How is ASIC Mining Profitability Now? Jan 2024

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[Music] hey guys RP here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I want to talk about Asic Mining and regarding profitability mainly I wanted to do a comparison between a video I did a couple months back and just to just compare a little bit compared to how it was then and then versus now especially with Caspa mining right Caspa mining a lot of yield is going down the dollar value has been going down recently but you know I'm going to talk about all that also Caden mining as well and also Bitcoin mining as well this is obviously the big dog in crypto Mining and so there's the Bitcoin having I do want to talk about that and just a bunch of other things that pertain to Asic mining so if you're not into Asic mining you don't you know don't care about profitability then you can probably just stop stop watching this video now but I know majority of my channel is GPU miners hello guys but please keep watching guys hopefully you'll be entertained okay so before I begin guys thank you for today's video sponsor and that's going to be myself you guys are looking for any type of Asic mining Hardware um I have a bunch of different coupon codes for various different websites coin mining Central endless mop.

Crypt Miner Bros Coastal crypto mining ice River even have a coupon code for there you know I have a bunch of different affiliates here and anything you guys order through these links here I get a kickback at no cost to you helps support me and supports the channel recently I just partnered with tangum wallet as well so if you want to order a new or if you need a new crypto Hardware wallet go check out tangum I actually just got mine in I just moved my Caspa to it and some Bitcoin and it it worked great I love it coupon code RPM for 10% off as well if you guys decide to order the new tangent wallet I will have a dedicated video showing my tangum wallet here in the next week or so so stay tuned for that okay so make no mistake i' I'd say over the past year and couple months four or five months since the ethereum merge I would say Asic mining has been generally okay dependent on your cost per kilowatt hour of course okay so if you have higher electric then obviously it probably won't be as profitable for mining at home especially with a Bitcoin Asic that's like 33500 Watts or something that you know if you depending on what model you have the efficiency it's just it's just not good but for those that have anything under than 14 cents it's been okay depending of course which models you have so let's go through a video I did a couple months back November 2023 so a let's say the bitmain at Miner ks3 okay 9.4 ter model back then was mining at a profit at about $140 okay the yield though okay here's the difference the major difference is going to be the yield so back in November it was yielding about 2367 Caspa a day of course everyone knows the Caspa emission schedule is quite aggressive goes down every 5.6% reduction every month okay so just be aware of that and then now here we are now the bit main at minor ks3 9.4 terahash model is yielding 8 154 Caspa so this is after about a good two months okay two months the yield has cut down pretty much more than half yeah actually more than half and that's due to actually the casa Network hash rate going up pretty much more than 100% since November it has doubled okay more than doubled now so here we are January 3rd as a recording petahash 138 petahash on the kaspa network so that's quite a big drastic jump now whether or not that's going to equal I know another double amount of hash rate coming up in the next I don't know two months here literally two months of how much hash rate maybe a month actually we've had pretty much I'd say a double doubling in hash rate which is quite insane so whether or not ice River bitm or gold shell gold shell has announced that they are going to make a cast by Asic as well okay so whether or not the gold shell C by Asic is going to be efficient I really don't think so but uh if it's more than 08 like if it's like a 0.9 or eight efficiency for their Caspa Asic gold shell it's they're not going to be competitive at all in my opinion but we'll see right time will tell gold shell it's not you know their efficiency compared to you like bit main it was never there right they're mini does they were always a little bit behind but we'll see with their C by Asic if it's going to be more so tended towards home miners you know quiet small something like that that's probably the way they're going to advertise it we we'll see what happens I'll probably get one and I can can show that on the channel when that time comes but anyways Casa mining profitability for that ks3 versus back then okay so it was $140 and here we are today it's about $82 all right so I mean nothing like it's still in my opinion like it looks good the dollar value it looks great because of the Casper price since November okay actually when I made this video back in November 2023 and the Casper price was 6 cents Casper price Rose shortly after