I WAS WRONG… Kaspa Network Hashrate got WAY WORSE.

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hey guys rpam here hope you're doing well having a really great day this video wanted to talk to you all regarding some I guess updated pricing for the Caspa Asic miners pretty much I think across the board they have come down but that's obviously due to the price of Caspa as well as the network hash rate for Caspa right now has gone up I think almost double from the previous month all right so that's just what I want to talk about in this video video and uh talk about you know current profitability of these ice River Caspa Asic Miners and such and yeah just talking about my yields as well for my ks2 ks1 ks3 that I have mining right now and yeah talk about all that stuff so hopefully you guys enjoy so before we do that thank you for today's video sponsor you know quantum computers you know blockchain but do you know both together DX was the first platform to create a neuromorphic supercomputing blockchainbased algorithm which solves real world problems and the best part anyone can post a job whether a company from the global 2000 a machine learning job or fintech and pharmaceutical and if you don't want to program it yourself get an expert directly at the marketplace run the job and impressed by the fast result all right make no mistake Bitcoin has been doing pretty good over the course of I don't know the past month or two has been gradually going up and it has brought up the rest of the market and so along with Caspa here it has done a lot of price appreciation over the past couple months and there's been a lot of I would say fomo into Casa mining into buying you know the ice River ks1 ks2 ks3 M's k3s all that kind of stuff and the pricing of these things now have kind of come down a little bit okay and that's due to obviously the price of Caspa coming down from I'd say 14 cents now down to about 10 11 cents okay and but the biggest one is going to be the network difficulty the Caspa hash rate it has gone up just double all right and I have a video to show that just on November 22nd of 2023 that the Caso Network hash rate was around 67 petahash and now literally a month later it's pretty much double it has gone up double all right projections I guess estimations of from a lot of people were normally you know 20% okay 20% hash rate gain this is pretty much 100% gain in hash rate just in one month all right pretty much November 22nd here I am recording this video now is at the end of December so that is a lot of ice River Caspa miners that have come online okay and I know there is a lot of talk projections regarding that you know ice River and uh bit M you know they were not able to you know manufacture enough of these machines so that the castle Network hash rate wouldn't you know exponentially grow that much but here we are I mean it has it has gone up quite quite high and there's also some rumors regarding a new ice River Asic coming out as well as the new wind Miner K20 potentially which guntis vlans if you guys know him on YouTube he's an OG he has uh one of these uh win minor k9's and uh he said it it was really bad quality he had two of them that I think had bad power supplies I don't know bad hash boards as well you can see it here and yeah he had a bad experience uh With the Wind Miner K9 so he says here pretty much this Miner will get you bankrupt go subscribe to him I have a link down below go watch his video about the wind Miner K9 and his experience I I heard about there's potentially a new uh wind Miner model coming out so there's a bunch of new models coming out and also potentially gold shell might be creating new K heavy hash CA Asic potentially and you know along with that I think with gold shell I I hope that it's going to be you know an efficient Asic Miner you know we all know bit Main and Ice River Wind Miner you know their efficiency whoer hash julsburg terahash is really you know generally good as of now but if gold shell comes out and it's not as efficient like let say if it's higher than 8 in efficiency it's not going to be it's not going to be wor worth it all right so if gold shell is not competitive in their efficiency for their Caspa Asic if they do come out with one okay they have a they say here on Twitter last surprise of 2023 guess our next minor cast your vote now all right they have a Kryptonite starcoin and also kapow highly doubt it's kapow um probably is going to be it could be the Kryptonite uh starcoin Miner but hey it would be interesting to see what their K heavy hash one uh would be but I highly doubt it so we'll see about that but going along with just again the caspo network hash rate it has gone up a lot and so we're going to see still all right for people that are still interested in or believing in Caspa that you know I guess the big thing here is and I'm I'm trying to be really unbiased here as a crypto Miner as you know I I've pretty much been in the thick of it for Caspa mining ever since I got that ks2 about 8 months ago you know when it was yielding like what 32 35,000 Caspa a day and here we are you know I have a ks3 ice over ks3 and it's yielding about eight less than 800 Caspa a day all right so I have on my VI BTC here ks3 ks2 ks1 my ks1 is overclocked and I also have a ks3 which I've have overclocked as well and the total earnings I've been getting for all three of those just recently is about almost less than 12200 Caspa a day okay so it's the yields have been coming down a lot so roughly you know in terms of the yield that I'm getting is about $126 USD so the dollar value in my opinion is still I mean really good it's still really good compared to anything else out there right but it is coming down you know every month every single month it's been going down into down and down ks3 last month I believe was almost $200 $225 but now that the price of Caspa has gone down a bit and also the network cash rate has gone up pretty much double now this is why you know right we're getting Less in terms of dollar value but the yield also has been going down as well but mainly due to the emission schedule for Casa right now the blocks uh the block reward per block is about 146 okay uh sorry 146 Caspa per second all right there could be many blocks in a second all right they're planning on you know doing that like 32 BPS and so here we are 146 we are in this phase right now uh second year chromatic phase 146 Caspa per second December 7th all right so the next block reward reduction is going to be 138 which is going to happen in January 6th all right so that's going to have a lower yield but the big I guess big picture strategy here for a lot of people that are investing in these ice River A6 or Caspa A6 in general is going to be believing in the long term that the Casper price is going to go much higher than it is now it's going to appreciate so this 12200 Caspa that I'm mining daily right now worth $126 or pretty much at 10 cents each Caspa but here's the idea here is the belief that Caspa can go up to a dollar $2 or something in the bll run right Caspa has not seen a bll run yet so you know this is not Financial advice but for me when I'm thinking about it if I'm mining 1,200 Caspa a day right now and Caspa goes to let's say let's say let's just say 50 uh 50 cents just let's maybe be a little bit more realistic you know for me it would be about $600 a day it would be like I am mining $600 a day right now if caspo went to 50 Cs and I held all of this Caspa okay that's that is basically the mining strategy that's that's going on here but let's just say you know I'm mining 1,200 Kasa right now times a dollar that's $1,200 or what if Kasa went to $5 that would be about $6,000 a day it would be like I am mining $6,000 a day right now okay of course like I said every month the the emission schedule the block reward is going down the casa Network hash rate it's getting much more difficult we're getting yes less yield and so the dollar value doesn't even matter here okay the price of Caspa doesn't matter all that matters is if you believe that Caspa is going to go uh much higher in the future that's it that's that's really it that's really it regarding people investing in these ice River as6 I mean a lot of people are also doing you know mining for profitability as well I would say because actually looking at the cast.

