it everything we do taxes that we pay for it's all against us and you know what's funny all of this that happens all the people it's all infighting we're we're fighting against each other which is not which is not what we're supposed to do we're supposed to be fighting the people that are actually against us like crypto and crypto mining is is supposed to make you supposed to anyway make you financially free but see with Asic mining or GPU mining or CPU mining there's always risks involved um DJ mind says Shilling is overused on YouTube I think Shilling means to try to sell you something exactly DJ mindes exactly and in all of my videos I always talk about the risk I always talk about the bad stuff all right I am never trying to sell you something I I'm actually trying to protect you okay and I never say to buy it never say to not buy it I'm giving you the exact risks involved regarding the Asic Miner I talk about it all the time and if you buy something that's your responsibility okay at the end of the day it's your goddamn F it's your Goddamn money that you're putting towards all right it's your money that you're putting into buying that piece of whatever it is piece of Hardware I don't have control I don't have control over you buying that Asic that's your responsibility all right all these people they don't understand man they don't I'm I'm sorry I'm who's this uh where's the guy where is his name uh Chris palanuk I I don't agree with whatever you're I don't agree with what you're saying uh Chris palan it's it's not it's not it's not right it's not true it's not true unban my other account damn it just KJ just KJ what account I I haven't banned any how do you Krypto KJ did you get banned technicals Panda getting turned I'm here for it technicals God damn it h you sound overly defensive you know that op is right and you're trying to justify your actions I am done yeah all right yeah that's fine whatever whatever you say bro whatever you say that's fine whatever you believe then that's your opinion that's your opinion man that's that's it man this Market man people are getting people are getting mad this is 24 days ago all right hold let me let me keep reading some of these uh this guy says the worst ones are the apps you download to do a survey and shows free Bitcoin hidden on my phone and it just steals all your data okay I don't know anyone of you I don't know anyone in our community who has done that uh mining is a mindset it feels like you're hedging your bets even through the math calculator and advice is a direct opposition H interesting interesting uh next one H okay I don't I don't think I want to read this one this hobbyist is here uh i' like to down vote these fools every day sadly on YouTube nice okay oh oh my God oh my God here we go we got an RPM we got an RPM one here we go this might be bad this might be bad all right 23 days ago I will say panda is fairly honest when it comes to the risks did did I just not say did I just not say that earlier did did I did I just not say that earlier I explained all of the godamn risks when buying A6 and all of my Asic videos did did I just not explain that man Chris p p go to hell bro go to hell you you do not deserve to be in this community you don't understand dude Chris panc get the hell out of here bro yeah I'm sorry I'm I'm sorry you you don't understand bro you just you just don't you just don't okay here we go greater good mining okay greater good amazing you content creator hobbyist all right there you go hobbyist Miner and a few others are very much farming discount okay okay hold on this turned real fast this turned real fast okay hold on hold on I I thought this was a good thing but now this turned out to be a bad thing hold on hold on hold on greater good obvious and a few others are very much farming discount they will cherry-pick stats and profits to entice you to fomo into projects at least Panda will straight up tell you it's no longer a good idea to buy something or if you don't expect to Roi ever great or good straight up talks about how profitable his Kos are without never mentioning the network hash R is rising faster than okay that's not okay that's not true I've I that's not true I've heard greater good mining I have heard greater good mining show he has definitely talked about Network hash rate I mean who everybody talks about Network hash rate in their videos no I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure I'm pretty sure yes I called him out in the comments and he's like no no one knows how fast and how long so I don't want to make assumptions uh like dude mining is assumptions and if something is climbing 10x what are you using for your calculators it's pretty safe to assume gross hm interesting okay here we go we we got a bad RPM RPM went downhill when he started catering to Asic companies all right all right all right that's that's fair all right that's fair think what you want but