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[Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] hey hey [Music] he [Music] hello good morning everybody Welcome to the live stream today and probably for the last while I want to look at used computer prices refur a stuff maybe new crypto mining Hardware stuff from very various very various websites where we used to buy a lot of crypto mining hardware and just generally see what the prices are now and see if we can find any good deals or anybody liquidating anything okay so hopefully you guys enjoy okay so all right World call before we keep going here Steph hello everyone hit that like like the miner Rich boria what's up man botc Crusher what's up Mike The Miner OA R Portuguese random minor Jason random minor un crypto Tech what's up Mike so I I'm positive that this whole video will be wa on my budget well we're going to find out okay how about this Mike Lor we'll start with Mike Lor lorus Mike lorus what what state do you live in are you in the USA give me uh give me your city US states give what's your state give me a give me a state I want to look at some I want to see what general prices are let's let's look at some general pricing for crypto mining hard for used stuff okay but Oklahoma all right let's go to Oklahoma and Craigslist Oklahoma um choose the site nearest you uh Fort Smith lton Northwest Oklahoma City that probably has the most stuff let's go Oklahoma City okay so de mining so I type in GPU mining in the search results for Oklahoma City and there's three results someone selling an RTX 3060 TI Fe oh 12 of them 732 MGA that's ethereum for $4,000 what black Crusher thank you for joining good sir thank you for 12 okay 12 divided by 4 $4,000 that's oh no $4,000 divided by 12 that's uh $333 for each 360 TI uh but it comes with dual 2,000 watt power supplies okay I'm assuming it comes with the motherboard all that kind of stuff local pickup only this is 24 days ago is that worth 33 uh $333 for each 30 360 TI or four grand for this whole rig I'm going to have to say I would probably offer this guy like I I if you can buy 3060 TI for like what 180 on eBay 200 250 honestly I try to bring them down to like I would try 2 200 cap just say 2500 cash and uh that'd be about average $200 per 3060 TI even then even then I would low ball low ball low ball this guy low ball like to say cuz that comes with all the power supplies motherboard sure 2400 2400 for all that yeah you know what yeah sure you know and it's a used market right so you can bargain right you can bargain um broke laoma I got $20 on it in change Dallas all right let's go Dallas what if I just type in mining oh here we go here we go Rog stricks 3090 $4,900 oh this ises not that's not a good deal no no 15 days ago 4,900 bucks has the frame uh uh has the two power supplies 1300 watts is that a Asus yeah I think that's an Asus motherboard um 30 5 390s right now I I think you can get them for like 600 bucks right so what's 4900 divided by 6 that' be about $816 um average GPU but that includes everything else but really we're not counting that together so honestly I would lowball this to like I I I would yeah I would be like 2500 man 2500 46 yeah maybe not maybe not 416 oh I did that divided by six oops divided by five because it's only 5 390s um so that'd be about average 500 per 500 per 3090 so the thing is you're kind of buying the gpus in bulk so in a way you're kind of helping the guy get rid of it faster um if he wants to get rid of the whole thing so he's got to consider that right um yeah five grand 4,900 for that no no I I would not would you pay would you guys pay $4,900 for this I I would not that's 15 days ago I would I would not I would not um okay uh let's see Heavy spec uh Western Star 4,900 Detroit 505 horsepower $50,000 yes how many mining rigs can you carry in this thing look at that look at that are these the gas this is the gas tank yeah all right going back going down all right I don't there's not much there is no mining in Oklahoma I'm sorry uh what other places teoma what are these other places no there's not oh someone's selling a 2080 super for $280 that is 24 days ago that's that is not a good deal no not a good deal okay so you okay let's go to another let's go to another um let's go to another city or