GPU Mining Accumulation Realized.

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[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] good morning everybody Welcome to the live stream I'm sorry I didn't live stream throughout the week I've been a bit sick my kid is extremely sick as well very high fever but I'm feeling better now what's up Bros H what's up what's up Bros how's it going DJ M stay live for 3 hours at least uh I got to go in like 45 to an hour 45 I can't stay I can't stay I can't stay three hours I wish I could Krypto pounder 4 who's getting banned today that's right obvious Miner DJ mines random Miner look at that starcoin wow where's starcoin 41% hold on hold on I gave away my star coin Miner like a bit ago like last year if I kept mining throughout this whole time then I mean it didn't it not that not that crazy yeah I probably would have done well who am I kidding you who am I kidding anything you've been mining over the past year has gone like back up essentially Smokey Dan hope you feel better in little one to rest up get a thanks man thanks buddy um DJ mines you need to leave your family this is taking too much time away from us [Laughter] viewers that's great that's great DJ I love it I love it serpent what's up random Miner star coin fail Mass boost yeah I know automatic beats let's go Rob mines BTC steadily climbing yeah 39 uh 39,000 yeah hell yeah hell yeah hell yeah um year to date yeah Bitcoin is keeping up keeping up 38 39,000 damn still going Etc is pumping ethereum classic let's see honestly a lot of things are have been going up on over the past seven days also this is kind of this kind of stems towards the the the title of the stream it's just like now for anyone that's been mining over the past year are now seeing the realized or unrealized if you think about it that way if you didn't sell yet um but for those that maybe did sell they're seeing massive gains in their portfolios like it it it's it's pretty nuts like I mind less than a month on a single 3070 rig chor AI actually I did a tweet about that um and I mind like what 8,800 chore uh let's see if I just put it in here 8,800 that's worth 2400 bucks so one month of mining on a single 3070 rig got turned into like less than $5 of mining I don't know or maybe a whole month is going to be what 50 80000 bucks in electric so that one month of mining on that single rig of Chlor turned into 24 2400 bucks so the value of mining during the bare Market mining for the yield and hodling for Price appreciation that's that's it that that that's that's the that's the crypto mining strategy for anything really for all different types of mining like it just it's it's it's insane it's it's crazy how uh and then on top of that okay not only have your coin if you were mining through the bare Market at break even or a little bit losing or whatever paying your electrical bill out of pocket your gpus are now seeing profit uh depending what your electrical cost is uh if you're if you're now switching to profitability you're doing it for the dollar value daily um it's going back up granted it's nothing it's nothing crazy okay it's not like it's not like ethereum level like5 8 $10 a day on a GPU no it's not it's not like that but it's it's it's it's getting there okay it's it's this is kind of reminiscent for me in like 20 2020 right when when like RX 580s were stemming around like what 503 cents as well at like 10 cent kilowatt hour here we are at 13 cent kilowatt hour and like a typical 3070 now is doing 35 40 cents profit at 13 cent kilowatt hour so you you know that feeling that I'm I'm getting right now then this not Financial advice it is very is very reminiscent of the end of if of the last half of 2020 of last of 2020 um here hold on I want to here let's do the red panda let's do the red panda lines this part here this this part here feels very similar to what we are seeing right here uh I'm not saying I'm not saying we're going to get this I mean it if that if that I mean if it does then hell yeah I mean then [ __ ] yeah let's go let's go let's go all the way up let's do it this uh [Laughter] uh but I remember these parts during this time was like the accumulation was the accumulation phase right GP mining GP mining accumulation if you huddled like your ethereum and whatever else you were mining um in most cases it a lot of those coins went up in the bull run and here we are accumulation phase was here and we we talked about it all last here ever since the ethereum merge just you know you got to get your foot get keep your keep all your rigs for those that can financially keep going keep mining you know accumulate and even accumulate the hardware during these low times and now now it's breaking out now it's going up and you know I think Hardware is uh gpus are now going back up in price I don't know if You' guys seen it on eBay but it's it's been going up it's it's it's going up P can you tell me where you get the power cables from uh my favorite place will be infinit are you talking about um here uh