he has ripped Asic he has ripped Asic manufacturers to shreds for shitty build quality faulty Hardware ridiculous price points he straight up tells people not to buy K Pros anymore because they are soon to be bricks dude really doesn't give a f i mean exactly exactly all right going down let's keep let's keep reading ever wonder what the equations are that all this processing power is going into uh you must be new it happens every bow run ah thank yes exactly oh my God this happens dude I feel like you know what I have to say the toxicity this year is actually nothing compared to 2018 2019 dude 20 2018 the dude the 2019 mining bar Market was really bad I'm telling you people were pissed left right and Center blaming everybody blaming tubers blaming other people blaming this company and then 2021 came about and nobody was blaming anybody because everyone was happy gol lucky making money this time be just dude this is like bare Market Feeling Just BEC You know everything's down no one's making money the same thing is happening again it it's happening all the time I only watch people who are legit from what I can tell one tuber referred me to his favorite pool that has low fees and great gooey is there any legit way to profitably mine with gpus anymore all right so that's that's it that's all the comments on here uh uh I I don't agree with uh greater good mining has always called out the risks as well uh yeah anyways all right that was fun that was really fun that was really that was really that was really good to read actually it it it gave me a lot of deja vu from like the previous the previous bar Market the previous bare Market man this is deja vu all over again this is this is De this is deja vu all over again and when it's that time again when everything's all happy gol lucky everyone's going to forget about it everyone's going to forget about whatever happened again and then and then it's going to happen again and then bare Market comes out comes comes about and people are going to be mad start blaming everybody and it's it's all it's it's all going to it's all going to happen again this is ah this is great this is good okay I got to read I got to read your guys's comments because this is what this is what matters Co coffee gator you've given away tons of tons of gear that you could have kept to mind with no adult in this room thinks you owe anyone any explanations uh coffee gator bro I because it's because of I I know this is going to sound super super gay sorry is that that's that's that's not uh politically correct anymore that sounds super um uh uh what's the word uh it it it's it doesn't sound uh oh God what's the word guys stop laughing at me uh Kevin R thank you for the donation I'm making some money here is some go Doge thank you bro thank you bro all right um no I don't need to give explanations I think everything that I do on this channel for the past five years9 for all the work that I've done um anyone that has has understands you know what goes on and and and you know all the trials tribulations we've been through it's it's quite amazing and it's all because it's all thanks to you guys the community all right it's all thanks to the viewers the subscribers uh you guys who watch my videos day in and day out it's it's it's all because it's all because of you guys all right can you guys stop laughing at what I just said you guys are you guys are terrible you guys you guys are Max voltage techman I'm not going to Super Chat Chiller RPM so he can read my comments for the record he almost always reads my comments for anyone that might take this out of context Max what the damn it Max Super G super happy okay technicals all right reading I don't want I want to read everyone's comments here okay seriously great times man great times ahead here you know I don't have Zephyr on here hold let me add let me add Zephyr he say Zephyr is down Zephyr is down 61% the past 24 hour that's that is a massive drop past 24 [Music] hours uh M he's all right what are you guys talking about funny Chris Henley Krypto KJ did your account get banned are you sure crypto KJ hold on Krypto KJ Krypto KJ is your account actually banned hold on someone someone must have hid you accidentally let's see I have we we ban we have we ban a lot of bots [Music] so approved users Krypto KJ KJ Krypto KJ I don't see you on here all right I save all right Krypto KJ I saved you all right how about now how about now uh uh Mr Squid before I forget Al box will here on Monday going to run it for a couple days and we can work on a hash R giveaway to x 2 hour 20 or single 40 hour giveaway Mr Squid 25 sounds good man uh if you do that I'll do it as well actually I'm I'll do a ks3 hash rate giveaway um uh Hawk Crypt mining says we need more love in the community everyone want to fight each other F I'm going to give out free hugs and subscribers L great or good mining what's up man great a good mining what's up bro