state okay what's another state people want to look at what what would be a place where it has a lot of stuff I want to look at more stuff on the use market then we I want to go through some other websites where I saw some stuff here um What other state what do you guys have Tennessee free Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee Tennessee all right uh Nashville I'm assuming that's the biggest city Memphis Nashville okay let's see all right GPU I just going to put mining whoa wait no what's with all these trucks hey what if I put in crypto I put in crypto and there's nothing absolutely nothing here nobody saw selling nobody's selling any what about GPU not even no no not even much gpus either wow okay Nashville has nothing all right what's the next city then Louisville nothing absolutely nothing Nashville Memphis Memphis okay where's Memphis Memphis [Music] Memphis how do you Tennessee Memphis mining same thing there's no it's all these trucks and stuff okay no I was wrong there was one GPU at the bottom here $65 cerville Collier call that's two months ago $65 rx580 8 gab I mean yeah that's never mind done that's that's BS that's BS minimal dust um no no okay all right Tennessee blows there's nothing here I mean I'm not saying the state blows I'm just saying the the the results that we got blows um smash the like Bros welcome to the live stream we're just doing some fun looking for used Hardware on the market and maybe some refer stuff look at the prices of Hardware now uh we're going to come back to this uh a bunch of other websites I have up that we used to be uh in trillion what is your favorite GPU coin right now uh I I don't know man I I right now this is what I right now these are what I'm speing right now here you guys can see I don't care you can see my hios can you see my hios so trillion the thing that you said y or two days ago about eeka I have one rig on it okay and I saw that tweet as well at the same time time um I decided to put a rig to Game Pass I don't know if that's going to anything going to come up about that I have a lithium DX of course Ergo Radiance that's that's all I got that's all I got so far so far and of course I have my 8 by 6600 or 10 by actually just next uh all these other random coins we'll see we'll see okay next state somebody get give me another state what's another state what's another state uh trillion you're mining EAS on hive it's ETI EA oh that's what I put in am I mining the wrong thing oh my God are you kidding me have I been mining the whole thing the whole I've been Runing the wrong one the whole time you're mining the gas fees I poloo mind's that there is two of them okay so is the Sha other one is is that GPU minable the Sha whatever uh okay I see I see what you mean here okay I see what you mean okay though there's two here eeka EAS and ETI solidity is GPU yes okay okay 216 miners on etica okay e guys okay all right I'll switch that over later I'll switch that over there's only three why is there only three pools for that and then there's more pools for the EAS one that's funny okay all right back to this um back to this guys what's the what's the next state New York New York NY all right let's do New York New York holy crap New York City I'm assuming New York City miners are not there's not that many but we're going to let's check it out mining convenience space near okay housing no this is housing for sale here we go okay we're seeing some good stuff here okay oh Rock V2 for 100 bucks I'd buy this just for the Raspberry Pi alone actually for crank I would buy this for crank where's Joe oh five days ago I would buy this in an instant one person's loss is another person's gain I am in a financial pinch I'm currently liquidating a lot of eight possibly 14 rack to that cost $500 new for $100 I will buy all eight of the okay if anyone's in New York I need I will buy all eight of these right now I will buy all eight who who's in New York I I need to buy I will buy all eight of these oh my God yes yes oh yeah oh yeah these are nice The Rock V2 ones are nice okay all right going along and they're compatible with crank too um okay $10 two available 6 to8 GPU cryptocurrency mining rack $10 Forest Hills I uh yeah that's cheap I would buy this for 10 bucks Buck I mean why not if you're doing if