FOMO CPU Mining EP8 Stilling Making Money

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all right so ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel I'm just now getting my voice back if you guys didn't notice there was a little bit of lapse in in video footage um it's all good I'm feeling better now getting back up to snuff but uh today is episode eight of CPU fomo or fomo CPU mining foming into CPU mining whatever this series is called anyway it started off with me grabbing a bunch of my old CPUs throwing them on to Mining and kind of just documenting where we're at and what we've been accumulating along the way um we had some dips we had some some valleys um and I think I think we've kind of leveled off which is not a bad it's not a bad spot to be in especially since it's the winter time over here on the east coast in the US I'm in North Carolina gets pretty cold at night um I have these CPUs running in my garage and my office and my garage so any heat that leaks out of this office which a lot of it does leaks into the garage and that just helps keep things a little warmer in there which I did notice the other night we got down to like low 20s and inside of my garage got down to 37 not ideal considering I have my washing machine out here and that means there's water lines out here uh definitely want to keep that above 32 we don't need to no lines Freez and in busting so it might just have to turn some more CPUs on in here oh no but um regardless let's flip this around and show you guys what we're making um as of right now currently running I had some issues with the Dual CPU setup so I powered it down uh hopefully going to have that up and running next week but for right now we do have the 5800 X 25900 x's and then a uh a Zeon 2670 V3 it's a 12 cor Zeon um so we'll start off with the ryzen 75800 X all right so pool side I'm showing 6.6 Kash I'm showing a little bit more right at 7 Kash on uh Hive or client side and that's that's just nice hash that you always lose a little bit of pool side hash rate um I thought about doing an experiment and since I have almost or two almost identical 5900 X rigs thinking about leaving one on nice hash putting the other one on unminable uh so that way I can see which one's actually which service is providing a better conversion rate cuz we are mining what Zephyr uh through random X Monero on nice has and getting paid out in Bitcoin uh we're not we're not getting paid out in uh in Zephyr so from the start of this this challenge until now we're up to $15.38 um every now and then or you know I have had some other rigs online and some of them powered down but the only stable things I've had running are the ones I'm going to show you so 6.6 Kash I like that it equates over to an even 66 cents a day um this system Burns I I think it comes out to I don't even remember off top of my head all of them together are a120 a day let's keep going uh this one is the 2650 V4 oh yeah I do have this one running okay uh so this is this is that um the one that's on that Chinese motherboard it's a 12 core it's getting right at a little over 5 Kash which honestly not bad for like aund you know low $100 setup uh it's making 48 cents a day and it's burning about 20 of that but extra heat at this point saves me from run having to run a space heater so free money in my opinion uh but yeah 48 cents a day on that Zeon E5 2650 V4 this one is the this is a 5900 X we're getting 11.9 Kash poolside $118 a day and then my other 5900 X 11.6 pool side a114 a day so we're making you know one let's see here let's let's calculate it up let's grab the old old calculator 1.14 plus 1.18 plus 66 plus .48 equals $346 a day and we had figured it up we're burning just over a dollar a day so we we'll round that off to like 1.25 so we're you know if we were taking power into it into equate this whole situation uh we were making $221 a day running you know a little over a you know $1,200 worth of Hardware is this worth it to go run out and do for a day-to-day basis and sell off and put $2 in your pocket no but um we're going to be stacking up some Bitcoin hopefully will see some crazy things happen uh worst worst case scenario I'm just it saves me from paying for a heater in the garage well it it's a heater that pays me so to speak uh Bitcoin is down over the last 7 days 4.7% almost a 5% drop we're at $1,845 for reference so just like if you were Mining and holding the actual coin we're Mining and holding Bitcoin so if Bitcoin coin goes up our balance yeah or or equal to what it is goes up I can't even talk I'm my throat is killing me um but our actual Bitcoin like satoshi's do not so we're going to keep on mining away um I am going to be experimenting with a little bit of GPU mining cuz I do need some extra heat in here so right now I have a 2060 on zel hash it's not running uh a great hash rate it's at 37 SS if we go over to what the mine we can actually get an idea of what a 2060 should be doing on zel has let's see here 1260 on zel has should be doing about 57 at 130 Watts but we are not running any kind of optimization or any over clocks on this 2060 so probably need to do that but even at 37 saws we're doing 38 cents a day on just that 2060 so if I turned my 2670 V3 on let's close that out and get it to reopen cuz it didn't load the there we go Intel presets I've been set successfully we'll let that come online and that should push this rig over a dollar a day 4.8 Kash we are at 84 cents a day unfortunate you know what let's see do we have MSI after run around here I believe we do let's see if we can't get a little bit more um uh RTX 2060 zel [Music] hash overclock the mining chamber shout out the mining chamber so on zel has 42 SS that's weird my what the mine said you get more than that 42 saws with core clock offset plus 150 huh basically not much tuned on there interesting we're at 36 SS do we want to update heck no we don't want to update let's let's fine-tune this oh I got my core clock turned down let's bump up the old core clock we'll burn some power on this bad boy lock that in let's turn this fan let's turn this fan up we're not running hot by any means but we're running a lot of memory we at 35 SS were we at like 37 before said he was do plus 150 on the on the core let's see what the minor window looks like where's it at we'll give it a second for these settings to burn in see where she see if she's happy or not I apologize I'm not talking more my voice is still pretty strained from uh having a crappy little cold 36 all 38 saws okay so we're coming up we're coming up she's liking it let's go ahe and bump that core up 147 I don't know if this bad boy is going to take it or not I don't know what kind of 2060 is in there I think it's a Zotac so you know what that means we're at 38 SS 38.7 show them 37 on here huh I don't know I don't want to push the core much more than that I don't think it'd be stable on a Zotac 2060 so it looks like I'm I'm underperforming ever so slightly big surprise there uh I'd love for you you guys if you could oh w w 41 we're coming live but uh if you would drop your zel hash overclocks Down Below in the description and I'd love to know what you guys are minding right now cuz um I'm I am curious a lot of people turning a lot of stuff on I've been considering I got a 5700 XT rig I've not broke down yet I'm considering just bringing it in here and firing it up but anyway I don't mean to hold up any more of your guys' time I hope youall have a good night I'll see you on the next one adios

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