I Bought a Bent Ryzen CPU

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what's up ladies and gentlemen welcome back to the Brandon coin YouTube channel I hope everybody's having a great day and I am back in the computer shop and dealing with my first return now I've sold I think I'm at like 90 plus shipments right now which awesome you're going to have returns uh people said to expect anywhere from 5 to 10% so I guess technically I'm under that but who knows returns could still happen anyway um somebody said sent back a team Group 1 TB nvme they said they couldn't get it to show up they couldn't get it to populate um they couldn't get it to format nothing it was just dead and I'm like that's no problem send it back I'll get you another one so um I got them a paid postage went ahead and uh emailed them that so they could print it out and get it sent my way there's no need for like them to pay postage on a what's it 20 bucks or $25 for 1 tby drive and it's like five bucks to ship it and before I even check it I'm going to send them out this is a another they're both gen 3 so they're staying as equal as possible and this one is a Toshiba 1 tbte OEM gen 3 drive so just trying to keep it as equal as possible not trying to somebody that got a Gen 4 send them a gen 3 uh or vice versa if they got a gen 3 not send them a Gen 4 um now as for people were wondering about how they can get specific drives and I like doing it this way because it's just I get so many of them in it's once a month for nvme drives and a lot of them are OEM they're pulled out of laptops and um workstations and just all kinds of different systems so I never know what I'm going to get um and once I get them in for me to categorize and cuz people are like oh you can get more for the Samsung evos then the you know the OEM this and then then that and then this for me to like make a line item and a product item for each individual different like Drive um would be insane and it would drive my cost up on the actual individual drives cuz I would have that much more labor work and you're like oh man that's not that bad um well ladies and gentlemen we sold out 140 something drives last month uh a majority of them were bulk buys people were buying five 10 drives at a time uh but man if I would had to line item each individual one the amount of items on my Shopify store would be insane um and it just it would take a lot more time uh and then for me to overcharge for some and undercharge for the other and try to keep up with all the different prices I figure you know what it's easier across the board just do it by size one terabyte 2 terab 500 gig and maybe later on we'll do like you know split it up by gen 3 Gen 4 Gen 5 once Gen 5 get more popular but right now I ain't seeing no Gen 5 not seeing a ton of gen 4S I'd say anywhere from like about 20 to 25% of them are gen 4S so it's kind of like you can expect a gen 3 but you might get lucky and like a Pokemon card you might pull a rare might get a Gen 4 some people got two gen 4S that's just luck of the draw so regardless I'm going to get that packed up and um get that order ready to send out and uh I didn't really let you guys know because I don't really like letting the internet know when I'm like out of town and stuff but it was my birthday over the weekend and I did go out of town I went to Disney World or wait Disneyland I went to the one in Florida and had a really good time down there but while I was down there I did a CPU sale so we had a bunch of CPUs on sale and a bunch of people got some really good deals so I think I did yeah I did 25% off all CPUs on the entire website and sold out of a bunch of stuff we still do have some stuff available but the sale is now over um I was just trying to extend a little bit of that not saying we're never going to have sales again we'll probably have them maybe like once a month so look out for that uh but I am going to be opening up a Brandon coin or sorry a a bcpc Discord for deals whenever I'm getting new inventory in and when I'm doing sales that kind of thing so if you want to jump in and enter that Discord the link is going to be down below in the description it is not going to be the brandoncoin crypto Discord because I thought about incorporating it into that but there's just too much stuff in there um too many people in there uh too many people that don't care about buying computer hardware which is weird you would think that it would transfer like you know crypto people would be good with computer people but uh for some reason there's a little there's a lot of them that do cross but there are a good amount that don't cross there's a good amount of my audience that only watched it to make money and then there's a a a good amount of my audience that literally watches all kinds of computer content so yeah you know that's just how the cookie crumbles sometimes anyway um let's get to it I have like 20 something orders I need to package so you know what that means we got a time lapse and I'm going to try to find a track that doesn't get nixed by YouTube when I upload it because people are like why do you do time lapses with no audio it's not how it starts out it's just like YouTube warns me it's like hey this audio is copyrighted blah blah blah so we'll try to find some legitimate copyright free cuz that's like nine times out of 10 you click a copyright free song and then it's copyrighted whatever all right let's go all right so I got a big old fat whopping one order uh done and then then I realized that I don't have my scissors and normally not a problem but um like cutting the tape cutting the bubble wrap cutting everything it's just without scissors it becomes a pain so yeah let's run up