you're a small minor and you're just getting into it this is the perfect this is perfect $10 each 20 bucks for hell bring them down to 15 for both 15 bucks for both of these frames do it 100% Rock only $10 each yep 15 bucks for both done done done I mean on Amazon I think in the bow run these were like $35 so you you are saving in a in a way um uh compared to what they were used to cost okay going down um ant Miner L3 plus with soundproof box Brooklyn 200 bucks 7 days ago hey this is interesting would I buy this personally no um but we're getting down there to where you know L3 pluses were like what 50 bucks at one point yeah okay but I really do like this this $10 uh two racks uh $10 rack each that's pretty cheap for these frames that's pretty good that's pretty good Hawk kryptomite Hawk what are you doing bro help what what do you need help with man I'm here rabid raid rabid what is up man thank you for the raid smash that like 122 people here 43 likes hit that like Bros happy Saturday all of you okay all right let's keep going down what else can we see we're going to look for more deals here more deals Ken Avalon 78 ter has 800 bucks nope that's a terrible deal RTX 2080 TI 289 ooh 14 days ago this is a very oh this is the water block the water uh aiio cooler 2080 TI 289 I I'd low bom like 200 220 at most 220 at most I I would buy this this is a nice card this is a really nice card actually yeah if I was getting the crypto mining I'd buy this yeah 208 TI is awesome um retro Mike thank you for the nine months man send the cas Miner quick Hawk God damn it okay fine 1660 super Howard Beach where is this Howard Beach New York uh 1660 super $119 no that that's too much I've had this new 202 light gaming no crypto mining we all know that's BS um okay so I would buy this for like at most I would offer I would offer like 60 bucks I would offer 60 bucks 75 at most 75 bucks at most um okay that's that's it that's it for New York uh this is all New York wow that's really not that much stuff here Long Island is Long Island would that show results here no it didn't doesn't show results there okay so not much not much there okay next what's the next someone give me a state where there's like a crap ton of stuff what's a US state with a lot of mining cheap El what's a what's a what's a state that has cheap electric actually no if it has cheap electric most likely people won't post anything if higher electric then people will post their [Laughter] stuff H uh r Mike what are you doing now R Mike can you still see uh Michigan Florida Texas Tennessee we did Tennessee Tech man Tennessee had nothing Winnipeg L trillion God damn it Winnipeg is nothing Washington North Carolina all right let's try let's try North Carolina I actually have a friend there um Charlotte ra rale R dur Durham I'm assuming this is the big capital r I did I pronounce that right I have no idea um okay so crypto I'm just going to type in crypto all right that's no nobody's that's I don't see any there's nothing in North Carolina nothing in North Carolina uh mining okay someone selling a gecko science compact F solo Bitcoin mining thing for $1,000 wow wow that is too much that is way too much there's zero I repeat zero crypto mining in in uh in in this area uh hold on [Music] sorry that was my kid my kid just runs in here making crap ton of noise all right going down all right looks like we got you know what I'm going to type in GPU all right here here we go all right here's the good stuff all right and rale we got a we have a uh 3070 for 280 that's too much a GTX 560 TI dude this is legendary $10 I would buy this just for the wall art I I would literally buy this just for the wall art this is nice 560 TI what a legendary Legend remember when like cryptonite coins I know was it a 460 TI or 560 there people build building like RTX 5 uh GTX 560 rigs with these building uh mining like uh Kryptonite coins I think it was Turtle coin retro mic do you remember like three couple four or five years ago the four the 560 TI people were building these like 560 TI rigs for what coin was it ah it was so it was so popular back then ah man retro mic buy my cars buy my stuff so I by turn the hardore thank you for the donation no Hawk thank Hawk do not stop donating congrats on 233k Subs one day I shall match you