FOMO CPU Mining EP3 Another Mistake?

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and episode three of CPU fomo mining so anyway I'm in my office it is cold in here that is it's revers but it says 47Β° f um yeah so I had a little space heater in here and um it's now inside because my wife was using it in the bathroom ah because our back bathroom doesn't get heat very well it's like the coldest part of the house anyway I was like I'll just go out of the office real quick and do a couple things no big deal and I'm just I'm in here freezing uh regardless though we are still CPU mining 5800 X 25900 X's we have the Zeon um we have another system on the way like I said in the last video accidentally bought that one oh well you know trip and fall and you buy you buy CPUs and hardware and that kind of thing uh but let's go over the results for today and um yeah hang around we got some stuff restocking in the store if you're looking for some part deals on parts and stuff maybe all right so starting off the top I did get another stick of RAM and we are a dual channel on both of our 5900 X's so they're performing relatively close there's not this big you know $139 to $185 we're at $148 to $150 we are getting paid out in Bitcoin that is just what the um the Bitcoin is is worth at that time and you know what somebody made a good point I need to list what the Bitcoin value is per day so as for today it's 38,2 3 so we'll put that in uh let's see here 38,00 203 and I don't know what it was yesterday but I'll look that up and I'll keep track of it because satoshi's to dollar value will change day by day as the price of Bitcoin changes but if we were just straight up selling our satoshis uh after power our power cost right here I don't know why that deleted right there um we ended up profiting $320 a day on our four CPUs so we mined more and we mined more efficiently but we made less because profitability went down from yesterday is it still worth it probably not but you know what we're here why not we're we're going to give it a good old College dry so yeah anyway um that's how the cookie crumbles on that stuff quick little update over here we got a nice plate of uh some CPUs it's it's a lot of budget stuff 7100 8700t 7700 6 ooh 6600 k 7100 and a 10100 T um those are going to be going on to the website those are going to be going onto the website so you can check it out if you go over to the categories cuz somebody asked me where are all the CPUs you go down to CPUs and it'll show what's available and what's sold out um we are going to be getting some ryzen CPUs in tomorrow yeah tomorrow or actually today this evening cuz it's 1 6 a.m.

Uh so look out for that and um yeah snap up some of the things I'm actually going to be dropping the price on a couple of these so yeah or well you know what hold on bear with me right guys so uh code cpu2 no capitals no spaces is going to net 25% off all CPUs for the online store so just a little thank you to the guys out there that are watching the videos and you guys are making it making to the end of the videos you just get getting a little getting a little love uh probably going to make this discount code good for the next week so if you want to snap up some some CPUs jump on it all right anyway guys short and sweet I'll see youall on the next one adios

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