I tried to cheat the ETCMC node system and almost got BANNED.

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[Music] hey guys RPM here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video I wanted to tell you guys my whole journey regarding the ETMC nodes okay earning Etc C Po and this is something where I just got in recently over the past like 2 weeks and I'm just going to go through my whole journey regarding you know setting up the nodes trying to scam the system which I shouldn't have done I probably would have gotten banned but I will tell you guys my my resolution that I did and but I still got the claim of the ETC pal anyway I'm going to be honest I'm going to be transparent I'm going to go through the whole process here so first things first I heard about the the whole ET CMC nodes uh through many people I've seen many videos and a lot of people have messaged me about it so about 2 weeks ago I decided to get into the whole ETMC nodes and uh I joined their Discord and I set up a single server okay which is this is just a dell r620 and I have three 1 TB ssds in here okay I'll show you guys the config in the computer I'll show you how much I've earned all that kind of stuff later on but I wanted to set up a server for the ETMC nodes because I thought to myself hey there shouldn't really be a big difference from you know utilizing those small little you know computers rather than having you know virtual machines because their software is in Windows and I was like you know what it should work but they did say they do not support virtual machines for the ETMC nodes so what that means is I know a lot of people got confused about this is that they don't give support they don't give like help if you have had any issues within your virtual machine for ETMC the nodes if you had an issue they won't help you okay if they know that it's a virtual machine so there were a few fixes that I applied which I'll explain you know on the computer I'll show you guys what I did in order to really make all of them work and right now I have six ETMC nodes and so some people may be also wondering you know red panda what are you using for your hypervisor and I'm using VMware okay here's the specs of this machine it's two uh on processors E5 2670 V2s and 128 GB of RAM because the node requirements for ETMC per I guess machine or for each virtual machine that I have is 8 GB of of RAM on each ETMC node with 250 gigs uh storage hence why I have three 1 TB ssds okay so this is my setup for ETMC and I have gotten the payouts I just showed you guys in the beginning of the video I have earned six payouts thus far okay so Hardware out of the way you guys know how I'm set up with the ETMC nodes I just think this is a more cost effective way to do nodes especially you know people do it online or host with people outside but I'm doing this at home and so I just think this is a more cost- effective way rather than buying you know all those little tiny machines which can cost between1 to $250 $300 for each machine but my Dell r620 here this is like I don't know an 8 10-year-old server is about $200 to $300 refurbished on Amazon and I can run I think about almost 12 ETMC nodes if I wanted to I had to add more ssds and such so let's go into the thick of it into the computer I'm going to explain to you all how I have it all set up here virtual machine and all my claims and stuff I'll see you guys on the computer okay so here is my first ETMC node okay or actually I'll just show you my my virtual machines here so I have this on VM Ware this is a hypervisor host software that's running on that server by itself if you guys are curious on how to install it I mean you can YouTube it there's plenty of videos of people installing VMware uh esxi there is a free version but there are also other hypervisors out there it's not just VMware there's like prox MOX there's hyperv I guess that's within Windows server or uh Windows 10 Pro or Enterprise or virtual box or there's plenty of them out there a lot of free options out there if you decide to do something like this I'm not telling you guys to do this this is not a how-to video I'm just explaining what I have here okay and also my hard drives my storage I said I had three 1 TB ssds none of them are in raid they're just set as a single hard drive and I have about three ETMC nodes per uh 1 TB SSD because like I said the hardware requirements was about 250 GB of SSD or better storage okay so anyways now showing you guys my virtual machines I have set up here so this this is where about two two and a half weeks ago I just decided to make like nine Windows machines okay nine virtual machines all windows uh 10 okay they're all Windows 10 and I don't have anything special other than just the ETMC notes okay I did Windows update on all of them and I decided to uh set up three no sorry six ETMC nodes pretty much right away but I did not turn on uh all six okay I do have 78 9 but these are these are not these are not running right now you can see here it's offline uh but I do have six here so I can show you um these are all earning okay right now I'm almost set to get payout on the uh the first three just as of recording it's uh December 18th as