until then help Hawk God damn it um okay um $50 rx580 no I just I wouldn't if you were getting into mining honestly I unless you had free electric most likely a lot of people getting into mining are like renting potentially and and you know you can run a simple rig at home then yeah you know then yeah if you're stopped on money maybe and you just want to get into a little bit yeah sure a cheap 580 you sure any cheap GPU and you can get your you get your hands on just so you get your you get your feet wet you know $500 for this 3070 what is this guy crazy 19 days ago hly Springs yeah no not not 500 bucks that's that's too much um 1070 TI titanium dude another legendary card in 2017 2018 legendary $130 I would buy this for like 50 bucks just for the box and the GPU and I wouldn't even mine on it I would just display I would display this GPU because it's it's a nice it's a nice looking GPU dang 25 days ago it's a nice GPU gaming computer okay radon 5600 XT no no 464 GB card $65 no all right powerful iMac 27 in 2020 no okay Charlotte Charlotte let me try this other does this one have oh this one has oh this one has some stuff okay [Music] um let's see ref I see a okay here we got a m we finally have another mining rig uh without the gpus though 12 GP rendering or crypto rig does this does this guy know that I don't think you cannot use this these pcie for rendering there's only X1 bandwidth on these that's not going to work $1,000 South Charlotte custom rendering mining rate computer that includes a gigaby tb250 two 4 gig sticks of Ram i37100 uh 7 four 750 wat power supplies 12 risers uh 250 gig HD custom wood built everything you need minus the gpus $1,000 uh this is probably worth at most in my opinion $150 to $200 I I'm going to say $200 at most the there's no way all of this is is worth $11,000 this is 30 days ago this this is not worth $11,000 no I I would not spend $1,000 on this oh man at most if it was me in us I the max maximum I would go is like 200 maybe maybe lower I I would not I would not spend that I would not please do not buy that for a th000 wood is expensive hash force not even 200 oh okay even Che even cheaper yeah yeah honestly honestly um okay moving along dude a $30 uh wait retro mic what do you stop donating $5 thank you my monthly electric cost is less than my hourly pay rate that is BS wait my electrical cost is less than my power my hourly pay rate ah my God damn it um all right HD 2600 XT 256 megabytes of ram gddr4 pcie graphics card $30 this used to be a legendary card I DVI and is that s video is this an S video port or display no is it called s video man it's been so long DVI and S video wow that this is old school man where they had like the flames on the red dude look at this that's so cool $30 though and like $10 again this would be wallart you would not be using this for mining uh going down oh 5700 uh non XT 125 no I'd pay like $80 or less $80 or less for this uh 5700 maybe maybe less yeah I try I try to get much much less for that uh maybe because this is a singular card yeah well $100 Max but if you're selling in bulk then yeah I mean you can go lower than that um 10606 GB $120 no ah let's see oh what's this Mac Pro Radeon Pro w 68800 x MPX module is there a GPU in this oh there's a GPU interesting interesting okay uh oh what's this a month ago many aluminum mining frames for 8 GPU $6 I have many of these for sale New inboxes not a lot of use for anymore but the black anodise 2020 excursions can be used for many projects cost more than $6 each at any retailer each kit includes several long EX six bucks dude I would buy all of these yes holy crap for six bucks dude somebody I I will I will even pay somebody let me know if interested asking $6 each five for 25 10 for 45 I would buy 100 of these and and hold it but somebody who who lives in Gastonia somebody Charlotte new new uh and Charlotte someone buy a 100 of these I guarantee you next run up you're going to you're going to sell these for like 3040 $50 I remember I bought a bunch of the Veta frames the 6gpu veret frames for $15 previous Bull Run I sold a bunch of them for 800 to 100 bucks each each bro this if I dude if I if I was nearby I would buy this I think this is a great deal $6 or no 10 for 45 that's less than that's uh 1045 divided by 10 is what 4.5 $45.

