FOMO CPU Mining ep9 ryzen shine

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what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the brandoncoin YouTube channel I hope you guys are doing well um and I apologize in advance I don't know how this video or audio quality is going to sound I have a new camera so please let me know down below if the video and audio is decent or not um but regardless I am doing an update this is the update video for the CPU fomo CPU fomo series um I still have hold on let me flip it around and show you guys so I still have the ryzen 7 5800 X there is a 1066 gig mining there um we have a 5900 and another 5900 X those are both Mining and then we have a 3060 TI the 3060 TI and the 1066 gig are not mining uh a CPU minable coin they are mining uh I believe kapow right now I just needed some extra heat in this room cuz it gets really cold in here um so let me go over here and pull up nice hash real quick let me not leak out this data um hold on one second bear with me hadde it open there it is all right so we'll go over here to the rig manager and if you look right here we [Music] have the 5900 X [Music] and all right guys I apologize um this is the camera that I was previously using I'm back on my cell phone now it's yelling at me because I don't have a highspeed enough micro SD card so I guess it can't like it it keeps stopping so um we're now continuing on with my iPhone um but yeah so this 5900 pool sides only seeing 10.85 megahash uh which actually is pretty or sorry 10.85 Kash which is actually pretty low um and that comes out to about 86 cents a day what's my other one doing here the other 5900 X it actually had some downtime nope that's the wrong one right here as you can see it had some downtime but it's back up for the last few hours and it's only averaging 1.9 that's just because it's it's been down uh if we go over to sorry got if we go over to high I'm showing 12.2 and 13.5 megahash so we're definitely losing some going from the pool or from you know our side to pool side but it is what it is um our total is up to $152.99 and um since we did have that downtime that's put our our daily average down to $323 our weekly average $4 every 24 hours so a little over 4 bucks still though even though it's not making a ton of money it is still keeping my office in here semiwarm so right now it's 67° F and outside I want to say it's it's maybe like in the 50s right now it's definitely a warmer night than than we've had in the past but still I don't want it 50° in here that's for sure so um we do have some other stuff coming in uh most notably some of like the Zeon stuff uh so we we're going to be adding that back in um oh I do have I do have one more yeah I have my this Zeon running right here this is that E5 2650 V4 and it's averaging 3.27 khash 31 cents a day but it's actually doing about five it's just by the time it gets to the pool it loses it I'm really tempted to switch over to unminable and see if I get better pool side um you know uh accepted basically or mining speed cuz that's what you're paid on as pool side and that's just that's a little low it's a little low across the board and I'm not not exactly sure why so anyway guys I'm cutting it or keeping it short and sweet thank you guys for coming out uh if you've noticed that nice hash has been a little bit I mean they've always been a little low but it just seems like they're even lower than normal uh for its accepted uh share speed I'd love to hear your thoughts down below other than that I'll see you on the next one adios

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