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all right ladies and gentlemen checking back in this is now episode 4 of fomo CPU mining All That Jazz um so apparently everybody everybody says the ryzen 7 5800 x3d is the hot boy right now $268 a day is the estimated profitability on nice has don't know if that's true cuz I don't have one of these but I was looking over on eBay and these bad boys are buying now low price I remember when I first started this I was looking at them and they were in the mid High 200s now can't touch one for less than 300 so I'm thinking maybe these things are getting snapped up now I'm looking at the 5900 X these make a little bit less or well I guess a good bit less but uh these bad boys were going for low 2000s now the cheapest one on here buying now lowest price $250 with $5 shipping so are we seeing the market like mining actually affect the market again for like used sales potentially let's see what a 5900 X Compares so $2 flat a day and this is before power um I don't think mine are mining that well let's see here that's estimating them at 14 kill has okay that's why because I'm not running mine at 14 mine are running at about 12 and2 and I'm running less uh I don't know if I'm running 105 Watts but I know I'm I'm running fairly efficient cuz I pulled my my voltages down I am going to be doing an overclocking video cuz I'm not trying to burn unnecessary power but um let's check in and see our results so for today we're looking at on the 5900 x's a165 and a166 this is before power and that's 4,369 Satoshi and then 4376 the second ryzen is still outperforming the first one even though just barely um as for the ryzen 75800 X this is not an x3d this is just a standard it's only making 77 cents a day and uh 2023 Satoshi and then the old Zeon E5 2670 V3 just absolutely smashing out 74 cents in in the last 24 hours or 1,935 Satoshi for reference Bitcoin did go down slightly $ 37,9 12 so like yeah if you compare it to you know yesterday to today um we'll go ahead and take out our let's see here our do9 of power we'll pull our old calculator up here and we had $1.65 + 1.66 plus 77 + 74 take away 1.19 and we're left with $3 or 63 if we were to sell it all today I am just holding the Bitcoin $3.63 cuz to move Bitcoin right now with the transaction fees is insane I'm just not even going to not even going to bother if we go over to the old wallet for example we are up to $47 so it is climbing and it is climbing fairly decent not all of that is CPU mining well technically it is all CPU mining but I have a couple of extra rigs see it say five rigs here but I'm only showing four right here that's because these four are Heavy Hitters the other one keeps going on and off it's not giving me a full 24 4 hours it'll it'll mine for like 7 8 hours and then it Go cuts off uh it's on Windows though so I need to get that switched over just yeah got plenty of other things to do at the moment but anyway we're keeping it short and sweet for tonight guys um I did have some other rigs coming in um so once I get back me and the wife went on a little trip so I'll be back tomorrow and hopefully all that stuff will be in and we can get another another rig or two set up um I know some people were saying that right now apparently there's increased profitability on some gpus so um I'll look into that also and um yeah that's pretty much how the cookie crumbles so hope you all have a good night I'll see you on the next one peace what is 7900 X is going for 7900 X that is a not a ryzen that's a I9 7900x there we go buy it now lowest shipping it's from Canada basically if it's from anywhere outside the US and you're inside the US pain in the butt because shipping time already takes long enough 379 doesn't seem like a bad price let's go to the profitability calculator 7900 X calculate 262 so actually the the x3d the old 57 5800 X 3D outperforms the 7900x but what about if we go to the 5950 X the old big boy 269 so it just barely squeaks out a win over the uh the 5800 x3d what about the 795x 299 okay so that's that's a good little jump up but pretty sure it's a fairly high jump up in price Buy It Now lowest price yeah over $500 mm- no sir now the the absolute star of the show in my opinion and Zeon E5 2670 [Music] Zeon 2670 now there's a lot of zons and they all do pretty decent but look at this buy now lowest price 2670 V3 $5 $5 ladies and gentlemen and these are not like they're some crazy power hungry thing that they're going to be burning like 500 watt I wonder what let's see here Zeon 2670 V3 max power consumption TDP is 120 watts I don't think TDP is a good representation of max amount of wattage that it can burn maybe I'll just have to put a kilowatt meter on mine and see what it does yeah it doesn't doesn't really say but there's not a lot of documentation on these I mean not for like CPU Mining and you can step up to a bigger Zeon like I was looking oh here's 2680 for example this is a it's a 14 core with a 2670 was a 12 core 14 bucks let's see here watch this 26 70 and motherboard these these combos pop up pretty cheap this is a machinist with the 2670 V2 I don't know about that one this one comes with a V3 70 bucks ooh dual CPUs I wonder how that would mine 80 bucks oh my I think I need to buy this I wonder if this runs better is this got quad Channel Ram yeah I think it is oh my I'm so intrigued now upgraded my unraid servers so if this got the full power of both of these that'd be what like a150 a day off of a $80 oh my goodness hold on one second I got I got to think I'm about to buy this dag n it I'm sorry this video turned into being so long okay so we're going to try that out in theory in theory I believe um so for example let's just say these these burn 120 watts so we got 200 we'll round up we'll say 250 Watts times 24 hours you're burning 6,000 6 kilow a day 6 * 12 cents oh no that's that's 12 six uh times .12 that's 72 cents a day so it's burning about a processor wor so you're making 70 cents a day now we're going to divide that by $86 that's what it cost us oh man I'm I'm 86 ided was it 72 I can't remember nothing 119 days Roi to get our money back on that bad boy and we have a dual C on a dual C oh crap I forgot that thing probably needs some wild coolers on it hold on let me go check on that yeah it did not come with coolers did it does it just use regular like regular coolers oh no it does come with coolers oh my God score for the win yes thank you very much I'm going to just have to like put a fan on them and is there fan headers on this thing yeah okay so we got fan headers right there and we'll just slap those coolers on there slap a fan on each side of these put some RGB dress it up dirt nasty all right maybe see if we can't get these be bad boys to be a little bit more power efficient as well don't know if that's possible but um yeah were these v3s 267s I don't know if they were or not E5 2670 is there is there a different version Oh there's definitely a V2 oh there's a V1 let's see if the worst one is we potentially just bought crappy ones oh well um okay so the v1s are only8 core instead of 12 core don't know which ones we got anyway all right I'm getting off here before I buy anything else ladies and gentlemen have a good night I'll see you on the next one peace

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