to Office Max I do have some stuff that I'm going to be shipping out that's a little big for bubble mailers so while I'm up at Office Max maybe I'll get me like some small like hat boxes and stuff cuz like these Ram holders are they can fit in a bubble mailer I just don't know if they're going to hold up in a bubble mailer so yeah if you uh if you get anything and it's cracked or damaged let me know cuz I sent a couple of them out and I like wrapped them up with bubble wrap but I just didn't feel super confident I think stepping up to a hat box is probably the way to go but yeah so let's hit the road oh I forgot I got my new Banner in for the wall it goes right there let's go grab that let's get all right all right and there it is OBC PC it's got the the shop cell phone number address website Buy trade repair upgrade I figured that'd just be awesome to be in the background kind of just ties it together let me see just yeah ties it together a little bit makes it look a little bit more shoppy um I decided I'm not going to go with that second shelf right there I'm just going to make extra shelves over here on this side cuz if I shifted that down I felt like the the B is just not in a optimal spot but yeah so and then I do want to extend some shelves over here but I'm really happy with how that turned out especially since I got it online I think I got it on banners Che or something.com and um it it set me back like 20 bucks uh so um if I didn't end up liking it it didn't it's not like it it cost me a bunch of money but I feel like I don't know it just ties the room together um makes it look a little bit more of a thing so so yeah let's go get some scissors and um hope you guys like it I guess let me get a thumbnail for today's video all right so fast forward a few hours and I went and did a deal and got some CPUs and all of them were good except he did say that one of them had some bent pins he didn't know if it was fixable or not it's a ryzen and it's a ryzen what was it uh 3200g why won my camera focus on there we go 3200g let's see if I can show you guys the bent pins they don't look that bad to me where are they right there so right there's a couple of them and then I think that was it yeah so like right right around there's a couple bent pins um oh and then right here there's a bent pin right there so yeah that one I I believe that one's savable I'm not sure not going to not going to mess with it right now cuz I don't I don't have a motherboard to put that bad boy in uh some of these other Risin are already spoken for went ahead and took a look at them um they all look pretty much good to go just need a little clean up and then slap them in a motherboard uh some Intel chips we got a 13700 F right here solid um got a big boy old 5820k these are basically worthless now um so just going to throw that up for like I don't know 20 bucks or something on the website um I5 8500 i38100 uh i79700 I3 10 105f um 88400 7400 10400 8100 8100 8,400 and 8700t so good little mix uh going to going to list these up on the website so got some more inventory got some uh some more CPUs and motherboards coming in next week the motherboards are let me flip this around real quick the mothers are basically selling before I can get my on them um and understandably because good deals on motherboards are I guess harder to find I'm not sure uh but a buddy of mine stopped by the shop today he picked up some uh a computer case and some some RAM and uh shout out to him he let me know about a uh I guess it's kind of like a not a thrift store but they have like newer stuff but anyway he went in there and picked up a b760 um like pretty much current gen AMD motherboard for like 4 something dollars like almost 50 bucks after tax and it was like brand new so he said they had a bunch of computer stuff not all of it was like new new but uh think I might swing through there here in the next day or two see what I can't score um especially on the motherboard side of things so cuz if I can go in there and score a bunch of motherboards for like you know 20 30 bucks that are a couple Generations old that'll be good especially if I can pay pair it up with CPUs cuz everybody asks me hey man do you have like CPU motherboard combo deals and um I know that is appealing um and most of the time I'm like I got a CPUs but I don't have motherboards and I don't want to buy motherboards online cuz by the time you include shipping into them or buying them new uh it's hard to put like a combo deal together you know what I mean so anyway I'm going to call it for this video hope you guys enjoyed it and um sorry it jumped around so much had a lot going on and um yeah see you on the next one oh by the way so if you made it this far on the video I'd love to hear your thoughts and opinions um I think I have secured a deal on picking up some 1080s and 1070s sorry oh man I'm getting tired about time to go to bed but some 1080s and 1070s these are older Nvidia cards 10 series cards probably not great for mining but they should be great in like budget builds for like computers um I think by the time I buy them uh and then my resale price will be somewhere around like 90 bucks on the on the 1080s um and about 75 on the 1070s um do you do you think I'm Priced Right to uh to unload those or should I I don't think I'm going to skip out on it cuz it's a good deal it comes with other stuff too but yeah so I think that's going to be the move um maybe I'll offer like a deal where if people buy multiple they can get like a discount um be great for people doing budget builds cuz like 1080s still do really good nowadays but um yeah anyway it's time to get off here later guys

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