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all right guys so I lost the video but this is behind the computer shop um I talked with the landlord and the front parking lot is is decent size but she expressed interest into expanding the parking lot and I told her well you know I have some equipment and um I can help you all the way up until the point you need asphalt uh so she was like okay and back here there used to be like there's a big wooden deck it was all rotted down and apparently one of these bu buildings used to be a Doggy Daycare so there was concrete footings all in the ground and there was like pieces of fence it was all it was a mess so all that in there um I came in last week ripped all that up out of the ground smoothed it all back out and um loaded it all into a dumpster they just took the dumpster off and originally they were going to put in some stairs so I cut in some stair steps right here but uh she wants to move it so I'm going to cover all this back up that I just dug out last week um and I smoothed out some of the chunky spots over there because where I pulled out some of the footings with the excavator it made a a little bit of a mess and so I wanted to bring back my skid steer just cuz it is Smooths areas out much better or much easier than doing it with the blade on the excavator um but yeah so I'm just's helping me I'm helping her um she's given me a break and essentially covering more of my rent than if I was just going to like pay it straight up and there's no need for me to invoice her just for her to invoice me back for my rent um it's going to work out much better this way so bartering in in the business World goes a goes a long way it definitely does um so yeah that's that's kind of what I'm up to right now have a ton of orders that are shipping out today so right after I get done with all this this we're going to run inside and take a look at that but um oh yeah the cool part about this is where the truck is all the way over to there um all that is once this is approved is going to get scraped off all the way over to there this is going to be a huge parking lot um she's going to start out with just gravel um and then do asphalt later on but I had talked about you know hey I want to do like a grand opening event and you know I want to like bring the the the grill out and everything and she's like maybe doing it back here would be better you can set up a tent and um you know use like one whole half of the parking lot cuz essentially right now nobody else all the T all their tenants don't even know this is going to be used um so she's like you might be able to to break it in and um and have a have your event like back here and then also I could have somebody in the store so people could mingle in and out but um yeah so I'm pretty pumped about that cuz parking does get a little tight especially you know midday around lunchtime a lot of people are in and out up there but um yeah all right let's get back to [Music] work [Music] [Music] [Music] he I got another one coming right here they didn't ship them at the same time but it's going to have uh like the phone number and then you know call or text for appointment but normally if I'm here I just leave the door open so yeah all right so I am still packing orders and this is what it's going to look like uh I have included the discount codes with the Shorties so hey sorry you got a short NVM Drive I'd like to give you a $5 discount code for your next order just make sure to use the same account slail um and is a single use code so I figured that's more than fair especially considering it was only one one tbyte shorty and it was a majority all the rest were just 500 gig shorties so you essentially got a 500 gig for $5 not $10 but um yeah so just look out for those if you got a shorty in your package all right so everything's packed up I'm about to go to the post office and get it all shipped out sorry my phone was going off over there uh get it all shipped out so everybody that got an nvme Drive they're right there I think it was like 50 something orders so big shout out to you guys thank you all for the support hope you appreciate them if you have any issues with any of them just reach back out to me and uh we can make it right we have more nvme drives coming in it looks like in about a week and a half to two weeks so if you missed out on this one we will be doing another drop of them and then we also have CPUs and motherboards coming in bunch of used stuff so hopefully you guys will enjoy that I am going to be listing I had a couple 8700s and then I have what is this guy right here hold on I was going to list these on the uh the web store as well it is a an i5 8500 so I'm going to be listing those on the web store um um and for right now that's probably it um I just got in a package so I'm about to open that up and and see what that's about so bear with me all right so just got this box in there's a little letter with it um shout out to Damon he hooked me up he messaged me and was like Hey I noticed you had some small PCS um and I have some of those rx550 low profile cards these are the 4 Gig cards and um he sent me three of them and he was just like man what do he say I'd love to help support your new business venture hope these cards can help you out they'll uh on their mini PCS at a uh increased profit yeah yeah cuz he just hooked me up with it so yeah shout out man and um he might be able to get some more of them from decommissioned PCS I'm actually I just just got the uh the adapters in for the display port to uh VGA cuz these are VGA monitors and I was going to plug plug these in and see how they game but I was researching them online and these rx550 4 gig cards for not having any external power and for only being like a 4 gbyte card they don't do bad um a lot of people you can get away with like doing some you know 30 to 60 FPS gaming um on like 1080p low settings on on most like Esports games the lighting in here is horrible on this phone hold on is that better oh that's better okay uh so yeah shout out Damon much appreciated got one oh we got another one always love always I got I got love for computer hardware all of it little ones long ones tall ones big ones small ones like some people are are elitists when it comes to like PC hardware and they only want the biggest baddest bestest and they wouldn't even look twice at a low profile rx550 but um I don't know there's something about them I like them so yeah these bad boys are going to be going in those low profile machines and those will be getting um I'm going to do a video I'm actually going to play some games on them see how it does see how they do firsthand cuz I don't want to take a YouTube channel that might be some doctored results um but I want to make sure I'm I'm going to sell a product that can actually be used uh last thing I want is somebody to come buy one of these you know be on a budget for their kid and they get it home and they can't actually play fortnite or something like that so we'll do some gaming on it and um then we'll get them listed up on the website I got my SK in so that bad boy right here I just zeroed it out but then I moved it and apparently every time you move it you need to zero it out again but um yeah so it has a rechargeable batteries and I can you know plug it in and I figured out that I have been overestimating my weight on the nvme drives pretty drastically um so let's see here I don't want to leak anybody's address because they all have shipping labels on them but yeah so anyway big shout out thank you Damon much appreciated it's been a busy day I know the time lapse probably doesn't do it justice from earlier and hopefully you guys see the time lapse cuz I did a time lapse of like the first 21 or 20 orders and um it's a lot it's a lot I definitely much respect and love to um all those people that do like hundreds of orders a day I've I've been packing stuff for probably the last three 4 hours just to just to get caught up and to get done with where we're at right now but um oh I got some more brackets I did these in silver cuz I ran out of the gold that's up there so wonder wonder what a 550 looks like on there let's see here oh it's a low profile bracket so it's not going to work I don't have a full full frame bracket let me let me grab another card let's put we got a Founders 3060 TI oh heavy boy oh that actually goes really well with that silver I need to get a screw for it hold on all right and there she is so going go ahead and put her up top there we [Music] go 360 TI and then now I can put another card right there in the corner so boom let's get to it so added a RTX 3060 right there that's a EVGA and that's how the old lineup's looking so I need to get this other shelf done right there I can put some more cards up and then print me some more brackets so I can start putting some cards up in here I need to clean some more cards so that way I can fill the display back up and uh got plenty of over there before I even have to break into the old shipping boxes but um my phone's going nuts so let me check that and I am going to call it for today guys I am absolutely Ely beat I got to go by the post office and M all y'all stuff out so I'll see yall on the next one later guys all for everybody that made it this far in the video I just restocked a couple I believe this one's a two yeah 2 tbte this one was a uh I don't know let's see I'm blind yeah that one's a 2 tbte this is a 1 tbte and then this was a 1 tab so two 1 tabes and two 2 terab also added some CPUs onto the website 8 i78700 I5 8500 and a uh another one I3 9100 so um got a lot more parts coming in so yeah stay tuned guys later

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