Grabbing some Ryzen 5900x for cpu mining fomo

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all right what is up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel um I just got done scraping all the grass and bushes boom there's a pile and I did one over there I just stacked up the pile sideways on that one but um construction's been pretty slow uh so it's good that the computer Shop's been super busy I apologize to all the emails I have not got back to um me and my family did like half of our our land or our Thanksgiving on Thursday and then the other half on Friday and um kind of messed me up for a little bit of work so that's why I had to come out today and do it on Saturday but no big deal now we are heading into the computer shop cuz I got to get some orders ready and then it just so happens that it was serendipitous all the times that I had tried to make deals on my ryzen 95900 x's the deals had always fallen through because I had motherboards uh CPU and RAM combo kits and I had them all assembled with like Tower coolers and I didn't really want to break it up I was just like you know if I'm if I'm going to sell it I'm going to sell it all in a deal and everybody like oh I want the CPU or oh I just want the motherboard and I'm like I don't really want to sell it up or like I don't want to separate it um I I don't enjoy taking ryzen chips out of the socket even though I know 99% of the time it's going to be fine I I just don't like doing it especially when they've been in there for a while um I just always for some reason get the heebie GBS thinking like I'm going to have pins break off and that kind of thing probably not definitely not but you know it could happen let's put the old shades on it's it's bright out here all righty so um yeah it's just serendipitous that the two I have two 5900 X's then I think I have a 57 or 5 800x they didn't sell um and CPU mining is popping off right now so I figured let's go grab some of those and let's simulate fom moing in technically I'm not fom moing because I'm not going out and I'm not buying anything but let's simulate it um so yeah that's that's what the next video after this is going to be um it's going to be me like mock buying it and showing you guys why foom moing is bad um um it's very bad bad for the health bad for your wallet because these pumps don't last and a lot of people like I know there's people out there buying CPUs right now specifically to mine whatever this current pump is it's not Monero it's um I I read about it last night um some people think oh it's going to hold it's going to be like this for months and months and I'm like months and months still doesn't qualify for Roi and some of this Hardware it might get close who knows might might go up but statistically I guess we'll find out let's go to the shop all right all right let's see here there we go fli the light on we are in Z shop everybody's clowning my bows cuz my the the ear pads are like coming apart this is like the third set of ear pads I have these are Bose qc35s they have some good age on them but anybody that has any of the Bose QC series like over thee headphones they know those they're really they're really nice headphones um now that I'm in the shop oh goodness yeah I got to pack some orders out and let's see need to get my ryzen they are so I think pretty sure the these red coolers are 5900 x's and I don't know what that one is so I'm going to grab that one pull that cooler off and see what we're working with there I know I want to take both of the 5900 X's home might take that one home too not sure not sure um that's a little Intel board it's a h81 don't think there's anything in there it's a pz 68 that's old don't think that's going to be any count all right so this is that uh mystery CPU a little Dusty yeah there we go going need to get some fresh thermal paste on this bad boy but let's see what we are working with it is a ryzen need to wipe it off ryzen something rising up out of here oh it is a 3800 XT which I believe uh I think that's a 8 core I believe so it's okay I don't think uh it ain't going to be making what the old 5900 X's are making but I think it'll be worth plugging in so yeah let's try down some thermal paste and then I need RAM for this one do I need RAM for this one yep that's a 5900 X I need RAM for that there's a sticker around let's see what is this this is looks like DDR3 so that will not work yeah that's DDR3 all right I got I got a little bucket of ddr4 over here um so I'll put that with the DDR3 here is my bucket of ddr4 Boom we got some T Force here so we'll plop that in there 8 gigs I don't know if you get extra performance and running dual Channel or single channel for XMR mining I'm not sure I have two identical 5900 X systems maybe I should run one of the setups with single Channel and one with dual Channel I think I'm going to do it think I'm going to do it all righty so and then for the other one we're going to stick in a set of X power RGB LED 2 * 8 GB sticks all right so we got the motherboards now we need power supplies bu them bu them bu them bu them all right so let's grab the power supplies well these little 500 WT deals will will be plenty all right CPU motherboard boom there's one oh no oh no easy there we go there's two one more more three three all right so we got power supplies I'm going load those in the truck um I was curious I have let me flip this around all right so I got to back out of here now because I got the trailer there's not great parking as of yet if you have a trailer uh because the back parking lot's not done but I'm supposed to be working on that I think next week no no it started it's the week after my mistake um they're waiting on like permits or that kind of thing to come through uh but regardless I got the motherboards so I got two 5900 x's and one 5800 X um I know that that should make a good deal of money and I'll run them for a little while and uh if things go back down then I'll turn them back off and it was you know nothing ventured nothing gained scenario um there's so many people in the comments section that are like oh my God you're selling like used mining gear um I hate to tell you this guys but like mining has already been proven that uh unless you're absolutely like dogging your hardware and you know dumping stuff on it or there was a specific scenario where if you had like certain 3080s or certain 309s you were overheating the memory I typically stayed away from a lot of those cuz you had to do memory pad you know uh change out the memory pads and that kind of thing it was kind of a pain in the butt but um for the most part mining does not hurt Hardware there's no degradation of performance from mining sorry my little my little mouth kind of stinks but um yeah so if I go in mine on this stuff for a little while then decide to turn it off in a month 2 months 6 months and then clean it up and sell it it's fine it's fine even though gosh it bothers some people but um yeah so if you're out there buying used graphics cards or used CPUs there's probably a good chance that it was mined on before you had it especially graphics cards especially like 10 20 30 series those bad boys were mined on unless you bought them brand new and it's it's okay it is okay but regardless um we're going to run these bad boys I'm I already got like a a little video series cooking up in my head so um going to you know going to be the the fomo CPU Series so look forward to that hopefully it'll turn out good and I know there's there is real situations where people are really going out and buying these CPUs right now specifically to mine in this current climate and um I give you props guys cuz there was definitely a time where I was like jumping into and trying to expand and and all that kind of stuff but the market was just a lot stronger and the profitability was a lot stronger maybe not directly on the CPU side of things but talking GPU side of things luckily um seems like the CPUs like prices they are up slightly but uh I don't think they have skyrocketed cuz a lot of people are like oh my God this is going to drive CPUs through the moon and um I don't I don't think that's going to be the case I think there's enough supply of CPUs out there but we'll see anyway I'm about to jump on the highway I'm going turn my phone off I'll see yall here shortly all right so I just got back and I couldn't contain myself so I went ahead and plugged one of them in and have it running this is the one that has a single 8 gig stick um and and it's running my old overclock settings that I was using for rap torium which I don't know if that's good for uh what it's currently mining just plugged it in and on um it's do 9.6 Kash on random X if we go over to isach says it should be doing like 14 Kash and profitability hasn't come up on it cuz I just did an update so we'll see see what that comes up to here in a second uh the old zeon's doing 76 cents a day says 74 over here but uh still have her chugging away but yeah let's get some of these rigs up and online and um hopefully this holds out for a little while but yeah look look forward to my next videos coming up if you like CPU Mining and um we'll also be going into the shop Monday so if you like Shop videos we we got a lot of lot of irons in the fire as I said before so anyway guys yall have a good one peace out I'll see you on the next one adios

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