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all right what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and today I'm gonna go and look at my raptorium I kind of forgot about it honestly but uh raptorium is a well you can GPU mine it but it was a CPU minable coin it still is uh popped off for a little while it was making a lot of money on uh CPUs it's kind of it's kind of Fallen to the Wayside you can still mine it I think I don't know if it's profitable anymore we'll take a look at that but I mined up like 40 or 50 000 of them uh and then staked it so you can stake it and it can make money over time I'm like this is gonna be great it's gonna be awesome yeah yeah let's let's go look at it all right so starting off raptorium is currently point zero zero zero eight cents so it's not even a penny it's not a tenth of a penny it is eight one hundredths of a penny at the moment so not doing so good looks like over the last month it's just gone down over the last year it's just gone down and then all time it peaked it was like at eight cents and then yeah we've kind of in a slow fizzle there for a while so I don't know if that's that's not looking good and when we go down here to uh volume does not have a lot of volume moving around on it so that's not good either but uh anyway um I staked my raptorium on inodes shout out to them they're still in business unlike a lot of companies that were doing like staking and stuff and they've done a really good job keeping up with it with everything so I have 64 000 currently and I've been rewarded 16 000 by keeping them in there I was just checking it looks like I've staked them for about a year now a little over a year um let's see here um yeah so it's 60 dollars worth and I've made fifteen dollars and I have another 1.2 cents pending estimated daily earnings 1.9 cents so I mean this is on the level of like a cell phone um but I have sixty dollars locked into this it would actually make more sense to buy like two cell phones and put those to work but I'm Gonna Keep it in there because it might turn into something one day I don't think so but you never know crazier things have happened um I thought they used to have oh there it is payments so you can see monthly yeah I started in February of 2022 so February of 2023 that was a year so one two three four five six it's actually a year and seven months so a little over a year and a half at the moment was smart nodes blockchain oh damn there's 1089 smart nodes at the moment hmm but yeah so there is my raptorium let's go to a um let's see here RTM mining calculator let's go to CPUs and we'll grab like a ryzen 9 3900x so our ryzen 9 3900x on raptorium profits seven cents a day makes 29 cents but it burns 27 or uh it burns where's the power at it doesn't show Power is 90 Watts but yeah so it burns 22 cents a day at the generic power I think they have it set at like 11 cents per kilowatt hour um so definitely probably one of the lower on the lower end of uh CPU modable coins there's a lot of other options like Zephyr Monero bittorium and they're all making double if not more I mean back on that's pretty good uh that's really good I don't know anything about Zephyr though so um am I going to hold on let me flip this around now to wrap this up am I going to mine any more raptorium I don't think so am I going to recommend anybody else to mine raptorium I don't think so uh unless you're into it for like the coin and the technology and the utility and that kind of stuff then sure go ahead and throw something on there even just a small CPU but I'm not into any of that I'm just uh it's just mining it trying to make a little profit kind of bit me in the butt I don't know how long I mined on it for but I definitely mined on it more than 60 dollars worth of electricity so yeah that's the thing I remember when I was mining it I think a 3900x was doing like a cup like a dollar a couple dollars a day should have sold off should have sold off I huddled and it went down down down down anyway all right y'all have a good night I'll see you on the next one adios

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