um Chris Hanley gave me support when I got hacked he's a pillar always help a special on my Chris Henley no worries man you don't need to say that Chris Henley it's okay it's okay you know you you know the the internet is great and also bad at the same time because you're never you're never ever going to appease every you're never going to appease to everyone because they don't see everything or they don't understand everything they don't maybe watch everything you know it it it's and all of you guys oh my God retro mik thank you for I gifted Subs I think what the issue here is when you have you know a couple people that are only watching certain things and don't watch everything then they they they start making an opinion of a of of a certain thing and it it it just it's and then it's hard for somebody to explain because you haven't been watching that person for the past couple years or whatever so ch haters going to hate I okay you know we we there always has to be haters and there there always has to be there always has to be haters we we need it we need it because how else is it going to keep people accountable you know great or good mining hold on a sec I think I have an affiliate code for this pen yeah I love it I love it Haw chump see you at 100K oh my God you guys the technicals man the techn okay the technicals had a great funny video to we got to go watch that hold on let's go to we're going to watch it we're going to watch it together oh I'm not subscribed to him on my on my alt account okay here we go hold on let's turn off the music hold on hold on all right let's watch this together let's let's watch this together I'll return to crypto Hospital Dr technicals your next patient's in room four thank you Nurse yes and you know I'm a nurse because I have a different color shirt and hair on my head which is obviously hair and sorry about being late today I'm a single mom who is now married to a cop so you know that's being a nurse all right let's see who we got here Mr GPU my holy Christ oh whoa oh uh call the corner it's uh yeah did anyone call this nurse nurse this patient is dead did someone call time of death doctor actually the family belongs to this cult or not a cult but it's like a community they call themselves or something like that they just refuse to acknowledge his death so uh they're requesting that you do something to bring him back to life they they don't recognize him as Dead He's clearly dead what happened to him well according to the Chart he was doing just fine but then he got addicted on this one particular coin this one large coin and so everyone was on that and no one bothered making any any fundamental changes to the actual underlying infrastructure or you know concept or the technology or anything and no one kind of saw ahead even though it was years in the planning and so when the finally the coin went away he really had nothing left and he's atrophying and withering into a shell of soulless husk of a of a thing okay so I'm just supposed to kind of look at this corpse and all right well let's we'll see what we got here okay there's like the faintest little heartbeat or it could be someone's car has a good level of base out in the parking lot I can't tell the difference there's virtually nothing here I mean if he's not dead then he's in a state where we should do a merciful thing I know doctor but they won't accept that as an answer and if you try to tell them the truth then they'll just refuse to believe it and Flame you over and over and over again I guess I am a doctor at Krypto hospital I'll do everything I can for this patient 10 cc's of [ __ ] coin stat oh here you go thank you I took an oath to do what everything I can to make sure GPU mining survives hey he's coming around oh wait no go going right back I need more [ __ ] coin all right let's do this syringe flicky thing again here you go buddy hey I think he's coming back oh dead again all right well maybe we just do this over and over and over again until he just kind of like keeps coming in and out of this state of death and really just kind of not never acknowledging the fact that he really needs like a more fundamental uh sort of cure instead of just kind of stringing him along and doing this over and over again and maybe tell the family uh or the cult or the community or whatever uh that you know maybe it's uh it needs a more fundamental thing and that it's time to sort of call it instead of I don't know it's [ __ ] dead he's [ __ ] dead man it's okay Doctor you've done everything you can you know this is the worst part of being a doctor at crypto hospital is telling the family the bad news because I know if I do they'll downvote me and stop watching my content and I'll make less money I'll get less sponsorships I'll lose subscribers although I can always just buy them you know seems to seems to be a permitted thing now all right bring the F bring the community in so I can tell