Flipping CPUs for Cash

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel it's another day in the shop this is becoming a regular thing and if you can hear in the background ah I have my printer going so I had a old Canon printer and I was like I need to print out some labels I want to get a nicer printer like a laser printer that kind of thing this is just a old inkjet that I had kicking around and I actually had a brand new uh ink cartridge but I had to get some labels printed out because I wrote manually labels yesterday that ain't it that ain't it Chief um my handwriting is horrible so it would take me forever because there's the CPUs that we got from that lot I put them online uh in my local area and then I put them on a couple different places um even put some of them on eBay Ebay's fees are atrocious but um I sold a bunch of them uh I sold like seven of them already so I got to mail out another seven CPUs I'm keeping keeping I did decide that I'm keeping five of them and five of those are going to be going into build uh but I'm going to sell the rest of them because some of them are like f models and and um they have no integrated graphics and and just some of them are like less desirable so I'm just going to move those out of here um and then yeah just U keep that ball rolling so we do have a couple people coming in today uh have the power supply guy coming um yeah so it's a good time should be a real good time but anyway I got me some I got me a Chick-fil-A biscuit to celebrate that it's Friday so I'm going to eat my biscuit and I'll be right back all right so I figured we could go over some of the sales if you guys are interested in that kind of thing I'm obviously I don't want to leak like addresses or personal information or anything like that so I'm not going to but we did just sell and that's what I'm about to pack up a ah what was it a 12 700f that's an Intel i7 it's a 12 core so little Stout Stout boy right there um and we sold it for $29 and uh looks like $6 shipping 578 shipping um so that's pretty cool uh we are going to be I have some let's see here got some little anti-static bags I'm basically putting it in an anti-static bag and then uh cutting out and putting cardboard over it and then taping it and then putting it in a bubble mailer and that's how I'm shipping them talk to some other people there's definitely different ways of shipping them but CPUs especially Intel CPUs they're pretty pretty stout really no issues there so um let me print out that label I'm going to do that off camera so that way no addresses or anything uh and we'll be right back all right wham bam thank you ma'am there is the 12700 f all happy and tucked away so yeah somebody got a good deal on that cuz on eBay those are reselling for like 220 so somebody saved about 20 bucks give or take and it was a quick sale for me so happy there we're going to go ahead and set this in the pile and then see what the next one sold is it looks like an i78700 and it sold for $95 so let me find the old 88 700 let me grab another envelope go ahead and print out that shipping label bam bam yeah getting them assembly line up in here um UPS ground Advantage uh um now this one's $4 it's like why is this one $4 when the other one was $6 huh I don't know your funds printed label all right purchase shipping label bam all right I'm gonna skip ahead with the power of YouTube we're going to be done and right 3 two 1 all right next up is an i58400 and it sold for where we at um contrl f 8400 that one went for 50 bucks yeah 50 bones heck yeah not bad looks like they're going for about 60 bucks on eBay all right next up is an i7 8700 which I will not focus on for some reason I don't know that's weird uh i78700 it's not a k model or anything like that but still got 85 bones for that so heck yeah all right so there we go those are all the orders for today um and these are the CPUs that are left over so still have these Intel confidentials I need to look those up but those were pretty decent from what I remember um got a 9,400 8500 7600 9 700 K 10100 8700 K 9700 K 10400f 12100 11700 KF so still got some really really solid CPUs um oh also I do have a 3700x and a 13400 so still got some solid CPUs and that kind of thing definitely going to be able to to build out some nice builds oh basically now I I sold those and I've more than recouped my initial investment so I'm happy all this is now just profit and that's that's the way to cookie crumbles ladies and gentlemen I was about to go out the door and take all these packages and I just got an offer on an 11700 KF and you know what since we're since it's a Friday this somebody got an absolute steal on this bad boy just let this go for 145 including shipping it's it's a good day it's a good day it's a good day for deals so you know what I'm saying you want the deals you hit hit me up on Fridays all right I'm about to pack this one up and then we're going to the post office all right so I went by the post office got everything scanned in um I was a little nervous just to put everything in the Dropbox cuz I was like I wanted to make sure all my weights and stuff were okay because um on eBay I did like the automated thing and some of the the packages were more than others and I don't know why so I think I need to get me a scale and I need to scale them out uh because there was a few of those that were like six bucks and they should not have been six bucks I don't know if maybe eBay thought it was like a boxed item being sent out but it definitely wasn't a boxed item it was just going out in a bubble mailer um but whenever I went into like modify it just said you know USBS ground advantage and it didn't you know give me anything else it was like eBay was just automatically filling something in so um yeah a couple people told me to use ship station and I will be using ship station but since I've listed so much stuff on eBay and a short period of time um eBay put my payments on hold and unless I use their automated tracking system they got a little Monopoly there uh and they said so it's either a twoe hold if you use something else and and put a tracking number in there or when they deliver it through their tracking number I don't know we'll see see I don't know the money's on hold right now though so that's great um so really makes me want to just sell more stuff independently off of eBay uh cuz them fees be them fees be hurting so I did a post online on a couple like local computer Pages some other CPUs and stuff that I had available and actually got hit up by like four different people today that want to come by um and I was like it's a Friday so we making them them cash deals some cash discounts accounts so you bring some you bring some paper and I'll let you leave with some PC parts but anyway I need to get off my phone I'm driving so see yall in a minute all right so boom three more CPUs sold so going to go drop those in the old post office um and I did have somebody a gentleman come in I didn't even ask him if I could record or anything like that so I'm not going to put that video up uh but he wanted to make payments and I'm just not set up for that yet that is one thing that I'm actually interested in doing is offering some kind of like payment solution which I know Shopify offers so if I when I get my Shopify like point a SES system up they can like apply for it and do it all inhouse but I just told him I I just can't do it right now cuz he's like man I can give you $100 now and I'll come back and and pay the rest and and you can keep the PC here and and I'm like yeah I know that's like less risk on me but you know it's like a couple hundred he he wanted to buy this one for like I think it was like 260 and you know he'd have 100 bucks now and then 100 bucks next week and then the rest the week after that and I'm like that means I got to sit on that computer for another 3 weeks and I just told him I was like I'll have plenty more like identical if not better builds whenever you're ready to buy it so just hit me back up if not here soon I should have my financing or payment system up and available for like splitting it up um and then you'd be able to take the computer that day so I don't know it's just an idea it's probably a good idea because people want it but anyway I'm calling it a day I'm tired I'm ready to go home tired of sitting here and watching YouTube videos although it will be better once I have like official hours posted so then people can just stop hop in stop by and I don't get like 500 people being like Oh I'm coming I'm coming and then nobody shows up or one guy I had one guy show up today yeah out of I think like 10 said they were coming by that's just that's that's the way the cookie crumbles I still enjoy it I still have had a really good time today though selling stuff yeah all right for real yall have a good one I'll see you on the next one Boop

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