infinite cables yeah I'll just put in the um and you know what's you know what's funny I they they put my videos on their website I didn't even I didn't even know they did I didn't even know they did that like I'm not sponsored I'm not sponsored by them or anything but they put my videos next to Lance Tech tip videos on their website I thought that was pretty I thought that was pretty cool um there was a video called how do I Power my mining Rigs and they said they saw a lot of traffic come from you YouTube on this video they said they had there's like 50,000 people that came from that video to their website uh just from that video alone I was just like holy crap dude people people people bought the C13 c14 C13 c14 I mean this is the most this is the most popular make make sure you get the 14 gauge ones okay 14 gauge I get the red ones they're so cheap like good price good quality um get yeah you want to get the 14 gauge because you don't want uh you see that the lower the gauge the more capacity right 15 amp 250 volts so you times these two numbers together that's the wattage um if you get 16 gauge you can only go up to 13 amps if you get 18 gauge you can only go up to 10 amps cryptic KJ and now you're set for free cables for life I wish I better say that that better ask them uh yeah okay uh oh I wanted to announce a giveaway a massive giveaway that's happening uh due to the meterbox docomo against me and Vos coin all right I I this is not a collab I didn't I didn't you know you know this is this is just this is this is something where I'm trying to win this competition okay so the meter box is going to be doing a basically a couple of things here um this is going to go on for the next 23 days and he's given away four ks0 Pros an octo server E10 x99 2 from octo minor a tail starter kit from Evergreen Miner an octom Miner X12 from octom Miner a pre-built 20m 125 volt meter box and also a prebuilt 30 amp 250 volt meter box worldwide contest ends 12:25 December 25th uh purchase any limited edition box from the meter box and get a code worth 1K entries complete every action you'll unlock more bonus entries and receive a free nft don't forget to vote daily all right so make sure you vote make sure you vote for I don't it doesn't matter vote for Vascar and vote for me um whoever wins then the I will uh the Char uh whoever wins will be the donation of $1,000 will be will be donated to uh Shiva enu rescue or the Water Project Vos coins is Shiva Inu rescue M's the Water Project okay so whatever you guys want either way good Charities here um vote for which one that you like um don't just vote don't just vote for the content creator itself but vote for the charity uh that you guys like okay um so yeah look at okay look at this look look at you want to see something sick I I linked it in the pin chat um look at this this is freaking sick look at this the red panda box set so the meter box put my red panda and then mining right below here Isn't that cool dude I love it I love it and then boscoin has uh has his own box set here his is pretty his is pretty cool his is pretty sick not as cool as mine mine looks better just kidding it's whatever whatever color whatever color you guys like but if you do buy one okay um then you can put in a code to get more entries unlock more entries uh for the giveaways okay so you have more chances more chances to win uh one of these prizes during Christmas time in 23 days all right Jason I just bought one of yours nice make sure you click the link in the pin chat the make sure you if you buy through that then I get a little Kickback and whatever money I get from that affiliate I will also donate to to the Water Project or something or whoever wins I will also donate all the commissions towards uh uh the the charity is it a two pack um I uh that's a good question uh box set includes the 20a 38 lid stickers keychain and nft is both box types the commercial 250 Vol l630r and the home 125 uh 5 Vol 20R with Hardware this includes lid screws plugs bolts nuts and rubber grommet components sold separately okay so you will need to get the l630r like you know the the the receptacle the plug the wall outlet and the wiring and all that kind of stuff and I mean uh if you want to do that okay that's where you will want to follow installation many videos but red fox has got many great videos on how to do that chump change has it as well um drock volt meter l630 power cord how to how to you know wire it and all that stuff is all here um please do it at your own risk as is uh yeah you're playing with high voltage stuff so you're not comfortable then there is I believe a let's see component kit you can actually buy the whole thing but actually I think you can buy the whole thing built pre-built ah there you go there there you go they do the pre-built ones here now I don't know if you can buy one with my with the red panda uh logo box set that might be that might be something we can ask oh yeah they have the previl 20 amp 30 amps as well again if you if you purchase through the link