US House Approves Crypto Bill, Urges Regulatory Framework

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A noteworthy development has occurred in regulating the United States’ crypto space as a House Committee has approved a bill to bring clarity into the industry. 

On July 26, the U.S House Financial Services Committee approved the Financial Innovation and Technology Act for the 21st Century Act, popularly known as FIT21.

After a long deliberation, the House Committee greenlighted the FIT21 bill with a 35-15 voting result. 

It is worth stating that the FIT21 has been garnering attention, with Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong taking to Twitter to urge crypto users in the United States to actively push for this bill’s approval.

Although Armstrong believed the bill would likely be modified as it passes the complete legislative process, its approval by the House Committee was vital to safeguard the crypto space, “American innovation and national security.”

The FIT21 Act – A  Landmark Legislation For U.S. Crypto Space? 

The Financial Innovation and Technology for the 21st Act was recently introduced to the House on July 20. 

In the Act’s introductory statements, Representative French Hill, who serves as Chairman of the House Subcommittee on Digital Assets, Financial Technology, and Inclusion, referred to the bill as a “landmark legislation” critical to creating an efficient regulatory framework to safeguard crypto users’ interests.

The U.S. House Representative further stated that this bill would have prevented the FTX crisis and provided much-needed clarity in crypto. Hill said:

This legislation would not only have prevented FTX from stealing billions of customer funds, but also establishes robust consumer protections and clear rules of the road for market participants. 

In addition, the FIT21 Act will enhance cooperation between the two financial regulators trying to assume control of the U.S. crypto market. U.S. Representative Dusty Johnson, another sponsor of the bill, emphasized this motion saying:

The crypto industry wants clarity and our collaborative bill gives both the CFTC and SEC a seat at the table. Our bill establishes clear principles to ensure financial security and certainty as digital asset developers continue to innovate.

U.S. Congress Finally Stepping Up Crypto Regulations

The call for a regulatory framework in the U.S. crypto space has been on for quite some time, especially with multiple clampdowns by the SEC on various crypto exchanges and businesses in 2023. 

U.S. Patrick McHenry highlighted this situation, stating the United States is “falling behind” other nations regarding digital asset regulation. 

However, the introduction of the FTI21 Act, along with other bills such as the Blockchain Regulatory Act, the Digital Asset Market Structure Proposal, and the “Lummis-Gillibrand” Bill, suggests that the United States government may be ramping up its regulatory efforts in the crypto landscape.

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