FYI looking at at top addresses right now you can see over the past 7 Days man even 24 hours has been a lot of people that have been I guess exiting or liquidating their Caspa I don't I'm not sure but uh looks like there was the past 30 days 123 Dolphins but generally you can see the addresses across the board uh depending on their balances here between like 10,000 Casa to 100,000 there's a lot of people that have sold and maybe people between 1K Caspa and 10K kaspa about 7,800 addresses have exited over the past 7 Days 100K to 1 million Caspa about 461 people have exited all right sharks 8079 sharks have exited one of 10 million Caspa have exited over the past 7 days so is this correlating to the Caspa price that we this downturn that we've seen over the past what we over the past month here in December that castler price has been gradually going down but as well you know Bitcoin has been holding steady over the past month as well I would say you can see here so maybe this is just you know a small correction I'm not a Trader anything you know it could be a small correction a healthy correction in which you know Casper is ready to go up along with the market if Bitcoin also goes up from here so we'll see if that happens but anyways guys uh yeah I want to know your guys' thoughts with all this I did not expect the network hash rate to go up double and uh I think I was I was also reading the comments on my uh this video I did about Casa mining breaking even on my uh on my KS ks1 right um I was just reading a uh Seb I love you Seb we had uh the comment here I even pinned it because I I I agreed right a month ago but he says here well you asked so I think I'll say it now I know you only use as an example but I think I need to vent about this somewhere LW so I don't think calculating net gross as a percentage is realistic which again I calculated 20% okay in that video um he says I've seen it over a lot recently and a lot of people have been doing it as well right not only me but a lot of people as it means that the net hash would grow exponentially which it did for the worst it grew like 100% not 20% uh each month it grows faster than the previous we've seen that so far yes because the hardware to M Caspa has gotten exponentially better uh gpus fpj's as6 but the hardware has now hit a wall and Imo it takes a lot more sense to estimate net hash gross uh growth as a fixed number based on how many Miners bitm and ice can produce as well as the demand which will probably go down not up in the past month it is it has it has gone up so as the yield is reduced IMO net hash growth is probably going to slow down not speed up as profitability increases with that in mind projections for mining Casper would be pretty good still but then again I have a habit of always being enthusiastic optimistic about mining so take that as you will so do I Seb so do I I was wholeheartedly with you bro but I have to say we were both wrong all right it has uh it has definitely sped up it has definitely sped up double okay ever since ever since though that video all right ever since November 22nd 23rd we have gone up double in hash rate and uh am I expecting it to go up much much higher than that yes I'm thinking we're still going to go up double because just the fact of the ice river is also going to have um batches coming out I'm sure in the next month or two they even talked about their KS zeros even though this is not much hash rate but they said January 15th to January 31st batch I mean maybe this could be the maybe that's it maybe maybe there's going to be no more batches and also you know like bitmain the bitmain ks3 uh cast ks3 we don't know how many of these are going to be manufactured over the next couple months as well so we're we're you know because these are still making good amounts of money a day I mean that's what bit main ice river is looking at and so they're looking at those numbers and saying hey you know if they're still making good good profit they can still sell these Miners And so they're probably going to have more batches out and thus that's going to increase the network hash rate obviously and lower the yield that we've all been getting and it's it's it's just getting it's getting worse obviously every month but I mean the bottom line is if you believe that Caspa is going to go up much higher than it is now right much much higher in order for your investment to make sense later on in the Bull Run that's it that's really the play here for those that are investing into uh Casa mining so which a lot of people have um I'm going to end off with uh if you guys are interested in purchasing you know if you are still into Castle mining or any other asex out there any other crypto mining Hardware I do have a website red pending.com with my trusted Hardware shops here official links here as well as coupon codes all that kind of stuff here if you guys are interested so helps out the channel helps me out in doing giveaways and all that kind of stuff as well so check it out all the links are here if you are interested all right my friends I will see you all in the next video I appreciate you all let me know your thoughts about this and uh if we're just going to if it's just going to get more worse double the hash rate in the next month let me know your thoughts I'll see you on the next one have a good one peace out

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