in the pin live chat I will uh use those commissions towards the giveaways towards the charity um it comes to 12024 no Outlet or meter yeah that's right you'll have to buy the component set separately yes yes yes yes ask for pre-built in red please yeah DJ yeah we can we can ask that we can ask that okay so yeah guys go go vote here here's the uh Twitter thing of the giveaway and oh no actually here's The Gleam here's The Gleam for the giveaway all right looks like a lot of people are entering looks like a lot of people are entering right now so that's cool all right all right back to the topic at hand so I don't know if you guys have seen this but since beam has kind of gone up in price it's kind of been profitable now oh a lithium is showing up profitable now ooh let's see hold on did the lithium just go [Music] up 22% today I mean neoa chor Veil beam look at all these GPU minable coins conlux is also Nexa is also DX also gone up a little bit but with with this raise here in price you're going to see across the board profitability start ramping up here on gpus uh because the prices have gone up 20 30 50 100% you're going to see these profitability numbers go up now there's probably going to be miners that are going to like you know turn back on as you know prices go up because there's going to be that you know equilibrium between the the the price of the coin difficulty all that kind of stuff looks like ETI is still eica is still decently profitable here uh for those that care about profit um I okay trillian capital what's up good friend what's up man ETA so you call this out on Twitter look at this about two month about a month ago I remember we did a live stream I wasn't mining ET I was mining like the EAS I was mining the other one not not ettica uh beam this this s coin still kicking beam is still kicking yeah beam is still beam's still kicking they just I mean just had some massive price appreciation here of 227% holy holy smoke I mean in not in like looking at previous history it's not that big of a it's not that big of a jump but it's it's a jump man this this remind man this is I just had Deja Vu I I this is this is this is this is very Deja Vu of this time previous 2020 2019 this is very I'm getting flashbacks here I don't know are you guys getting flashbacks this is this is feeling very very flashback uh where can I get the link for the red panda mining list oh on coin market cap um here uh customize share copy share the community here there it is how about grin from the same era yeah yeah yeah grin is grin on this yeah grin is up 25% yeah grin is also going up here uh yeah I mean everything is going everything honestly everything's going up so that means you know what happens you know when Bitcoin goes up and then altcoins start having a they lag a little bit like after Bitcoin goes up like $10,000 over the past month now the altcoin the alt coins are now are coming back into play that's is very very reminiscent of 2020 2019 so uh that means Bitcoin dominance is is going down hold on let's see how can I Bitcoin dominance Bitcoin dominance is was 47 48 51 was 53 now we're back to 51 so it's I don't know if it's going to go back up but during the bar during the bowl run a lot of altcoins had gained a lot of value but um 2020 Bitcoin dominance was like 70 70% at one point 66 68% Bitcoin dominance during theot the previous bear bare Market I'm curious to know if uh actually [Music] oh wait a sec oh wait a sec wait a sec uh if history repeats itself hold on hold on if history repeats [Music] itself so Bitcoin dominance was 29 2020 was 50 over here 50% down here during the run up was 70% here we are over here today it's 50% so does that mean we're going to have does that mean we're going to have a low time coming soon where alt coins are are going to get dragg down this next this next downturn oh boy oh boy oh Iowa thank good morning pen hope you have a good day thank you bro thank you man I hope you have a good day as well I hope you have a good day as well um ooh bit coin dominance [Music] H interesting interesting interesting so okay so so so in theory in in theory okay this is just I'm not a Trader but this is what I think this is this I hope this doesn't happen I hope we just keep going up but what if you know go up a little bit and then you know we go back we go back down and then 2025 cuz kind of very similar to what happened here I don't know I don't know I really don't know who knows there are different macroeconomic factors this time though uh I mean the macroeconomics yeah I mean it's it's been happening throughout this past this past whole time here right but bitcoin's been over a year to date Bitcoin has been going up I mean uh Al be at the stock market I think bitcoin's been doing better so uh so I I did I really didn't need it but I bought a set anyway oh nice thanks man yeah if you guys buy through the link in the pin chat um any commissions I get through that I will donate that to the charity I'll donate that to the charity yes massive give massive giveaway