The $700 ETC miner can mine Octaspace and Zilliqa now.

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foreign [Music] here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I need to update the firmware on this ipolo V1 mini classic because apparently this can mine OCTA space and silica this is a 3.8 gigabyte model I Polo Miner which initially the support was for ethereum classic but OCTA space is a e-cash coin so I'm here to test it out on this 130 Mega hash 104 watt basic Miner which I just did a video on explaining how much ethereum classic remind after a year and unfortunately I have been mining to Ether mine on this thing over the past month month but since I think after July ether mine shut down so it's been sitting here doing nothing not even mining it's been stuck on ethermine not mining anything so that is my fault and so we're going to change that today as uh I'll just show you guys here okay so I'm remotely connected to it right now I yeah it's on firmware version 65.83 so it's been a long time since I updated this thing it's been has an update of 92 days and if I go to the minor config it's gonna show up the ethermine which is no longer available either mine shut down their ethereum classic bull so I am wanting to try OCTA space with this thing on K1 pool okay so K1 pool apparently can do zil as well so because this hypolo V1 mini classic okay 130 Mega hash you know 104 Watts this is also the 3.8 gigabyte model that I should be able to try it so I'm gonna download the ipolo firmware off their website okay so if we go to Firmware download go to V series now I know that I am a few versions behind a quite a bit of versions since then so I'm going to download this v1101133 firmware okay and we're gonna hit download uh download anyway yep okay so looks like it's there in my downloads folder okay so what I'm gonna do now I'm gonna go back to the ipolo here the web GUI we're gonna go to Firmware upgrade okay and then I'm gonna Let's see we need to get the flash image I need to browse for it okay it is gonna be the one I just downloaded oh looks like I already downloaded it twice because I did it before then I'm gonna hit upload okay and it's uploading the file uh do I want to retain the settings no I'm gonna start brand new I'm going to uncheck that and then I'm gonna hit continue okay all right I'm gonna let that go and I'll be right back we'll see if OCTA space works actually in the meantime if anyone's still watching I want to do a giveaway I promised that when I do videos in my basement I would be doing a giveaway every single time and I'm gonna be giving away mining chamber merch I'm gonna give away shirts sweater another shirt mining Hub shirt and also sweatpants okay so if you are in North America just comment down below anything positive regarding this video anything just comment anything I will choose the winner after 24 hours you have to email me your shipping address and that's it okay so good luck guys good luck you're gonna win some mining chamber merch I have way too much merch that he gave me and so I'm just I'm just gonna do giveaways of this all the time probably for the next like 10 years because there's like a couple hundred shirts and pants here and sweaters just just insane just insane okay let's see if this thing has updated nope looks like it's still going okay it came back up we're on version 110.133 all right so let me change the minor configuration and I'm gonna see if this is going to work on K1 pool because right now I actually have my ipolos on there already and so we'll see if OCTA space will show up on the ipolo V1 mini sorry my ipolo X1 x16q and gold models are on ethereum classic and silica so we'll see if this one works so let me input all of that stuff in I will be right back okay it seems to be working no way I did not think this would work because the I guess the coin configuration part on this ipolo V1 mini classic V1 mini classic it says Etc hash and OCTA space is an ethash coin so I didn't see a drop down here for ikash so but it seems to work though if I go to information overview you can see here I am getting accepted shares okay to us dot OCTA if we go to the K1 pool you can see my ipolo V1 mini is showing up look at that OCTA space look at that just showed up here that's yeah wow I'm actually surprised I just refreshed it here it's it's working 130 mega ash there you go so it works now the Zill part I didn't see that yet uh but I'm sure that's gonna work I'm just gonna let that go now I want to quickly talk about the profitability of this okay I Polo V1 mini classic so according to mind the this makes about 11 cents on mining ethereum classic and silica okay it doesn't seem to have OCTA space on here but you can see ethash 130 mega ash 104 Watts making about 11 cents a day including the zill all right so it's really not that much but I'm on now and I just want to see if I put 130 Mega hash 104 Watts on OCTA space okay and I'm gonna hit calculate here see how much this makes I think at nine Cent kilowatt hour okay so my power cost for this is about 25 cents a day that makes sense and then the profit I'll be making about this would be about 37 cents or 0.6 OCTA and the profit for that without Zill I just realized I didn't put in Zill I've been making profit 12 cents all right so if I actually yeah if I put zil here which is basically it only mines at about I don't know a couple minutes a day hit calculate here with silica so this 130 Mega hash on Zone OCTA this will now generate 21 cents profit okay so I get 5.170 a day would that be equating to nine uh cents in revenue and revenue because it's basically free I guess with this goes along with the OCTA space here so yeah wow so it'd be a lot better for me to mine octo space and Zell on this ipolo veeamon mini for now versus ATC hash and zil all right so that's pretty cool so I'm gonna let this go for I think another 20 minutes maybe 30 minutes until the next uh Zill round I want to make sure it actually shows up here and then we're gonna see if that works but hey this is uh this is a good sign I'm actually I'm actually surprised that this is working so it's making this for those that bought this 700 ethereum classic Miner a year ago there's now a little bit more light at the end of the tunnel uh regarding this thing but I'm gonna continue to mine and huddle with this thing and just see yeah I'm just gonna do octave space on Zill I guess in a way I have a lot more diversity now I was just doing ethereum classic by itself before so now that I'm doing octa-zil I have a little bit more diversity having OCTA space and also silica and also the nine or ten ethereum classic uh that I mined the year previous so I'm still holding that up until price appreciation and so I'm gonna do the exact same for this guy okay so yeah waiting for Price appreciation for OCTA space and silica that was 700 a year ago and we're gonna see when we break even or get the return on initial investment on this guy mining those two coins now okay all right guys that's all I want to do in this video just you know let me know your thoughts let me know if anyone else that has this uh if you guys have done a bios update as well I just realized I I need to update the other ones I have here as well these are like eat the mini classic Wi-Fi pluses so I think please do 80 at 280 Mega hash and I have the SC ones there as well I'm gonna have to update all of these maybe I should just mine octave space on all of them that might be more beneficial but I don't know I like ethereum classic as well I guess it's going to depend ultimately which coin you guys believe in and which one is going to uh ultimately go up or appreciate and price more so than the other who knows right nobody knows that's the that's the risk uh the gamble that we're willing to take more I'm willing to take here to you know show you guys all right again don't forget to comment down below for a mining chamber merch pack all right comment down below I'll see you guys in the next video have a good one peace out foreign

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