How Much I Made CPU Mining 22 Days

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all right guys so welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel and we are still doing some CPU mining have uh just added a GPU a day or two ago needed some additional heat in here and they're making a little bit of money but regardless I wanted to catch you guys up to date on what we've made so far mining to nice Hash A lot of people are not fans of nice hash and you know what I don't blame them they've done some sketchy stuff in the past but you know what it's easy and we're here so um let's go back here for reference episode 2 was uh with my 24-hour results was on November 28th that was right at 22 days ago and at that time my wallet balance was 75383 Satoshi cuz already had a little bit in there we're about $27 worth and if we go to today we have uh 287,213 94 Satoshi and that's worth about 125 bucks so we've made about $100 um and we've made about 200,000 Satoshi in 22 days so if we get our trus deal calculator out 100 bucks divided by 22 we've averaged about $4.5 a day if we go down to our mining history look at that we've had done about 4 $4.5 per day um now there has been some rigs added and taken off it hasn't been an exact like steady mine that's why I quit doing like the daily updates because some of them went off some of them had a little issues and then now that I had a gpus that kind of muddies the water for it to be considered just a straight up CPU mining operation uh but I am going back into the shop tomorrow and I'm going to be adding a graphics card to this rig and a graphics card to this rig rig and we're going to be moving the Zeon over here and going to be adding potentially two graphics cards to that one um just to increase the heat output uh in here because I'm currently burning propane to stay warm and that's a shame whenever we could just burn power and get some crypto um so yeah that's that's where we're at ladies and gentlemen just making a quick little update video hopefully you guys enjoy this kind of stuff um for reference these two are 5900 X's let me show you what they're making roughly so I think this is the this is the 5900 X that does not have a GPU it's making right at a114 a day this one's doing a little bit better it has better Ram in it 12.59 Kash and the other one has the crappy RAM and it's averaging $165 a day um Does it show the accepted speed random X right now it's at 9.3 Kash and getting 18 megahash on kapal kapow we can actually look and see where's Hive at I don't know if I had Hive open 5 o oh wait hold on all right there we go so this gives you a better idea so this one's doing 13.5 but by the time it gets to the pool it's doing 12.5 and this one says it's doing um 12.2 and 28 megahash on Capal but pool s's just showing much much lower than that these do fluctuate over time like see it's at 8 and then 17 showing stats for all algorithms let's just see the random xano okay so we averaged out to 11.3 Kash on Monero and 24 megahash on Capal but we don't even have a good 24 hours 24.8 90 so yeah not horrible uh we're definitely making a little bit of money but but I don't suggest you guys running out to go buy a bunch of gear and turn it on to make you know a couple bucks a day but if you already have something you know what they say smoke them if you got them ladies and gentlemen um and if you can benefit especially right now benefit from the heat in this winter time it's definitely uh it's not a bad thing so yeah there they are all right guys I'll catch youall on the next one peace out

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