50 for one of these goddamn frames I would 100% buy a 100 of these just to just to sit on like I would buy 100 just to sit on and you can even convert these uh even even if it's not for GPU Mining and if you want to do AI you can convert these uh to AI because it's open air for $4.50 I would buy these I I that's that's some I wouldn't build them I would just hold them okay I would hold them I remember yeah I I I've seen a lot of people flip these for $300 at one point in the bull run when you know G mining was extremely profitable but might be able to scrape for more yep you probably could 10 for $40 even cheaper even even cheaper okay all right next ad let's go let's go man these are really rare but this was a month ago this is really rare this is really rare even comes with the fan holders too you see that it even comes with the 120 mil fan uh the fan thing my Veta frames didn't even have that honestly that's that's amazing that's that's amazing okay so if if anyone is actually close in Charlotte I legit would love to buy like 10 I I I would love to buy 10 of these if anyone's close by I guess shipping to me shipping 10 of these to me would be ridiculous so actually never mind never mind never mind don't contact me and my official email is contact red pandm I don't have WhatsApp I don't have telegram don't get scammed okay don't get scammed my only email official email is contact redpanda I had to say that cuz so many people keep mistaking me for somebody somebody else okay all right Bros next Let's do let's do one more what's another US state that has a lot of crypto mining stuff what's another one what's another one TCC this is a good sign in terms of froth coming out of the market uh we are halfway through trillian I agree I I think it's it's good time to start it's good time to start accumulating stuff man it's good time it's a good time what whatever deal we got to find deals okay the thing is about is finding deals um quick thing anyone looking for Server cases all right check out GPR they are having a pretty big sale for these now this is only in my opinion okay if you are going to go with these types of server cases honestly uh this is I would say mainly for people that have more than 50 gpus 100 gpus that you know like when you start scaling you're going to want to go into something like this I've been through all this like I've been through buying all those mining frames having like 80 cards in one room it's just it's unmanageable depending on your environment depending on your environment honestly GP risers have these off uh big big sale right now the G the R8s I think these are pretty cool um okay that's it now what's the next state Colorado Texas okay Texas Texas is huge techman I can host them for you host host what are you talking about the mining frames techman are you GNA buy those I'll give you a 100 bucks I'll give you 100 bucks you buy me you buy me 10 I'll even I'll even pay more than the $4 and 50 cents I'll even pay $10 for each frame like that's how amazing okay which uh which city do I choose Dallas Houston uh Houston uh okay um all right let's type in GPU I'm sorry my kid is just my kid's my kid is going everywhere ah oh okay okay okay we are in we are in uh we are in Houston Texas we have one looks like we have a GPU mining oh my God two days ago oh someone's liquidating someone's liquidating a bunch of stuff here all right the owner of the setup recently passed away oh okay uh now I feel bad I'm sorry uh and there hair is less than a acquaint the hair the person taking over is less than with mining equipment needs to significantly downsize their possessions three separate racks are included as well as I what I believe is one additional rack that has been been settled in box all necessary cables adaps are ready to go okay price is negotiable 3166 1660 supers um two Intel Core R5 processor motherboard uh 1600 watt 1300 watt okay there are two RTX 380 TI for sale as well but they'll be additional 500 each as they were not used for mining um okay so this okay so $3,000 in conro Texas two days ago posted 3166 supers and all this other stuff honestly I I would not I would not pay $3,000 for all this at most at for all this at most I would probably offer I I I I'd offer I'm going to I'd offer 17 I would go I would try 17 1,800 Max 2,000 maybe maybe but you're getting a bunch of 1660 supers which you could put these on conflux or something which is these are really good I wouldn't offer I wouldn't offer I wouldn't pay three I wouldn't pay three grand for this where's Hawk Hawk where are you hawk crypto mining Hawk call this person right now Hawk go to Texas buy this buy this setup for like $1,000 can you can you low ball them [Laughter] $1,000 hwk go over here go where is this conro where is this conro what is this Woodlands Houston north of Houston I'll get them down one talent I have perfect well it sounds like these people they I mean I don't think they it says they less than acquainted with mining equipment so they may not know really the value and you can talk them down saying hey you know these 1660 supers