from coin mining Central OCTA Miner Evergreen oh dude just just nuts man just nuts just nuts all right um I'll tell you what's going to happen next Tron going to put you in jail and force termination games on you what what what's what what's Force termination games what is that 22 let's go M boost 43.62 per this last Bull Run okay Bitcoin dominance um 250 viewers the fomo is starting smash the like Bros wow we have 250 people here I didn't even know that wow 250 people 63 likes smash the like Bros let's go to 100 so um I wanted to also okay so the title of the stream I also wanted to look at this okay for those that don't don't remember um I have my 6600 XT uh bow run spec mining rigs I'm mining like a bunch of a bunch of stuff um hold on so I got n here okay about I mined about 58,000 so far so how much is that worth I just can someone I don't have it up here can someone go to Nay oh you know what I can do it here no nay this is on a single rig over the past month and a half I think 55 did I say 55,000 how much is that 58,000 58,000 that is wor 225 us D so because narai has gone up such insane amounts um the what I've mined $225 I mean it's not really that crazy but comparing it to you know if I were to sell every day I would not have $225 as of uh as of now but you know what the funny thing is and I hate I hate that I have to go through this so I also bought I theoretically bought each of these coins that were're mining on those rigs okay um $1,400 worth I bought a mining rig 6600 XT 6X 6600 XT rig worth4 $100 October 8th so that day we bought $1,400 of each of the coin on October 8th okay so let's go let's start from the bottom that $1,400 of DX looks like it's down 5% so it's not worth $1,400 worth 1320 but going up here $1,400 October 8th bot of ravencoin is worth 1,800 bucks now zelica 18827 Bitcoin 1943 Ergo $2,000 flux 21 almost $2,200 uh neoa that $1,400 of neoa turned into $3,000 as of today Nexa $4,400 mecoin $5,400 alium $ 5600 naray $1,488 Chlor $12,238 look at Chlor and nuai if you bought $1,400 uh back October 8th this you would have a p&l here of 774 649 gain holy crap man holy smoke so in this in this example here buying the coin would have been better obviously than uh how much narai I've mined on that 6600 XT rig so if I took I hate to say it right but I hate to say it but so this $225 plus the $1,400 of the mining rig cuz I still have the mining rig right um it's it's mining it's mining near ey still okay it's not going to be worth 12,000 or 10,488 right it'd be worth uh minus out this I would still be up like 9 Grand uh on this narai versus buying the coin so yeah um T Swift you should give us a pie chart breakdown of your crypto portfolio I I have a lot I have coins everywhere I have coins everywhere uh DJ mines check that tweet above okay hold on send it DJ look at this oh my God initial cost basis 8 uh $1,850 he owns $185,000 clor total gains $447,000 holy oh my God holy crap when did he buy when did he buy it dude dang dang dang bro damn damn damn that's nuts that's that's pretty nuts see in this case I mean hindsight 2020 I mean actually it's not really hindsight I mean buying coins when they're like this when the chart looks like this it's probably you you want to buy it during these low times yeah I mean that that goes along with any other coin out there you know you want to buy it when it's when it's low right um uh it's it's I mean it's still low I mean if you think about it we're not in the bull run yet and you think about all these coins here uh the lower market cap coins like they still probably have a lot more room to grow not Financial advice um it's it's it's pretty nuts it's pretty nuts what's what's been transpiring over the past month here a lot of altcoins are are going up it's not just these coins I have on a list here uh these are just mainly all proof of work stuff right but I'm I'm talking about a bunch of other ones uh not even on my list that are that are going up here right and then it's just all the all coins are just you know yeah so if you bought if you bought you know during the lad time okay so here's two strategies you either bought in the past you know throughout the past year or you either mined throughout the past year and you're accumulating over the past year you've probably done really well extremely extremely well so buying or mining I you know I never talk about buying I'm I'm 100% crypto Miner um but I I I I I can't I cannot I cannot how do I say it ignore the fact that buying the coin in this instance versus what I've been mining has obviously done a lot better I I cannot I cannot not ignore that techman just ordered bro nice man nice um so anyways we've now been seeing massive massive gains for GPU Miners and also people who have bought the coin over the past year so that's it that's all I wanted to uh I mean it's it's all been realized now it it it it it it happened it it it actually happened like I don't granted I don't think it's over yet I'm not saying I'm not saying that oh sell everything now that you've made all