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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody hope everybody is having a great day I can't even talk um but yeah so another day in the shop we are I got some orders to pack we're going to skip over that um I got me a label maker because one of the things that was driving me absolutely insane I talked about this before went into another uh place and they were selling computer parts and nothing had prices on it so you had to ask what's that what's that what's that and then it's like it's almost intimidating to like ask for a bunch of prices on stuff so that made me realize I was doing the same thing and uh I got me a label maker nothing special like 20 something bucks um and it does two lines on each label so that way I can literally just put like an item number and a price just super simple um and then what I'm going to start doing is I'm going to print out a a like you know an item number a price and and then start entering everything into inventory so that way if like my wife's here and I'm not because she has been stopping in here and using this during the day as a place for Wi-Fi because she works from home most of the time but if she's out and about she can stop by here pull her laptop up do a little work print some stuff out it's convenient um but she could also sell some stuff if my POS system was up and stuff was in inventory and pricing was on it and you know if somebody wanted to buy something she just types in the item number it populates it it's it's got a price it's got a quantity like basic things basic things so yeah that's kind of where we're at at the moment anyway um yeah I guess I need to go get some batteries for this bad boy because I bought it and didn't realize it does not come with batteries before we do that I'm hungry and we're out here burning the old the old Midnight Oil so that means we're on a Ramen diet at the moment so let's go through let's go cook up some Ramen I'm me grab my keys so I can lock up it' be bad if I walk out of here and then have my keys ha there we go where we at where did my Ramen go all right let's [Music] go well that's a bust went to both of the gas stations right here beside the shop they got double A they got 9 volts they got D's all the aaa's are sold out so I guess we ain't firing up the label B maker tonight cuz I'm not trying to drive anywhere else I need to go in and start going through inventory got to pack up those orders and then start adding stuff to the website because I just picked up like 30 more CPUs a few more gpus okay well let's jump right into it well on the bright side though at least my noodles are done it's pretty nice that they have like a little kitchen area it is much appreciated so all right let's go back into the office and try to get some work done all right so I got some more CPUs in and I'm going to be putting these in inventory I've already sold off a couple of them so those already packaged up um and guys if you are interested in something specifically um there is a separate Discord page for the computer shop the link is down below in the description so you can go to that Discord page and uh you can then send me some requests so I had some people requested some 10 series or sorry 10th Generation i5s so yeah package them up thank you for your business much appreciated um now I'm going to fire off probably about half of this onto the web store and the other half on to eBay I'm kind of curious to see what will sell first and then what kind of makes more money um so I'm going to get down to business on that and uh I guess just see what it do all right so I think I figured out a pretty decent system to know what CPUs are on eBay and CPUs are not on on eBay or on the web store so for right now I'm going to use this tray for all my web store uh Intel CPUs and this tray will be for the eBay listed CPUs so I can't really see them because don't need to they're on eBay and then when I sell something on eBay I just got to flip through here and see what I sell uh so far we have uh 1 2 3 4 five six on the web store and four on eBay so uh going to put a couple more on eBay and then we'll go back and then web store and then vice versa so yeah and uh by the way my eBay store link is is down below in the description as well but um if you buy them from the web store if a chip that you're interested in then you also get extra entries to the uh giveaway PC so unfortunately I can't offer that on eBay but it is what it is so yeah all right so I had listed these on eBay eay and there's one eBay I guess they're a reseller or something or whatever but um they ended up going onto my eBay store and I guess either they're following me or it's really weird but they may I I leave mine as buy it now or best offer and I set the best offer a little bit lower but they basically went through and best offered about $4 or $5 less on every single one and um I didn't even fight it I just accepted all the offers so um the the I5 9500s the I5 this is a 10505 these are I5 8500s i5 9400s and I5 8400s so a bunch of I5 like midlevel i5s don't know what they're buying them for but they got them for some decent prices and it's you know quick money turns it over fast um as for on the Shopify store I just added another one I added a a i78700 and I was going to add uh some of these ryzen so this is a 5800 x a 5700 and a 5600 G so wham bam thank you ma'am also have some of these bad boys old 13 700f got some got some big big mamas in the house all right well I'm done B burning the midnight oil it's about 1 I'm going to call it um got a bunch of CPUs listed didn't get to go through the gpus yet but uh we'll get there looks like most of the CPUs were basically selling out as fast as I was listing them uh so yeah even the ones on like the Shopify site so I know you guys been some people been watching um anyway uh oh shout out to all the people that are entered into win the giveaway PC a couple people had asked me how I'm going to do the drawing and we're hopefully going to do it on live stream I figur that's the easiest way uh if you don't know what I'm talking about this is the giveaway PC right here it's an i5 9400 RTX 2060 16 gigs of RAM 1 TB hard drive um really just a solid setup um and there's no purchase necessary so you can go over to the website bc- pc.com and look over in the bottom left after the website loads there'll be a little giveaway button I didn't want to like flash it in front of people's faces and make it like super annoying so you can click down there you can enter your email in that gives you one entry follow on Facebook uh you can get a daily entry just for coming back to the website and clicking back on the daily entry uh and then if you spend any money on the website you get additional entries so good luck ladies and gentlemen and we will be doing a giveaway PC every month so and hopefully they can get better and better as time goes on but um yeah so sorry today's video wasn't like super super interesting but if you like seeing some of the behind the scenes there it was also a gentleman came by and dropped off this computer right here and he was like Hey I can't get anything to display I plug it in nothing comes up and I'm like okay so I don't know why but I just figured you know what let's try to unplug and reseat the graphics card cuz I plugged it in and it wouldn't give me no display so um I unplugged or unsocket and reseted the graphics card and the ram I don't know what actually fixed it but I've turned it on and turned it back off a bunch of times I called him uh he gave me his password so I logged in loaded up the internet that kind of thing it's fine there's no issues so I oddly enough something might have like jiggled loose or something I asked him if he had like moved it around recently he said he didn't but I was like well it was an easy fix come on come get your computer so wasn't even really worth like doing a video on so I figured that's why I just mention it on the at the end but um yeah so and also we do have a couple T-shirts left over so if you did want those they're on the web store as well I think large and extra large are the only things left but yeah time for bed bye

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