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all right ladies and gentlemen welcome back to episode 1 two 3 4 five six of CPU fomo mining now for today's episode December 1st 2023 the ryzen 95900 X's are up everything's actually up ever so slightly except for my zeeon not sure about that uh but the ryzen 5900 XS are both up to $1.78 a day one of them just edged it out slightly more than the other with 4599 Satoshi while the other one did 4597 but still $1.78 can't complain on that uh the ryzen 75800 X the non 3D and by the way guys apparently the nice hash profitability calculator for the ryzen 5700x 3D is not correct they don't make all that crazy hash that they say they do so we'll explore that more in the coming days because I think I just bought um a bulk deal and I think I have one of those coming in um but anyway the 5700x did 87 cents or 22 2251 Satoshi and then the Zeon E5 2670 V3 did 72 cents at 1,862 satoshi's so our burn was a119 and if we pop open our calculator later here cuz I didn't didn't do this yet so we have 1.78 plus 1.78 plus 87 plus 72 $515 that's our highest so far and we take off our $119 of power $396 of theoretical profit if we sold but we're not selling because of reason I don't really know 3.96 okay so and just for reference Bitcoin is well at the time of recording 3 $ 38,7 75 so now to get on to some meat and potatoes here cuz on my last video I triggered a bunch of you guys and I did I did fomo even more I mean it's in the name of the title but I did fomo into buying a Server Motherboard with a dual CPU setup and it's not great so it has dual 2670 v1s and the only hash rates I could find online were on better has and I noticed that better has says my 2670 v3s should be doing 4,447 hashes on XMR which is the same algorithm as Zephyr but mine are doing a little over 5,000 so this is in the neighborhood of 15 to 20% off um so I'm hoping that these are reading low as well cuz this is the 267 v1s so that means instead of 2600 we might be seeing 3500 hash not great but that means two of them would be doing about 7,000 uh that means it would probably put it just a hair over a dollar a day still not efficient not great but apparently the motherboard that I got people were like with a bu update or if the BIOS is updated enough you can run uh V2 chips um so not just v1's and then going online trying to find like the most reasonable and the most fair you know for bang for the buck V2 chips is the E5 2695 V2s are these going to be profitable I nobody knows I I don't know probably not but I can get them for 15 bucks and if we look at the where was it here um better hash says the 2695 V2s should be doing about 3900 hash so if it estimates these low as well that means they might be doing 4 and a half maybe five um I don't think it'd be doing five cuz I put these 44 and mine's doing almost 5 and a half so maybe just about 1,000 off so I we we'll say we'll shoot low and say you know four and half if we go to the profitability calculator and let's put in 9,000 that means both of them would be doing 4 1/2 that comes out to126 a day on $30 worth of processors now as for power draw from the wall I got to get these in I got to get my kilowatt meter plugged up to see what they're actually burning some people are like oh my God those Zeon chips are burning like 3 400 watts um I know that's not true because my E5 2670 V3 which I know the v3s are a lot more efficient than the V2s um but I'm running this with a 370 on like a 500 W power supply so very very small power supply and I've never had any issues the TDP which I know the TDP is like the thermal design not necessarily how much they can burn they can definitely burn more than the TDP but the TDP on these chips are only like 12 120 watts so um I think they are probably burning a little bit more but not not this 3 400 watts that people are saying now maybe on a dual setup I could see you know 300 watts doing 140 150 watts a piece but yeah I mean as of right now technically I believe these are all still profitable um actually more profitable than they were the rest of these days because of things stuff and things so keeping this video short and sweet we do have some more Zeon stuff or some more ryzen stuff stuff coming in um over on the website I have sold out of a bunch of stuff we were doing that 25% off sale so if anybody scored on that we are shipping stuff out Tuesday um and yeah if you didn't get anything then sorry about that you missed out but um we still have some ryzen's a lot of the like ryzen 3s ryzen 5500x I wonder what that does on the profitability calculator I'm curious is it worth sticking into a a motherboard maybe not 1500x 41 cents a day apparently it does about 2.9 so not even 3 Kash but it does it at 65 Watts hm and interesting I also had I think there was a I think I had a 5650 in there let's see if that's on here 56 50 N they don't have that one on there what about a 5600 G I don't have that one on there as well 5600x a12 a day wow that's impressive 5600 x doing 8 k aash M sheesh slaying absolutely so yeah wonder what my 50 my 5800 should be doing better than what it is I know it should be see $140 it should be doing 10 Kash and I'm doing I'm doing 87 cents a day but this is my 5800 X is running on single Channel I know I need when I get back I need to stick some more RAM and that I think that's holding me up cuz when I was running single channel on this 5900 X versus dual channel on that one see the the difference if you've been watching the series you know I stuck dual channel in on this day and it tightened up the Gap and basically made the Gap non-existent so yeah that 5800 X once I get back that one's going dual Channel boom and by the way some people are like oh my God why are you being quiet and stuff I went out of town we went on a little vacay um and I'm in currently in the bathroom of the hotel recording because I started the series and I wanted to stay with it staying on the the the YouTube grind is not for the faint of heart and my poor old Lenovo is beat all the pieces but anyway I'm going to jump off here um heading back tomorrow so see you guys then and we'll get some orders packed out we got some customers coming in the shop going to have a lot of mix of content so I know there's people that were like oh my God thank goodness he's back on mining content he's not doing computer shop content anymore well I'm sorry it's going to be mixed in we're going to alternate some days you might get two days of mining content who knows you might get multiple in one day but I'm going to try to stay on Monday through Friday one video a day so wham bam thank you ma'am let's let's get it later guys all right for everybody that's still here somebody was telling me apparently I need to look into Beam on 5700 XTS let's calculate that the video is over guys by the way beam I don't see it being much more profitable let's go to Hash rate.

no we'll go over to gpus 5700 XT 64 cents on XNA never yeah don't know what's up with that okay so apparently that was just a little bit of fud somebody was lying to me apparently they said they were making over a dollar a day profit on their 5700 XDS I still had like a full rig of six and I was like but I'm about to throw them bad boys back on there if they were doing that what what about about 30 60s 50 cents oh my God gpus just ain't doing it right now sorry 5 590s 580s 33 cents 570s okay anyway all right later guys peace peace later peace.

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