that video and it went up to about 14 cents almost 15 cents here we are today as of recording right January 3rd it's now cper price is about 12 cents 11 cents 11 12 cents so it's been okay I mean it's not like crazy like down or anything in my opinion but who knows if Casper price is going to go up much more or keep going down but depending on how the Market's feeling right now seems like we've been going up right if we're now in this bull run phase who knows not Financial advice but anyways going back to here okay now we're going to let's not talk about Caspa anymore I think everyone knows what's going on with Caspa how cash rate continues to Rise new models are coming out a lot of the hash rates coming on a lot of new models coming on so we'll talk about that in a dedicated it deserves its own dedicated video but okay now let's just go down the list here okay so the previous video that we looked at okay let's look at some jazz Miner Jazz Miner x16 P x16 Q I do have an x16 P coming on the way for review so we're going to see how this thing fares but back then it was making about $14.51 now it's making pretty much the same at the same kilowatt hour 14 cents okay that video was also 14 cents as well 14 cents being like the general national average you know cost per kilowatt hour that's where I got that number anyways jzz Miner profitability hasn't really changed it's been the same over the past 2 months going down let's look at some i' say Bitcoin miners okay here's the big dog of crypto mining let's say the what's Miner oh no sorry a bitmain ADT Miner S21 200 terahash okay this was making $329 a day back in November and stay tuned I'm actually getting one of these tomorrow so stay tuned on the channel for a review on that in the next week or so now going down here okay now we go back to Here we are now at bit main at minor S21 200 terahash at 14 Cent kilowatt hour is making about $536 a day so it's gone up so how is that possible well that's mainly due to the market going up and Bitcoin also generally going up since November of 2023 so back then probably around yeah the Bitcoin price November 1st was around 35,000 okay and then here we are today bitcoin price is around 44,000 as of recording so not only that with along with the Bitcoin hash rate going up um didn't go up as much to you know take advantage and be competitive and against the other as6 miners no it only went up like what 50x a hash which is not that crazy so 50x a hash from November around there up until now so 50x I mean that's a lot 50x a hash is a lot but you can see relative to what the Bitcoin price is what the network hash is difficulty equilibrium that's what equates to what you're seeing for profitability of a lot of these Bitcoin as6 it's been up it's been it's been going up so if you had 14 Cent kilowatt hour for an S21 right now it' be $536 okay but if you go down the list here other Asic models got the m66 these are all newer more efficient Asic models if you got you know s19 K Pro and like lower you're going to start seeing profitability not being as great because oh first we're at 14 Cent kilow hour if you're at that power rate or above for Bitcoin mining I would honestly try to find some uh hosting okay uh host in for Bitcoin miners especially in America you know there's going to be people that host for you at around 9 cents 10 cents so better than your home residential rate so at that point yeah I wouldn't be uh Bitcoin mining at home I would try to find a a hosting provider for that Bitcoin hosting provider but anyways you can see yeah so this is where this is going to tie into where I'm talking about now the Bitcoin having okay this is going to happen in about 105 days as of recording and so around May or April probably April so this is going to be a massive event what's going to happen here okay is that okay the even see here roughly around Friday April 19th 2024 it's going to depend on the difficulty of Bitcoin it's probably not going to be around this date but around there we'll see so anyways going down here okay the Bitcoin having this is where right now the current block reward is 6.25 Bitcoin per block and then more recently though it's been a lot more because the Bitcoin transaction fees have been quite insane so upon the 6.25 Bitcoin for Block tack on the transaction fees which have also been going to the miners okay so whichever mining pool let's say you know via BTC for instance there's a 1.28 BTC fee transaction fees that also tax on to the 6.25 so it's like 7 like five Bitcoin that goes that spreads out to all the the people that are mining on VI BTC for whoever which funing pool found that block okay so I remember at one point like maybe a week or two ago Bitcoin blocks uh transaction feeds were like two Bitcoin three Bitcoin five Bitcoin something insane so uh pretty crazy times for people that were Bitcoin mining over the past uh whoever during those times so going back to here though okay bookin having then after the having okay which is coming up in around April the Bitcoin block reward is going to go down to 3.125 all right so this is going to be a massive drop in the