this money I honestly I I think in the bull run in the higher prices of Bitcoin it's going to be even more insane um so not Financial advice but uh yeah I mean but if you need the money now and you made this if you need the money and you made this amount now I mean it's it's life-changing for some people so uh good good on you good on you uh but in my opinion I'm still I'm still accumulating I'm not I'm not selling anything right now uh if I was more so financially hardened then yeah then then I would sell some but right now it's it's good right now I'm still accumulating uh a lot of a lot of coins so what what is everyone mining now what's everyone mining right now let's see in the chat we got 279 people here 90 likes let's hit the like twift says when is the long awaited repay stream T Swift Nick week I will repaste my ks3 next week next week um Carlson power mines crypto what's up bro XNA pigeon see reading the reading the live chat I'm so glad I'm so glad you guys are saying all these different coins because that means a lot of you guys aren't just going after profit a lot of you guys aren't you know turning on your gpus to mine edica right now or uh RTC I think what the hell is RTC reaction Sky Doge maxer see nobody has mentioned any of these coins in the chat so I'm glad you guys are not mining these profit like the profitable coins the the the idea here the strategy is to mine coins that are giving you the the some major yield here look at the ulties look at when things are uh not a lot of hash rate on and that's that's the time to mind that is the time to mind um who didn't hit the like but why does uh a lot of you guys are doing some Carlon mining okay well I'm I'm also doing I'm not going to lie I'm going to show you guys being transparent here I'm also mining a lot of Carlson right now it's not a lot you know what hold on uh let me can I get up that virtual machine hold on um is it this one uh let's see you said how do you see your balance in Carlson uh very easy hold on okay hold on I need a Lo hold on I need to log in hold on I don't want you guys see my password uh nope that's not it that this one okay here we go all right um yeah can I bring it over all right here we go I can show this all right um so how do you see your Carlson address you got to you got to do the command prompt you got to go to the where the folder is and then go Carl send wallet.

exe space balance I got 20,000 Carlson now how much is that worth [Music] wait a second I thought Carlson had key loggers in it yeah um if you they also did a scan of the casa wallet and it also has a key logger in it as well it's the same uh it has the same identifier so I I don't know if the Caspa wallet comes up with that and also the Carlson one it's the same one I I don't what to say then that means the casa wallet has has a key logger and I'm not saying it's true or not I don't know I don't know I have mine on a VM isolated so it doesn't matter to me but I'm I'm taking a bet I'm I'm taking I'm I'm taking I'm taking a little bet I don't know I have a little I it's on a VM for me it doesn't matter but we'll see we'll see what happens RPM says Casp is a scam well no I didn't say Casp is a scam there's plenty of smarter people out there than me so I all I'm doing is getting the bag I don't I don't know I I if you guys it's it's it's what it's like it's like with any coin any new coin out there um that you're you're mining any new coin that comes out you just have to be you have to be careful just due diligence uh have it on a separate isolated like I don't know even on like a a separate device a laptop with nothing else on it like a laptop you don't even use [Music] like who knows if it turns out to be a scam then sure but if it turns out to be another because it's you know uh it's getting on exchanges and then has a price and it's worth like $5,000 then I'm selling um I was tell to get my Novo withdrawn took days for the to get the Wallet work oh I also have a Nova wallet say kaspa scum sell all your kaspa now all my GPU is on neoa I need 1 million neoa hash Force nice bro I man I need to stake my neox I have a million 1.1 1 million neoc I just haven't made that node yet I got to I got to I got to start that node uh but how do you get the transaction report from that VM Steven sis what are you talking about how do you send it Rob mins hyperv is very easy you need the pro version of Windows to add the component though yes if you want to add hyperv on a Windows machine you need to have uh you need to go add features on your Windows machine ADD hyperv click on hyperv if you have the home version of Windows it won't work we need Pro Windows Pro 10 or 11 Enterprise yeah Homebrew crypto don't ask me that question don't I'm telling you don't don't ask me that [Music] question oh excuse me Stephen to report the taxes how are you going to get the report from the VM and not have it key log report for the taxes well Stephen technically with Carlson it's it's zero right now so the cost basis is $0 there's no income there's actually