them be sure to tell them exactly what they want to hear otherwise you know the consequences hey how you doing yeah I'm uh I'm Dr technical yeah we uh yeah he's [ __ ] dead oh man that was good uh that that was that was really good I love it I love it do you guys love that oh that was the best the technicals oh you're a riot man I dude I I I love it I love it you need to make more you need to make more the technicals you need to do more that's what we need right now we need more we need more funny videos yeah I love it uh more people should say GP mining is dead and quit more coins to mine for the rest of us that that's the sad that's kind of like the sad reality regarding GP mining it kind of goes back to what we actually talked about in the very beginning with like you know the amount of Hardware that's out there it's it's a lot there's a lot of gpus out there but there's there's also a lot of CPUs out there a lot of fpga that we've seen recently and now as6 you know as6 is a whole other game um yeah H yeah more times I watch it the hotter the nurse [Music] [Laughter] cats man the Oscar goes to the technicals most myth yes uh Yousef puts Panda what I miss nothing you didn't miss anything it's great it's great you know oh man oh great times man great times you know what I think we we need we need the bow run we we need the bow run here I think we need to start we need we need everyone to start going happy gol lucky cuz there's too many people we got too many mad people we need to we need to just we just we just need to go straight to the Moon oh we just we just need that now there's too many gpus out there because you made us buy them red it's all your fault I can't believe this guy doesn't get it oh I love it I I love it everybody needs to make more money y all got too much time in your hands start a company Jesus Hawk you're not you're not wrong you're not wrong you're not wrong we need some laughs too we need we need some laughs we need some building and just head down and focus on yourself don't care what other people do just just focus on yourself and you're G to make it the nurse should have kept screwing up and saying doctor testicles and correcting [Laughter] yourself H we just need more 20 GPU rigs random Miner God damn it WJR red pen of miny are we ready for the Bull Run feels like I need to stock up on more coins I think we've had a I think we've had plenty a good year and a half good year and a half no good two years now I think no yeah year and a half since the merge right when when did the merge happen 2022 right September it's already 2024 man time flies dude time time flies isn't this an opportunity why is everyone so discouraged I I wholeheartedly agree rigid rigid eye socket yeah I I wholeheartedly agree um brought to you BTC brought to you by the NS gundies Don't make me say that next episode the nurse gives GP mining a colonoscopy yes Yousef puts Panda what if the bill bill run never happens then the cycle the Bitcoin cycle is a failed failed everything failed everything if everything's going down it's it's it's a complete it's a complete it's a complete fail do an episode with a dude wanting to upset that his wife cheated on him with an Asic ah when others cry it's time to buy I agree I I agree when others cry it is time to buy it is time to accumulate that's the crypto mining strategy right there that's that's the way to [Music] go uh DJ DJ says b run will come no worries it B run always comes I I agree it always does it always does I mean I think I think it's all aligning perfectly right when uh for America USA the election's happening this year in no is that in in November is that is that in November I'm not American but that that's that's you know I think if things shift if things shift uh in the US uh towards more Asic uh sorry uh cryptocurrency pro pro cryptocurrency it should it should Fair it should Fair a lot better who knows who knows a rigged election Hawk says yes November okay rate Cuts one day the market will flip overnight you'll see uh DJ mines I I I agree Trump says he supports crypto I don't suggest being a one-issue voter but I don't know we'll see R RFK Jr wants to back the dollar with crypto really really just apologize Panda we know you you've banned crypto KJ I did Krypto KJ I I put you on the accepted list can you crypto KJ can you can you chat can you live chat can you chat now um let's face it someone is trying to eing destroy us I mean I mean we we're all we're all fighting each other it seems like these days so if we're doing that then we need to really fight the higher the higher ups higher um apparently Trump is good on crypto Charles hington had a great video on this Panda Charles hoskinson okay I I I'm all for it I'm I'm all I'm all for it apparently everyone's voting Trum everyone's voting that guy apparently everyone's voting Trump just because of crypto Pro crypto among other things greater good mining says CPI was like.

