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all right guys so I started going through and I figured out I have a lot more of these uh I believe these are 24 in pcie cables so I'm marking these down to a dollar a piece on the website going to do a fire sale cuz this isn't even all of them this is just what came out of one box uh I have multiple boxes and I'm picking up more so if you ever needed some six pin to 6 plus2 pcie power cables this is the time to get it uh all of these specifically came from parallel minor um these are the 16 AWG cuz uh I know some people would ask that um and yeah they all look to be in in pretty decent shape I I haven't run across any melted or burnt ends or anything like that um but yeah so I'm I'm adding these to inventory uh jump on them before they get gone also I am I did get some clarification on these guys so these are Delta power supplies and they do use HP um uh breakout boards so I thought that was kind of cool um they only run off of 240 well 200 240 volt so if you got 210 220 240 and so on so that does limit you a little bit you they do make different cords to where you can run them to a pdu or you can run them to an L6 30p um with the uh the Nema plugs that I have so I am going to be packaging these with uh two breakout boards a piece hold on let me let me put two matching breakout boards on there so here we go there we go so two two breakout boards a piece and they're also going to come with the let's see here ah there it is see like for example this is one of them so it's a power cord and it goes into a pdu uh not a l630p didn't know I even had that one um so I guess I will designate a difference see in what kind of plug this is EJ 88 H interesting um but yeah I'll designate a difference the ones that come with the pdu cables uh and then the ones that with the uh the l630p cables uh but those are going to be going onto the website too so going to be getting those all kitted out so if you're looking for power supplies and looking to put down some power this is this is your situation in a um high voltage situation you can't plug these into a normal wall outlet 110 120 volt like that they will not work unfortunately uh I do have some power supplies that are coming that will work for those those are the HP 750 and 1200 wat power supplies and we'll we'll get all into that later I'm also going to be doing a sale on risers so um I'm going to make a new section and it's going to be random risers uh because I tried to like split them up and sell them like the six pin versus the Molex versus the SATA um we are doing random risers 25 cents a piece that gets you a riser a USB cord and if I can grab it here hold on ariser a USB cord and a what I call a giblet so um 25 cents these are going to be on sale too um and they're not guaranteed to be any certain one they can they're all completely random we got white ones we got blue ones we got green ones we got you know some have six pin some have MOX some have SATA um it's all luck of the draw so with that being said um I figur 25 cents is is an appropriate pricing on those have tons of those those are going to be going on the website too um all of this is going to be well these are going to be under the P power suppli category these are going to be under the accessories category these are also going to be under accessories um have some zsx breakout boards with the 24 pin cable so those are going to be going on to to I might pair those with a power splot actually you know what we're going to set those over here those are really nice breakout boards cuz they can power a normal ATX style motherboard without having a ATX uh power supply unlike most server power supplies you can't do that because they only have uh 12vt out on on these breakout boards um what else what else I think that's it for tonight um um yeah I don't know what happened to the Dell uh was using it um ended up running an ethernet cord over here everything was fine let it run all last night I was using it today and now all of a sudden it won't turn on won't power on I changed the power cord I open it up and it smells like something's burnt inside there so that is unfortunate um but I guess we'll be pulling the guts out of that one and grabbing another one off the pile

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