zero income right now there's there's zero income from what I'm mining because the Carlson's not on any exchange So in theory it's zero but um someone's going to someone's going to have to create a uh the Caspa transactions uh report CSV just here just like this one here the kind the generate uh transaction CSV file if someone can make this for Carlson which someone will probably will I use this one for Casa and it works great it gets all the transaction CSV I can import it into coin Le just super easy super easy Caspa Das transaction report um so uh yeah I'm sure someone's going to make one if Carlson's legit then someone will make one for this who knows yeah um cuz Carlson do have the Explorer as well Windows Pro or Enterprise I I have Lappy with Windows 11 pro magic lucky yeah then you go to go to start type in uh add feature is it add features in Windows oh man add add add Windows okay yeah turn off turn Windows features on or off I think that's the I think that's the one I think you can add you can add hyperv in there hyperv is the hypervisor for virtual machines uh for Windows Stephen can you post that link for Caspa CSP yeah right here [Music] um I've had free hi for over a year I don't know why Json might what free hi for a year God damn magic lucky yes I see hyperv list there thanks nice no worries man no worries um guys we're hitting up I got to go pretty soon in about 10 minutes is there any final remarks from all of you what is going on Bros t Swift refill your hios balance um I may or may not have free hios I I I have to I have to see if that's legit and after this goes [Laughter] away hios got back to me and said I should have free hios so I'm going to see if that's actually legit or not after I after my balance Runs Out I have four days left I want to see I want to see if my rigs will will still be working after four days uh Ty I need that too someone Min to my address and I have a lot of transactions oh really was that me is there a code for free hios no there is no code you just have to be a content creator and showed hios for the past four or five years same with overboard Tech time H countdown I I I I don't know if it's going to work or no no we'll see in we'll see in 4 days if it's fre or not uh like two years ago um I did a sponsor for hios and they said they would give me free hios it's been like 2 years and my my account has never been free I've always had to refill balance I've always had to put money into it and so I I just I them on Twitter they're like okay we'll look into it and like you know I show them the email where they you know I said I would get for free and then now now they just looked at it so we'll see we'll see if that's we'll see if that works T Swift how come you're not mining on the testbench because it's that test bench area is full of Asic miners which I'm doing one tomorrow I'm doing the s9k on luxos uh testing tomorrow tomorrow well I'm about to find out if I'm too stupid to figure out hyperv God help me dude hyperv is super easy that's super easy you just go you go uh let's see create new import virtual new you go new virtual machine you click on this button at the top right new and you give it some space you uh make sure you do CD drive or ISO you need to have the windows 10 or Windows 11 ISO because you need to install it on that on that virtual machine uh just just Google just YouTube YouTube how to how to hyperv it's not it's very easy it's very I I don't even need I don't I'm not going to do a video on it cuz there's like a million videos on how to do it yes we know RPM ditch GP is for hey hey RPM are you going to do a raid yes I will raid who's streaming [Music] next um RPM come back to the GP minor side I'm here I'm still here damn it God damn it I am GPU mining I told I'm getting more gpus up okay listen I already have how many gpus do I have on right now 111 111 is that is that not enough for you are you not entertained and insert the Gladiator Meme here right now is is this not enough how many gpus do I need to turn on for you to be happy how how many overboard tag 100 11 rookie number hey hey hey hey wait what RPM is turning off all his gpus max voltage God damn it all of them turn on the entire F I'm getting to it all right I'm getting to it I got a lot of other stuff happening right now okay at 500 at least you need 20 GPU mining R weak Ash Force God Dam all right screw all of you I'm done after this I'm going to go to the basement and like just start building I'm not even going to Vlog I'm I'm just going to build them and turn them all on screw all of you ort Tech show the people a proper Farm my ort you ort you want me to show you want me to show [Music] yours are you sure damn it Panda I'm going to come find you and turn everything on how's the cable runs going for the new rock I I didn't crypto KJ I I haven't I haven't done it overboard Tech go for it all [Music] right holy holy crap overboard Tech has how many gpus 255 gpus on right now 41 rigs 53 CPUs holy crap holy overboard Tech you got one missing right here it