issuance of Bitcoin it's going to be dropped in half half of the Bitcoin that are being mined every day is going to be wiped out so at current price of Bitcoin which is about 44,000 right now the emissions for that every 24 hours the past 24 hours has is about $46 million okay so when the having comes about and if you were to compare the exact price of Bitcoin now you cut this in half this is going to be about 43 million all right so with everyone that's mining Bitcoin right now it's going to have a drastic effect on profitability depending on what your cost per kilowatt hour is all that kind of stuff okay the higher you are the worse it's going to get the lower you are you may still be profitable maybe breaking even we'll do some numbers here in a second but this is a a pretty big event and it's all really going to be predicated on for those that are mining Bitcoin right now in the belief that we're we're going to have price appreciation because I mean with Bitcoin having the fundamentals regarding you know the Bitcoin having is you know the purpose of it is to control the inflation rate of Bitcoin and so by you know reducing the rate of which the new Bitcoins are being minted it essentially helps it to limit the supply of Bitcoin which is 21 million Max supply of Bitcoin is 21 million of course there's millions that are maybe lost out there already but anyways it makes it deflationary Bitcoin is a deflationary asset over time so that in which inherently then is supposed to make the Bitcoin price much more okay so really that's that's the the fundamental fact regarding with Bitcoin mining especially if you are Bitcoin mining you know maybe Mining and holding as well anyways going here now okay let's just do a like a fun comparison not a fun I guess a realistic scenario so a bit main let's say A s19 K Pro 20 ter has which right now is about 23 Jews per ter has or watt per hash so if we just go to what to Mine okay let's just say for anyone that's buying an s9k Pro right now I put it in the calculator here 120 ter has around 2,800 Watts depending on your environment of course fans you know it can be a little bit more let's just say 29 at about 10 cent kilow hour okay this stems towards where anyone that has higher than I don't know 11 12 honestly you should try to find a hosting provider going down here block reward okay right now 6.7 6.7 oh 75 oh that includes the transaction fees anyways let me hit calculate okay with the BTC value here almost 44,000 you can see an s19 K Pro right now makes about $3.50 after electric if you had free Power which I don't think many people do have it's about $10.46 all right so here's where it's going to get it could get it could get bloody and depending on transaction fees as well but let's just say I put 3.1 25 this is the having okay this is in April when it happens the block reward is going to be cut down to 3.125 all right let's just say 3 point I'm going to you know if there's going to be volatility let's just say 3.3 right let's just do a little bit little bit more now I cannot predict what the Bitcoin price is going to be by April May you know could be higher could be lower but just for now let's just do it as now all right just just to compare between now and of course difficulty the Bitcoin Network hash rate is probably going to go up but I'm just going to keep it the same and hit calculate you can see here now Revenue it should be cut in half because we're we're cutting out 50% of the emissions right so it was $10 now it's $487 okay $5 basically but if you were at 10cent kilowatt hour you would then be making negative $229 a day so you would be losing money at 10 cents kilow hour okay so this is where I kind of talked near the beginning regarding depending on your electrical cost if you had 9 cents right it's obviously going to go down to $139 if you had 8 cents it's going to go to 70 70 cents negative 77 cents profit if you had 7 cents kilowatt hour then you would be breaking even on an s9k Pro 120 terahash okay so this looking at that it looks pretty dire for anyone that I know not very many people have 7 Cent kilow hour or lower a lot of industrial miners do so you know it may be fine just for them let's say I had uh let's say someone had 4 cents per kilowatt hour they're going to they're still going to make they're going to make $2 all right they'll be fine all right at current price of course um if it goes much higher then it'll be good actually so you know here we'll do another scenario what let's say bitcoin price by April was just for the hell of it I don't know 60,000 I'm just doing just a quick estimate here anyone add 4 cents and make about $3.95 okay but if you had 10 cents okay of course I didn't change the difficulty I don't know how much more it's going to be how much less maybe but anyways if you had 10cent kilow hour and Bitcoin was $60,000 then I mean you'll still be negative negative 32 cents all right you'll be losing money on the s9k pro but I I think the whole belief here regarding Bitcoin and the having especially with um you know if it's going to go up after right bitcoin price is going to go up after the