of recording okay just want I'm going to be transparent with you guys about 87 89 882 atmc and I have a lot more to explain throughout this video guys and now my other three here I have about it's 52 I've gotten payouts though on all six of these ETMC nodes already now this is where I want to explain where I tried to scam the system I know I'm a terrible person I should I'm just going to be transparent I tried to not pay for three initial ETMC nodes I only bought one okay but here's the thing I bought one and then I set up the three nodes uh right away okay uh one two and three all right and I didn't buy the other two so I ran the same installer that I used for the first one for the second and third one all right I was told that that wouldn't work okay but what I did was I registered the the node as RPM you know all all the different usernames I have and I I've named them uh the different ones here okay and I think I shouldn't be naming that because apparently that could be doxing in a way but I don't care just want to be transparent with you guys here all right so they all do have different usernames but they all do have the same email that in which I bought the ETMC node hopefully that makes sense so it was around I think 50 ETMC uh 50 Etc pal all right for the other two and the first one in which I was like you know what I think this is pretty cool I'm just going to go ahead and buy two more licenses and then about maybe a couple days later I bought the other three licenses for the other two uh other three ETMC licenses uh ETMC nodes that you guys see here so that's my whole licensing thing and I did use the fourth ETMC node installer for the other two but again registered with different usernames and it seemed to work okay I just I'm just put pointing that out there because we did do a check sum and we it was the the exact same installer uh every time I purchased a new uh ETMC uh node the digital license off their store okay uh right here digital download lifetime € 234 okay or 250 uh USD which the price changes all the time because Etc pal has been kind of going down for quite a bit now okay but anyways besides the point I was able to install them just fine now there are a few things which I've gotten from a lot of community members on how to I guess optimize these ETMC nodes okay so two different things that I updated okay in the if you go to the folder itself and you go into to guy go into gu uh there is a envc file this is for fixing some claiming issues apparently or some registering issues and so I replac this file there is a fix on their Discord uh where I got it from on the announcements page which uh you can see here under ETMC Dow okay under announcements there's a there's a bunch of fixes here uh this one here uh it says we're pleased to share a Seth that has successfully identified a temporary workaround to address the recent issues that some of you are facing especially related to node registration and the claiming okay sorry this is for both registration and claiming so there is a part here uh claim registration fix okay that's the uh that's the whole uh EnV VC ENC replacement file okay so I did that all right so that's number one another file in which I've updated was the boot nodes file which is the start gu fast node okay so here this is where I changed the port for all six of my nodes okay so I'm using 3035 and then 3036 789 10 and so on and so forth then uh each of my nodes have a static IP okay and those ports are then what is you know Port forwarded out okay so that's what I have here so after this video I'm probably going to have to change all this but I just wanted to be transparent show you guys here uh what I did each of my nodes are in its own VLAN segregated and cannot communicate with anything uh with other subnets but yeah this is just you can see here I have 10 112131 14.15 and they all have different ports that are able to uh register out no problem it was able to register all the six my nodes uh on the single host machine okay there's the boot nodes uh fixed on their Discord I believe but after reading uh as of today um December 18th there looks like there's a new update uh 1.2.3 update they say it's a game changer so they say here here's what we packed for you say goodbye to some uh pesky bugs with our latest minor bug fixes uh keep it simple your user details are now saved for future use claiming Made Easy your details will now autofill saving your time and hassle uh get ahead of the game with the latest gu client all set with the spiral hard Fork uh big news another 20% reduction bringing the rewards down per uh number here per imported new chain segment um confidence redefined convenience redefined register your node button stays registered even after restart uh all nodes must be updated by December 31st or face losing remaining balance so I haven't done that update yet looks like uh I believe I just have to close it and uh open up this this one here the node launcher and check for update and do all that I'll do that after um that should that should update the node I'm right now on 1 Point 1.22 okay so that's all I've done the past two weeks okay that's that's the fixes I've done the boot nodes thing uh EnV env.