says GPU 4 attention required look at this holy [ __ ] you got a lot of Rand random X on nice hash look at that jeez wow this is a lot you got a lot of CPUs man holy dude that's dude this is you're mining a lot of flux look at that a lot of flux a lot of radi dude you you're mining you got you got a pigeon coin you got a pigeon coin mining one too that's that's awesome ah kapow on nice has nice random x e EOS magic lucky I feel like a lot of people in chat have some kind of it degree and I'm the only one that doesn't but it's okay I can learn maybe red P of money all good man uh Magic lucky yeah uh yeah generally a lot of people here that are mining are kind of like it inclined so I don't know man yeah YouTube man YouTube is great resource for doing hypervisor hyperv uh virtual machines rude puts M for 23 months dude rude puts thank you bro let's go red panda to the Moon love it keep it coming party on you too bro you too overboard Tech that's hilarious man that's hilarious you got DX reg you're just mining everything literally literally everything how wait how much do you pay for hios every every month dude 244 a day what's the what's that a month that's like that's that's that's like a this is like a 100 bucks a month 100 bucks a month dude wow really that's that's crazy man ah here's my spec mining Farm ah wait I forgot to look at overbo Tech which rig is which rig is the um dude my most uptime rig is going to be this nice hash rig on Capal 41 days dude that's crazy so I technically it looks like it rebooted on 1021 so I started October 8th so tack on another 13 days 13 plus 41 is what 50 4 so another six more days until I get a I take a I take a screenshot of how much we've mined on each of these rigs yes yes yes yes kaka kaka 100 easy peasy bro rude puts God damn yeah with RPM math Max God damn it almost $75 oh he's transl translating it to Canadian Dollars yeah that's the ticket oh six cards on meow for the test two for chor for me nice nice that's sick that's sick okay um all right guys that's it who's streaming next Who's streaming who's streaming after me rabid I don't see a stream oh nice oh there he is all right any final remarks Bros Smash the like congrats to all you guys who've been mining over the past year it's been a long hard one year you know if I were okay if I were to rank if I were to rank this bare Market that that we've been in over the past year would I say was it bad no I I'd say it was pretty good to be honest the previous bare market like 2018 to 2020 that that was like you know in the thick of it you know like sweaties you know like we we were we this was like hardcore like in the depths of crypto mining um 2018 2020 depths of the bare Market it it was rough it it was it was definitely rough but this previous one I'm going to have to say not rough at all honestly it uh Team JK yeah there was so much opportunity this be Mar yeah 100% the opportunity this bare Market was utterly insane if you got out of mining after the merge that was probably in a sense okay if you sold your gpus for high prices good on you and then if you reinvested that during the bear when everything was cheaper then that was a good play yes yes yes yes no I'm not going to deny that fact if you were able to sell your 370s for $11,000 you're only 390s for 4 grand and then you bought back in during the low time that is obviously the best play that that was obviously the best play um personally for me I didn't really have time to sell my gpus or anything like that plus I like to hold on to the gpus that I know that you know the quality I don't know not saying I take care of my gpus but you know I'd rather trust my gpus rather than someone else's um especially if especially buying used you just don't know you you just don't know the quality and so I think for me personally keeping the GPU is all I had during the you know the rise up in last couple years there's no reason for me to sell because I know I'm going to be turning them back on um have would I have made more versus you know selling them and then buying low sure but again it comes back to do I trust other people's gpus do I trust the quality of those other ones I don't know I didn't have time to really do all that stuff and better for me to keep it all anyway um all right Bros I will see you all in another stream tomorrow thank you guys guys sorry I wish I could stream uh I wish I could stream a lot longer but um yeah I'll see you all in the next one thank you so much uh Magic lucky you took care of my Sapphire 484 gig did I did I go check out the giveaway happening on meterbox outcom if you buy one of these meter boxes sets check it out Bros Oh wrong link you got to use this one all the affiliate commission will be donated to the charity of choice the Water Project or sheu all right I'll see you all in the next live stream tomorrow peace out Bros peace out bye bye bye bye bye bye-bye bye-bye thank you all peace out peace out how does this redirect work redirection [Music] [Music]

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