having you know maybe in 2025 let's say Bitcoin went up to $100,000 then an s9k Pro then would be making $410 okay we go back to its Glory Days of $1 $11 a day uh free electric force but if uh you had to pay for electric $4 and 10 cents so I mean I know it's when I put in this number 100,000 a lot of people are like red panda do you really believe it's going to go to $100,000 and you know what yes I do believe it I I I've been been into crypto Mining and crypto for a long time and you know I've been more often than not surprised regarding like oh hey you know previous bar Market you know here we are ethereum is like $100 $300 $200 Bitcoin was like what $3,000 $4,000 and and then all of a sudden the next and then the bow run came in 2021 and it went to $60,000 so is it not too far-fetched and I'm not this is not Financial advice is it not too far-fetched to believe that you know if we were hovering in the previous bear here that we were at like what 17 $16,000 and here we are today Bitcoin is 44 that Bitcoin could go to $100,000 or more who knows who who really knows but that's the risk you are going to be willing to take if you are going to be Asic mining I mean that's the risk a lot of these guys a lot of big mining Farms out there it's not just residential miners but people that are pouring Millions upon millions of dollars not just maybe into Bitcoin but maybe Litecoin mining I forgot to talk about Litecoin mining my ASC mining Litecoin is a whole other monster I'd say especially with those uh hash local Tech hash blades potentially going to come out uh in this year and uh that's going to be much more efficient than the l7s obviously the local Tech hash B comes out efficiency is 07 versus 33 against an L7 so that's uh depending on how many of these are going to be created right it's going to then phase out a lot of older Asic models for Litecoin Dogecoin mining merge mining Dogecoin dependent on the Litecoin price that you know these may not be as competitive anymore and profitable okay so a lot of things to think about here uh I I know I forgot to talk about kadana oh man kadana mining it was really bad it was unprofitable for majority I'd say of the bare Market but recently kad's price did have a jump up here um a126 now I think it was $130 $140 at one point but the ka3 it was making like what $2 $1 over the POR of the bare market now it's making uh 8.91 so the ka3 is yeah I mean it's good now it's good now it wasn't good as before but uh now the as we saw I don't even have it on my video here the ka3 was I remember it was like under $2 a day for a ka3 at 14 C kilow hour so the ka3 uh because of the kadana price has gone up more than double it's now profitable now that begs the question are other kadana A6 profitable uh let's see here oh I hit Dash KDA so no K3 no uh KD box Pros no at 14 cents no but if I had like 10 cent let's see K8 it would be okay BM K3 K3 mini okay breaking even at 10 cents around there so depending on your cost per kilo an hour you could be okay uh depending on which models you have of course for the kadana but it looks like it's been it's been going up now is that going to uh keep going up who knows it's been kind of having a downturn here but it could be just consolidating who knows anyways guys I don't know if I got into all the stuff I wanted to in this video but uh let me know your thoughts regarding Asic Mining and you know are you into ASC mining are you into profitability or are you into holding are you able to you know pay for you know a couple thousand you know of watts of power of these big big boy Asic Miners and you know power every month for these let me know down below I know not many people are in a position to do that but but uh yeah these are I would say been pretty good been pretty profitable and today here we are today I mean it is and uh would I say it' be a good time to buy the Bitcoin A6 or crypto mining A6 now I mean the best time to buy it was maybe half a year ago when you know really bottom Barrel pricing but um now the pricing has been going up obviously because profitability has been going up so depending how you look at it if we go to 100K tomorrow then these ASX all the ASX are are generally going to make more than 203 a day um it's going to be better and so by that time when that happens then you're going to see an s9k Pro be more than $2 $3,000 going to be like $5,000 $10,000 I mean we've saw s9j Pros during the previous bare Market selling for 14 $15,000 so that is a potential that could happen but uh that's going to be your own risk the risk tolerance especially depending if you want to get into that it's a pretty R risky Endeavor all right it all stems from the price of all these coins and if you believe that we are going to go up much higher than we are now thus making it profitable for Asic mining okay thank you all for watching please sure to check out my website red for any different coupon codes and Affiliates here if you would like to order anything feel free to check it out link down below I'll see you all in the next video have a good one peace out

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