1% less than expected and everything pumped stay positive wait out if you can it's going to get better I 100% agree very good mining 100% custom Computing how long does a crypto Bowl run last because last time I didn't take enough profit and I didn't and I don't want to do that again uh yes cost oh my God Ming my voice um I don't know the Bitcoin Bull Run was was in may like the last the the last high was in May um and then the ne or April yeah May April right we had a good what month uh no it was a good two months Bitcoin was over like 60 50,000 and then it went up again back in October to November about that was a good month Bitcoin was over 60,000 October to November so that lasted a good month so you got a good month to sell uh the next the next leg up you you know the next leg up you know it's it's it's it's yeah looks like it lasts one to two months previous 2017 to January 20th yeah January January 15th that was a good that was a good month too Bitcoin was 20K 18 to 20K yeah oh crap I'm stream I'm streaming way over time here uh is rabid m is rabid streaming let's let's you guys let's uh let's all go over to Mr rabid mining uh hold on let me just see if he's actually is he actually on uh edit uh how do you do the whole read Direction redirection rabid is not live okay rabid mining is not live all right where is he where all right he's not live okay well I'm going to wait I'm going to wait then um Financial failure damn I've been watching streams all morning I need do something productive today uh Financial Fair uh you yes don't watch me man don't don't waste your time don't waste your time with me I provide nothing uh Ninja Kid do you think the onset of Bitcoin ETF will affect the fouryear bll bear crypto cycle we are used to uh ninja kid you know what I I in a way I hope so and I hope it affects it in a good way where we have sustained bitcoin price you know like just that we stay we stay sustained sustainable not have these massive dips down and up and you know crazy volatility like this it would be nice it would be okay this is I'm just okay don't don't laugh at my painting skills he you know I I want you know it'd be nice to have you know you know like this right and then we're just like we're just like this you know the whole time you know you know we're just we're just constant just just you know just always you know just constantly constantly good that that would be great I I would love I we would obviously people would love that do I do I think it's going to happen I I don't know I I don't know we no nobody knows as6 been great though to be honest uh DJ mindes you're not yeah as6 have been great all year all since the merge even before the merge um the L7 was still is still making good money after 3 years or two and a half years since it released look at the Ze price we did we did we did look at Ze already Ze died 65% massive crash je is it a feel is it a good time to buy some Ze hold on is it is it a good is it a good time to accumulate Ze it's at the very it's hitting pre it's actually way low pre it's at the previous low here 245 we're at 240 now oh man is this like a is this a buying opportunity I don't know I have no idea yes all in Ze well I I mean I I don't I have no idea wait for the bounce Ze crashes like my Lissa f ah uh I don't know much about Lissa um veteran Miner keep safe everyone keep mining see you later veteran Miner good to see you bro jump change I'm trying jump change what are you trying I hate you give me more content I'm trying h i I need to go back to Vlogs oh man I need to go back to like other stuff I'm I'm getting I'm getting tired of I'm getting getting tired of like as uh like doing like yeah Asic content and like talking about this coin talking about that or this and that and know mining sucks right now oh I got in two new um temperature thermostats uh thermostats for my exhaust fans I need to install those I don't know if they're I don't know if they're going to work or not uh maskless Ninja nope not even going to talk about it I got yelled at yesterday and I got six six people messaged me yesterday saying Panda you just ruined it for me I'm I'm I'm not even I'm not even going to I'm not even going to go there I'm not even going to go back to that it's it's nope all right Bros thank you everybody you guys have a great day I appreciate everybody um stay positive uh you know treat treat others like you would treat your family wa that's not a I guess depends the type of family you know what I'm just going to end it there all right peace out Bros you guys have a great one have a great Sunday stay positive keep mining all right peace Bros unless you beat your jump change you God damn it I almost said that live this YouTube would have like de would have blacklisted my channel uh all right see you bros you guys have a a good one your mic talk about coins adoption is far more important than short-term profits uh yes and no but retro mic all most of us don't have you know $300,000 salary job so as much as I'd like to you know if I was making tons of money then you know then I then I talk about the coin but some of us need to make money you know some some people some people see you later see you guys later peace peace out peace out you know I'm right retro M you know I'm right you know I'm right [Music] St [Music] he [Music] [Music] p [Music] [Music] I [Music] my I'm my [Music] [Music] I [Music] what the [ __ ] you [Music] [Music] [Music]

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