ENC file also oh I forgot to talk about like I ran this as administrator as well okay compatibility no Sor under under compatibility make sure you check run as program as administrator so that you don't have to uh you know right click it run as admin every single time that's another thing that I got working and then looks like it's froze now because I'm moving all over the place but anyways uh I also was able to get my claims okay now let's talk about my claims claims all right so like I said I was able to get six claims okay I did convert I think it was about 320 is ETC pal a couple days ago to about 25 Etc okay that's worth about 513 USD now I had just got in recently I think yesterday another 35.5 Etc pal uh from my other three nodes the RPM 04 05 06 all right so I got a claim from those guys successful that's what I waited for uh to do this video because I wanted to get a payout first before I showed you guys this cuz I I was just wondering like I'm doing this as a virtual machine I don't know if I'm going to get a payout am I going to get banned because I didn't pay for the licenses uh for the other two until mid mid 50 ETMC pal like I said and then I bought the other three and did those legitly okay so I was just that's what I wanted to communicate with you guys cuz I think the whole claiming process don't quote me on this is manual all right I I don't know know much about it but I think it's manual and they're going through and seeing how many people have purchased the ETMC nodes uh licenses all right according to your email account and your usernames that you're using that's how they are I believe they are distinguishing uh between accounts okay that that that's what I just wanted to explain to you guys so yeah anyways I just wanted to show you here um but now the amount that I just got claimed recently is not not worth that much anymore so three if I did 315 that's now worth 268 USD so just like a couple days ago it was worth more so the 300 etm Etc pal was worth maybe 500 bucks but now that the price has been kind of tanking down here it's uh it's it's been going down so I I don't know how long this is going to last I really took a risk on this I did spend about $1,500 Us in ET Etc okay to buy these ETMC nodes to set up my six ETMC nodes here so have I gotten my money back yet no if I were to convert uh do the heavy swap on uh let's just see here if I go to Etc po if I do max if I uh it's still I think it's frozen here okay it was frozen there so if I were to swap the 315 I just got from a claim that would turn into 13 Etc so the difference there from what I was you know getting before uh it's it's dropped drastically because of the price and now with the reduction in the rewards it's it's in in December 31st right that's going to be another 20% reduction okay and I think to top it all off I I don't know if this is this is the ETC no.org website like explore and it shows that there's about 28 2900 Etc MC gu nodes online right now as of December 18th 2023 as of recording so I don't know how true this is I don't know if it's less or more uh but that's what it shows right now I remember like last week I think it was at like like a thousand maybe a lot of them got banned I don't know I don't know don't quote me on that but I'm just curious uh yeah it was over 4,000 at one point I think like last week and now it's at 2878 so I don't know what's going on here I don't know if it's an API error or something like that but uh yeah this is uh this number's been changing more so more so up but recently the last week it looks like it's been going down whether or not people are able to uh I believe I heard that you can sell your ETMC nodes digital license I don't know I think that's transferable uh don't quote me on that but yeah anyways guys that's really all I wanted to talk about in this video this is one of the craziest nodes that I've ever set up on my on a server and for the amount that it's earned in the past two weeks I guess like like I showed you guys here I earned 500 bucks in the past uh that's the first claim the third claim SEC and then the second claim I did was I got 315 from the other three notes so about about 750 if I were to sell right now all right so I got about half of my money back my investment back that I earned in I put in here okay so am I recommending people to get into this as well that's going to be your own prerogative if you're going to be buying the small computers or setting up a server like I did that's going to be on you if you decide to okay so let me know what you guys think of what I just explained regarding this whole ETMC Journey that I did I don't know if I explained everything correctly but yeah I was able to get a payout uh through using virtual machines okay I'm not using the little computers but the recent claim that I did I'm probably going to buy I think I can buy one or two probably one more ETMC node so I'll be at 7 and so I I'm just I'm going to try to fill this up so I'm probably going have to add another 1 tab SSD so that I can do another up to 12 uh ETMC nodes I do have 128 gigs of RAM right two Zeon processors should be enough should be okay but I will update you guys in another month and let you know how much I've earned since uh between now and then okay if you guys are interested but let me know what you guys think of this video it was pretty fun all right I'll see you all in the next one have a good one peace out

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