are not what they're worth you know maybe they're going by eBay but because it's bulk you have to say hey I'm taking all these out of your I'm taking all this out of your hand you know I'm you're SA saving the time sellling one by one you you know you got to give it you got to give a better deal like taking all this off your hands you know 1,500 bucks 15,500 1,500 bucks okay going down what else is there is there any more liquidations let's see oh man okay here's one eight slot Crypt Miner with five gpus $4,000 whoa okay uh 2 309s 1370 TI one 2360s he's using a bit main PSU outside of the outside of the case man uh I I do not like this price I I don't I would say about a month ago so yeah maybe I'd offer at most 2200 I think 2,200 for all this I don't know I don't know yeah 4,000 is too much 4,000 is too much okay um going down there's really not much like mining stuff type in GPU mining yeah see not much there's not much mining stuff here okay what's the next state Dallas I think we looked at Dallas already yeah there's nothing there's no GP mining here okay um US cities US states okay what's another okay what what's a what's a state someone give me a or city sorry what's a what's a busy City Atlanta Atlanta let's try Atlanta I don't know where that is I don't know my GPU mining oh no we did that oh that was oh okay that was uh that was North Carolina okay let's go back uh Vegas Vegas okay does Vegas have stuff where is that what state is that um that's I should know this cuz I've been there many times um not Phoenix what's uh where's Vegas again God damn it Arizona okay Arizona Phoenix is a is a is a City Arizona okay here we go Phoenix okay huskin let's do it Nevada oh you oh Nevada Vegas okay okay okay hold on we're we're in AR hold on we're in Arizona let me check let me check here real quick okay the Arizon Phoenix Arizona has nothing one GPU uh GPU okay there are a lot of gpus here but not and a lot of PCS okay Nevada Nevada Vegas thank you the Nevada okay I'm not from us all right listen I'm not from us give me a break Nevada okay uh Las Vegas okay um uh what am I typing here GPU mining okay there's nothing in Vegas nothing one Riser all right someone in Vegas selling a D9 for 9500 what a what a ripoff 10 days go what a ripoff what a ripoff okay there's no there's no zero zero mining let's see GPU there's one Riser here and a couple of IMAX 380 for 600 bucks nope uh okay it seems there be a bunch of gpus here everything PC store 369 okay this is a PC store all right there's nothing in Vegas nothing in Vegas okay what's another popular one come on one more one more how do you feel about RPM wolfart games I am not bringing up any politics depending where I I live I'm not saying any country I'm not nope I'm not doing it retro mic thank you for donation find me a B g28 I pay fighter fee okay Hawk Miami Florida all right Florida let's do it f uh Florida Hawaii Guam Florida there we go oh uh Miami okay where is Miami on this list South Florida includes separate sections for Miami bad brard and Palm Beach countries okay so South Florida sure GPU mining nothing four posts for GPU mining all right there's one here Fort Lauderdale 160 bucks a month ago this is probably gone already 160 bucks you know what I would I would buy this for yeah I would buy this for 160 bucks actually or maybe 120 maybe less this this this is really this is really clean this is really well done oh yeah I yeah that's not bad not not bad not bad not bad that's not bad okay um I see another mining frame oh there's some mining frames here $200 $50 no cost too much let me put in GPU 6700 XT for 290 yeah no what's this nope okay all right there's there's nothing here there's there's really not much I mean there's a lot of small components but they're all expensive it's all exp all right so Craigs List kind of failed there's really not much there's really not much on the used Market all right you guys remember Zotac refurbish store I'm going to put this here I don't know if I don't I I I don't know if uh I don't know if anyone wants any of these but these are not that cheap these are are very expensive if you guys look a Zotac store refurbished shop is not cheap 2080 blower super blower for $259 no no they're blowers though might be okay uh Jason Panda I sent you an email for those frames I can pick you up a few if you like Jason are you near that guy really I didn't get any email contact red no yeah nothing here all right uh AA wave all right this used to be another popular one but also very expensive um graphics cards see graphics cards are not are not that cheap either they if you're buying brand new they're not cheap 7800 XT 529 7700 XT 444 oh God these prices are just prices are horrible yeah no AA wave has not triaa wave needs to bring down their prices holy smoke okay mining cave let's see Last Hope mining cave Okay so computer hardware let's see Power supp gpus let's see no yeah GP GPU pricing is also very bad on mining cave they need to update that motherboards 210 no 103 us mining motherboard 12 GPU no no no no no all right I think The Last Hope is mop.

I remember these guys used to have good pricing let's see you you guys check it out you guys check it out uh B Crusher did you check nerd gears not yet that I totally forgot about that we're going to check nerd gears after this uh this is like 80 bucks us 12 GPU Mar mother board but no still expensive man still I think it's still expensive okay here let me bring up nerd gears nerd n gears a little bit more expensive um nerd gears has all right they have some server cases for 50 bucks wow in Pretty Dirty shape though I think not working for parts uh okay 50 bucks no wonder no wonder no wonder okay let's go graphics cards okay all right so if you want to buy from a reputable store and and you're looking for gpus cheap ones that is I would say nerd gears is probably one of the best um you buy P 106 is for 40 bucks 30 bucks 40 bucks I mean these are a little bit higher I mean I think they should be if you're buying bulk they're going to be cheaper but I mean would I buy 1060s and p106 is right now personally no if I had free electric at home and I was just getting into crypto mining yes I would buy one of these just to get started and go to town and you start you start building up from there you start scaling as you start learning and uh you experience it I wouldn't go full force into crypto mining because a lot of you need to have some experience first before you get into it cuz there's so many different moving Parts software configurations uh what coin to mine do all this do all that and once you start going up you know Heat's going to be concerned power is going to be concerned you know it's it's yeah all right C competing those cases are worth the $50 easy just toss one just toss in one your motherboards you know what that's that's not bad that's not that's not bad actually you're actually come to think of it the fans will need to be replaced cuz they're pretty they must be in bad shape but he said not working so the motherboard must be bad power supply must be bad we don't know right yeah I mean for 50 bucks that's something you could you could gamble on could gamble all right okay Bros I think that's it um I have to head out actually but uh Financial fan SE calls with my colleagues need to work with them I'll see go from there I'm not surprised as all I can uh hash for send the le okay I I can't open up my Discord here I'm sorry hash for or how did you send a link to me hash for oh Twitter Twitter would be easier um all right uh random Miner welcome to the red panda minor oh dude welcome bro welcome welcome welcome I got to fix my I got to fix my eeka rig uh it's mining the wrong it's mining the wrong chain I'll do that right now you know what let's do that right now luckily the EA wallet is the same wallet address you can get both eeka and and EAS or e n you guys right um Financial F RPM big boy talk ignore that okay I know I'm sorry I'm small I'm small boy um all right hold on hold on uh which pool okay look at this this is all right people are not spreading the hash rate for ETI look at that 216 miners everyone everyone's just on E I guess that makes sense cuz everyone's probably you know closer to us this one's in France this one's in Canada okay all right well I'm going to try to mine at eats.

Org then if it even loads how do I mine here okay ETI EA 881 smart contract okay uh 8081 okay um wait I I just realized uh this is what what's the algorithm it's not it's not Etc hash it's uh Shaw 3 solidity so what minor is this cast market cap just went up like 100 million insan what what oh oh oh oh Casa just went up from 5 cents this morning to almost it's hitting up six it's going to hit up six cents holy crap wow wow wow wow wow wow oh my God that's insane it finally broke out it finally broke I even tweeted before I even tweeted I even tweeted this Ro really funny I even tweeted this like an hour ago I said I asked a few crypto Trader friends this chart and they said it's the most bullish effing chart they have ever seen in their life and I recorded that like about an hour ago before this stream 0.05 486 and now it's 0.05 812 it's hitting up six oh dude that's crazy that is crazy wait where's my ks1 let's see my ks1 is now making all right so if I okay so my bag my ks1 bag is now worth 3, 36 so my initial investment was 6,500 us second batch mid August so I'm half I'm almost halfway there I'm almost halfway I didn't include the electric yet but uh where it's it's it's getting there so far so good so so far so good okay all right Bros that's it that's it for today I will see you all another time thank you for the stream hopefully you guys maybe saw some deals depending on where you live I don't think there are many deals but try to haggle them down you know especially if they're selling bulk all right all right see you guys later peace out peace out peace out peace out peace out peace out uh retro mic you said something about the uh RPM ETI uses contract it's FJ I go that's even around since 2020 oh oh Jesus all right peace out Bros have a great day smash the like on the way out Smash It smash it let's go [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] oh [Music] yeah [Music] [Music] hey hey

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